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The Body of Christopher Creed Chapter Questions

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									                              Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   1

The Body of Christopher Creed Chapter Questions
Chapter 1
1. Where does Torey go in his senior year of high school?

A boarding school.

2. Why is this better for Torey than where he was before?

He is not stared at and gossiped about.

3. What did Torey do on his computer as another student barges into Torey's

Calls up a computer game.

4. Why was Torey really doing on the computer?

Writing an email.

5. Of whom does Leo remind Torey?

Chris Creed.

6. With what is Torey uncomfortable?

Leo's scrutiny.

7. What is the result of Leo coming on too strongly to other guys in trying to make

The boys think he's gay.

8. What does Torey do when Leo persists in questioning Torey about what Torey
was doing on his computer?

Torey turns off the computer and lectures Leo about privacy.

9. To whom is Torey writing an email?

Alex Healy.

10. What is the subject of the email?

Chris Creed.

11. To whom has Torey shown the information contained in the email?

His doctor.

12. Of what is Torey occasionally accused?

Murdering Chris Creed.
                                 Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   2

Chapter 2
1. What did Torey listen to in church one Sunday?

An impassioned speech to the congregation.

2. Who is making a request for help for finding their son?

Mr. and Mrs. Creed.

3. How is Chris Creed described by his parents?

As a happy, well-adjusted kid.

4. Who had supposedly sent an email to the principal at the previous school
where Torey attended?

Chris Creed.

5. What do the Creeds seem to believe about their son?

That he ran away.

6. What does Torey wonder about as he listens to Chris's parents speak?

How they were clueless about their son.

7. What does Torey think of Chris?

That he was awkward, annoying and obnoxious.

8. Who was verbally abused by many of the students?

Chris Creed.

9. How long had it been since Torey and his group of friends had beat up on Chris
at the time of Chris's disappearance?

Over a year.

10. Who are the "boons?"

Kids from the poor side of town.

11. Of what is the word "boon" an abbreviation?


12. What group of kids consistently picked on kids like Chris Creed?

The boons.

Chapter 3
                               Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   3

1. Who goes back to the basement with Torey?

Alex and Ryan.

2. What do Torey and his friends do in the basement?

They have a band and they practise.

3. What do Ryan and Alex do as they eat sandwiches?

Joke about Chris Creed.

4. What are a couple ways the boys offer that Chris Creed may have died?

Drowning or hanging.

5. For what reason did Ryan once hit Chris Creed?

For sucking his thumb.

6. For what reason did Alex once hit Chris Creed?

Because Chris made fun of Alex's matchbox car collection.

7. Why did Torey hit Chris Creed?

For touching the guitar Chris brought to school for show and tell.

8. Why does Torey get angry while the boys are discussing the times they hit
Chris Creed.

Because Torey feels they have tortured Chris all these years.

9. Who sent an email to the principal?


10. What does Alex say he can do?

Crack the school network and retrieve the email.

11. How do the boys find out the content of the email?

They break into the principal's office and find a hard copy.

12. Who does Chris Creed say he admires?

Torey and his friends.

Chapter 4
1. Why is Torey allowed to go to lunch early?

The chemistry teacher is absent.

2. Who does Torey meet on the way to the cafeteria?
                                 Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   4

Ali McDermott.

3. Why is Torey glad to see Ali?

He wants to talk to her about Chris Creed.

4. Who lives across the street from Ali?

The Creeds.

5. Where do Ali and Torey go?

Out a side door of the school.

6. What does Ali do that surprises Torey?

Lights up a cigarette.

7. What seems to be adversely affecting Ali's behavior?

Her parents' separation.

8. What is something Ali tells Torey about Chris Creed?

That his mother always walks into Chris's bedroom without knocking.

9. Of whom are Torey and Ali suspicious in the disappearance of Chris?

His parents.

10. What did Ali see Chris hide behind a painting in his room?

A diary.

11. How does Torey feel about Ali?


12. For what does Ali have a reputation?

For being promiscuous.

Chapter 5
1. What are the names of Torey's girlfriend and her best friend?

Leandra and Renee.

2. Who makes disparaging remarks about Ali?


3. Why does Torey not like it that Alex seems interested in Renee?

Renee interferes with Alex making band practise.
                                Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   5

4. What does Torey lay on the table?

Chris Creed's note.

5. What do Leandra and Renee think happened to Chris Creed?

That he commited suicide.

6. Who does Leandra think wrote the note that Torey has?

Someone trying to make it seem like Chris wrote it.

7. Who does the group immediately think of when they think maybe Chris was

The boons.

8. Of whom are the boys most suspicious?

Bo Richardson.

9. What is one complaint Torey's group has about the boons?

They are dirty.

10. With what part of the conversation is Torey uncomfortable?

The ragging on the boons.

11. What does Torey decide not to mention to Leandra?

His invitation to dinner at Ali's the next evening.

