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									                             South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club
                                 Fall Season 2011 Registration

The South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club (SBSSC) is organizing boys teams to play in the fall of 2011.
Teams participate in the fall league organized by the Vermont Soccer Association.

The Strikers fall program is intended for the more serious soccer player looking to develop their skills in
this competitive league. An increased commitment from both players and parents is required and
prior experience playing in a competitive league is preferred. For first year players, or those
looking for a less competitive environment, the SB Recreation Department offers an excellent fall
soccer program.

       South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to
       strengthening our community soccer program. We strive to provide an atmosphere of good
       sportsmanship where players can learn, enjoy, and compete in the game of soccer.

The number of teams in each age group may be limited, depending on key factors:
      (1) Availability of a coach.
      (2) Sufficient registration numbers in an age division to form a team or teams.

                                                                      Reg. Fee      Reg. Fee
              Age Group                    Birth Date                  before         after
                                                                       6/30/11       6/30/11
                  U10            August 1, 2001–July 31, 2003            $75           $90
                  U12            August 1, 1999–July 31, 2001            $75           $90

General information about the season and registration:
       Practices begin in early September.
       Game season: September 11–October 16.
       Teams will practice twice a week plus play one game on Sundays at The Tree Farm in
       Registration deadline is June 30, 2011, and fees (additional uniform costs may apply) are
              o $75 per participant before June 30.
              o $90 per participant after June 30.
       All returning and new players who have not submitted a birth certificate copy in the Spring
          2011 season must submit a copy. We are required to submit a photocopy of each child's
          birth certificate to the Vermont Youth Soccer Association.
           Players will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
           On the Medical Release Form, please write, ―SB Strikers Coach‖ in one of the blank
              spaces where it is stated, ―Therefore, I grant __SB Strikers Coach__ and/or
           Forms and information also may be found at

       *Refund Policy: A refund is not guaranteed. Refund amount is at the discretion of the SBSSC
       board, regardless of the date.
If you are interested, please mail the following by June 30, 2011:

               registration form,
               medical release form,
               signed copy of the Player/Parent Expectations,
               signed copy of the photo release form,
               check for the appropriate fee (payable to South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club),
               photocopy of your child’s birth certificate (if applicable), and
               digital photo emailed to; please include the child’s name in
                the email. Alternatively, you can mail a 1-inch x 1-inch photo.

Mail to

                                              35 Cabot Court
                                         South Burlington, VT 05403

Program information:
Registration questions:

Limited financial aid available, subject to Board approval. A written request must be submitted. Financial aid form
may be found at
                         Tentative Practice and Game Schedule

Game Days—More Details to follow in September 2011

     U10 and U12 Boys

     1    Sunday, September 11, 2011
     2    Sunday, September 18, 2011
     3    Sunday, September 25, 2011
     4    Sunday, October 2, 2011
     5    Sunday, October 9, 2011
     6    Sunday, October 16, 2011

                            Tentative Practice Days*:

                     U10 Boys                Tues/Thurs
                     U12 Boys                Tues/Thurs

                     *Final practice schedule is determined by
                     coaches. Adherence to the above suggested
                     schedule is strongly encouraged by the
                     SBSSC board.

       The success of our program depends on parent volunteers.

To provide a playing opportunity for every child who is interested, we
                             need you.

          Partial list of tasks and positions where we need help:

         Board Positions                            Volunteers
       Coach Coordinator                            Coaching*
       Events Coordinator                          Player Passes
  Parent Volunteer Coordinator                 Equipment Manager
                                              Meeting Room Scheduler

For more information and other open positions, please go to our Web

                         Contact us:

                                     Thank you!

 *In conjunction with the Vermont Soccer Association, the SB Strikers SC will make coaching
                     clinics and courses available to all of our coaches.
                                        Parent Volunteer Form

Please indicate below with which task(s) you are able to assist us with. A description of each position is
given on the next pages.

The Strikers appreciates your time in helping the organization and players.

Event Coordinator (Committee Head): ______fall _____spring _____fall & spring
   Turf Night (Fall—Sept or Oct): _____
   Reserve Meeting Rooms (fall, spring, both): _____fall _____spring _____fall & spring
   Meet the Coaches Night (Spring—late March): _____
   Coaches Appreciation Dinner (fall & spring): ______
   Soccer Clinics Coordinator (spring): ______

Parent Volunteer Coordinator (Committee Head): _____fall   _____spring _____fall & spring
   Player Passes: _____fall _____spring _____fall & spring
   Equipment Manager: _____fall _____spring _____fall & spring

Coach Coordinator (fall, winter, spring—previous coaching experience needed): _____

Fall League Coordinator _____
Spring League Coordinator_____

Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Telephone Number(s): ____________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________

