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the message
of physical
activity to the
older adult
Presented by:

Colin Milner
Council on
Active Aging
Our focus today:
•Look at history of the market

•Look at the key barriers to entry

•Examine solutions

•Get you to ask yourself “what if?”
                Tip #1 Know your Market
who your
market is
Know Your Market

                    Animals sweat,
                   men perspire, and
                   women do neither
Tip # 1
Know Your Market

                   Women were told
                   that exercise
                   would harm their
Tip # 1
Know Your Market

                   10BX Training
                   in the
                   or Muscle
Tip # 1

The top two concerns for
      older adults

    Wealth and health

             Yankelovich Monitor
• Since March 2000, $7.6 trillion in
  market value has been sucked out of
  stocks based on the Wilshire 5000
  index, the broadest measure of U.S.
  stock market worth

• That's about 48 % of the market's value
  at its peak

• Two years ago, parents of Boomers
  were worth an estimated $14 trillion to
  $18 trillion

Health care costs for people
with a chronic condition
average $6,032, which is five
times higher than for those
without such a condition.
SOURCE: Partnership for Solutions. A project of
Johns Hopkins University and the Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation
• In 2000, direct medical costs for chronic
  conditions totaled $510 billion.

• These costs are expected to double to
  more than $1 trillion by 2020 - 80% of
  direct medical expenditures.

• Nearly half of the population - 125
  million Americans - live with some type
  of chronic condition.

•   SOURCE: Partnership for Solutions. A project of Johns Hopkins
    University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

• Diabetes Expected to Soar by 165%
  over the next 50 years

  SOURCE: Diabetes Care

• Nine out of 10 cases of type 2 diabetes
  could be prevented if people exercised
  more, ate better, stopped smoking and
  adopted other healthy behaviors.

  SOURCE: New England Journal of Medicine

Middle-aged and older
Americans face a 90% chance of
developing high blood pressure
during their lives

SOURCE: JAMA 2002;287:1003-1010
Know Your Market

                   Depression-will be the second
                   greatest cause of premature death
                   and disability worldwide by 2020.
Tip # 1

                                    SOURCE: WHO
                                            Bone biopsy
                                            from a normal
                                            woman, age

                                            Bone biopsy
                                            from a women
Tip #2

                                            age 47

          50% of postmenopausal women, over fifty,
          have the initial stages of Osteopenia - JAMA
                                  The Loss of Muscle
                                  & Strength with Age

          Strength %

                                       Leg Strength
Tip #2

                             20   30    40     50     60    70   80   90


#1 reason for joining
in physical activity is

              SOURCE: Medical Fitness Association
 of older adults
• 86% agree that exercise is
  important to their health
  and longevity
• 64% would like to
  participate in fitness
  activities more than
  they do

  Fitness Products Council and the Alliance for

  Aging Research
• Media image of fitness

• Stereotypes of older adults

• Belief system about whether
  exercise can have satisfying

• Self image as a non-exerciser
• “Body Beautiful” images artwork, etc.
• Pro-shops geared towards youth
• Music
• Staff bias

• False expectations
Ability to
participate in
programs and
use equipment
    The group exercise program

• Intensity of the workout
• Scheduled times
• Age classifications
• Instructors without proper
• Intimidating exercise
• Name of the program
Age friendly equipment
  • Zero starting resistance
  • 1 pound incremental
  • Low impact-gentle on
    aging joints
  • Easy to use
  • Non-intimidating
  • Counts repetitions
  • Large display
• None or minimal pre-programmed
• Display panel that is easy to read (large
• Starting speed at .5 mph
• Shock-absorbing deck
• Emergency lanyard with belt clip
• Low deck threshold
• Low motor housing/casing
• Medical handrails
    Recumbent bikes/steppers

•   Easy entrance and exit
•   Easy to set control panel
•   Wide and comfortable seat with arm rest
•   None or minimal pre-programmed workouts
•   Display panel that is easy to read and understand
•   Seat and arm adjustments should be easy to access and
    easy to adjust
• Easy to reach key pad
• Fear of injury, falls
• Exercise is fatiguing
• Overcoming drug fatigue
• Physicians not recommending exercise
• The exercise programs don’t “fit” the
• No goals are set for improvement
Healthy doctors, healthy patients

•Health-conscious MDs more apt to give diet advice

•These doctors were also more than three times more likely than their peers
to ask their patients about their diets, and to report feeling confident
discussing nutrition.

