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					How do we find information?

     Where do you start?

            In your brain…
Getting started…
   • Look at other people’s starting points
        subject guides, BUSLIB…
   • Look at your own saved starting points
        bookmarks, guides, experience
   • Jump onto the Internet/www
        search directories – Yahoo!
        search engines – Google
   • Look at standard reference sources
        general guides to the literature
General guides to the literature/
Basic business information sources
  Daniells, Lorna M. Business Information Sources.
     Dated, but still valuable. Very representative. Includes summaries describing
  Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources. Gale
     Annual updates. 1,100 specific business topics included. Uses a dictionary
       approach, Not annotated, but many have brief notes describing content.
       Mini-bibliographies incorporating variety of formats.
  Lavin, Michael. Business Information; How to Find It, How to Use It.
     Dated. In-dept descriptions of major business publications and databases with
       explanations of concepts. Not necessarily core, and not comprehensive, but
       are most frequently used works. The explanations are invaluable to novice
  Strauss, Diane. Handbook of Business Information: A Guide for
  Librarians, Students, and Researchers.
                 Guides to the literature
 Census Catalog and Guide.
 Annual catalog containing descriptions for current Census publications.
 Helpful guide to finding specific data.

 Directories In Print. Gale.
   10,000+ directories published in US. Has an extensive business coverage.
   Coverage of special issue publications, online and other formats.Information
   given includes brief content note of publication.

 Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory.
  Over 110,000+ publications globally, grouped into broad subject categories.
  Available electronically through subscription.

 Standard Periodical Directory.
  70,000+ titles, but U.S. and Canada only. Extensive coverage of association
  publications, and other hard to locate publications.
Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (What is…)
             • Encyclopedia of Business
             • International Encyclopedia of Business
               and Management
             • Encyclopedia of Business and Finance
             • Wall Street Words
             • Dictionary of Economics
             • Dictionary of Business
             • AmosWEB: ECONOMIC GLOSS*arama
                    Handbooks (How to…)

• Tend to be general in business, but specialized in
  accounting, finance, management…

• Good for in-depth review of subject

• Often they are really encyclopedias, dictionaries

• May have policies, procedures
Loose-leaf services

 •   Updated regularly
 •   Expensive
 •   Big publishers, CCH, Westlaw
 •   Often replaced by online services or fee-based
 •   But…often more useable than electronic
      – CCH tax guides
            Types                         Publishers

• Investment Analysts reports   • Government
• Company Reports               • Associations
  (IBM Environment and Well-
  being Report)                 • Financial Services
• Industry Reports
                                • Market Researchers
  (Semiconductor )
• Market Research Reports
                                • Individuals
  (Hoover’ Industry
                                • Companies
               Business Directories
• Major resources for the collection
• Comes in all types
   –   Directories in Print
   –   Directory of Corporate Affiliations
   –   Directory of Advertisers
   –   Directory of American Firms Doing Business in Foreign Countries
   –   Encyclopedia of Associations
  – Reference USA
• Can be very specialized
   – Directory of Biotechnology Companies in NC
• Can be very expensive – Banks and Savings & Loans of North
  Carolina $700
              Business Directories
              Basic                       Extended Info
•   Name                           • Subsidiaries/Divisions
•   Address                        • Products
•   Telephone, fax, e-mail            – Directory of Corporate
                                        Affiliations (Corp Affiliations
•   Annual sales                        Plus-cd)
•   Total employees                • Extensive management list
•   Key management                    – Directory of Corporate
•   Private or public (exchange)        Affiliations

•   SIC code                       • Additional financials
                                      – Mergent Industrial Dir
                                      – Hoover’s Handbooks
          Business Directories

•   Alphabetical
•   Geographic
•   SIC/Industry
•   Some by sales
•   Some by city
•   Databases combines
          Business Directories
• Mostly used for Company information
• Can be directory of market reports example:
        Business Directories
• Consultants and Consulting Directory
• North American Industry Classification
• Standard Industrial Classification System
• Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies
• Directory of Public Relations Firms
• Directory of Executive Recruiters
     Online Business Directories

•   Reference USA
•   Hoover’s Company Profiles
•   Million Dollar Directory
•   Corporate Affiliations Plus (cd-rom)
       Business Databases

 Do Databases replace print?
Should Databases replace print?

