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									                                                                                   July 2002

         A quarterly publication of Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

Pat Kirkup—Making the Most
of Credit Union Membership

            hen member                                                    They went straight to the credit                   Member Pat Kirkup and the
            Pat Kirkup of                                                 union that day for financing and                   SUV she financed through HVFCU.
            Poughkeepsie says                                             had a check in hand the very
she loves her credit union she                                            next day. “I was shocked!” said                    managing our accounts really
really means it. Pat and her                                              Pat, “I expected it to take much                   easy,” she says. Pat hasn’t used
husband Terry have been                                                   longer.” Within 24 hours the                       Bill Pay yet, but is interested in
members since 1981. Their two                                             loan rates had dropped, so the                     signing up. “ I have a friend who
grown children, Andrea and                                                FSR lowered her rate, too. “That                   advises me to use Bill Pay
Jacqueline, have been members                                             was another nice surprise,”                        because it’s so great” Pat
since grade school.                                                       commented Pat. When daughter                       confides, ”I’ll have to try it.“
                                                                          Andrea needed a car, Pat called                         Then there are the ATMs,
Fast financing                                                            the credit union for financing.                    which Pat uses regularly to check
Pat has always used the credit                                            “After speaking with the credit                    on her accounts and make
union for financing because of                                            union for a few minutes, they                      withdrawals. “I’m the ATM
her many positive experiences                                             told me everything looked fine. It                 queen!” laughs Pat. When
with HVFCU. A few years ago,                                              was so easy.”                                      friends tell her that they need
Pat and Terry went to a local                                                 When it came time to                           to go to the teller to do a
dealer to look at new cars.                                               remodel their kitchen and                          transaction, Pat tells them,
There was a floor model                                                   bathroom, the Kirkups applied                      “Come with me, I’ll show you
available that caught Pat’s eye.                                          for a home equity loan to finance                  how to use the ATM.”
                                                                          the project. “I must confess that                       Pat uses her Visa Check Card
                                                                          we really shopped the                              for everything, so much so that
  What’s Inside                                                           competition,” says Pat, “but we                    she orders checks less often since
  Mary Madden Named President/CEO . . . . . . . .2                        ended up at the credit union                       she rarely writes them anymore.
                                                                          because of their no closing costs                  According to Pat, “My check card
  Stay Connected With Your Credit Union . . . . . .2
                                                                          sale. We had a check in our                        is much more convenient.”
  Rebate or Low Rate Financing? . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                                                                          hands in a matter of days.”
  What’s Better Than 0%? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                                                                                                                             Don’t miss out
  Try Bill Pay – For 4 Months Free! . . . . . . . . . .4
                                                                          Online services are convenient                         In summing up her feelings
  Volunteering Provides Perspectives                                                                                         about the credit union, Pat says
                                                                          The thing that Pat loves most
     & Opportunity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5             about her credit union is Internet                 “Members who don’t use their
  Election Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5         Banking. She can view all her                      credit union for all it’s worth
  Notes of Interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6          transactions at one time, and                      don’t realize what they’re
  Free Long-Term Care Seminar . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                  transfer funds when she needs to,                  missing. I love my credit union!“
                                                                          from work or home. “It makes                       The feeling is mutual, Pat.

                                                                H U D S O N VA L L E Y F E D E R A L C R E D I T U N I O N
Mary Madden                                                                 Stay Connected
Named HVFCU                                                                 With Your
President/CEO                                                               Credit Union