•Doctors who participated in aerobic activity on a regular basis were more
likely to counsel patients on the benefits of aerobic exercise.

•Another study founds that a female physician's personal health habits often
mirror the type of advice she offers her patients.

SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
SOURCE: Preventive Medicine 2002;35:437-446
Exercise prescription does work

Healthcare providers who give patients
advice about and support for physical
activity can help people improve their
quality of life and reduce aches and pains.

Source: British Medical Journal 2003;326:793
Poor weather is a deterrent
due to the fear of falling, and
the lack of transportation.
Facility Layout and Design
Older adults
are not all the
same — many
segments and
issues exist
Know Your Market   Midlife
                   • Forty to sixty year-olds see midlife as a
                   time of reckoning and change

                   • Hold on tightly to midlife and aren’t
                   prepared to let go

                   • Work is the centerpiece of their lives
Tip # 1

                   • They feel stretched

                   • They aren’t sure how to fit exercise into
                   their lives
                                                          Source: AARP
                   Pre-retired and
Know Your Market

                   older than midlife
                   • Hanging onto this stage of life and
                   weren’t ready to move on.

                   • Although still career oriented, they have
                   started thinking about how to battle the
                   aging process — a growing concern for
Tip # 1

                   Source: AARP
                   • Adopt a new sense of time,
Know Your Market

                   as their values and beliefs
                   begin to change

                   •Health and disease is a
                   concern for this group

                   •They focus on how long they
                   can maintain their
Tip # 1

                   independence and
                   functionality, as well as what
                   they would have to do to
                   extend and maximize it

                   Source: AARP
The first step towards
attracting and serving
the older adult

Establish who is your target
audience, and what is their
level of function
Know Your Market

                   • Can’t execute some or all of the

                   • (Basic Activities of Daily Living-
                     self-feeding, dressing, toileting,
                     transferring, and walking)
Tip # 1

                   • Dependent on others for food
                     and other basic functions
                   Physically Frail
Know Your Market

                           • Performs BADL’s but
                             can’t perform some
                             or all of the activities
                             that are necessary to
                             live independently

                           • Generally due to a
Tip # 1

                             debilitating disease
                             or condition that
                             physically challenges
Know Your Market

                   • Live independently

                   • Usually without
                     debilitating symptoms
                     of major chronic
Tip # 1

                   • Have low health &
                     fitness reserves
                   Physically Fit
Know Your Market

                   Exercises at
                   least two times
                   a week for their
                   and well being,
                   have high health
Tip # 1

                   & fitness
Know Your Market

                   • Train on an almost
                     daily basis
                   • Competes in seniors’
                     sport tournaments, or
                     work in a physically
                     demanding job

                     *Levels of function identified in,
Tip # 1

                     Physical Dimensions of Aging,

                     Human Kinetics, 1995, by
                     Waneen Spirduso.
          Canadian Bert Morrow at 89
Tip #2

          IDEA Inspirational Athlete of the Year 2002

          Won three gold medals in the 80m Hurdles, the 100m
          Sprint and the 200m Sprint, at last years Senior Olympics
                   • Three out of four mature consumers
Know Your Market

                   are dissatisfied with marketing aimed at

                   •People ages 55-64 are more likely to be
                   offended by ads and less likely to enjoy

                   •31% of people 55 and up avoid products
Tip # 1

                   in ads they think stereotype people.
                          SOURCE: RoperASW. Consumers and the Center for Mature Consumer Studies.
                   •More than 60% of older consumers say
Know Your Market

                   ''quality'' is the most important factor in
                   choosing a brand.