                                          THANK YOU!
                         Volunteer Position Descriptions

Director: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Oversee club operations. Main club contact with
      VSL and VSA.
Treasurer: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Make payments on the club’s behalf for league
      registration and club expenses. Track finances for the club. Serve on Scholarship Committee
Secretary: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Put together monthly board meeting agenda.
      Track board email communications. Document board meetings (monthly and email) and submit
      meeting minutes for board approval.
Registrar: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Register players, coaches & teams for fall and
      spring leagues. Update and create registration forms. Notify families of upcoming registration,
      current registration status, and any registration issues. Notify coaches of background check
      process; keep track of coach background check completion. Copy medical release forms and
      distribute to coaches. Coordinate team division and compile rosters. Notify coaches of rosters
      and families of team placement. Serve on Scholarship Committee.
Marketing: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Create ads regarding Strikers events and
      registration to place in newspapers, schools, and other forums. Secure donations for the Turf
      Night raffle and other Strikers events. Write and place press releases. Order Strikers gear.
Scheduler: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Liason with Rec. Dept. to coordinate fields and
      insurance certificates. Communicate with coaches regarding field conditions and practice and
      game schedules. Communicate with the Vermont Soccer League and Vermont Soccer Association
      regarding scheduling of games. Determine if fields are in playable condition. Reserve indoor gym
      time if needed.
Coach Coordinator: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Recruit coaches for each season,
      interface between coaches and board, and organize coaching clinics. Coordinator should have
      previous coaching experience.
Fall League Coordinator: Attend board meetings as a nonvoting member. Liason between board and
      the club for the fall league. Answer questions from families about the fall program. Work with the
      Rec Dept. to ensure the Strikers and Rec. Dept. programs are operating in a complementary
Winter League Coordinator: Attend board meetings as a nonvoting member. Liason between board
      and the club for the winter indoor league. Answer questions from families about the winter
      league. Identify indoor facilities for the league and coordinate with the board and club to recruit
      coaches and register teams.
Spring League Coordinator: Attend board meetings as a nonvoting member. Liason between board
      and the club for the spring league. Answer questions from families about the spring program.
      Club contact for the Vermont Soccer League and Vermont Soccer Association. Coordinate with
      coaches and register teams for the Kohls Cup, Essex United Soccer Tournament and other soccer
Events Committee
Event Coordinator Head: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Heads a committee that
     organizes various Strikers events such as Turf Night in the fall, Meet the Coaches Night in the
     spring, Coach Appreciation Dinners, clinics with UVM or SBHS players, reserve meeting rooms,
     Turf Night Coordinator: In the fall, the Strikers players play in short games on coed teams under
          the lights on the SB high school turf. Cider and cider donuts are served to all participants.
          There is also a raffle.
     Meet the Coaches Night Coordinator: In the spring, the players meet their coaches before the
          spring season begins. Involves reserving a large meeting room for the whole club and small
          rooms for individual teams and possibly other tasks.
     Meeting Rooms Coordinator: Reserve meeting rooms for board meetings, registration night,
          meet the coaches night, and other Strikers functions.
     Coaches Appreciation Dinner Coordinator: In the fall and spring, notify coaches of Coaches
          Appreciation Dinner night. Make restaurant reservations.
     Soccer Clinics Coordinator: In the spring, plan soccer clinics with UVM or South Burlington High
          players for boys and girls players.

Parent Volunteer Committee
Parent Volunteer Coordinator Head: Attend board meetings as a voting member. Heads a committee
     that helps with player passes, managing equipment, ordering uniforms, and other tasks requiring
     volunteers. Recruit volunteers to help with the various Strikers tasks.
     Player/Coach Pass coordinator: In the fall and/or spring, help find a parent from each team to
           complete player and coach passes (if needed) and coordinate with the Registrar with any
           pass-related duties.
     Equipment Manager: Store equipment in between seasons, distribute equipment before each
           season, collect equipment before each season, maintain an inventory of all equipment,
           recommend the purchase of new equipment when needed, and purchase new equipment.
     Uniform Manager: Gather all uniform order forms, order uniforms, and distribute uniforms to
     Web and Email Administrator: Maintain and diagnose and troubleshoot Web site and club email
                  Registration Check List:

 Completed Registration Form
 Digital photo emailed to or photo mailed to
  SBSSC, 35 Cabot Court, South Burlington, VT 05403
 Completed and signed Medical Release Form
 Uniform order (optional)
 Copy of Birth Certificate (required for new & returning players
  who did not submit one in the Spring 2011 season)
 Signed Player/Parent Expectations
 Completed and signed Photo Release Form
 Payment made to South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club
                                    2011 FALL REGISTRATION FORM

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Team (please check one):

                        Age Group             Birth Date            Fee
                           U10       August 1, 2001–July 31, 2003   $75
                           U12       August 1, 1999–July 31, 2001   $75

Telephone #s: ________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s): ____________________________________________________

Email address(es): ___________________________________________________________

School: _______________________________                     Grade in fall 2011: _____________

Please describe player’s previous soccer experience:


The Strikers Soccer Club relies on volunteers for the success of our program. Please
consider signing up to help (check any that apply).