                                                                                t’s always nice to know there

        had Jones, Chairman of
       the Board of the Hudson                                                  are so many convenient,
        Valley Federal Credit                                                   time-saving ways to keep in
Union, announced that Mary D.                                               touch with your credit union.
Madden has been appointed
President/CEO of Hudson Valley                                              HVFCU Website
Federal Credit Union. Ms.                                                   In addition to Internet Banking
Madden had held the position                                                access through our website at
of Acting President since                                         , you’ll find
September 1, 2001.                                                          information you can use
    “After a thorough and                                                   everyday—plus easy online
complete executive search, our        opportunity to serve our              applications for membership,
Board is pleased to have found        members,” said Ms. Madden. “I         consumer loans, vehicle loans,
the best person for this job,” said   look forward to working closely       credit cards, home equity loans,
Mr. Jones. “We thank Mary             with our Board and management         and mortgages.
Madden for the excellent job she      team to grow our financial
has done as Acting President and      cooperative and provide even          Internet Banking
look forward to her continued         better service to our members.”       There’s so much available within
leadership as our new President.          In addition to her credit         Internet Banking, offering
Great things await this credit        union responsibilities, Ms.           everything from account balances
union, and we are confident that      Madden is a Board member for          to transfer options, check
Mary’s leadership will help us        the Dutchess County Arts              ordering—even the ability to
achieve our goals.”                   Council, Assistant Treasurer for      request a stop payment or get a
    A native of Indianapolis,         the Dutchess County Economic          copy of your statement—all from
Indiana, Ms. Madden has been          Development Corporation and           the convenience of your PC. In
employed by HVFCU since               President of the not-for-profit art   addition to being available 24
January of 1995 as a Senior Vice      organization Collaborative            hours a day for your convenience,
President. Since then her senior      Concepts located in Beacon, NY.       Internet Banking is also free!
management responsibilities have      Within the credit union industry,
included virtually all areas of the   Ms. Madden serves as a Director       Network ATMs
credit union, including the           and Secretary of the Executive        Check balances and make
branches, operations, lending,        Ultradata Users Group                 withdrawals from pre-selected
marketing, human resources, and       Committee, providing key              savings, checking, and line of
information technology. She was       feedback and insight to one of        credit accounts using your Visa
instrumental in the outstanding       the largest data processing           Check Card or ATM Card (and
growth that the credit union has      providers in the industry.            make deposits at selected ATM
experienced in the past several           Ms. Madden received her           networks). Perform up to eight
years. Prior to joining HVFCU,        MBA from the University of            transactions free each month.
Ms. Madden was a Senior Vice          Massachusetts at Boston and her
President for Digital Federal         Bachelor’s Degree from the            MAGIC
Credit Union in Maynard,              Indiana University School of          Our audio response system,
Massachusetts.                        Journalism at Bloomington.            MAGIC, is another way for you to
    “I am very excited about this                                           Stay Connected.....continued on pg. 4

Rebate or Low                          dealership ads, "0.9% financing ....
                                       2.9% financing, etc.," but read the
                                                                                   What’s Better
Rate Financing?                        small print. There is usually a list
                                       of requirements that you must                Than 0%?
             ith all the decisions     meet in order to earn the
             facing you when           advertised rate which typically          Compare payments to see!
             shopping for a vehicle,   includes—flawless credit, a large
it’s not surprising that how to        down payment, and shorter terms                 Dealer Financing
finance your purchase can be the       that can result in uncomfortably              Vehicle Price: $30,000
most difficult choice of all.          high payments.                                        APR: 0%
Should you take advantage of a                                                          Term: 36 months
rebate or apply for low-rate           Manufacturer ’s Rebate                           Monthly Payment:
financing? We think the answer is      Auto rebates vary based on the
to finance with your credit union.     make and model of the vehicle                       $833.33
When you finance with HVFCU,           and range from a few hundred to
you’ll enjoy substantially lower       a few thousand dollars. Since this
payments than if you financed          amount is deducted from your                     HVFCU Financing
through a dealer. Here’s why.          final negotiated price, this reduces          Vehicle Price $30,000
                                       the amount you need to finance.               Dealer Rebate: $2,000
                                                                                    Loan Amount: $28,000
Low-Rate Financing                     By financing a lower amount, you
                                                                                          APR: 5.39%*
You hear it all the time in the        almost always come out ahead.
                                                                                       Term: 60 Months*
                                                                                        Monthly Payment:

       Sometimes you just need the money.                                                  $533.41

                                                                              Rebate + CU Financing = Savings
                                                                              To save more each month, take
                                                                              the manufacturer’s rebate to
                                                                              reduce your purchase amount,
                                                                              then finance with HVFCU. Our
                                                                              low rate, combined with 100%
                                                                              financing,* and generous terms
                                                                              up to 84 months,* allow you to
                                                                              customize payments to fit
                                                                              perfectly into your budget.
                                                                                  To apply for a loan in just
     New Car                                                                  minutes, visit our website at
                                                                    , call the
    $23,272.99                                                                Information Center at
                                                                              800-468-3011, or stop by the
                                                                              branch nearest you.

