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Motel 6 Sign Guide

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									                                Motel 6
                    Exterior Signage Guide

 Motel 6 has developed very high standards for its exterior signage. This
 gives a consistent appearance nationwide and contributes significantly to the
 success of Motel 6 properties. With a logo recognized on sight by over 90%
 of the U.S. traveling public, it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that
 Motel 6 signage is correct, clearly visible, adequately illuminated and as large
 as is reasonably possible. We hope the enclosed information will assist you
 in obtaining the best signage for your motel.

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             Table of Contents
    I.           Introduction                                3

    II.          Local Codes and Ordinances                  4

    III.         Securing a Permit                           5

    IV.          Sign Purchasing / Approved Vendors          6

    V.           Using Non-Endorsed Vendors                  7

    VI.          Installation                                8

    VII.         Standard Sizes                              9

    VIII.        Sample Artwork                            10

    IX.          Logo Usage                                11

4001 International Parkway                            972-360-9000

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An economy lodging facility, by its very nature, serves a guest who might
     be unfamiliar with the local terrain, and is probably driving to a
destination. An economy lodging facility is more dependent upon its on-
           premise signage than virtually any other business.

 You Need Good Signage.
  The objective of a good sign package is to clearly identify your motel to
  your intended customer, usually the highway traveler. The best sign is one
  which can be seen and recognized early enough that the traveler has time
  to cross lanes of traffic and exit safely. Using common sense and driving
  the highways leading to your property with the mindset of an individual
  unfamiliar with the area leads to the best conclusions. It is preferable to
  have the logo in view of the exiting motorists for as great a length of time
  as possible. This might require only one sign, but may be better
  accomplished with multiple sign locations.
  It is desirable to have on-premise signage of sufficient size and height to be
  visibly recognizable for a distance of ½ mile or more. This gives motorists
  traveling at at rate of 60 MPH thirty seconds to see the sign, recognize
  what it is, and move safely to the correct lane of traffic to exit to the motel.
  Only if traffic is much slower can there safely be a corresponding decrease
  in sign size and height.
  Because of the divergent cityscapes in which motels are located, there are
  no hard and fast rules for exactly what size, and height and type of signage
  will work most effectively for you. Again, the best system for determining
  your needs is to simply drive the traffic pattern and place yourself in the
  position of the traveler who is unfamiliar with the areas and possibly
  arriving late at night, weary after a long day on the road.
              Property directional signage, room number, posters
                 and other small signs are available from our
                           Procurement department.

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Local Codes and Ordinances.
 Once you have an idea how many signs you need, their positioning on the
 premises, and how tall and how large they should be, it’s time for a “reality
 check” of what the local code will allow. An existing (conversion) location
 probably already has signage, which should have been permitted by local
 sign codes when it was originally installed. A new construction project, or a
 major change to existing signage, will require compliance with the current
 sign codes applicable to the area.
 Sign codes have become more and more restrictive in the last decade and
 continue to move in that direction. Cities often do not differentiate the
 needs of varying types of businesses when drafting a sign ordinance.
 Current codes generally regulate height and area based upon a formula
 based on lot frontage, or based on the zoning for the site. A motel is
 disadvantaged by this approach relative to the other users which attract
 primarily local business (a doughnut shop, for instance, whose location is
 known by most of its customers).
 If the sign ordinance does not allow you the desired signage, relief my be
 available through the variance process. This process allows you to state
 your case before a local governmental body, such as a planning
 commission. Variance procedures vary from city to city but a local attorney,
 land planner or experienced sign company can help guide you through the
 process. You may also wish to consider expanding your “effective signage”
 with off-premise signs, e.g.: billboards, highway logos and similar means.
 Creativity is often rewarded.

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   Carrollton, TX 75007                                                            4
                                     Local codes sometimes exempt
                                     building-side signage from square-
                                     footage limits, or allow more
                                     “coverage” on a building than on a
                                     pylon. Consider roofline or building-
                                     side features which can incorporate
                                     logo signage.


Once you have determined what signs will be needed and allowed, you may
wish to contact an approved sign vendor to get quotes and delivery times for
the intended signage. They can furnish the drawings, renderings and
engineering designs needed to secure a sign permit. Or, your architect or
engineer should have a working knowledge of local codes and can guide you
through the permitting process. If you are constructing a new motel, it is best
to receive your sign permits as part of the overall permitting process. A sign
should not be ordered until a permit has been issued by the city.
Some jurisdictions can process a sign permit in 2-3 days; others may take 2-3
months. It is important to start early! There are over 80,000 governing
jurisdictions in the United States and no two are exactly alike in their
submission requirements.

        If your motel has met all other criteria and is ready to
        operate as a Motel 6 before sign faces arrive, 8’x8’ logo
        banners may be available from our corporate procurement

4001 International Parkway                                           972-360-9000

   Carrollton, TX 75007                                                             5
Buying Your Signs.
If you have existing signage and the structure is fundamentally sound and
compatible, you may simply desire to change sign faces. This is usually, but not
always, less expensive. To change the face, a local sign subcontractor must
measure the sign faces, the visible opening, and determine the fastening
system. There will normally be a “trip charge” for gathering this information. To
insure the consistency of the logo, lighting for all signs must be fluorescent. No
halide lighting will be allowed, so you may need to change the internal lighting
system of an existing sign.
If you are building a new motel, there is more time in which to order the sign,
assuring you that they will be ready for installation when you are. Typical “lead
time” for new sign faces is four to six weeks.
Three sign companies have been approved by Motel 6 as sign suppliers. We
have confidence in their ability to deliver a quality product. Approval of an
alternate supplier is possible, but our standards require very specialized
machinery and techniques, which most sign companies simply don’t have. We
suggest you contact all three of our approved suppliers and determine which
you wish to use based on price, delivery, and terms.
These three companies operate on a national basis and are equipped to
manufacture your signs to meet the specifications of Motel 6. They are able to
arrange the installation of your new signs as well as assist in the permitting
process if needed:

