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					Dallmayr capsa
The new pleasure principle                                                   G A G G I A L’ A M A N T E

With the golden brown crema from a capsule
Dallmayr capsa stands for fine espresso and café crème from a capsule. Practically
prepared at the touch of a button. Always fresh, cup after cup. Always the right amount of
coffee. With a long-lasting golden brown crema. Simply perfect.

• Semi-automatic capsule ejection (the capsule is punctured before the coffee is brewed
  and then automatically ejected into a container).
• Adjustable drip tray
• Removable capsule holder for around 10 cups
• Hot water and steam jet for foaming milk

Fits perfectly always and everywhere

• Fast brewing – clean and tidy with no coffee grounds
• A fresh delight in every cup thanks to exact coffee portions
• First-class quality from the house of Dallmayr

Colour                     Silver
Dimensions                 H 35 x W 26.5 x D 34 cm
Weight                     8 kg
Water supply               Removable 1.5 litre water tank
Pressure                   15 bar
Output                     1050 W
Power supply               230 V, 50 Hz