                   •On average, mature consumers now consider
                   ''old age'' to start at 72, not 65

                   •Consumers younger than 50 say ''old age''
                   starts at 68; those older than 50 say it starts a
                   decade later
Tip # 1

                   SOURCE: RoperASW. Consumers and the Center for Mature
                   Consumer Studies.
                   • According to a new study traditional
Know Your Market

                     models of elderly, frail matriarchs are
                     giving way to ones of active and healthy
                     older women participating in life, rather
                     than sitting on the sidelines.

                   • "Old age is seen as just one more
                     opportunity for women to be whatever
                     kind of women they want to be.“

                   • "Marketers who portray images of older
Tip # 1

                     women who are active, healthy, having
                     fun and celebrating the relationships in
                     their lives will be rewarded."

                   SOURCE: frank about women
                     Net impact
Know Your Market

                     Close to 78% of all consumers age 55plus
                     have purchased online. And, in one year
                     the 50plus market spends over
                     $7,000,000,000 online.
                                             SOURCE: Evergreen Direct

                   • Roughly half of 50-plus consumers own
                     personal computers
                   • 70% have Internet access
Tip # 1

                   • 92% of those PC owners have shopped
                   • 78% have made purchases.
                                           SOURCE: Senate committee
                   Terms with an impact
                   Exercise Vs Physically Active
Know Your Market

                   • Active: Very positive response
                     To participants, active meant engaged with life,
                     family and community. They did not equate
                     active with exercise. For people at the older end
                     of the age spectrum, active meant going to
                     church or playing bingo. They also did not
                     connect the word with exercise.

                   • Exercise: Very negative response
Tip # 1

                     Study participants saw exercise as too hard and
                     difficult. “Exercise is not a word that you would
                     want to use in your message.
                   Terms with an impact
                   • Physically active: Very positive reaction
Know Your Market

                   • The participants liked the term
                     physically active, because it implied they
                     could do a wide range of activities to be
                     physically active, rather than just going
                     for a walk. They intuitively understood
                     the health benefits.

                   • Other terms:
Tip # 1

                   • Moderate versus vigorous
                   • Most days of the week versus almost all
                     days of the week
                   • Five days of the week versus more than
                     four days and four or more days
Tip # 1   Know Your Market

Tip # 1   Know Your Market

Tip # 1   Know Your Market

Tip # 1   Know Your Market

Marketing myths about the older adult

• Mature consumers are brand loyal. This is
  the single-biggest myth, experts say.
  Source: AARP and RoperASW.

• Marketers can reach mature consumers
  as ''spillover'' by advertising to younger
  consumers. Marketing is becoming so
  segmented that mature consumers need
  their own messages, Frost says. ''Very
  soon, the 45-plus market will represent
  half the population, and the traditional
  target of consumers aged 25-44 years old
  will shrink.''

HEADLINE: “It's funny, the
more we sweat, the more
the ladies find us
completely irresistible.”

HEADLINE: “We swim
laps and discuss world
politics. Baloney! We
dog-paddle and gibber-
Ten Marketing tips

1. Know your market
2. Just the facts, please
3. Build relationships
4. Use life stage marketing
5. Educate the market
6. Design with eyes in mind
7. Avoid scare tactics
8. Don't call them names
9. Demonstrate your credibility
10. Become a chronic marketer
Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards

SOURCE:The President's Challenge
Know Your Market

                   • 4.7 years longer than the younger
                     market - IHRSA

                   • 80% stay with a program at the end of a year,
                     based on how exercise made them feel

                   • 75% dropped out within 8 weeks, based on
                     non-relevant goal setting

                     SOURCE: American Journal of Preventive
                     Medicine 2002;23
Tip # 1
        It’s all
about the experiences
What we offer this market

is the ability to die young

at an old age.

It's the closest they will

ever get to the fountain of

youth and that is priceless.

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