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									   3rd QuArTer | 2008

   Senior expo
   pAge 2

   MeeT our neW phySiciAnS
   pAge 3

   JoAn Knechel MeMoriAl WAlK
   pAge 6

   progrAM cAlendAr
   pAge 8

Weekend Appointments                               Two Women, Two Stories:
now Available for                                  A MoTher’S And dAughTer’S experience AT hrMc
outpatient Services                                June Taylor                        Eleanor Schweitzer
                                                   last year, June Taylor was         This past Memorial day weekend,
When the demands of a busy schedule get in         diagnosed with cancer at another   eleanor Schweitzer called out for
the way of what’s best for you and your health,    new Jersey hospital. The surgeon   her daughter June from their living
hackettstown regional Medical center is here to    removed the tumor; and the         room. having recently watched a
help. We’ve extended the hours and availability
                                                   oncologist did not prescribe any   television program about stroke
of our key outpatient services, state-of-the-art
                                                   follow-up treatments, no chemo,                     symptoms,
technologies and professional staff to serve you
                                                   no radiation. She                                   eleanor knew
better. These include:
                                                   gave her nothing                                    immediately what
• diagnostic imaging, including ultrasound, Mri,   preventative—                                       was wrong. June
  cT, Mammogram, Bone density and x-ray            they thought they                                   also realized right
• cardiopulmonary services                         had gotten it all.
                                                                                                       away what was
• laboratory/pathology, and more.                  Four months                                         happening to
                                                   later, the cancer                                   her mother: the
now, paying closer attention to your health is
                                                   returned in June’s shoulder.       left side of eleanor’s face had
easier and more convenient than ever. For more
information, please call (908) 850-6842.           The physician recommended          drooped down, she was having
                                                   amputating her arm—something       difficulty moving her arms and
                                                   she certainly was not prepared     legs, and was unable to clearly
Outpatient Services Expanded Hours                 to do. She went for additional     communicate. June quickly dialed
Saturday & Sunday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm                consults in Boston as well as      911, and almost immediately the
Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 8:00 pm                  a major new york-based cancer      Mansfield First Aid and rescue
                                                   center and at the Joan Knechel     Squad was at their door to
                                                                 CONTINUED pAge 4                   CONTINUED pAge 4
                               MeSSAge FroM The preSidenT
                               each issue of Healthier Living features new physicians,
                               procedures and technology at hackettstown regional
                               Medical center. in this issue, we introduce you to four
                               new additions to our Medical Staff, specialists in plastic &
                               reconstructive Surgery, internal Medicine, general Surgery,
                               and ophthalmology. you’ll be pleased to read about how
                               we now offer you weekend and late evening appointments,
                               so the demands of a busy schedule will no longer prevent
                               you and your family from being able to access our key
                               outpatient services.

                               you may have read in last quarter’s newsletter about the
                               importance of acting fast if you suspect a stroke. in this issue,
                               you’ll read about two local residents who did just that – and
                               with a wonderful outcome.

                               Turn the pages and you’ll also learn about the Sensilase®
                               System, a cutting-edge addition to our Wound healing center
                               – we now use for the most rapid, painless and accurate
                               evaluation of chronic wounds.
       gene c. MilTon, FAche
       president & ceo         And i’m sure you’ll find something beneficial for you or a
       hackettstown regional
       Medical center          family member as you look through our calendar of classes,
                               screenings and seminars.

                               on behalf of the entire hackettstown regional Medical
                               center staff, i hope you and your family are having a safe
                               and enjoyable summer.

2008 marks
hrMc’s 35th

                                                                           hackettstown regional Medical center will offer
       Senior expo                                                         free screenings and health information at the
                                                                             5th Annual Senior expo. hosted by the Warren
       SATurdAy, ocToBer 25                                                        county regional chamber of commerce,
                                                                                     Senior expo is a lifestyle exhibition
       WArren counTy                                                                   for seniors and their families. Many
       TechnicAl School                                                                 exhibitors will be on hand, including
                                                                                         the hackettstown regional Medical
       1500 rouTe 57                                                                       center, with valuable information
       WAShingTon, nJ 07676                                                                 to help you maintain a high quality
                                                                                             of life today and plan for an even
                                                                                             better tomorrow!

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Top doctors Make
hrMc the Smart choice
you expect to find all of today’s medical marvels at hackettstown regional Medical center,
but all the technology in the world can’t take the place of one really good doctor when you
don’t feel your best. Top talent from elite schools, specialized, experienced and dedicated
to patient-first care -- these are the kinds of doctors we’re continually adding to our team.