    When a change in lifestyle requires a                                     *100% financing of purchase price for new
                                                                              vehicles, 100% of NADA for used; A
    change in vehicles – we’ll help you get the                               60-month auto loan with a fixed APR of
                                                                              5.39% would result in a payment of $19.05
    financing you need – quick and easy.                                      per month for each $1,000 financed. Rate
                                                                              example is effective 5/1/02 and is shown at
                                                                              the lowest rate available. Rates are based on
              24-hr online loan application at                  an evaluation of credit. Your rate may vary
                                                                              from the example used.

                                                                                                         annually) or make intermittent,
 Try Bill Pay For                                                                                        one-time only, or a number of
4 3 Months–Free!                                                                                         payments at once. Pay anyone,
                                                                                                         any time of day—all in a matter
                                                                                                         of minutes with a click of your

         our time is valuable,
         which is why Bill Pay,
         our bill paying service                                                                         Enroll online
 through Internet Banking, fits                                                                               Enrolling is easy. Just log on
 your lifestyle so well. To prove                                                                        to HVFCU’s Internet Banking
 our point, we want you to try                                                                           and choose “Pay My Bills.”
 Bill Pay for four months—free of                                                                        Follow a few steps to enroll, add
 charge when you sign up by                                                                              your personal and payee
 July 31, 2002.* We think you’ll                                                                         information, and that’s it! There’s
 find this ‘click and go’ way of                                                                         no waiting period; you’ll be able
 paying bills easier and faster                                                                          to use Bill Pay immediately.
                                                             Unlimited payments now                      With our easy-to-follow menus,
 than the old-fashioned ‘write,
 stuff, and mail’ method.                                      available to cur rent                     setting up payments is a snap.
                                                                  Bill Pay users!                        For easy reference and tracking,
 Now with unlimited payments!                                  Visit www.hvfcu.or g                      your payment history is kept on
      Now there’s no limit to the                                                                        file in Bill Pay.
                                                                     for details.                             Give Bill Pay a try and you’ll
 number of payments you can
 make through Bill Pay, which is                                                                         wonder why you ever paid your
 why it’s so affordable. Your cost                       electronic billing, which can be                bills any other way. To find out
 remains the same no matter                              sent right to your Bill Pay                     more, or to enroll in Bill Pay,
 how many payments you make.                             mailbox. Refer to the payee list                visit our website at
 Plus, you can use Bill Pay from                         in Bill Pay, or contact your payee              or call the Information Center at
 the comfort of your home,                               to see if they offer e-billing.                 800-468-3011.
 office, or anywhere there’s a PC.                           Arrange for repeating
                                                                                                         *Your first 4 months of Bill Pay are free. Thereafter
      Many payees even offer                             payments (monthly, quarterly, or                pay only $4.95 per month for an unlimited number
                                                                                                         of payments. Four months free offer ends on
                                                                                                         July 31, 2002.

           Paying too much for auto insurance?
                                                                                                         Stay Connected......continued from pg. 2
         on’t pass up this opportunity to save on auto insurance! Thanks to a
   D     special arrangement with Travelers*, you may be eligible for an
   attractive program of auto and home insurance coverage.
                                                                                                         conveniently manage your
                                                                                                         accounts 24 hours a day, right
                                                                                                         over the phone, following our
   Find out more! For a free, no-obligation quote on auto and homeowners insurance,                      easy-to-use menus.
                                     NY & CT members call
                                                                                                         The Information Center
                                     Emery & Webb, Inc./Stearns Agency                                   The Information Center is always
                                     1-888-942-5818                                                      available to answer your
                                     Other states call: 1-800-842-5936                                   questions and help you with
                                           ram red
                                     A prog offe byTravelers for members of                              your accounts. Call us toll free
                                     Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union                                  at 800-468-3011.
                                                                                                             No matter if you’re a few
                                                                                                         miles from home or across the
   *Insurance will be under written by Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty             country, your credit union will
   affiliates,One Tower Square, Hartford,CT 06183.Coverages,discounts,and billing options are
   subject to state availability, individual qualifications,and/or the insuring company’s underwriting   always remain as close as the
   guidelines. In FL & CA: auto insurance only.
                                                                                                         nearest PC, ATM, or phone.

