Indonesia A La Carte Special by mrsmarts


									                         Indonesia A La Carte Special

Comprised of seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia is a sure smorgasbord
surprise. Wide-eyed guests could simply marvel at the wondrous beauty
before their eyes but have to settle for a few courses in order to enjoy each
trip to the largest archipelago of the world.

Here is a sampling of the extensively diverse Indonesian travel menu.


Sitting on the equator, Indonesia’s largest province is covered with tropical
rainforests which is home to a rich collection of flora and fauna ecosystem.
The island boasts of several reservation areas including Mount Leuser
National Park, home of the endangered Sumatra Orang-utan and Berbak
Wildlife Reserve which accommodates the largest tiger population in


Its serene panorama, both on land and underwater, simply fills the senses
with the beauty of nature and the wonders it offers to man. Aside from the
breathtaking beaches, Bali also takes pride of Bali Barat National park, home
of a number of bird species declared as among the rarest and most beautiful
in the world.

Borobudur Temple
Located on a hilltop in Central Java, Borobudur Temple is one of the world’s
most celebrated Buddhist temples. Dated back to the 9th century A.D., the
temple was discovered in 1984 under thick forest foliage. After a successful
restoration, the temple showed panels carved in stone that tells of the life of
Buddha and the tenets of Buddhism.

Komodo National Park

By the name alone, it obviously is world-famous Komodo dragon’s only home
on earth. It is one of the oldest and rarest reptile specie that has survived
several earth eras. The largest reptile, growing up to three meters or more, is
actually a monitor lizard that hunts and scavenges around the barren lands of
Komodo Island.

Bromo-Tengger National Park

Bromo-Tenger was already a buzzling community long before the concept of
Indonesia was conceived. It is located in Mount Semeru where thousands of
Hindus flock for annual pilgrimage in honor of the god that looks after the
mystical place which is composed of volcanoes covered by thick forests. Most
of these volcanoes are still active lead by the notorious Semeru volcano that
records an eruption every eight minutes.

Bunaken Marine Park

With marine biodiversity comparable to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia,
Bunaken Marine Park is a heavenly refuge for avid divers and snorkelers.
Both amateur and pro underwater explorers will surely be mesmerized by he
rich collection of colorful corals and reefs that are homes to an equally rich
assembly of fish and marine animal species.

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