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									        Readiness for Investor Funding

                  ‘Services to Our Investors and
                  Strategy for Profit and Growth’

                                   Presented By:
                Jigs Chana, BSc. (Hons), MSc., MCIOB, MAPM, MIHEEM
                                 Cameo Properties                                   ‘We Build Relationships’
                    Company Background
         • Established in 2002

         • Core business is developing residential properties
           speedily and efficiently and then selling them for
           profit share with our Investors

         • Location strength is London, Thames Corridor,
           Kent and the Home Counties                          ‘We Build Relationships’
                            Our Management Team
   •   Jigs Chana – Director BSc, MSc, MCIOB, MAPM, MIHEEM
         – Chartered Project Manager, 13 years project management experience with blue chip companies
         – Responsibilities: Overall Business, Investor Relations, Development Process, Marketing and Sales

   •   Mahesh Doshi – MD, Cyril Sweett, MRICS
        – Responsibilities: Cost Planning, Control, Management and Reporting

   •   Paul Russell – Director, Russell Associates, RIBA, Dip. Arch (Hons). D.A. Manc
        – Responsibilities: Conceptualisation, Architecture, Design, Planning and Quality Control

   •   Mark Stone – Partner, Train & Kemp, BEng, CEng, MIStructE
        – Responsibilities: Engineering Design, Calculations, Testing

   •   Nadeem Butt - LLB (Hons)
        – Responsibilities: Internet Development and Marketing, Information Technology

   •   Taj Kasam - Partner, BBK Accountancy, Certified Accountant
        – Responsibilities: Financials, Accounting, Taxation, Reporting                                                         ‘We Build Relationships’
                             Our Product Development
 •   We have researched and developed a dynamic Business Plan for Growth

 •   We identify potential properties, land and locations early through our extensive network of

 •   We undertake a detailed Feasibility Study that’s considers Planning, Funding, Design,
     Programme, Construction, Marketing and Sales activities

 •   We identify land with or with planning permission suitable for development

 •   We target under-developed properties - houses, flats, barns, farm houses, warehouses, petrol
     filling stations, industrial and retail sites

 •   We buy Freehold properties

 •   We develop the site by adding value and sell for profit                                                    ‘We Build Relationships’
                          Our Locations
   Our core locations are:
   • London
   • The Thames Corridor
   • The Home Counties

   We purchase sites that have good access to:
   • Transportation Links to Main Line Trains, Tube and DLR
   • Main Road connections, Motorways, Bridges or Tunnel
   • Good Access to Main Employment cities, i.e. London
   • Future Development growth areas, i.e. Olympics                              ‘We Build Relationships’
                           We Add Value
     What do we do
     •    We source sites early and buy competitively
     •    Convert undesirable properties or lands into desirable
     •    Active marketing
     •    Sell quickly

     How do we do it
     1.   Networking – we are constantly in touch with our extensive
          networks of contacts
     2.   Efficient Planning, Design and Build Project Management
     3.   Our Management Team has the experienced with proven
          benchmark projects                              ‘We Build Relationships’
                    Growth Strategies

         • Build Strong Relationships

         • Identify early solid investment and or
           development opportunities to our Investors

         • Deliver a high rate of profit return on equity
           capital invested                             ‘We Build Relationships’
                     Growing the Company

       •   Too many opportunities to self finance

       •   We seek ambitious Investors to be our funding Partners

       •   We want our Investors to be successful as we grow our

       •   Our ambition is to fully develop a rolling programme of
           development opportunities with our Investors throughout our
           locations                               ‘We Build Relationships’
           Attractive Investment Participation

           • Bonds – fixed maturity periods
           • Equity Shares
           • Profit share
           • Joint Ventures                       ‘We Build Relationships’
                Protection of Investor Risks
      1.   Experience Management Team
      2.   Proven Delivery track record
      3.   Detailed Feasibility Study before purchase
      4.   Detailed Developer and Investor Agreement
      5.   Bonds secured on development property
      6.   Tax Free Bond investment
      7.   Guaranteed Annualised Returns on Bond
      8.   Investor ‘Guaranteed’ first slice of profits
      9.   Investor funds ring-fenced by SPV structure                                   ‘We Build Relationships’
• We are an ambitious company

• We have an experienced Team

• We have a proven track record

• We want to grow

• We want our Investors to be
  successful with us           ‘We Build Relationships’

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