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					Professional School Counselors

 How We Produce Stars in the Classroom
        How We Produce Stars
          in the Classroom
• Prepared by Mrs. Vachenzia McKinney, M.S.
  Sept. 30, 2008

• Designed to align with the Memphis City
  Schools K-12 Counseling Services Vision to
  develop successful and productive students
  who are prepared to compete constructively
  in a global society.
  If you have taken a strong academic
       program, move up 3 spaces.
#1 factor in college admissions    Aids in employability
• Out of 1540 colleges surveyed,   • Ability to be critical thinkers
  grades in college prep courses      is a valued trait for
  was #1.                             employers.
• To graduate, must have:          • Also looking for
  4 units of English                  technologically advanced
  3 units of Math                     students.
  3 units of Science               • Whether going into college
  3 units of Social Studies           or workplace, need
  2 years of same Foreign Langu       advanced knowledge and
  1 unit of Fine Art                  skills.
  If you have a leadership role in the
     community, move up 1 space.
• Whether you are going into the military,
  workforce, or college, it is always good to
  show that you take pride in your environment
  and are willing to be a part of
      the solutions.

• Not just as a member, but as a
 If you completed an early decision application
      and commitment, move up 2 spaces.

• Again, it is all about making   • Scientifically based to
  use of technology as well as      integrate values, skills, and
  meeting deadlines.
                                    interests to point to best fit:
• Use sources such as:
  KUDER.COM                       •   IN CLASS CAREER SURVEYS
  CAPPEX.COM                      •   TCIDS.TBR.EDU
  ACT.ORG                         •   ASVABPROGRAM.COM
  College Visits
                                  •   ONLINE.ONETCENTER.ORG
       WEBSITES                   •   SUMMER INTERNSHIPS
  Oct. 6-8: College Fair @ Cook   •   INTERVIEWING CONTACTS
If your intended major is psychology or
     pre-med, move down 1 space.
  Ninth through 11th


• Schools have a variety of programs and can
  not accept every student that wants the
  popular programs.
 If your intended major is hospitality
     and tourism, move up 1 space.
Be an individual. Show some creativity and unique talents
• New fields come about daily creating different job
  opportunities. Underrepresented fields or in-demand fields
  can yield unusual scholarship and income opportunities.

• Whether it is in the workplace or a college setting,
  organizations seek students with unique talents who want to
  be exposed to new activities and challenges.
 If you do not know your teachers well enough to ask
     for a recommendation, move down 2 spaces.

• Out of the top 10 most         • Relationships are important.
  important factors in college   • How do you handle
  admissions, counselor and        conflict?
  teacher recommendations        • Can you be professional in
  rank 6th and 7th.                dress, demeanor, and
• Student accountability ranks     knowledge?
  1-5: Grades in College         • What type of relationship
  Classes, Test Scores, Rank,      will you bring to their
                                   corporation in dealing with
  Grades in Other Classes,         clients?
  and Writing Ability.
If you scored 21 or higher on your ACT,
           move up 3 spaces.
COLLEGES                            EMPLOYERS
• ACT score measures your ability   • From
  to pass college classes           • Zone 3 jobs (income all
•   Reading for Info       21         above poverty line $20 -
•   Applied Math           22         $40 K) do not require
                                      college degree, but do
•   Science                24         require additional post high
•   English                18         school training.
•   Composite for all 4:   21
                                    • Reading for Info 19-23
• Composite of 21= Lottery $$       • Applied Math 18-21
If you forgot to change the name on your essay
      or cover letter, move down 2 spaces.
• Remember computer literacy and attention to
  detail are MUST HAVES.

• It is okay to use same information for multiple
  job or college apps, but please proofread and
  tailor each submission appropriately.
      If you missed the counselor’s
     deadline, move down 2 spaces
• Remember counselor’s recommendations are #6
  as rated by colleges. Counselors will include
  character information in their assessments:
  punctuality, behavior,
  demeanor, and information
  gleaned from other faculty,
  report cards, and records.

  First impressions are very
                If you are a legacy,
                 move up 1 space.
COLLEGES                        EMPLOYERS
• Legacies do not hold much     • Be sure that those whose
  weight with colleges unless     name you use are good
  they are financial              connections.
                                • Also be careful about using
• Can use information learned     your name for people who
  from legacy to initiate         are not reliable or dedicated
  relationships and navigate      employees.
  the process better.
  If you did not write the optional
     essay, move down 2 spaces.
• Extra effort goes a long way.   • Shows initiative and
• Be unique, show what the          motivation.
  records are missing.            • Also helps your cover letter
                                    stand out.
 If you wrote the essay that everyone passed
around and complimented, move up 2 spaces.

• Writing skills and written
  expression is important whether
  you are turning in an assignment,
  applying for a business loan,
  drafting a resume, or filling out
  an application.
If you plagiarized a research or US History paper and
got caught, sit down. You are out of the competition.

COLLEGES                     EMPLOYERS
• Thinking for yourself is   • Not being honest is not.
  always accepted.             Watching the news, you
                               know that dishonest people
                               rise all the time. But you
                               also know it doesn’t keep
                               you there. When they fall,
                               they fall hard. No one
                               wants that type of publicity.
If you will be the 1st in your family to
   attend college, move up 1 space
• Scholarships of all types are available for:
• Minorities, low-income, corporation
  affiliations, unique talents, even those
  with seemingly “low” GPAs.

• Just because no one else in your family
  has done it, does not mean it is not good
  for the student.
    If you took no initiative to do career, college, or
       scholarship searches, move down 3 spaces.