Triumph Signs                 Allen Industries         Federal Heath Sign Co
480 Milford Pkwy              Greensboro, NC/          Dallas, TX/Oceanside, CA
Milford, OH 45150             Clearwater, FL           817-685-9075 Ext. 271
513-576-8090                  859-653-8187             Contact: Allen Walker
Contact: Sue Arwine           Contact: Scott Smith

 4001 International Parkway                                           972-360-9000

    Carrollton, TX 75007                                                             6
About Non-Endorsed Vendors…
You may use a non-endorsed vendor provided the following requirements are met:

1)      ALL sign faces must be purchased from an approved vendor. NO EXCEPTIONS
2)      ALL sign cabinets must be illuminated with High Output Daylight fluorescent
        lighting. NO EXCEPTIONS
3)      ALL sign cabinets, poles and support structures must be painted blue to match the
        background of the Motel 6 logo. NO EXCEPTIONS
4)      All flex faced signs must have a 2” visible retainer. NO EXCEPTIONS

Longevity of the sign cabinets and its outward appearance are just as important as
the logo. An attractive, well maintained sign is vital to the overall appearance of
the property.

For these reasons, the following specifications must be followed.
1)      All wiring is to be enclosed in galvanized raceways.
2)      The interior is to be degreased, primed and painted white.
3)      Plastic faced signs must have a minimum cabinet depth of 10”.
4)      Flex faced signs must have heavy gauge aluminum cabinet skins-.063 minimum.
5)      All signs must bear the U.L. label.

The use of a non-endorsed vendor requires the authorization of the ANA Sign
Department. To receive this approval, you must submit artwork and
construction prints for review prior to beginning construction. Before
installation, an inspection fee of $1,800 made payable to Motel 6 O.L.P.-Sign
Department. An on site visit will be scheduled by the appropriate party to
examine all signage after construction. ANA reserves the right to reject any
and all signage found to be in violation of the ANA standards.

4001 International Parkway                                                 972-360-9000

     Carrollton, TX 75007                                                                 7
                          Motel 6 sign vendors are independent
                          companies. They may require credit
                          information and/or a deposit prior to
                          beginning manufacture of a sign

   The final step is of course to have your new signage installed. This requires
   specialized, heavy equipment and trucks, and is usually done by a local
   company. You may contract locally for installation. However, we recommend
   that you allow the manufacturer of the signage to handle the installation,
   providing “turnkey” service. While they might contract with that same local
   installer, you will eliminate the communication problems which can occur if
   you contract separately for manufacture and installation.

Some Examples.
 On the following pages you will find examples of signage illustrations and
 specifications typical of the presentation material you can obtain from
 signage manufacturers both for purchasing aids and for presentation for
 planning department approvals. The “PMS” colors required by Motel 6 for
 presentation of our logo are noted on these.

Need Help?
 We have tried to provide useful guidance for your signage needs. Technical
 questions and questions about pricing, terms, delivery, etc. are best directed
 to one of our approved signage vendors. However, if you have special
 questions, need a variance from our specifications or otherwise need
 signage-related assistance from Motel 6, you may contact Tab Sims,
 Director of Outdoor Identity at: 972-360-5944, or Carolyn Sanford at 972-

4001 International Parkway                                          972-360-9000

   Carrollton, TX 75007                                                            8
                 Standard Sizes
 Our suppliers may have certain standard sizes more readily available, as
 illustrated. The standard Motel 6 sign face is rectangular in a vertical orientation;
 the logo is square and must be above the pricer sign. No deviation from this
 configuration will be allowed unless proof is furnished to Motel 6 that all
 administrative and/or variance avenues have been exhausted. There are also
 “freestanding” price signs available, which come with a complete font set.

 Double-face, free standing signs are readily available in the following sizes:


   M-16          16 x 20        80' AND UP              35 AMPS

   M-14          14 x 17'6"     70'                     27 AMPS

   M-12          12 x 15        60'                     23 AMPS

   M-11          11 x 13'9"     50'                     20 AMPS

   M-10          10 x 12'6"     40'                     15 AMPS

   M-9           9 x 11         35'                     12 AMPS

   M-8           8 x 10'6"      30'                     10 AMPS

   M-7           7x9            25'                     9 AMPS

   M-6           6 x 7'6"       20'                     6 AMPS

4001 International Parkway                                             972-360-9000

  Carrollton, TX 75007                                                                9

   The logo is not to be displayed in conjunction with any other logo,
   graphics or copy without written authorization from ANA.
   All approved signage installed in conjunction with the logo must be of
   similar cabinet construction and appearance.
   Copyboards are permissible provided the cabinets match the logo sign
   construction. Copy is to be white reversed on a black opaque field.


   The only copy approved in conjunction with rate pricing is ONE PERSON
   or SUNDAY-THURSDAY.. The use of FROM, AND UP or similar copy is
   expressly prohibited.

4001 International Parkway                                           972-360-9000

   Carrollton, TX 75007                                                             11

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