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Retail Operation Manager


Retail Operation Manager document sample

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									Revised 10/08/02



The Museum Store Manager is responsible for the overall business operations of the
Alaska State Museum Store. The manager is responsible for retail operation of the
store including but not limited to the staffing, training, and recruiting of volunteer
staff, fiscal management, merchandise management, inventory control and
monthly/year-end summary reports to the Board of Directors. The Store Manager is
the primary on -site representative of the Friends of the State Museum and is expected
to maintain effective and professional relationships with the membership, Museum
Store volunteers, the public and the Museum staff.

The Store Manager will work a 40 hour work week, with overtime as authorized.
Reporting Relationship: The incumbent reports to the Second Vice-President of the
Board of Directors.

Physical demands: This position may require standing for extended periods of time,
navigating stairs and lifting weights not to exceed 40 IDS.

Essential Functions

1. Ensure that the Museum Store is operated according to the mission, established
policies and procedures, and stated goals and objectives of the FASM and the Alaska
State Museum.

2. Develop and maintain written operation procedures for the overall business
operations of the Museum Store. Written procedures include but are not limited to:

    a) Procedures for retail operations, including purchasing and inventory control.
    b) Cash and credit card handling, financial bookkeeping, and monthly statements
    to the Board of Directors.

    c) Training procedures and evaluation tools for training of Museum Store
    volunteers and paid staff.

3. Maintain seasonal store hours, as approved by the Board of Directors in
coordination with the Alaska State Museum. Assure that the store is adequately

4. Recruit, train, schedule and provide guidance to Museum Store volunteers and paid
staff to assure that business operation procedures are followed. The Store Manager is
responsible for providing a nurturing environment to encourage and attract volunteers.

5. Recruit, hire, train and evaluate paid staff in accordance with federal and state labor
laws, as well as the policies and procedures of the Board of Directors. Act in the
capacity of a sales clerk when necessary.

6. Ensure that the financial records are maintained according to accepted accounting
practices, including timely documentation of all inventory purchases, tracking of all
sales and attention to minimizing costs.

7. Maintain the daily cash receipts and deposit slips, payment of bills, documentation
of all expenditures and deposits in current accounting programs for all financial
activity related to the Museum Store and Friend's Trust accounts.

8. Coordinate the ordering, purchase, inventory documentation and control, pricing,
and payment of all merchandise. Assure that all merchandise codes are current and
clearly displayed, with the price, for all Museum Store volunteers and staff.

9. The Store Manager will assure that the merchandise is well displayed and the store
is well stocked.

10. Schedule regular store committee meetings and work collaboratively with the
committee, on budgeting, purchasing, discounting , and product development.

11. Conduct or coordinate an inventory of all merchandise, supplies and equipment
owned by the Friends of the Alaska State Museum, with completion of a finalized
inventory report to the Second Vice President no later than the second week of
October of each fiscal year.

12. Prior to the Annual Meeting, prepare an annual report that includes a proposed
budget and plan of action for the following business year.

13. Promote the Museum Store and its products in the local community.

14. Prepare and present a monthly report to the Board of Directors, which would
include sales to date.

15. After advisement with the Store Committee, take responsibility for the selection,
ordering and purchase of store merchandise. Coordinate purchases with museum
exhibits and events when necessary.

16. Develop and maintain working relationships with artists and vendors.

17. Coordinate the processing of telephone, mail and email order requests.

18. With advisement of the Store Committee, initiate promotional and marketing
plans including web site development.

19. Cooperate with the Museum Staff. Attend necessary meetings and observe all
security procedures as required by the Alaska State Museum.

20. The Board of Directors may modify the essential functions of the Store Manager
with two weeks notice.


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