Riser Base Size To Prevent Floatation

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					                                            RISER BASE SIZE TO PREVENT FLOATATION

  Operator                                                                       County

Pond or Job

Designed By                                                                       Date
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   Riser Crest Elevation                  20.00     ft           Riser Invert Elevation           5.00         ft
  Barrel Projection Length                0.00      ft

         Riser Type                     Sm. Steel                      Barrel Type            Corr. Steel
       Riser Diameter                      30       in                Barrel Diameter             12           in
            Wall                          3/16"                            Wall               14 gage St.

        Safety Factor                     1.00

Concrete Volume Required                  42.15     cu ft

  Minimum Base Length L                   3.50      ft          Minimum Base Width W              3.50         ft

  Minimum Base Height H                   2.25      ft

        Base Length L               3.00        ft                     Base Width W              3.00        ft
                    Alert-Base Length less than minimum                           Alert-Base Width less than minimum
        Base Height H               2.25        ft

Concrete Volume Provided                  11.27     cu ft            WARNING - CONCRETE VOLUME IS INADEQUATE

                                                                                                         6" min.          6" min.

Crest Elevation
                     Riser                                                                                                          6" min.
Elevation                                                                                     H

                                                         H                                                                          9" min.
                               Barrel                                                                                   6" min.
  Base              Barrel
                                                                 L                                                  L