                  •Patron needs and abilities
        Company Information
       Forms of Business Enterprises
                1. Sole Proprietorship

•   Most typical form
•   Owned by a single owner
•   Owner is considered the company therefore no taxes
    against the company
•   Owner is liable for company failure
•   Owner dies, company dies
•   Only taxed once – considered personal tax
•   Easy to form
        Forms of Business Enterprises

        2. General & Limited Partnerships

• Unincorporated business of two or more people, trust, or
  other partnerships, or corporations
• Similar to sole proprietorship – not a separate tax entity
• Each partner may be involved in day management
• Both liable for debt, but only for their part of investment
• One partner may supply money and other expertise
        Forms of Business Enterprises
                       3. Corporation
• Separate entity
• Legally “incorporated” under state laws
• Shareholders are owners – what % you own depends on
• Corporations and individuals are taxed separately
• No personal liability, corporation is liable for debts and
  other obligations
• Easy to transfer ownership – you die, it lives
• Easier to raise capital, investors have limited liability
• Complicated to form
Understanding Business Hierarchies
       •   Parent
       •   Holding Company
       •   Subsidiary
       •   Division
       •   Public Company
       •   Private Company
       •   Single Entity
       •   Enterprise
       •   Establishments
        Number of Business Enterprises

Form of business      1980         1990                           1998
Sole               8,930,000    14,783,000               17,409,000
Partnership        1,380,000     1,554,000                  1,855,000
Corporation        2,711,000     3,717,000                  4,849,000
Total              13,021,000   20,054,000                24,103,000
                                  from 2001 Statistical Abstract of the United States
 Company Information
What are we looking for?
•Directory Information
    –Simple - annual sales, employee size, yearly
    –Complex - ratios, market share
•The Market (competitors, market share,
    environment/local or US economy)
           Company Financials
           Simple                   Complex
Directories                 Annual Reports
  Mergent                   10-K
  S&P                       Company Home pages
  Directory of Corporate
  Affiliations              Investment Services reports
Hoover’s Handbooks…         Market Reports
Annual reports / 10-K
Company home pages
Stock reports
Hoover’s Company Profiles
    Company Market Information

• Articles from magazines, journals
• News sources
• Association reports
• Banks, accounting firms, real estate (may
  have to pay)
• Market research reports
Company Management Information

• Internal reports –(hard to get to)
• Articles, news sources
• Industry/Association reports (maybe not
  “construction association,” but retail
  management associations)
• Interviews
• Case studies
• Print materials
       Company forecasts/outlooks

•   Investment reports
•   Association reports
•   Annual Reports
•   Industry reports
•   Articles, news sources
Typical questions about companies

• Public Library
  – Address, phone, executive name
  – Investment information
     • Open, close, price, graphs, analyses, historical
  – Business plan information
     • Competitors, market share, advertising costs,
  – Job interview information
Typical questions about companies
   • Academic Library
      – Company’s market share
      – Company’s annual sales
         • 5-10 year
      – Company’s products
      – Company’s competitors
      – Company’s financial ratios to compare to
      – Distribution, delivery, facilities
      – Management issues
      – Case studies
      – Best practices
Typical questions about companies

      • Corporate Library
        –   Market Share
        –   Marketing reports
        –   Executive contact information
        –   Products, delivery systems
        –   Sales
        –   Credit ratings
Who publishes information about

        Not the government - then who?
              Public Companies
• What information can we get?
  –   Financials
  –   Competition
  –   Strategies
  –   Some management
  –   Operating information
  –   History
  –   Current news
  –   Not necessarily internal information – customer lists,
      distribution processes…
            Private Companies
• What information can we get?
  – Some financials ( if it is given, or if it is a big player in
    industry or region) Look in news sources! D&B reports
    – may have to pay
  – Some history (from local sources – news and articles,
    Chamber of Commerce, local publishing)
  – Some competition from industry reports
  – Local financials from county entities – tax information
  – Ownership – may get from county, city, tax records or
    articles of incorporation, if incorporated
  – Hoover’s Company Profiles
  – No financials from company web page
  – Products and history from company’s web page
       International Companies
• Some financials from news sources, International
  directories (Principal International Businesses,
  Directory of Corporate Affiliations), articles,
  competitive analyses, market share/competition
• If publicly traded, go to stock guides
   – If publicly traded in US, can get more financials
• Some brief management information from market
  reports, articles, news sources.

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