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									             REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)
     SW 6        Avenue & SW Yamhill Street
                  Portland, Oregon
                                                     RFP ISSUED BY:
                                        Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. for
                                       Portland Mall Management, Inc.

                                                        Date Issued:
                                                     January 31, 2011

                                                  Submissions Due:
                                  3:00pm on Friday, February 18, 2011
                                PROCESS FOR
                          SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS

Due Date:                       Friday, February 18, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Submit Proposal to:             Please submit five (5) hard copies of the proposal to:

                                Lisa Selman
                                Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc.
                                1140 SW 11th Avenue, Suite 500
                                Portland, OR 97205

                                Email submissions in the form of a PDF are acceptable and can be
                                sent to

For Project
Information Contact:            Lisa Selman, Project Manager
                                Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc.
                                (503) 242.0084

On-site Preview:                Upon Request

Notifications:                  Respondents will be notified in writing regarding the status of their
                                proposal as soon as practical after receipt of information.

Requirements:                   Please submit all of the information requested under Submission

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill                        2
                                GENERAL INFORMATION

Portland Mall Management, Inc.

Portland Mall Management, Inc. (PMMI) is a public benefit corporation established in 2007 to bring
together community stakeholders to collaborate in maintaining the Portland Transit Mall as a business-
friendly and pedestrian-oriented environment as it was originally built. For more information regarding
PMMI, please visit

Project Overview

Currently, PMMI is working with the City of Portland, OR, Portland Development Commission (PDC),
Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc, and U.S. Government Services Administration on the rehabilitation of
the two historic Ellis-designed restroom entries at Pioneer Courthouse into vendor type kiosks to
activate the surrounding streetscape on SW 6th Avenue & SW Yamhill Street in Downtown Portland. The
SW 6th Avenue kiosk will serve as the primary retail focus. Improvements to this kiosk will include repair
and repainting of the exterior walls and roofing, waterproofing, installation of a new entry door and new
west facing storefront, new flooring and provision of electrical service and/or solar power as needed. No
other utility connections are contemplated. Tenant improvements to the space could include a
customized mobile cart on casters system with associated canopy that could extend the retail space
onto SW 6th Avenue during operating hours. Other improvements may include customized cabinets and
countertops within the space itself depending on tenant’s vision for the space. The SW Yamhill kiosk will
undergo more limited improvements to enhance the exterior while preserving the structure for future use
and redevelopment. The rehabilitation of the kiosk is funded by PMMI and a PDC grant.

Retail Opportunity

The SW 6th Avenue retail kiosk offers an exciting business opportunity for a qualified party looking to
expand existing operations or start a new venture. With a new storefront opening onto SW 6th Avenue in
the heart of downtown, on the Transit Mall and directly across from Pioneer Courthouse Square, this
retail kiosk provides a distinctive location with exceptional exposure to the downtown business
community, transit riders, pedestrians and local, national & international visitors. The kiosks are ideally
situated to capture the 26,000 people who pass by the Square each day and the 9.5 million visitors the
Square welcomes annually.

It is desired that any proposed use for the kiosk activate the space for an extended period of time during
the day and one that is sustainable year round.

Vendor Selection Process

PMMI is issuing this open Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified parties interested in leasing and
operating a retail kiosk in the heart of Downtown Portland. The respondent that presents the strongest
business proposal and one that compliments the surrounding environment and provides maximum
activation of the kiosk will be selected for further discussions.

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill                       3
Minimum Qualifications

To be eligible for consideration of this RFP, the responder must meet the following minimum

1) Minimum of three (3) years prior experience in providing retail, food or related services.
2) Financial capability to contribute to tenant improvements, equip and operate a retail kiosk.

Preliminary Timeline:
PMMI intends to select a partner vendor by March 2011. Schematic design and design development
phases of the project will begin shortly thereafter with the goal of completing rehabilitation of the
structure by June 30, 2011 for turnover to the tenant.

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill                       4
                            SUBMISSION INFORMATION

Five (5) hard copies (or electronic submission) of the proposal must be received by 3:00 p.m. on
Friday, February 18, 2011. Please provide the following information:

1. Company Overview. Please provide the following information about your company:
   •   Name of company
   •   Owner(s)
   •   Contact person and contact information (including address, phone number, fax number, and
       email address)
   •   Years in business

2. Experience and Capacity of Company. Provide a brief introduction and background of your
   company; demonstrated financial status (Gross Annual Sales; Net Earnings/Loss for the most
   current year); and ability to finance tenant improvements and operation of a retail kiosk.

3. Business Proposal/Operating Plan. Provide a brief description of how your company would
   operate a retail kiosk at this location. Indicate hours of operation, number of employees and the type
   of business/service that will be offered including product mix. Seasonal variation of product mix is
   acceptable. Note that tobacco and alcohol sales will be prohibited. Outline any special needs that
   your company will require to operate the kiosk. Provide a brief description of tenant improvements
   you will provide and the approximate cost.

4. Acceptance of Proposed Lease Terms. List any exceptions to the proposed lease terms outlined
   in Exhibit B.

5. References. List contact information for three (3) professional references including one banking

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill                       5
                                      EXHIBIT A
                                    Conceptual Design
                                                        Planned Renovation

                                                                 Retail Kiosk

    Existing Structure
               Pioneer Courthouse

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill               6
                                             EXHIBIT B
                                Proposed Lease Term Sheet
Location:                       SW 6th Avenue and SW Yamhill Street

Premises:                       Approximately 56 square feet interior area

Lease Term:                     Negotiable but longer term lease of 3 to 5 years preferred

Options to Renew:               Subject to negotiation

Monthly Rent:                   Lease Year 1: 0-.6 months: $250/mo; .7-12 months: $500/mo
                                Lease Year 2: $500/mo; Lease Year 3: $500/mo

Property Taxes:                 TBD

Tenant Improvements:            Space delivered to tenant as a finished shell with the following
                                • Floor: Cap existing stairwell and install removable steel plate flooring
                                • Interior Surfaces: Clean and paint
                                • Exterior Surfaces: Minor repair, new sealant, and paint
                                • Gate Entry: remove existing entry gate on North end and install new
                                   and sealed door system in opening
                                • Roof: Repair roof and gutter leaks
                                • New West Facing Storefront: Remove approximately three existing
                                   wall panels and portion of existing granite curb and install new door
                                   system in opening
                                • Electrical: new electrical service routing within the shelter; 100 amp
                                   panel; minimal interior and exterior lighting.

Utilities:                      All utilities for premises to be paid by Tenant.

Insurance:                      Tenant to provide personal property insurance and liability insurance
                                and indemnify TriMet, PMMI, and City of Portland.

Lease Deposit:                  $750 upon execution of lease (includes $250 prepaid first month rent)

Signage:                        Tenant signage shall be subject to Landlord approval and compliance
                                with City of Portland sign code.

Rent Commencement:              Monthly rent shall commence the earlier of thirty (30) days after delivery
                                of premises by landlord or the first day of operation of business on the

Guaranty:                       If tenant is a corporation or other business entity, each of the
                                shareholders or owners of that entity shall provide personal guarantees
                                of the Lease in a form to be provided by Landlord.

PMMI RFP: SW 6th & SW Yamhill                         7

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