                        _____Head Coach                     _____ Asst. Coach

                                                                 Checks payable to
                                                                 South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club
Registration: (see table above)   $______ (before 6/30/11)
                                                                 Mail to
Late Fee: $15                     $______ (after 6/30/11)        SBSSC
                                                                 35 Cabot Court
Total payment:                    $______                        South Burlington, VT 05403

                                                                 Check # ______ Date Rec’d:_________ Amt: ____
                                South Burlington Strikers
                                      Soccer Club

                                Uniform Order Form

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Telephone #s: ________________________________________________

Email Address(es): ________________________________________________

Uniform order (if needed; uniforms are the same as those since the Fall 2009 season):

Jersey size (circle one):   YM (6-8)    YL (10-12)      AS        AM

Light Blue Sock size (circle one):              Youth         Adult

Optional Black shorts (circle one):     YM              YL        AS             AM        AL

                                                        Checks payable to
                                                        South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club
Socks: $6 each                $______
                                                        Mail to
Jersey: $16 each              $______
Shorts (optional): $12 each $______                     35 Cabot Court
                                                        South Burlington, VT 05403

Total payment:                $______                   Check # ______ Date: _________ Amt:_______
                            Vermont Soccer Association
                               Medical Release Form

Player’s Name:____________________________________U.S. Citizen Yes______No____


Birthdate:____________________                                       Sex: M____F___

Parent’s Phone Home:_______________________ Work: ________________________

Cell or Emergency Number(s): ________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________

Emergency phone number other than Parent/Guardian

Name: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________

Primary Medical Insurance Company: ______________________________________

Policy Number: _______________________________________

Known allergies or other pertinent medical information:



Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with soccer and in consideration for
VSA/USYS/USSF and it’s affiliates accepting the registrant for its soccer programs and activities (the
“Programs”) I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify VSA/USYS/USSF, it’s affiliated
organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including the owners of fields
and facilities utilized for the Programs, against any claim by or on behalf of the registrant’s
participation in the Programs, and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation I
hereby authorize. My child has received a physical examination by a physician and has been found
physically capable of participating in the Programs.

Therefore, I grant __________________________________and/or __________________________________
permission to act as my surrogate for my child in the area of obtaining medical treatment by a doctor
of medicine or dentistry. I also assume the financial responsibility for any medical treatment for my

Signature of Parent/Guardian: __________________________________Date: __________________
     Attend ALL practices and games. If you cannot attend a practice or game, notify
      your coach immediately. Playing time in games may reflect various factors
      including attendance, attitude, effort, and good sportsmanship and is at the
      discretion of the coach.
     Wear shin guards at all practices and games. No jewelry. Wear appropriate attire
      for games: jersey, light blue socks, and black shorts.
     Bring water bottle to practices and games.
     Listen respectfully to coaches.
     Treat fellow players with respect. No physical or verbal abuse allowed.
     Be respectful of referees—do not question their calls—and opponents.
     Have fun!

     Model respectful behavior for the players. Remember that coaches are volunteers
      and are doing the best that they can.
     Please refrain from shouting out directions or advice from the sidelines. Please let
      the coaches do their jobs!
     Do not shout at referees—they are often high school students trying their best.
     Make sure that players are on time for ALL practices and games. If the player
      cannot attend a practice or game, immediately notify the coach. Playing time in
      games may reflect various factors including attendance, attitude, effort, and good
      sportsmanship and is at the discretion of the coach.

I have read these expectations and understand what is expected:

__________________________           ____________________________           _________
      Parent Signature                       Player Signature                  Date
                                  Parent Consent to Post and Print
                                         Player Photograph

The South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club (SBSSC) will, on occasion, print in a newspaper or post
on the club Web site photographs of the players. Please fill out the form below to either grant or
not grant the club permission to do so. No personally identifying information will be printed or
posted with the photograph. Please note that granting permission is purely voluntary.

Please check the applicable response:

I ___do/___do not give the South Burlington Strikers Soccer Club permission to publish and post
my child’s photograph and/or other digital reproduction of him/her or other reproduction of his/her
physical likeness in the newspaper and Club Web site.

Player’s name: ______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Print name of parent/legal guardian: ___________________________________________

Signature of parent/legal guardian: ____________________________________________

Relationship to player: ____________________________________

Date: ___________________________

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