Volunteering Provides                                                       Election Results
Perspectives and Opportunity                                                At HVFCU's Annual Meeting on
                                                                            April 4, 2002, Arthur K.

S                                     P
     timulus is the key reason               rior to her appointment to     Zimmermann, Henry J Rodgers,
     why Board member Joseph                 the Supervisory Committee      Jr. and Bonnie R. Rowen were
     E. Eppich has remained a                in 2000 and more recently      elected as Board members for
volunteer since 1983. Joe finds       to the Board of Directors in 2001,    three-year terms. At its
the experience gives him a            Bonnie R. Rowen had a natural
                                                                            reorganization meeting, the
constant sense of satisfaction and    curiosity about the credit union
                                                                            Board elected the following
keeps him sharp, intellectually.      industry and how things worked
                                                                            officers for the coming year:
“Volunteering gives you the           behind the scenes. “I was always
opportunity to break from the         intrigued with the inner workings
norm,” says Eppich. “You get a        of the credit union. Now as a         Chairman:
                                      volunteer, I can help ensure that     Thad S. Jones
                                      the credit union remains              First Vice Chairman:
                                      financially strong."                  Joseph E. Eppich
                                           Bonnie also finds that she’s     Second Vice Chairman:
                                      able to apply her financial skills    Takao Inouye
                                      to a totally different arena, which   Treasurer:
                                      she finds refreshing. While her       Larry J. Prescott
                                      background is in finance, Bonnie      Assistant Tr easurer:
                                      advises those interested in           David S. Bagley
                                      volunteering that they don’t need     Secretary:
                                      a financial background or a           Arthur K. Zimmermann

                                                                            Our three additional Board
                                                                            members are Ruth Graham,
                                                                            Henry J. Rodgers, Jr., and Bonnie
                                                                            R. Rowen.
       Joseph E. Eppich

different perspective on problems
and challenges, and it provides
you with the opportunity to                                                       Quick & Easy
contribute toward a solution.”
     Joe enjoys the diversity he                                                W ays to Apply
finds in his fellow volunteers,
staff, and management. “They
                                                                              For an HVFCU Loan
are a very intelligent and
talented group of people to work
                                                                             ‚ Online at www.hvfcu.or      g
                                               Bonnie R. Rowen
with.” says Eppich. His advice to
those considering volunteering is     degree to participate. “You just       ƒ Through the Information
to “Just try it. It may be a          need common sense to be                   Center at 800-468-3011
different experience from your        effective.” She feels there are
normal routine, but it will give      many opportunities in                  „ At any branch with an FSR
you a lot of personal satisfaction,   volunteering, one which may be
and provide you with an               just your niche. For those sitting      Receive an answer in just
opportunity to meet new               on the fence? “If it crosses your
people.”                              mind—act on it and volunteer.
                                                                               minutes and your check
                                      You’ll find it’s a unique and            usually within one day!
                                      exciting opportunity.”