General Surgeon Jondavid Jabush                                    Internist Lillian Theune
                 Jondavid Jabush, M.d. has joined the                                lillian Johanna Theune, d.o. has joined the
                 medical staff at hackettstown regional                              medical staff at hackettstown regional Medical
                 Medical center as a member of dr. Thomas                            center, as the newest member of plaza Family
                 campion’s general Surgery practice, located                         care, p.c., located in the West Wing Medical
                 in doctor’s park in hackettstown.                                   plaza on the hrMc campus.
                 dr. Jabush focuses on areas such as                                 An internist, dr. Theune treats patients
                 laparoscopic hernia repair, colon resections,                       eighteen and older. her commitment to her
anatomical defect repair, appendectomy and surgeries of the        patients is paramount. “developing the relationship between
gallbladder and spleen.                                            doctor and patient is critical. From physicals to illnesses,
                                                                   i practice preventative medicine to help keep people healthy,”
dr. Jabush completed residencies at Thomas Jefferson
                                                                   says dr. Theune.
university hospital in philadelphia and uMdnJ – new
Jersey Medical School in newark. he went on to become              dr. Theune is Board certified by the American Board of
Administrative chief resident at uMdnJ, overseeing more            internal Medicine and is a diplomate of the national Board
than fifty general surgery residents. previous to his career in    of osteopathic Medical examiners. She earned her medical
medicine, dr. Jabush served in the united States Army as First     degree from philadelphia college of osteopathic Medicine and
lieutenant in operation desert Shield/desert Storm.                completed her residency in internal Medicine at the uMdnJ
                                                                   – robert Wood Johnson Medical center in new Brunswick.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Ross Zbar
                ross Zbar, M.d. has joined the medical staff       Ophthalmologist Dr. Ian Kaden
                at hackettstown regional Medical center.                              ian h. Kaden, M.d. has joined the medical
                With offices located in the Willow grove                              staff at hrMc. Board certified by the
                Medical plaza Building on the hrMc campus,                            American Board of ophthalmology, dr. Kaden
                he specializes in both cosmetic surgery and                           is a specialist in cornea and external disease,
                cancer reconstruction. he focuses particularly                        and cataract and refractive surgery. With
                on skin cancer surgery including: basal and                           offices located in hackettstown, randolph
squamous cell, melanoma, and Mohs reconstruction.                                     and Millburn, dr. Kaden treats both pediatric
After completing his Bachelor of Arts at harvard university, dr.   and adult patients. he also performs lasik and glaucoma
                                                                   surgeries. dr. Kaden uses advanced cataract surgery implants
Zbar earned a doctor of Medicine from yale university School of
Medicine. dr. Zbar is double Board certified in plastic Surgery    to treat astigmatisms and problems in reading vision.
and otolaryngology. he completed residencies at the university     dr. Kaden earned a doctor of Medicine from The John hopkins
of iowa hospitals and clinics and the university of Texas          university School of Medicine and completed his ophthalmology
Southwestern Medical center.                                       residency at Albert einstein college of Medicine.
                                                                   he is an American Board of ophthalmology diplomate and
                                                                   a member of the American Academy of ophthalmology and
                                                                   American Academy of cataract and refractive Surgery. he is
                                                                   clinical instructor at uMdnJ, and a former chief refractive
                                                                   Surgeon at pyramid eye institute in new york city.

                                                                                                                                        Healthierliving | 3
     JUNE TAYLOR:                                      ELEANOR SCHWEITZER:                       “once consent was obtained, we
     CONTINUED FROM pAge 1                             CONTINUED FROM pAge 1
                                                                                                 began administration of this incredible
     cancer center, right here almost in her           transport eleanor to the hackettstown
                                                                                                 brain saving drug. eleanor was excited
     backyard. each of these three centers             regional Medical center’s emergency
                                                                                                 that she was a candidate for it,
     recommended a strong protocol of                  room.
                                                                                                 because she had heard about TpA
     chemotherapy treatments, rather than
                                                       upon arriving in triage, the greeting     on television.”
     amputation or another surgery. June chose
     to have all of her treatments and diagnostic      nurse did a quick evaluation of
                                                                                                 eleanor said: “i knew if i had these
     monitoring at the Joan Knechel cancer             eleanor utilizing the cincinnati FAST
                                                                                                 symptoms, i had to go to the
     center. “i can tell you first-hand that i         assessment scale (Face, Arm, Speech
                                                                                                 hospital immediately. And Karen was
     couldn’t get better care anywhere else,”          Test). in this test, any symptom of
                                                                                                 always there taking care of me. She
     June said.                                        arm weakness, numbness, loss of
                                                                                                 came to see me in the emergency
                                                       speech and/or facial droop initiates
     registered nurse emeliza Alvarez added,                                                     department, in icu, and she was
                                                       the Stroke emergency procedure.
     “When i met Mrs. Taylor at our initial visit,                                               always checking up on me. dr. lynch
     i saw how motivated she was to begin              eleanor was quickly brought into the      and the emergency nurses were
     chemotherapy. She was ready to fight her          exam room and assessed according          terrific in keeping me up to date
     cancer and go on enjoying life with her           to hrMc’s stroke protocol, and            on my progress and treatment.”
     husband and family. living with cancer            whisked to the cAT scan department
                                                                                                 eleanor was admitted to hrMc’s
     includes learning how to cope with the            to check for stroke caused by a brain
     emotional aspects of the diagnosis, as                                                      intensive care unit for several days,
                                                       hemorrhage. hrMc doctors and
     well as the medical treatments. developing                                                  and because she steadily improved,
                                                       nurses are trained to administer the
     coping skills is a learning process. When                                                   was discharged by the end of the
                                                       clot busting drug TpA if the results
     you cope effectively, you can reduce anxiety                                                week to a rehabilitation center in
                                                       of the cAT scan test are negative.
     and focus on enhancing your quality of                                                      order to regain her strength. Much
                                                       TpA is the only FdA approved drug
     life. When Mrs. Taylor came in for her first                                                of eleanor’s left side paralysis is
                                                       to counteract brain damage caused
     chemotherapy treatment, she was sporting                                                    gone; she is working on some fine
                                                       by stroke, and can only be given
     a new hair-do. She had cut her shoulder                                                     motor weakness in her hand. eleanor
                                                       within the first three hours of stroke
     length hair to very short and stylish. i told                                               is among the very fortunate stroke
                                                       symptoms. Time is critical, as there’s
     her you look marvelous!!—and she does.”                                                     survivors who are able to return
                                                       also only a one hour window to
                                                                                                 home to her family. Stroke is a major
     According to Mrs. Taylor, Medical oncologist      complete all the necessary tests to
                                                                                                 disabler that affects over 780,000
     “dr. genkin is absolutely wonderful. he is        determine if the patient is a candidate
                                                                                                 people each year, and is the third
     caring, thoughtful and even funny, but his        for this therapy.
                                                                                                 leading cause of death among
     dedication to his patients is so comforting,
                                                       When it appeared that eleanor would       Americans.
     and his way of explaining everything makes
     your treatment easy to understand. i am           indeed be a candidate, a call went out
                                                                                                 “i’m doing so well, and i’ve regained
     so lucky to have him as my doctor. liza,          to the nurse stroke coordinator.
                                                                                                 just about all of my mobility. The
     my nurse, well she’s just terrific. it helps to                                             only thing i need to work on is better
                                                       “When i arrived, eleanor was back
     know that a number of the staff members                                                     movement of the fingers on my
                                                       from her tests and the doctor was
     are in fact cancer survivors themselves—
                                                       speaking to her and her family about      left hand. My advice to someone
     they not only understand how i feel, but
                                                       administering the TpA,” said Karen        experiencing stroke symptoms is
     know exactly what it feels like.
                                                       young, rn, Stroke coordinator at          obviously to get to an emergency
     “i knew Joan Knechel like so many people          hrMc.                                     department quickly so you can get
     in hackettstown did, and i know that she                                                    the TpA drug right away. don’t try to
     would be very proud of the level of medical                                                 be the doctor, just get there quick,”
     expertise and quality care provided right                                                   said eleanor.
     here in hackettstown.”

