4.Material and Methods Rational Use Of Antibiotics by humera568


									3. Material and Methods

Research Methodology


This chapter deals with the methodology strategy which research has been carried out. Following are

the steps that have been adopted in conducting research.

Target Population:

The target population of the study was the Antibiotic Prescriptions of,

   1. Lahore General Hospital

   2. Children Hospital Lahore

   3. Jinnah Hospital Lahore

   4. Private Clinics of cantonment Area Lahore

Study Population:

The study population of the research is the prescriptions having any antibiotic.

Sample Size:

Sample in the study was the time based i.e., the size of sample depends on the time provided. In this

regard, a sample of 188 prescriptions had been collected. (From 25 October 2009 to 10November


3. Material and Methods
Sampling Technique:

Simple random sampling. All consecutive patients who were prescribed antibiotics coming to the OPD

of Jinnah hospital, Lahore General Hospital and Children Hospital Lahore.

Study Design:

Observational cross sectional design.

Data Collection:

The instrument of data collection was prescriptions of antibiotics. The data had been collected by

researcher himself.

Inclusion criteria:

All prescriptions having antibiotics.

Exclusion criteria:

Prescriptions having no antibiotics.

Ethical Issues:

As this study involves the human patients; therefore all ethical issues are seen carefully. Informed

consent had been taken from all patients.

Field Experience:

3. Material and Methods

The doctors and the patients of the hepatitis unit were very cooperative. It was a tough job, but being a

Biostatistician I gained lots of experience.

Data Management and Analysis:

Data was managed using statistical software packages for social sciences ( SPSS 11.5). Most of the

variables in the data were categorical so we assigned code to them.


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