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					                          KRIS MACKINTOSH
                                CURRICULUM VITAE


Full Name:                 Kris Mackintosh
DOB:                       06.05.80
Nationality:               New Zealand
Location:                  Auckland
Availability:              1 Month Notice
Phone:                     +64 22 011 5747


With 10 years experience on the web, I have exposure to almost every facet of the industry from
systems administration to high end web applications.
My real passion is for web based business applications and my experience with web design gives
me an edge as to how the application should best function.
I have excellent communication skills and thrive in a team environment. Basically I love what I
do and I believe that helps me to excel in any challenge I face.


           C#.NET                                                                   7 yrs
           VB.NET                                                                    1 yr
           ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0,3.5,4)                                                 8 yrs
           LINQ                                                                   2.5 yrs
           Silverlight 3,4                                         Personal projects only
           WPF                                                                        1yr
           WinForms                                                                 4 yrs
           MS SQL 2000,2005,2008                                                    9 yrs
           ADO.NET                                                                  8 yrs
           Web services                                                             7 yrs
           UML                                                                      2 yrs
           MS Commerce Server                                                        1 yr
           ASP/VBscript                                                             2 yrs
           XML                                                                      7 yrs
           HTML/XHTML                                                               9 yrs
           Javascript/DHTML/Ajax                                                    9 yrs
           CSS                                                                      9 yrs
           Web Catalogue/DNA (server side scripting language)                        1 yr
           Adobe Photoshop                                                         10 yrs
           Microsoft SQL enterprise manager, SQL Server Management Studio           9 yrs
           Microsoft IIS                                                            9 yrs

KRIS MACKINTOSH – KRIS@SPACEAGE.CO.NZ                                           P A G E 1 of 4
                                                  Further project information available on request

Right Hemisphere                        2009 – Current                             Auckland/NZ
Web Developer/WPF Developer (C#)
        Web Application development
        XBAP development (WPF on the web)
        WPF Development
        Limited Silverlight development
        Digital asset management system development
        Application Interface Design

Euromoney PLC Ltd                         2007 – 2008 Contract                   London/UK
Senior Contract Developer (C#)
          Web Application development
          Developed a set of structure documents and best practices to help streamline the
              development process
          Content Management Systems development
          Issue Tracking System development
          Winform development
          Database design

Conde Nast                                   2007 Contract                           London/UK
Senior Contract Developer (C#)
          Website development
          Winform development
          Database design
          Code streamlining

Web sites I worked on while working for Conde Nast include,,, and several others

Art Empire Industries                   2006 - 2007                                  London/UK
Lead Developer (C#)
         Website development
         Content Management Systems development
         Legacy website porting (ASP Classic – ASP.NET 2.0)
         Database design
         Systems administration work

While working at AEI, the website I was primarily responsible for won the BBC best website
award for its particular music genre, this was largely due to the work I had completed on the site.

Corpendo Ltd                           2004 - 2006                                 Auckland/NZ
Lead Developer (C# and some VB)
         Web application development involving projects such as
                     o Contact management (CRM)

KRIS MACKINTOSH – KRIS@SPACEAGE.CO.NZ                                              P A G E 2 of 4
                    o Email campaign manager
                    o Website content management
                    o E-Commerce manager
                    o Modular Application framework
                    o Membership manager
          WinForm application development involving projects as
                    o Sales force automation system
                    o Smart clients
          Website development
          Normalised database design
          Project quoting
          Systems administration work

Image Centre                               2003 - 2004                       Auckland/NZ
Web Developer (C#)
        Programming software solutions according to specifications and briefs supplied,
            within quoted production times and to prescribed company coding standards
            utilizing the following skills
        Web application development involving projects such as
                      o Email marketing tool
                      o Commerce manager Commerce site + BizDesk
        Website development
        Normalised database design

Trends Publishing Ltd                      2001 - 2003                      Auckland/NZ
Web Developer/Web systems administrator
        Website development using various technologies such as ASP.NET, VB.NET,
            ADO.NET, Web services, ASP, SQL, XML, HTML, DHTML/JavaScript,
            Webdna(a server side language)
        Web based intranet development
        Web systems administration, looking after multiple web servers and SQL servers
        Database administration
        Process design
        Database design/deployment

Websmart Ltd                                  2000 – 2001          Auckland/NZ
Graphic Designer/ Web Developer/ Flash Developer
         Website Development using languages such as ASP/HTML/DHTML/JavaScript
         SQL Database development
         Website Design
         Design Co-Ordination
         Web development pre-sales and client liaisons
         HTML/DHTML /ASP/ JavaScript Development
         Macromedia Flash Design & Development
         Technical support and elementary systems administration

KRIS MACKINTOSH – KRIS@SPACEAGE.CO.NZ                                     P A G E 3 of 4

Home Study                             2002                            Auckland/NZ
    Microsoft MCP in VB.NET

Carich Computer Training              1999 – 2000                    Christchurch/NZ
      CompTIA A+ Certified Service Professional
      Diploma in Computing Level 5 (IT support and network administration)

Burnside High School               1994 – 1998                     Christchurch/NZ
      School Certificate
      Sixth Form Certificate
      Seventh Form Employment Research


     Paul Dawson
     Development Manager of Euromoney                        written reference available

     Sean Lowcay
     Former Team Leader for Image Centre and Corpendo

     Randall Hedges
     Former NewMedia manager. for Trends Publishing   

     Nathan Wilkes
     Development Director for Saraden Technologies    

     Craig Mackie
     Former Account Manager for Corpendo          

KRIS MACKINTOSH – KRIS@SPACEAGE.CO.NZ                                   P A G E 4 of 4

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