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Wound healing center Adds
new non invasive Vascular Test System
diagnosing patients with wounds, peripheral      The Sensilase® System has many clinical
Arterial disease, critical limb ischemia and     advantages. Before a patient might have to
other circulatory problems just got easier       wait up to an hour for a test to be completed
and more reliable. The Wound healing             and a small portion of those patients would
center has acquired the new Sensilase®           feel discomfort during the test. With the
System which:                                    Sensilase® System, it only takes fifteen
                                                 minutes to conduct the test and all patients
 • noninvasively assesses peripheral             should feel no discomfort. Sensilase has
   arterial health                               the ability to conduct a test on the heel
                                                 surface and toes and it can give an instant
 • correctly indicates wound healing
                                                 diagnosis on arterial disease.
                                                 The Sensilase® System tests are an
 • is effective even in patients with mild
                                                 important tool for the Wound healing center
   edema, medical calcification, heel and
                                                 physician as he/she helps a patient to make
   toe wounds
                                                 informed decisions about their circulatory
 • Will help guide clinical decision making      condition and to improve their overall
   and treatment strategy for the Wound          health. For more information or to make an
   center healing physicians                     appointment, please call The Wound healing
                                                 center at (908) 979-8788.

hrMc nurses
reTurn To WhiTe uniForMS
The nursing staff at hackettstown regional Medical
center is once again wearing the traditional white
nursing uniform within the hospital. The new nursing
dress code applies to all registered nurses (rn) and
licensed practical nurses (lpn).

According to linda ries, MA, rn, cnAA, chief nurse
executive, “hrMc nursing staff always puts our
patients first. This commitment is one of the main
reasons that our hospital has such a good reputation
for excellent care. The white nurse’s uniform is easily
recognizable. hospital patients meet with many
people on a daily basis, including doctors, respiratory
therapists, nutritionists, and more. The white nursing
uniform makes it instantly clear that the person caring
for a patient is in fact a nurse with the Medical center.”

ries also noted that nursing staff who work in Surgical
Services and Women’s Services will continue to wear           For information about nursing opportunities at hackettstown regional
the regulated scrubs for their respective area.               Medical center, visit and click on Join Our Team.

                                                                                                                      Healthierliving | 5
                                                                                hrMc Foundation golf classic
                                                                                Scores for the Joan Knechel
                                                                                cancer center
                                                                                Monday, June 9th, was a blisteringly hot day with
                                                                                temperatures near 100 degrees, but that didn’t scorch
                                                                                the spirits of over 120 golfers who took part in the
                                                                                22nd Annual hrMc Foundation golf classic to benefit
                                                                                the Joan Knechel cancer center at hackettstown
                                                                                regional Medical center. once again, the event was
                                                                                held at the scenic panther Valley golf and country
                                                                                club in Allamuchy.

                                                                                Top honors and the Jesse lawrence Memorial
                                                                                championship trophy went to the foursome
                                                                                representing duke’s landscape Management, inc.:
                                                                                John Armas, eric
     Joan Knechel Memorial Walk                                                 cross, Jim rocco and
                                                                                Tim Watts. Teams
     Keeps 100% of Proceeds Local                                               from Warren hospital
                                                                                and Mars Snackfood
                                                                                uS, the presenting
     it’s important to note that unlike any other cancer-related walks,
                                                                                sponsor of the event,
     100% of All proceeds from the Joan Knechel Memorial Walk stay local
                                                                                took second and third
     to benefit the Joan Knechel cancer center (JKcc) at hackettstown
                                                                                place, respectively.
     regional Medical center. Before we know it, the cool breezes of
     autumn will be here, and on Sunday, october 19th, walkers will once        At the end of the day, over $63,000 was raised for the
     again gather at scenic Mountain lake in liberty Township to take part      Joan Knechel cancer center, thanks to the generosity
     in the 2.5 or 5 mile Walk that has become a poignant and powerful          and support of the golfers and numerous sponsors
     tradition for many.                                                        of the event. plans are already underway for the 23rd
                                                                                Annual Foundation golf classic, which will be held on
     Sponsors are currently being sought, and the Walk committee hopes
                                                                                Monday, June 8, 2009 – save the date!
     to draw upwards of 400 walkers again this year to achieve their goal
     of $60,000+. The honorary chair of this year’s Walk is russ long, a
     beloved and longtime WrnJ oldies 1510 radio personality with a heart
     for philanthropic leadership and social responsibility.

