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					                                 Personal data resume
Name                             Lenno M. Verpoorte
Titles                           Master of Science
Residence                        Barendrecht
Telephone (mobile)               06 – 55 69 68 23
Place and date of birth          Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 18, 1975
Marital status                   Married
Nationality                      Dutch

•   Accounting & reporting NL GAAP and IFRS, international concern structure and

•   Controlling                  Budgeting, forecasting and management information;
•   Auditing                     Financial audit and operational audit (‘in control’);
•   Branches                     Agri & food, automotive, broker, construction & real estate,
                                 fitness centers, fmcg, logistic services, metal, retail / whole sale,
                                 technique, white-line household appliances and kitchen and
                                 not-for-profit & public.

1999 – 2009              Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen,
                         Master of Science in Accountancy: Accounting & Auditing
1994 – 1998              Ichthus Hogeschool, Rotterdam, Bachelor in Business Economics
1992 – 1994              G.K. van Hogendorp, Rotterdam, Upper secondary vocational
                         education in business and administration
1987 – 1992              Farel College, Ridderkerk, Higher General Secondary Education

Practice-related courses
•   operational and situational leadership;
•   commercial skills;
•   tax knowledge (corporate tax, value added tax, wage tax and income tax);
•   corporate law / forms.

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Reference projects
•   BDO Audit & Assurance B.V.:
    -    team leader for the annual audit by Bemmel & Kroon, a white-line household
         appliances and kitchen organization (June 2010);
    -    team leader for a grant audit by Foundation Knowledge Infrastructure Mainport
         Rotterdam, a foundation that aims to strengthen the economic structure through
         innovation in knowledge (May 2010);
    -    team leader for the annual audit by Auto Mondt, a car dealer (April 2010);
    -    preparation of the consolidated financial statements and corporation tax return of
         Grow Group, an agricultural nursery in vegetable plants and pot plants, top 5 player
         in the Netherlands (January / April 2010).

BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. (Naaldwijk)
From February 1999 until September 2009 I worked at BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. in
Work package
• lead (coordinating, reviewing and supervising) audit teams (3 to 7 people);
• think along about the organization of the client and advise the client / management letter;
• maintaining the contacts internal and with clients at management level as well the level
  immediately below;

•   preparing consolidated financial statements (NL GAAP and IFRS) of (international)
    organizations and prepare the official documents;
•   preparing and monitoring of monthly and year end closures;
•   general ledger and perform project and other subsidiary ledger, analyses of suspense and
    connecting subsidiary ledger;

•   prepare and improve management information such as for accurate allocation of cost,
    appointment / calculation of key indicators;
•   prepare and analyse budgets (department / overall) and forecasts;
•   financial audit: prepare and run the audit plan and auditing procedures, aimed both at interim
    audit, interim figures, as the annual audit;
•   operational audit: advise about the quality of the design, implementation and operation of the
    accounting and internal control systems;
•   special investigations (approximately 10% of working time): due diligence, restructuring,
    government grant, insured interest and value (buy out / divorce).
•   perform administrative services
    -      Government building department Schiedam         January – March    2002
    -      Municipal audit department The Hague            January – February 2001 en 2002
    -      SME Netherlands                                 October – November 1999

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Clients / typologies
• Sweex Europe: computer-related products (top 3 player in the Netherlands);
• Metz Group / Vliet Flower Group / Heemskerk Flower Export: flowers and plants (3 top 20
   players at the auction in Honselersdijk en Rijnsburg);
• Dekker Timber & Real Estate: timber company (top 3 player in the Netherlands) and rental
   of real estate;
• Auto Mondt / Van der Kooij: auto dealers (new and second hand, leasing, workplace en
   damage repair);
• Kleyn Trucks: second hand vehicles: trucks, trailers, vans and construction equipment (one
   of the largest in the world).
Agricultural / production
• Grow Group / WPK: agricultural nursery in vegetable plants and pot plants (2 top 5 players
   in the Netherlands);
• Jiffy Products: innovative global supplier to the horticultural sector, forestry and tree growers
   who are particularly engaged in the production of pot plants and plugs
• WPS Horti Systems: automation company for the development, realisation and
   implementation of logistical solutions for greenhouse horticulture;
• Infra HSL: building combination BAM / Heijmans for the construction of a trace of a high-
   speed connection in the Netherlands.
• Sadesa Group: holding company of a group in the tanning of leather (one of the largest in the
• Dom Development: holding of a on the Poland listed real estate company (construction and
• HealthCity: fitness centers and rental of real estate (top 3 player in the Netherlands);
• Frisia Brokers: broker (valuation, buy and sale and rental);
• Eikelenboom European Food Transport: transporter of liquid foods (top 10 player in the
• DailyFresh Logistics: distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• OPTA: supervisor in the Netherlands in the field of telecommunications / post;
• Foodbank Amsterdam: foundation that helps households to meet their daily lives need;
• Royal Dutch Butcher organization: association for employers and various foundations in the
   butcher business.

Ernst & Young Auditors LLP (Rotterdam)
In the line of work during my internship I worked from September 1998 till January 1999 at
Ernst & Young, Finance Directorate, Planning & Control, Rotterdam. My tasks included:
• provide management information;
• initiate and support the budget and forecast process;
• making financial analysis;
• ad hoc reports using SQL tools.

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Arvin Exhaust (Pty) Ltd (Retreat, South Africa)
My graduation in the period February to May 1998 I completed in Arvin Exhaust (Pty) Ltd,
Retreat, South Africa. The challenge was to establish a system for determining the currency
position, which is required to minimize the currency risk.
Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group B.V.(Zwijndrecht)
In the period September 1996 to February 1997 I spent my practical internship at Van Leeuwen
Pipe and Tube Group B.V., Zwijndrecht. The tasks included:
• prepare and analyze budgets;
• collect and analyze data from group companies and preparing the monthly reporting for the
• ad hoc management information.

Other information
•   computer skills:             Exact and AccountView
                                 Navision and JD Edwards
                                 Caseware (accounting software)
                                 Visionplanner (forecasts and reports)
                                 AuditFileViewer (tax collectors office)
                                 MS Office
•   languages:                   Dutch (native), English (good oral and written) and
                                 German (moderate oral and written)
•   interests:                   football, racing bikes and travelling (i.a. Oct. 2009 – Jan. 2010
                                 South America)

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