•    KUDER.COM                • WORKING YOUR WAY UP IN
                              • IN CLASS CAREER SURVEYS
•    ACT.ORG
•    FASTWEB.COM              • ASVAB
If you attended an enriching summer program
at the end of your junior year, move up 1 space
• When program information arrives, teachers and
  counselors choose who to target: Memphis Prep,
  Governor’s School, Math/Science…

• Again, those relationships are very important.
• Get to know your counselor and make yourself
  stand out from the other 400 students.

• Summer programs show productive use of your time and
  motivation to achieve.
  If you have participated in no extracurricular
          activities, move down 1 space.
COLLEGES                         EMPLOYERS
• Participation shows that you   Participation in activities:
  are a well-rounded             • Shows that you can multi-
  individual.                      task.

• Improves odds that you will    • Builds leadership skills and
  participate in their campus      enhances talents.
  activities as well.
                                 • Helps with socialization and
                                   teamwork abilities.
   If you have participated in a significant
 community service project, move up 1 space.
• Please sign up for volunteering information
  and schedule ongoing opportunities:
• Contact

• Or log onto
• Sophomores can apply for Bridge Builders also.
If you are involved in a NTA (non-teenager
        activity), move up 2 spaces.
• There are more than 26,000 high schools in the U.S.
  That =26,000 football captains, 26,000 prom queens,
  26,000 valedictorians and 26,000 yearbook editors.
• There is, however, a very powerful way to
  differentiate you from other teenagers applying to
  college: Take up a Non-Teenager Activity, or NTA.
• NTAs are activities that teenagers typically don’t do.
  These are activities dominated by adults, or tasks
  that no one else does. Either way, an NTA will help
  you stand out from other teenagers.
If you presented yourself well in the face-
    to-face interview, move up 1 space.
Colleges                            Employers
• When researching colleges,        • Mistake 1- Not enough
  you should be looking for           ‘matching and mirroring’.
  the best fit just as colleges
  will try to see if you are the    • Students must know how
  best fit for their campus.          to switch up various
• Research should take into           contacts. Can’t act the
  consideration: campus               same with all types of
  atmosphere, social life,            people.
  academics, and location.
    Mock Interviews are valuable. Daily practice of good presentation
      most valuable: dress, interactions, punctuality, eye contact,
                             research skills.
      If you received a “D” on your
    transcript, move down 3 spaces.
  Community, Home, and School
  must work together to combat:
low-income                             unhealthy relationships
sense of hopelessness                  sexuality confusion
discipline strategies                  attendance problems
lack of student/parent                 violence
   communication                       lack of access to resources
ineffective character traits           poor coping skills to deal
safety problems                           with these risk factors
  However, school systems have lots of strengths to help combat many
  of these issues successfully. Caring professionals in well-structured
  schools can get interested parents and students in touch with an
  abundance of resources.
    Additional Resources Provided by
        Counseling Department
To help develop the total child                        Reach for the Stars
•   Individual counseling           appt bk            •   Parent/Teacher Consultations
•   Small groups to target specific students’ needs    •   Developmental classroom guidance
•    Introducing a personal portfolio for each
                                                       •   Helping students explore and evaluate
    student: academic record, extracurricular
    activities, honors, and volunteer work                 career plans, colleges, technical programs,
•    College prep events with all grade levels
                                                           summer programs, and scholarship
•    Credit review and course selection consultation
•    Securing homework assignments &                   •   IEP/S-Team Referrals Coordinate 504
             homebound services                            services
•    Encouraging test taking, tutoring, and workshop   •   Consultation and collaboration with
    participation                                          outside resources and other school
•    Recognize “early warning signs”                       officials      grieving, abuse, suicide
             in at-risk youth. Work with staff to      •   Encouraging students and parents to
             prevent school violence.                      become involved in Overton & community
•   Crisis Intervention                                    activities. To feel as they belong and
                                                           increase safety.
     If you wrote a letter to explain extenuating
circumstances surrounding the “D”, move up 1 space.

• Ds show lack of understanding, but everyone
  is entitled to mistakes.

• One must learn from one’s mistakes and use
  them to grow. Use progress reports and report
  cards to rectify errors before they post to transcript.

• Organization, relationships, and initiative are
  the keys to success.
 If you decided to protect your GPA by not taking AP,
 Dual Enrollment, nor Honors, move down 2 spaces.

COLLEGES                          EMPLOYERS
• Higher level thinking skills    • When competing with
  will be developed beyond          students from all over, it is
  the standard curriculum.          best to present your best
• Extra effort shows that you
  are ready to take on the        • Remember, not everyone
  extra challenges college will     can do Honors and AP, but if
  bring.                            you know that you
                                    can…take the opportunity.
   If you come from a low-income household and
  balance work with school well, move up 1 space.

• We discourage working if it can be avoided.
  However, employment helps pay bills, dues,
  and activity fees.

• If you must work, do less than 20 hours.

• Schedule your study time, work time, school time,
  sleep time, and relaxation time accordingly.
     If you are a varsity athlete,
          move up 1 space.
• Great to enhance team player skills and ability
  to support others while performing well in the
  classroom and on the field.

• Athletics may lead to a career, but for most
  students is a stepping stone to higher
  education. Keep your priorities in line.
  If your family donates lots of money to the
 school, move all the way to the front of line.

• That is not the case for many
  of us, so we must take
  responsibility to use the
  resources available to us while
  making extra effort.
          Freshman Counselor &
       Homerooms 10-9 through 10-12

• Mrs. Seymour, M.S.          Dept Chair

 Overton Counseling Department
            Junior Counselor &
        Homerooms 10-1 through 10-4

Mrs. McGraw-McKinney, M. S.

            Senior Counselor &
        Homerooms 10-5 through 10-8

• Ms. Moss, M.S.