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The Quality Improvement that Customers Didn't Want

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									Ask Me Anything

American Nurses Training Association
• Campaign strategy that
  prompts clients to ask
  any questions about
  their healthcare
• A prompt for providers
  to address HEALTH
  clinical encounter…
        Patient / Family <-> Health Care Worker
       Health Care Worker <-> Health Care Worker
• There‟s no part of the healthcare
  “experience” from….
    •Admissions (history)
    •Informed Consents
    •Discharge instructions
• ….that does not rely on accurate
  levels of communications.
Perceived Benefits to Clients
• Encourage them to act quickly on their own
• Interact with no shame or embarrassment at
• Participate more in decision making
• Play a greater role in their health care
• Follow agreed treatment regimens
• Lessen their anxiety
• Have more realistic expectations
Joint Commission-National Patient Safety Goals-
•Goal #2E: Implement a standardized approach
to „handoff‟ communications, including an
opportunity to ask and respond to questions
•Goal #13: Encourage patients‟ active
involvement in their own care as a patient safety
•Goal #13A: Define and communicate the means
for patients and their families to report concerns
about safety and encourage them to do so.
•The most important safety tool that
 all members of the healthcare team
 have at their immediate disposal is
•Everyone must be accountable to
 speak up if an unsafe or potentially
 unsafe practice is evident, regardless
 of position
•Direct communication, with few
 handoffs, among all levels of
 caregivers to:
                  Ask Me Anything…........
.....Or You’re Asking for it!
•Poor patient outcomes-deaths or
injuries that could have been
•Reinforcement of the public’s
mistrust of clinicians
•Litigation against physicians,
hospital and clinicians
• The single greatest error in healthcare is
  failure of communication
• After an event has harmed a patient, the best
  risk management tool is support with open
  communication lines
• Our code of ethics says as health care
  professionals we have a moral responsibility
  to be honest with our patients

Ask Me
Questions Are The Answers
          The Following Sample
         Questions are Take From:
Did you recently receive a diagnosis?

Are you scheduled to have any medical tests?

Are you considering treatment for an illness or condition?

Did your clinician recently recommend surgery?

Did your clinician give you a prescription?

Are you choosing a health plan?

Are you choosing a clinician?

Are you choosing a hospital?

Are you choosing long term care?
    Did you recently receive a diagnosis?
   What is my diagnosis?

   What is the technical name of my disease or condition, and what does it mean in plain English?

   What is my prognosis (outlook for the future)?

   What changes will I need to make?

   Is there a chance that someone else in my family might get the same condition?

   Will I need special help at home for my condition?

   Is there any treatment?

   What are my treatment options?

   How soon do I need to make a decision about treatment?

   What are the benefits and risks associated with my treatment options?

   Is there a clinical trial (research study) that is right for me?

   Will I need any additional tests?

   What organizations and resources do you recommend for support and information?
  Are you scheduled to have any
          medical tests?
 What is the test for?                What do I need to do to prepare
                                        for the test?
 How is the test done?
                                       How many times have you
 Will the test hurt?                   performed the test?

 How accurate is the test?            When will I get the results?

 Is this test the only way to find    What will the results tell me?
  out that information?
                                       What's the next step after the
 What are the benefits and risks       test?
  of having this test?
  Are you considering treatment
   for an illness or condition?
 What are my treatment options?     When will I see results from the
 What do you recommend?
                                     What are the chances the
 Is the treatment painful?           treatment will work?

 How can the pain be controlled?    Are there any side effects?

 What are the benefits and risks    What can be done about them?
  of this treatment?
                                     How soon do I need to make a
 How much does this treatment        decision about treatment?
                                     What happens if I choose to
 Will my health insurance cover      have no treatment at all?
  the treatment?

 What are the expected results?
       Did your clinician recently
         recommend surgery?
 Why do I need surgery?                How long will the surgery take?

 What kind of surgery do I need?       How long will it take me to recover?

 What will you be doing?               How long will I be in the hospital?

 What are the benefits and risks of    What will happen after the surgery?
  having this surgery?
                                        How much will the surgery cost?
 Have you done this surgery before?
                                        Will my health insurance cover the
 How successful is this surgery?        surgery?

 Which hospital is best for this       Is there some other way to treat my
  surgery?                               condition?

 Will the surgery hurt?                What will happen if I wait or don't
                                         have this surgery?
 Will I need anesthesia?
                                        Where can I get a second opinion?
     Did your clinician give you a
   Is my medication list up to date?
                                                 When should I tell someone about a side
   What is the name of the medicine?
                                                 Do I need to avoid any food, drinks, or
   How do you spell the name?                    activities?
   Can I take a generic version of this         Does this new prescription mean I should
    medicine?                                     stop taking any other medicines I'm
                                                  taking now?
   What is the medicine for?
                                                 Can I take vitamins with my
   How am I supposed to take it?                 prescription?

   When should I take my medicine?              What should I do if I forget to take my
   How much medicine should I take?
                                                 What should I do if I accidentally take
   How long do I need to take the                more than the recommended dose?
                                                 Is there any written information I can
   When will the medicine start working?         take home with me?

   Can I stop taking my medicine if I feel      Are there any tests I need to take while
    better?                                       I'm on this medicine?

   Are there any side effects?                  Can I get a refill?
Are you choosing a health plan?
 What are my options?

 Does this health plan provide the benefits and services I need?

 Does this health plan offer the clinicians and hospitals I want?

 Can I afford this health plan?
Are you choosing a clinician?
 Is this clinician part of my health plan?

 Does this clinician have the background and training I need?

 Is this clinician able to work at the hospital I like?

 Can I ask talk to this clinician and ask questions easily?

 Does this clinician listen to me?
Are you choosing a hospital?
 Which hospital has the best care for my condition?

 Is this hospital covered by my health insurance?

 Does the hospital meet national quality standards?

 How does the hospital compare with others in my area?

 Has the hospital had success with my condition?

 Does my clinician have privileges (is allowed to work) at this hospital?

 How well does the hospital check and improve on its own quality of
     Are you choosing long term
 What kind of services do I need?

 What are my care options?

 Will my health insurance cover long-term care?

 Will this facility meet my needs?

 How is this care facility rated?
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