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Spring Flyer pg 2


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Theatre Workshop                       -Taught by Moira Kelly
Thursdays • 4:00 to 5:30pm • Village Centre Auditorium • Ages: Grades K-6th
Session I: March 3rd-April 7th • 6 classes per session
This workshop will include creative dramatics, improvisations and storytelling to
develop skills and engage the imagination. A variety of warm-ups and theatre
games will be used to establish characters and setting while teaching the basics of
staging and projection. Final class will include a class observation/presentation.
$45.00 Village residents • $55.00 Non-Village residents

Scrapbooking                    -Taught by Mary Snell
                                                                                             Earth Day Celebration
Mondays • 6:00 to 9:00pm • Recreation Building (Stickley Drive) • Ages: 18 years and up
                                                                                             Saturday • April 23rd • 9:00am
Session I: February 28th-April 25th • (No class April 20th)                                  Manlius Village Centre Auditorium
8 classes per session.                                                                       Come and join with your neighbors to help
We provide the tools, papers and embellishments including the use of the Cricut machine      clean-up our beautiful village. We’ll feed you
with 20+ cartridges. Just bring you photos and imagination! All levels welcome               before and after! Call 682.7887 to register.

$50.00 Village residents • $60.00 Non-Village residents                                      Easter Egg Hunt
                                                                                             Saturday • April 16th Mill Run Park (Mill St.)
Hip Hop Hustle                    -Taught by Sonja Burns                                     Ages: 4 and under • 9:00am
Mondays • 6:00 to 7:00pm • Manlius Village Centre Auditorium • Ages: 18 years and up         Ages: 5 to 7 years • 10:15am
                                                                                             Ages: 8 to 11 • 11:30am
Session I: February 28th-April 25th • 9 classes per session.
                                                                                             Free! Join us for prizes and a visit from the
A pre-designed Hip Hop hustle dance class that is easy to learn and easy to follow. Anyone   Easter Bunny. Bring your cameras and baskets!
can do the moves and make them their own. Hip Hop takes the fun factor up a notch with
super hot moves that will leave everyone wanting more. No experience necessary.              Bike & Blade Sale
$45.00 Village residents • $55.00 Non-Village residents                                      Saturday • April 30th • 10:00am to Noon
                                                                                             Temporary Fayetteville Firehouse
                                                                                             (Next to Tracy and Sons Lumber)
Yoga       -Taught by Chris DeAmicis
Wednesdays • 5:00 to 6:00pm • Manlius Village Centre Auditorium                              Please drop off your gently used equipment
                                                                                             to be sold from 8am to 9:45 on the April 30th.
Ages: 18 years and up
                                                                                             Co-sponsored by The Village of Fayetteville.
Session I: March 2nd-April 29th • 9 classes per session.
Reduce stress, while improving your balance, flexibility and strength through                Coming Soon!
the practice of Yoga. Please bring a mat.                                                    2011 Summer Playground Program
                                                                                             Begins on Wednesday July 6th
$45.00 Village residents • $55.00 Non-Village residents
                                                                                             2011 Independence Day Celebration
                       ®                                                                     Monday July 4th
Turbokick                  -Taught by Sonja Burns
                                                                                             Watch for more information in future Village of
Wednesdays • 6:15 to 7:15pm • Manlius Village Centre Auditorium
                                                                                             Manlius Parks & Rec flyers!
Ages: 18 years and up
Session I: March 2nd-April 29th • 9 classes per session.                                     How To Register
Turbokick® is like no other. It is a unique blend of martial arts and dance moves set to     Call Kristen Hansen, Parks & Recreation
the hottest music. It is a high energy kickboxing class that will have you hooked and        Director at 682.7887 or email her at
punching for more! All levels welcome. Please bring a mat.                                   khansen@manliusvillage.org.
                                                                                             The Parks and Recreation office is located
$45.00 Village residents • $55.00 Non-Village residents
                                                                                             inside the Manlius Village Centre., 1 Arkie
                                                                                             Albanese Ave. Manlius NY 13104. Hours are
Zumba          -Taught by Kim Kellish                                                        Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.
Thursdays • 6:00 to 7:00pm • Manlius Village Centre Auditorium                               Please call the recreation office for additional
Ages: 18 years and up                                                                        information. You may also visit our
                                                                                             website at www.manliusvillage.org to upload
Session I: March 3rd- April 28th • 9 classes per session.                                    a registration form. You may mail your
Join Zumba, the latest, hottest class to sweep the fitness world! Move to the energizing     payment and registration form into the
rhythm of Latin music, exercising with dance moves in a user friendly style.                 Clerk’s office or you may drop it by.
                                                                                             The Village reserves the right to limit or cancel any
$55.00 Village residents • $65.00 Non-Village residents
                                                                                             program. Priority goes to the Village of Manlius
                                                                                             residents. The Village does not carry accident insurance
                                                                                             for any participants.


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