Long-Term Care Insurance                                                              Notes
Protect Your Assets, Preserve Your Independence, Ensure Quality Car               e
                                                                                      Of Interest
     f you are planning for or are          can provide you with protection
     now enjoying retirement, we            not covered by Medicare or other
     know you have important                benefit plans, and is available to        Holiday Schedule
questions. The most important               credit union members and their            All Branches will be closed:
one you may be asking is “Who               spouses at specially discounted           Labor Day
will care for me if I am no longer          rates. The policy covers a wide           Monday, September 2nd
able to?” You may be surprised              range of support services such as
to know that Medicaid and                   adult day care, assisted living,          Non-IBM Branches will also
Medicare are not the answer.                home health care, or nursing              be closed:
Individuals pay 42% of long-                home care, should you ever                Columbus Day
term care bills – Medicare covers           need it.                                  Monday, October 14th
only about 18% of home health                   Long-term care insurance
care costs, while qualifying for            enables you to provide for                Nine Mall Lobby Closing
Medicaid often means                        yourself, and protects your               Due to decreased lobby activity
exhausting nearly all your assets           family from shouldering any               August 2, 2002 is the last day
first. Without proper planning,             financial burden. It allows you to        that branch services will be
the consequences of long-term               make an independent decision              available at our Nine Mall
care can be financially draining            about the type of care you may            location. Our 24-Hour ATM
on you and your family.                     need and want in later years, and         vestibule and drive-up ATM at
     The solution to protecting             protects a lifetime of assets             Nine Mall will continue to
your assets is long-term care               you’ve worked hard to                     remain open for your account
insurance, now available through            accumulate.                               transaction needs. For services
John Hancock Life Insurance Co.                 For a free quote and more
                                                                                      not available through an ATM,
and The Investment Center at                information on long-term care
                                                                                      please visit our nearby
Hudson Valley Federal Credit                insurance, call The Investment
                                                                                      Hollowbrook and Poughkeepsie
Union. Long-term care insurance             Center at 845-463-3366.

                                                                                      Securities and Insurance offered through
      Learn more about long-term care insurance                                       Financial Network Investment
                                                                                      Corporation,member SIPC.
                 at our free seminar
                                                                                      Long-term care insurance is underwritten

        Long-Term Care and You                                                        by John Hancock Life Insurance Company,
                                                                                      Boston, MA 02117.Insurance products
                                                                                      sold through Financial Networ k
    presented by Lynn Krohn, John Hancock Insurance Co., Boston, MA                   Investment Corporation are not insured
                                                                                      by any federal agency. This insurance
                                                                                      product,including guarantees,is backed
  Learn what your options are if you become one of the 7 million people over 65       solely by the issuing insurance company.
        who are expected to need some type of long-term care this year.
                                                                                       Securities are:
                        July 22nd             July 23rd
             Casperkill Country Club          Holiday Inn                              NOT NCUA/NCUSIF INSURED
          South Road, Poughkeepsie            Route 9, Fishkill                        NOT A DEPOSIT
              9 –11 am or 2 – 4 pm            9 –11 am or 2 – 4 pm                     NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL
                                                                                       GOVERNMENT AGENCY
                                                                                       NOT CREDIT UNION GUARANTEED
     Call 845-463-3366 to reserve seating at one of these sessions.                    MAY LOSE VALUE
      Guests and non-members welcome. Reservations required.
                                                                                       Financial Network and Hudson Valley
                                                                                       Federal Credit Union are not affiliated.

