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Remuneration and Fee Agreement


Remuneration and Fee Agreement document sample

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									                Fee sharing Agreement of Broker remuneration

 Information of the Authorized agent                Information of the Associate Party
 POLL POSITION S.A.                                 Broker of residential agreements
 Commercial – Property brokerage firm               VAT Registration Number:
 Reg. No.: 56947/01ΝΣ/Β/04/42                       Tax Office:
 VAT Registration Number: 999308928
 Tax Office: Office of Taxation of Societes
 Anonymes of Piraeus (‘FAE Piraeus’)

The abovementioned brokers of residential agreements, hereinafter referred to, the first as
‘Authorized agent’ and the other as ‘Associate Party’, have agreed and accepted the
following: the Authorized agent has presented to the Associate Party the following estate

A.   ________________________________________________________
B.   ________________________________________________________
C.   ________________________________________________________

1.   The Associate Party is entitled to present the aforementioned estate properties to his
     own clients.
2.   It is explicitly agreed that the Associate Party is entitled to communicate to another
     estate agency or advertise or promote the aforementioned estate properties in any way
     and via any mass communication means or via Internet, etc.
3.   The contracting parties accept that this agreement shall be regarded as legal, valid and
     standing, even when a) the information of the estate properties is forwarded from the
     Authorized agent to the Associate Party via separate fax sheet, where this shall be
     mentioned in this fee-sharing agreement.

This fee-sharing agreement is recorded and agreed below.


                                 THE CONTRACTING PARTIES

            AUTHORIZED AGENT                                 ASSOCIATE PARTY

       _________________________                      __________________________

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