     The Walk is named for Joan Knechel, a former nurse at hrMc and
     a friend to many in the area. unfortunately, Joan lost her own brave
     battle with cancer back in 2002, but her courageous journey through
                                                                                  living with grief
                                                                                                      cecelia clayton, Mph,
     her illness and her positive attitude served as an inspiration to many.
     Since its opening in the summer of 2005, the Joan Knechel cancer                                 executive director of the
     center has made a positive impact on the lives of many cancer                                    Karen Ann Quinlan hospice,
     patients in this region – patients who before the opening of the JKcc                            is presenting a free four-part
     would have had to travel 45 minutes or more for cancer treatment.                                information series on how to
                                                                                                      live with grief. Ms. clayton will
     registration forms are now available, and teams and individuals are           discuss the natural and unavoidable reaction
     welcome. in addition to making pledges to sponsor walkers, there will         to loss, the grief process and techniques for
     be an opportunity to purchase a “dove” for the dove tree or a sign
                                                                                   coping with loss.
     along the walk route to remember or honor someone you know who
     has battled cancer. There will be a special prize drawing for anyone          Tuesdays, october 7, 14, 21 & 28
     raising $50 or more in pledges. event day festivities will include food,      7:00 – 9:00 pm
     music and prizes.
                                                                                   registration for this free series is on a
     call 908-850-6836 to receive Walk information,                                first-come, first-served basis.
     or visit for the event form and directions.                    To register, please call (908) 850-7757.

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19th Annual Foundation
to honor Two at cotillion
The excitement that comes with the annual hrMc
Foundation cotillion will return on Saturday, november 1,
2008, when the 19th annual installment of this elegant
annual event is held at the hanover Marriott in Whippany, nJ.
honorees include longtime hackettstown area pediatrician/
physician honoree ching-hwa chi, M.d., and phillip Besler of
Besler consulting, who is the honorary chair of the event.

cotillion attendees will enjoy exceptional music by “Big ric
and Vegas.” in addition to an elegant social reception, dinner
and dancing, the event will feature the cotillion’s popular
50/50 raffle as well as the fabulous Silent Auction that            “We’re looking forward to a great evening,” said Monika
offers a wide variety of items for bid, including jewelry, furs,    hamburger, a Blairstown resident and co-chair of this year’s
gift baskets and sports memorabilia.                                cotillion. “This year’s entertainment will be particularly
proceeds from this year’s Foundation cotillion will go toward       memorable – it should be an exciting evening of great food,
the development of an outpatient infusion Therapy center,           fun and excitement for all.”
which will provide chemotherapy, hydration, antibiotic therapy      Sponsorship and program advertising opportunities are
and transfusions to patients in this region. “We’re thrilled that   available now. invitations for the cotillion will be mailed in
the cotillion proceeds will benefit such an important project,”     early September. please call the Foundation office at 908-
said Kathy Allen, cotillion co-chair and resident of long Valley.   850-6876 for sponsorship and advertising information, or to
“To be able to offer these much-needed treatment options            reserve your spot at this year’s cotillion.
closer to home on an out-patient basis is essential.”

hrMc’s diagnostic imaging                                 designed protocols to render superior
                                                          images with maximized safety in mind
coMMiTTed To oBTAining The BeST                           for all of our pediatric patients.
QuAliTy iMAge WiTh The leAST
AMounT oF rAdiATion To children                           our cT educator Bill hosko, rT, has
                                                          35 years of experience in the field of
everyone is concerned about radiation with cAT            radiology. he is responsible for the
scans, especially when it comes to children.              education of the team and assures
hackettstown regional Medical center is committed         the highest standards are met and
to understanding the needs of our patients and            maintained.
the unique needs of children’s health. children
                                                          Adi has earned accreditation from the
are considerably more sensitive to radiation than
                                                          American college of radiology. All of our
adults. hrMc’s Advanced diagnostic imaging (Adi)
                                                          full-time registered technologists hold
specifically adjusts radiation dose levels according
                                                          additional certifications in cT and are
to a child’s body type while maintaining the image
                                                          highly trained and dedicated to acquiring
quality required for diagnostic accuracy.
                                                          the best images with the lowest possible
Adi’s radiation safety team comprised of our              radiation dose.
radiation physicist, radiologist and technologists has

                                                                                                                        Healthierliving | 7
             3rd QuArTer | 2008

              progrAMS And eVenTS For our coMMuniTy
              Presented by the Center for Healthier Living

             calendar A:                                                            calendar B:
             HealthLink Senior Programs (pages 8-10)                                Programs for Everyone (pages 10-15)

             healthlink is a free membership program for anyone                     programs for anyone age 18 and older. pre-registration is
             age 50 and older. pre-registration is required for most                required for most programs. To register, call (908) 850-6935.
             programs. To register, call (908) 850-6872. All programs               All programs are held at the center for healthier living, 180
             are held at the center for healthier living, 180 Mountain              Mountain Avenue, hackettstown, unless noted.
             Avenue, hackettstown, unless noted.

              HealthLink Senior Programs

                                 Arthritis Foundation exercise                             Back in Time: Battle of the Bulge
cAlendAr A

                                 program (Formerly pAce)                                   ThurSdAy, AuguST 7
                                 ThurSdAyS, clASSeS ongoing.
                                 2 – 3pM; cAll For More inForMATion.
                                 $27 for the series or $3 per class                        Bob Stead will discuss the pivotal ‘Battle of the
                                                                                           Ardennes’ in late 1944, which is more commonly
                                 This exercise program uses gentle activities to
                                                                                           known as the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. This discussion
                                 help increase joint flexibility and range of motion.
                                                                                           will touch upon planning and operational aspects of
                                 With the guidance of certified Arthritis Foundation
                                                                                           this last desperate military gamble by the german
                                 instructor Joan cummins from paragon Village, you
                                                                                           high command to inflict an irreversible setback
                                 will learn exercises to maintain muscle strength,
                                                                                           on Allied forces, in a daring surprise attack. learn
                                 increase flexibility and increase overall stamina.
                                                                                           more about the outcome and implications that
                                 This class will be held at Paragon Village, but you
                                                                                           resulted from this, the last major land engagement
                                 must register through HealthLink at (908) 850-6872.
                                                                                           of World War ii in europe.