Change in Information                Renovations To                     HVFCU DIRECTORY
                                                                        D IRECTORS & O FFICERS
Center Hours                         Improve Service                        Thad S. Jones, Chairman
Effective September 3rd, our         IBM Branch 330 will be closed          Joseph E. Eppich, 1st Vice Chairman
Information Center hours will be     for renovations July 1st through       Takao Inouye, 2nd Vice Chairman
                                                                            Larry J. Prescott, Treasurer
extended an additional 15 hours      the 26th while we bring teller
                                                                            David S. Bagley, Assistant Treasurer
a week. The new hours will be        services back to this branch.          Arthur K. Zimmermann, Secretary
8 am-7 pm Monday through             ATMs will remain open during           Ruth Graham, Director
                                                                            Henry J. Rodgers, Jr., Director
Friday, and Saturday 9 am-2 pm.      this time for your convenience.
                                                                            Bonnie R. Rowen, Director
                                     We look forward to serving             Casper M. Casparian, Director Emeritus
ATM Drawing Winners                  members as a full-service branch       Ralph E. Plant, Director Emeritus
                                     when we re-open on Monday,             Heinz K. Walter, Director Emeritus
Congratulations to members Pat
                                                                        S UPERVISOR Y C OMMITTEE
E. Kirkup, Bonnie Johnson, Leo       July 29th.                             William J. Mulvey, Chairman
Freihofer, Doug Cannon, Spencer                                             Kathleen A. Dispensa, Secretary
Green, Ron Piga, and Tamara          New ATM                                Stephen M. Caswell, Member
                                                                            Bonnie R. Rowen, Member
Conners. They each won $100 in       Visit our new 24-hour walk-up
                                                                            Nancy Kappler Foster, Member
our recent “It’s the Right Time To   ATM. It’s located just outside         William A. Sharp, Associate Member
Use An HVFCU ATM”                    the building entrance of           P RESIDENT /C HIEF E XECUTIVE O FFICER
                                                                            Mary D. Madden
promotion.                           Adams Fairacre Farms, Route 44,
                                                                        B RANCHES
                                     Poughkeepsie.                          Monday-Friday 8:30-7:00
                                                                            & Saturday 9:00-2:00
                                                                            Tucker Drive, Arlington
                                                                            449 Route 9, Dutchess Mall, Fishkill
                                                                            Route 9, Hyde Park
                                                                            953 Union Avenue, Newburgh
                                                                            159 Barnegat Road, Poughkeepsie
                                                                            11 Marshall Road, Hollowbrook Office Park,
                                                                                Wappingers Falls
                                                                        IBM B RANCHES
                                                                            Monday thru Friday 8:00-4:30
                                                                            IBM Buildings 320, 330, 416, 705
                                                                        HVFCU A TM S
                                                                            All HVFCU Branches
                                                                            Adams Fairacre Farms, Rt. 44, Poughkeepsie
                                                                            *Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Middletown
                                                                            *Gap/Old Navy Distribution Center, Fishkill
                                                                            Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz
                                                                            Nine Mall, 1812 South Road, Wappingers Falls
                                                                            *Poughkeepsie IBM Bldgs. 005, 052, 416,
                                                                             705, 708
                                                                            *East Fishkill IBM Bldgs. 300, 320, 330, 600
                                                                            Vassar Brothers Hospital, Poughkeepsie
                                                                            *Employee accessible only
                                                                        24-H R D RIVE - UP ATM S
                                                                            Arlington, Dutchess Mall, Hyde Park,
                                                                            Newburgh, Poughkeepsie Branches
                                                                            Bridgeview Plaza, Route 9W, Highland
                                                                            CVS Plaza, Route 44 & West Rd, Pleasant Valley
                                                                            Nine Mall, 1812 South Road, Wappingers Falls
                                                                        M AIN N UMBER
                                                                        W EBSITE /I NTERNET B ANKING /B ILL P AY
                                                                        TDD ( FOR HEARINGIMPAIRED )
                                                                        S UPERVISOR Y C OMMITTEE
                                                                        M AILING A DDRESS
                                                                            159 Barnegat Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

             Savings Yields             effective 6/8/02                                                   Loan Rates effective 5/18/02
                         Call For Current Rates                                                                     Call For Current Rates