                                 Stitch and chat                                           rightsizing
                                 WedneSdAyS, July 23, AuguST 27, SepT. 24                  WedneSdAy, AuguST 13
                                 10:30AM                                                   10:30AM
                                 FREE                                                      FREE
                                 NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED                                  carolyn Seifried of home change With heart will
                                 Bring your crochet, knitting, or sewing projects          present this informative program to help seniors
                                 and come to the center for healthier living               deal with the “stuff” that has accumulated over
                                 to “Stitch and chat” with a friendly group of             the years. Whether moving to a smaller house or
                                 healthlink members.                                       apartment or just cleaning out the extra things that
                                                                                           you have accumulated, carolyn will provide tips to
                                                                                           help you with the emotional and physical process
                                                                                           of letting go.

 8 | Healthierliving                                                         To register for any Calendar A healthlink program, call (908) 850-6872
                                                                                                               3rd QuArTer | 2008

                                                                                                                                       cAlendAr A
lower extremities Joint replacement Memory Strategies for those with
from cradle to grave                Beginning dementia
TueSdAy, AuguST 16, 1:30pM                                 Where: hrMc conFerence dining rooM
FREE                                                       MondAyS, SepT. 15, 22, 29 & ocT. 13
dr. Michael deehan, orthopedic Surgeon will discuss        9:30 – 10:30AM
joint replacement of the knee and hip. Joints may          Fee: $49 (for both people)
become damaged by arthritis, other diseases, or            The Speech-language pathology department will
injuries. This damage causes the joint to wear away        be offering this four-week class for individuals with
and may cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. learn         early dementia along with a significant other per-
the most up to date information about hip and knee         son/caregiver. These classes will include informa-
joint replacement surgery.                                 tion regarding memory and memory loss, explore a
                                                           variety of activities to help engage active memory/
                                                           cognitive processes including computer games,
exercise and diabetes                                      video games and other technology, and focus on
ThurSdAy, AuguST 28, 12:30pM                               optimizing interpersonal connections and sharing of
FREE                                                       information. call the Speech Therapy department
diabetes management involves several life changes,         at hrMc at (908) 850-6835 to register and to
including exercise. What does the exercise really do for   discuss criteria for participation.
us? learn more about the basics of diabetes as a dis-
ease and how exercise influences and improves diabe-
tes control. learn how to exercise safely with diabetes.
                                                           Medications & Modalities:
                                                           Managing chronic pain
                                                           TueS, SepT. 23, 11:00 AM WiTh lunch To FolloW
AArp driver Safety program                                 FREE
ThurSdAyS, SepTeMBer 11 & 18, 10AM – 3pM
                                                           learn how to manage and control chronic pain with
(Must attend both days)
                                                           commonly prescribed medications and non-medication
Fee: $10
                                                           techniques to help you put “quality” back into the liv-
This two-day classroom refresher course is designed        ing of your life. come join pat Merritt rn, hnc, lMT
for driver’s age 50 and older. it covers normal            and patricia Santoro oTr as they teach and explore
changes in vision, hearing and reaction time, and          these topics. An American chronic pain Association
provides practical techniques to compensate for            lecture to celebrate chronic pain Awareness month.
these changes. This course may qualify for an auto-
mobile insurance premium reduction or discount.
check with your insurance agent. This course must          Tai chi for Arthritis
be renewed every three years. participants must            6 WeeKS Beginning WedS, SepT. 24, 2 – 3pM
attend both days.                                          Fee: $20
                                                           Tai chi from the Arthritis Foundation is a program
                                                           that was designed to improve the quality of life for
                                                           people with arthritis. This program is particularly
                                                           effective for people with arthritis because it includes
                                                           exercises that may improve mobility, breathing and
                                                           relaxation. Joan cummins, a certified Tai chi and
                                                           exercise instructor for the Arthritis Foundation will
                                                           conduct this new movement program. Joan is the
                                                           director of recreational Services at paragon Village.

                                                           luncheon: Black Forest inn
                                                           cAll heAlThlinK For SepTeMBer dATe, 12 noon
                                                           Fee: $17.50

To register for any Calendar A healthlink program, call (908) 850-6872                                                 Healthierliving | 9
             3rd QuArTer | 2008

                              Women’s health Topics: osteoporosis -- Breast cancer
cAlendAr A

                              ThurSdAy, SepTeMBer 25, 11:30AM
                              BuFFeT lunch FolloWed By progrAM
                              dr. igor genkin, Medical oncologist at the Joan Knechel cancer center will present this informative
                              program. he will discuss breast cancer screening and prevention, and osteoporosis prevention and treat-
                              ment. he is board certified in Medical oncology, hematology and internal Medicine. please call to register
                              early as space is limited.

               Programs for Everyone
                CPR Classes
cAlendAr B

                pleASe reAd The deScripTionS BeloW To decide Which clASS iS righT For you. All cpr clASSeS proVide
                TrAining According To The lATeST AMericAn heArT ASSociATion guidelineS.
                The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, and PALS and has developed
                instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course
                sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed
                for AHA course material, do not represent income to the Association.

                              leArn cpr Free! (August classes only!) heartsaver cpr
                              CPR WEEK 2008                                             TueSdAyS, July 15, AuguST 19, SepT. 23
                              cpr FAMily & FriendS                                      6 – 9pM
                                                                                        Fee: $45
                              SATurdAy, AuguST 2, 9 – 12:15pM
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)                                  These courses are designed for lay responders who
                                                                                        respond to emergencies as part of their job responsi-
                              SATurdAy, AuguST 2, 1 – 4:15pM                            bilities. This course focuses on one-rescuer cpr,
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)                                  the management of a foreign
                                                                                        body airway obstruction
                              TueSdAy, AuguST 5, 6 – 9:15pM
                                                                                        (choking) and the use of
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)
                                                                                        barrier devices for adult,
                              ThurSdAy, AuguST 7, 6 – 9:15pM                            child and infant victims.
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)                                  Students will receive a
                                                                                        course completion card
                              SATurdAy, AuguST 9, 9 – 12:15pM
                                                                                        upon successful skills testing.
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)

                              SATurdAy, AuguST 9, 1 – 4:15pM
                              (WiTh pediATric 1st Aid)
                              These Free cpr classes are for family members,
                              friends and members of the community who do not
                              need a course completion credential. The course will
                              focus on the one rescuer cpr for adults, children and
                              infants and managing an airway obstruction (choking).