                                                        Annual                                                                                                         Variable
                                                       Percentage        Dividend                                                                  Fixed APR             APRa
                                                          Yield            Rate
                                                                                            New & Used Vehicles . . . . . . . .                     5.39*,1            5.25*,1
Regular & Holiday Savings * . . .              ..        2.15              2.12             Driving Advantage (new & used)                          6.39*,1             n/a
IRA Savings (Traditional,                                                                   New & Used Mobile Homes . . .                           10.90*,1           10.75*,1
   Roth & Education) . . . . . .               .   .     2.35              2.32             New Boats, RVs . . . . . . . . . . . . .                7.50*,1            7.25*,1
Checking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       .   .     1.01              1.00             Used Boats, RVs . . . . . . . . . . . .                 8.00*,1            7.75*,1
Money Market . . . . . . . . . . . .           .   .     2.20              2.17             Stock (NYSE, AMEX) . . . . . . . . .                    7.751              7.501
Preferred Money Market . . . . .               .   .     2.50              2.46             Stock LOC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .               n/a                7.501
                                                                                            Pledge of Certificate &
Presented above are the Dividend Rate and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for all
Savings, IRA Savings, Checking, and Money Market Accounts. The minimum                      Pledge of Savings . . . . . . . . . . .                 ADRb +3%            n/a
balance to open an account is $5.00, except for a Money Market Account, which               Readi-Cash Unsecured
is $1,000, and Preferred Money Market Account, which is $20,000. The                          Line of Credit . . . . . . . . . . . .                n/a                10.50*,1
Dividend Rate and APY may change at any time as determined by the credit                    Home Improvement . . . . . . . . .                      8.501              8.251
union’s Board of Directors. For Savings, IRA Savings, Checking, and Money
                                                                                            Savings Secured Line of Credit .                        n/a                5.127
Market Accounts, there is no minimum balance required in order to earn the
disclosed APY. For all accounts, dividends are paid from current income and                 Visa Classicc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             n/a                9.50
available earnings, after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend           Visa Gold c . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           n/a                9.25
period.                                                                                     MasterCard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              n/a                9.50
                                                                                            Higher Education . . . . . . . . . . .                  n/a                13.001
*The maturity date for the Holiday Club Account is October 1.
                                                                                            Signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             10.25*,1           10.00*,1

                                                                                            *Rates for this product are as low as stated. Rates are determined by an evaluation
                                                         Annual                             of applicant credit. Your rate may vary from the stated rate.
                                                       Percentage        Dividend
                                                                                            aAPR is subject to increase; b Annual Dividend Rate; cAnnual fee for Visa Classic is
                                                          Yield            Rate
Certificate Accounts                                                                        $15;
   3-5 Months . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                2.55              2.51
   6-11 Months . . . . . . . . . . . . .                 2.70              2.66             1Discounted   rate includes a requirement that loan payments are
                                                         3.00              2.95             automatically transferred from your savings or checking account for
   12-17 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                            the life of your loan. Discount applies to new loans and newly
   18-23 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  3.50              3.44
                                                                                            refinanced loans from another lender only. A discounted rate will
   24-35 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.00              3.92             not change your payment.
   36-47 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.25              4.16
   48-59 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.50              4.40
   60-84 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  5.00              4.87
IRA Certificate Accounts
   3-5 Months . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                2.70              2.66
                                                         2.85              2.81
   6-11 Months . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   12-17 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  3.15              3.10
                                                                                                             You’re probably already awar                          e
   18-23 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  3.65              3.58                  that HVFCU provides low-rate financing for cars, trucks, vans,
   24-35 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.15              4.06                     SUVs and motorcycles, but did you know that your credit
   36-47 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.40              4.30                   union also finances travel trailers, campers, motor homes, jet
   48-59 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.65              4.54                    skis, and boats? To get the most of the great outdoors this
   60-84 Months . . . . . . . . . . . .                  5.15              5.02
                                                                                                        summer, apply today. Use our online application at
                                                                                                 , call The Information Center at
Presented above are the Dividend Rate and APY for each Certificate Account.                                    800-468-3011, or stop by any branch.
The minimum to open a regular Certificate Account or a regular IRA Certificate
Account and earn the stated APY is $500.
Please call (845)463-3011 or (800)468-3011 to obtain current rate
information. If a Certificate Account is opened, the applicable Dividend Rate
and APY set forth in this brochure would be paid for the length of the term
listed for such account. A substantial penalty will be imposed for early
withdrawal.                                                                                                   Shared Interests is a quarterly publication of

The Dividend Rate and APY may change at any time as determined by the
credit union’s Board of Directors. Call for cur rent rates All accounts are subject
to the applicable terms and conditions set forth in the Truth-in-Savings
Disclosure and Account Agreement and IRA
Agreement. Fees or other conditions could reduce                           Federally
earnings on any of the above listed accounts.                             insur ed by
                                                                           the NCUA


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