10 | Healthierliving                                                                  To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935
                                                                                                                  3rd QuArTer | 2008

                                                                                                                                          cAlendAr B
cpr for Family and Friends                                    BlS for healthcare providers
SATurdAyS, July 26, SepT. 6, 9AM – 12:15pM                    ThurSdAy, July 17, 6 – 10pM
Fee: $30                                                      ThurSdAy, July 24, 6 – 10pM
This cpr class is for family members, friends and             TueSdAy, AuguST 12, 6 – 10pM
members of the community who do not need a                    SATurdAy, AuguST 23, 9AM – 1pM
course completion credential. The course will focus           TueSdAy, AuguST 26, 6 – 10pM
on one-rescuer cpr for adults, children and infants           TueSdAy, SepT. 9, 6 – 10pM
and managing an airway obstruction (choking).                 SATurdAy, SepT. 20, 9AM – 1pM
Fee includes an optional pediatric first aid class.           SATurdAy, SepT. 27, 9AM – 1pM
                                                              Fee: $75
                                                              This course is designed for healthcare providers who
heartsaver Aed                                                respond to cardiac and respiratory emergencies,
TueSdAy, July 29, 6 – 9:30pM                                  such as physicians, nurses, paramedics and eMTs.
ThurSdAy, AuguST 21, 6 – 9:30pM                               The course curriculum includes one- and two-rescuer
ThurSdAy, SepT. 11, 6 – 9:30pM                                cpr, foreign body airway obstruction, use of barrier
Fee: $45                                                      devices, bag masks for adults, children and infants,
participants in this course will learn adult and child        and the use of Automated external defibrillators
one-rescuer cpr, obstructed airway management, use            (Aeds). A written and skills test is taken at the end
of barrier devices and the use of Automated external          of the course. renewal classes are also available
defibrillators (Aeds). Students will receive a course         monthly.
completion card upon successful skills testing.
                                                              Renewal Classes
                                                              SATurdAy, July 19, 9AM – 12:30pM
Babysitting Basics                                            TueSdAy, AuguST 12, 9AM – 12:30pM
TueSdAy & WedneSdAy, Aug. 19 & 20, 9AM – 12pM                 ThurSdAy, AuguST 28, 6 – 9:30pM
Fee: $45                                                      WedneSdAy, SepT. 10, 9AM – 1pM
The Babysitting Basics class is a six-hour program            ThurSdAy, SepT. 18, 6 – 9:30pM
for 11- to 13-year-olds who want to get started as            Fee: $50
a babysitter or who want to improve their babysit-
ting skills. This two-part program will emphasize the         heartsaver First Aid class
importance of the responsibility of the babysitter as
                                                              TueSdAy, July 22, 6 – 9:30pM
well as how to entertain children while the parents
                                                              SATurdAy, AuguST 23, 9AM – 12:15pM
are out. The class content includes personal safety,
                                                              SATurdAy, SepT. 13, 9AM – 12:15pM
marketing, infant and child bathing and feeding,
                                                              Fee: $45
diaper changing, and bedtime routines. This is a
fun, interactive class that also includes basic first         The goal of this course is to train laypeople in
aid and the American heart Association’s pediatric            first aid assessments and actions. Topics include
Family and Friends cpr instruction. each student              medical emergencies, injury emergencies and
will receive a babysitting course book. A babysitting         environmental emergencies. This video-based first
course participation certificate will be awarded at the       aid course includes peer and manikin practice and
end of the two sessions.                                      case discussions. This course was developed by
                                                              the American heart Association using evidence-
participants need to bring a doll. Snack and juice            based guidelines.
will be provided. registration is required.
                                                              classes are available to schools, businesses and
                                                              community groups. For more information, please
                                                              call the center for healthier living at (908) 850-6935.

To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935                                                              Healthierliving | 11
             3rd QuArTer | 2008

                Support Groups for Cancer Patients, Family and Friends
cAlendAr B

                            locATion: JoAn Knechel cAncer cenTer

                            For dates, times and more information about the support groups listed below, call (908) 441-1500
                            or (908) 441-1503.

                            These four groups are professionally facilitated by Joan Framo runfola, AcSW, lcSW, a psychotherapist
                            specializing in oncology social work. participation criteria apply.

                            Breast cancer Support group                               cancer Support group
                            For women with a diagnosis of breast cancer.              For individuals actively receiving cancer treatment,
                            receive group support and learn coping skills and         this group will provide mutual support and the
                            strategies for making medical decisions.                  opportunity to share experiences.

                            Friends and Families                                      post-Treatment cancer
                            Support group                                             Support group
                            For those whose family member or friend has a             For individuals who are in post-treatment to share
                            diagnosis of any form of cancer. receive group            and discuss adjustments to their status as
                            support and learn coping strategies.                      survivors, including anxieties, transitions and
                                                                                      interpersonal challenges.

                            young Women’s Breast cancer                               look good…Feel Better®
                            Support group                                             WedneSdAy, July 9, 10:30AM – 12:30pM
                            For women in their early 40s and younger who              MondAy, SepT 8, 6 – 8pM
                            have had a breast cancer diagnosis. participants          FREE
                            will provide mutual support regarding concerns            This is a free, national public program to help
                            unique to younger women, including career- and            women undergoing cancer treatment learn beauty
                            job-related issues, communication with children,          techniques to cope with the appearance-related
                            and the effect of cancer and treatment on romantic        side effects of treatment, and to regain a sense of
                            relationships and fertility.                              self-confidence and control over their lives. These
                                                                                      side effects may include hair loss and changes in
                                                                                      complexion and fingernails. For more information
                                                                                      and to register, call (973) 331-3794. please call for
                                                                                      additional times.
                            Additional Support Groups

                            Family educational Series                                 diabetes Support group
                            on Addiction                                              MondAyS, July 28, Aug 25, SepT 22, 7pM
                            Where: counSeling cenTer, eAST AVe.
                            WedneSdAyS, 6 – 8pM                                       This support group is open to anyone with diabe-
                            FREE                                                      tes. it is an opportunity to share information and
                                                                                      ideas and receive education. The group will meet
                            Addiction is a disease that is both chronic and
                                                                                      the fourth Monday of each month at 7pM in the
                            progressive. Addiction affects the addict as well as
                                                                                      conference dining room of hackettstown regional
                            family, friends, co-workers, and others they interact
                                                                                      Medical center. it is professionally run by donna
                            with. information, knowledge and education are our
                                                                                      Kendrick, rn, cde. For more information, please
                            best defense when dealing with this disease. All are
                                                                                      call (908) 850-6937.
                            welcome to attend this weekly program. For details
                            and to register, call (908) 850-6810.
12 | Healthierliving                                                                To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935
                                                                                                                 3rd QuArTer | 2008

                                                                                                                                         cAlendAr B
The American chronic pain                                     diabetes Management Series
Association – chronic pain                                    An educATion progrAM For people
                                                              WiTh diABeTeS
Support group
MondAyS, July 21, Aug 18, SepT 15, 7pM                        ThurSdAyS, SepT 11, 18 & 25, 6:30 – 8:30pM
FREE                                                          FREE
This support group focuses on providing education             This education series is for anyone newly diagnosed
and support in a positive, understanding atmosphere           with diabetes or who has never received educa-
for people living with chronic pain. The goal is to help      tional information and instruction on living with
people increase their coping skills by learning how           diabetes. certified diabetes educator donna
to set realistic goals, communicate effectively, and          Kendrick, rn, and registered dietitian rita ryan,
practice relaxation techniques. The group will meet the       will teach this program. Topics include living produc-
third Monday of each month at 7pM in the conference           tive and healthy lives, using a self-management
dining room of hackettstown regional Medical center.          approach and providing one-on-one, customized
The facilitators are patricia Merritt, a holistic rn, and     counseling. participants need a referral from their
patricia Santoro, an occupational therapist. For more         physician. For more information or to register, call
information and to register, please call (908) 850-           (908) 850-6937.
6935. participation criteria apply to attend this group.

Programs and Screenings
living with grief lecture Series                              prostate cancer Screening
Where: hrMc conFerence dining rooM                            Where: JoAn Knechel cAncer cenTer
TueSdAyS, ocT 7, 14, 21, & 28, 7 – 9pM                        MondAy, SepT 8, 6 – 8pM
FREE                                                          FREE
This lecture series will be presented by cecelia              prostate cancer Strikes 1 in 6 American men some-
clayton, Mph, an executive director of Karen Ann              time in their lifetime and the chance of developing
Quinlan hospice. lecture topics will encompass the            prostate cancer increases with age. This screening
natural and unavoidable reaction to loss. Additional          is intended for men who are at least 50 years old,
subject matter includes developing an awareness               or in a high-risk group such as African-American men
of the grief process and techniques to cope with              or men with a family history of prostate cancer. This
loss. registration for the series is limited.                 annual screening includes a digital rectal examina-
For additional information, contact: Karen Ann                tion with dr. Adam Berman, a urologist from Associ-
Quinlan hospice, (973) 383-0115, or Joseph T.                 ates in pediatric & Adult urology. The screening also
Quinlan Bereavement center, (908) 852-8730.                   includes a p.S.A. blood test. pre-registration is re-
or visit                      quired. This screening is reserved for men who have
you may also call hrMc pastoral care Services                 not participated in a screening for one year. please
at (908) 850-7757 to register.                                call 908-850-6935 for your appointment.

chronic pain – neck and Back                                  Blood pressure Screenings
Where: cenTer For heAlThier liVing                            WedneSdAyS, Aug 6, SepT 3, 9 – 11AM
MondAy, SepT 15, 6:30pM                                       FREE
                                                              offered on the first Wednesday of every month at
in the second of this lecture series, dr. phillip lutz        the center for healthier living between 9 and 11 AM.
of hackettstown Anesthesiology Associates, llc,               no pre-registration is necessary.
will present information about the latest advances
and available modalities in the treatment of chronic
neck and back pain. call (908) 850-6935 to register.

To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935                                                             Healthierliving | 13
             3rd QuArTer | 2008
cAlendAr B

                            Snoring clinic                                              osteoporosis Screening for Women
                            Where: hrMc Sleep lAB                                       Where: cenTer For heAlThier liVing
                            WedneSdAyS, SepT 17 & ocT 15, 4:30pM                        TueSdAy, SepT 9, 1 – 3pM
                            FREE                                                        FREE
                            The center for Sleep-related disorders will present         osteoporosis is a silent, insidious disease charac-
                            free Snoring clinics designed to help people with           terized by low bone mass and deterioration of the
                            snoring and other potentially serious sleep-related         bone tissue, resulting in fragile bones that are more
                            disorders, such as Sleep Apnea. examinations will           susceptible to fracture. This quick and easy screen-
                            be offered to all who attend. registration is required.     ing is performed on the heel using ultrasound
                            Space is limited. To register, call (908) 850-6935.         technology. please do not wear pantyhose the day
                                                                                        of screening. results are immediate and may be
                                                                                        shared with your physician for any needed follow-up.
                                                                                        call (908) 850-6935 for your appointment.

                                                                                        Skin cancer Screening
                                                                                        Where: JoAn Knechel cAncer cenTer
                                                                                        ThurSdAy, SepT 25, 2 – 5pM
                                                                                        The number of skin cancer cases has increased in
                                                                                        the united States. According to the c. d. c., more
                                                                                        than one million cases of basal cell or squamous
                                                                                        cell cancer will be diagnosed annually, with mela-
                                                                                        noma being the most common cancer among people
                                                                                        25 to 29 years old. This screening will be performed
                                                                                        by cathleen carbon, p.A. from the dermatology office
                                                                                        of dr. Martin Blackwell. if you are not already under
                                                                                        the care of a dermatologist and would like to take
                                                                                        advantage of this screening please call (908) 850-
                                                                                        6935 to schedule an appointment.

                            healthy Feet                                                introducing a new Baby to the
                            Where: cenTer For heAlThier liVing                          Family pet
                            TueSdAyS, 6:30pM
                                                                                        Where: cenTer For heAlThier liVing
                                                                                        ThurSdAy, SepT 11, 7pM
                            lecTure dATeS And TopicS Will Be:                           FREE
                            July 29: The diABeTic FooT                                  Join Veterinarian Steven B. hodes, d.V.M., p. A.
                            Aug. 19: heel pAin                                          as he shares ideas and information on providing a
                            SepT. 16: nAil condiTion                                    safe environment for both your new baby and your
                            ocT. 14: TreATMenT oF BunionS                               family pet. grandparents are welcome to attend.
                            This series of seminars will cover some of the              call 908-850-6935 to register.
                            most common foot ailments including diagnosis,
                            treatment and prevention. register for one or all
                            of the following topics offered by dr. John guilliana
                            of Footcare Associates.

14 | Healthierliving                                                                  To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935
                                                                                                                      3rd QuArTer | 2008

Childbirth Classes

                                                                                                                                                 cAlendAr B
Whether you are a first-time mom or an experienced mom-to-be, the Center for Healthier Living has childbirth education
classes that are designed for your special needs. The classes are an extension of Hackettstown Regional Medical
Center’s Childbirth Family Center. Our certified childbirth instructors will guide each class and help answer the many
questions you may have regarding the childbirth experience.

childbirth preparation                                        Sibling class
WedneSdAyS, July 2 – Aug 6, 7 – 9pM                           Where: hrMc conFerence dining rooM
SATurdAyS, July 12 & 19, Aug 9 & 16, 8AM – 1pM                SATurdAyS, July 12 & SepT 27, 10 – 11:30AM
WedneSdAyS, Aug 13 – SepT 17, 7 – 9pM                         Fee: $15, $10 for each additional sibling
SATurdAyS, SepT 6 –13, 8AM – 1pM                              in this fun, informative and interactive class,
WedneSdAyS, SepT 24 – ocT 29, 7 – 9pM                         children 3 to 9 years of age will discover what will
Fee: Call                                                                                      y
                                                              be their new role in the family. your child will be
our childbirth preparation class is a lamaze-type             part of a general discussion, watch an age-appropri-
class that will focus on the physical and psychologi-         ate video, use coloring books and have hands-on
cal changes that occur during pregnancy. partici-             practice with diapering and blanketing. (please
pants will learn about comfort measures, delivery             bring a doll or teddy bear for practice.) A tour of the
alternatives (e.g., waterbirth), stages of labor & deliv-     childbirth Family center is included, and the chil-
ery, post-partum care for mom and baby, as well as            dren will have a light snack and receive a small gift.
the role of the coach. you will practice breathing and        pre-registration is required.
relaxation techniques and have a labor rehearsal.
The class will also include a tour of the childbirth
Family center at hackettstown regional Medical                newborn Baby care
center. At the conclusion of the class you will have          SundAyS, July 13 & SepT 28, 1 – 3pM
the information needed to create a birth plan that            Fee: $30
is tailored to help you meet your expectations.               This class focuses on infant care, characteristics of
For the new mother-to-be we offer a choice of                 the newborn, sleep patterns, safety issues, crying,
convenient classes. our six-week class meets                  choosing car seats, pet safety, child-proofing the
Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. our two                      home, age-appropriate toys and more. pre-registra-
consecutive-Saturday classes meet from 8:00am                 tion is required.
– 1:00pm with comfort breaks incorporated into
the classes.                                                  Breastfeeding classes
couples are placed in classes according to due                TueSdAy, July 8 & SepT 16, 6:30 – 9pM
dates. To register for a childbirth preparation class         Fee: $40
and for class fees, please call (908) 850-6935.               learn helpful hints and techniques to develop
                                                              an ideal nursing relationship with your baby.
                                                              discussions will include breast care, comfortable
                                                              positioning, latching on, mom’s and baby’s
                                                              nutritional needs, and common problems.

                                                              Born Beautiful!
                                                              expectant mothers have many questions leading up to the birth of their
                                                              child. our specially designed childbirth classes are taught by highly trained
                                                              instructors, helping you to relax during – and after – your pregnancy.

To register for any Calendar B program, call (908) 850-6935                                                                     Healthierliving | 15
Seeking Members of the original
Hackettstown Bucket Brigade
Today we generally refer to them as “coin Toss” donations, those
traffic light stops where non-profit organizations collect donations
from roadside travelers to support a worthy cause. in the 1960’s
and early 1970s’, many residents from the area came out to
collect money to build a local hospital here in hackettstown. And
these weekend events – right here at five corners – fondly became
known as the Hackettstown Bucket Brigade.

As part of our 35th Anniversary
celebration, hackettstown
regional Medical center plans
to host a reunion reception for
anyone who was part of the
original Hackettstown Bucket
Brigade. if you are interested
in joining us or would like more
information, please call Juliette
Bannister at (908) 850-6876.

                                                                        non-profit org.
                                                                         u.S. postage
                                                                       hackettstown, nJ
        651 Willow grove Street                                             07840
                                                                        permit no. 191
        hackettstown, nJ 07840

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• oVer 30 cpr And liFe-SAVing courSeS
• SupporT groupS For pATienTS And FAMilieS
• Free progrAMS And ScreeningS
• childBirTh clASSeS For The Whole FAMily

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