12. What is obvious in Chapter 5 about the structure of the school's social

They hang out in cliques.

Chapter 6
1. What is upsetting Torey at the opening of this chapter?

The fact that Ryan and Alex did not show up for band practice.

2. What is Torey doing in the basement?

Writing a song.

3. What does Torey suddenly feel?

As though he is not alone.

4. What makes Torey think of Chris?

The partially open game closet door swinging in the breeze.
                                Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   6

5. What does Torey imagine?

That Chris is hanging in the game closet.

6. What gives Torey a second momentary scare?

His pager rings.

7. Who contacts Torey?


8. What does the person want?

To tell Torey that Ali was late for cheerleading practice.

9. What does Leandra imply about Ali when she next talks to Torey?

That she might be having sex with some boon.

10. Why is Torey irritated at Leandra?

Because she badmouths and gossips about people who are different.

11. What does Torey think is actually possible?

That Chris Creed did kill himself because of the harassment he received at school.

12. How does Torey feel about the possibility of Ali's boyfriend being a boon?

It's fine with him.

Chapter 7
1. About what does Torey confront Alex?

About missing band practice.

2. Where was Alex instead of at band practice?

With Renee.

3. Why did Alex hit Chris Creed when they were twelve?

Because of Chris's behavior when showing something to Alex.

4. Why couldn't Alex rip Chris's map?

It was laminated.

5. Why does Mrs. Creed come down to the convenience store?

To make the kids feel guilty who did not help with the search for Chris.

6. How much has Chris withdrawn from his bank account?
                               Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions    7


7. Why does Mrs. Creed think Chris was murdered?

Because of the bank account.

8. Who does Mrs. Creed believe murdered Chris?

A boon.

9. What does Mrs. Creed think of Bo Richardson?

That he is the one who murdered Chris.

10. How does Chris Creed break his ankle the year before?

He is pushed off the bleachers.

11. What word would best describe how the students view the boons?

With a stereotypical view.

12. Who besides Bo Richardson has injured Chris?


Chapter 8
1. What does Ali say Torey and she will have to do immediately if Ali's mom's
boyfriend arrives?


2. What is important about one of the windows in Ali's bedroom?

She can see directly into Chris Creed's bedroom.

3. What is significant about the decor of Chris's bedroom, along with those of his
two brothers?

They are all decorated exactly alike, except Chris has two extra pictures in his.

4. What does one of Chris's brothers do when his mother's back is turned.

Makes an obscene gesture.

5. Who comes to Ali's room when her mom and boyfriend are upstairs?

Bo Richardson.

6. What does Bo do when he hears Ali's mom and boyfriend having sex?

Goes and yells at them.

Chapter 9
                                Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   8

1. Who was in the principal's office when the principal received the email from
Chris Creed?

Bo Richardson.

2. Who downloaded Chris's email from the library computer and put it on a disk?

Bo and Ali.

3. Where did the disk end up and then who found the disk?

In Bo's locker at school and the police found it.

4. About what is Bo worried?

That the police will think he killed Chris Creed.

5. What do Torey and Bo plan?

To lure Mrs. Creed out of the house and then break in and find Chris's diary.

6. What bothers Torey after he hangs up from talking to Mrs. Creed?

Something Mrs. Creed says, although Torey is not sure what.

Chapter 10
1. Who is being interrogated at the police station?


2. What does Torey think is happening to Bo?

The police are beating him.

3. Who is the only calm person among those at the police station concerning
Chris Creed?

Mrs. Adams.

4. Of what does Torey try to convince his mother?

Bo's innocence.

5. Why does Mrs. Adams doubt that Bo is not guilty?

Because he is a boon.

6. What is Bo determined to do?

To take the rap for Ali and Torey.

Chapter 11
1. Of whom does Mrs. Adams tell a story about a relationship of a father and son?
                                  Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   9

Digger and Bob Haines.

2. Why does Mrs. Adams related the story about the father and son?

To illustrate that it probably was not Mrs. Creed who was responsible for Chris's

3. Did Mrs. Adams believe Digger is dead?

It is not clear if she does.

4. Did Mrs. Adams ever see the son again who was in the story she relates to
Torey and Ali.

Yes while she is in law school.

5. What does Mrs. Adams want to know about Bo?

If he actually got into the Creed's home.

6. What book does Mrs. Adams give Ali saying it is from Bo?

Chris's diary.

Chapter 12
1. What does Torey do when he cannot sleep?

Goes into the guest room to read Chris's diary with Ali.

2. For whom did Chris work?

His uncle.

3. Where was Chris's girlfriend?

In a neighboring town.

4. Who is shy and beautiful?


5. What is the list they read in Chris's diary?

A list of everything Chris thinks is good about himself.

6. Why doesn't Torey think Mrs. Creed killed Chris?

Because of her reaction to Torey's phone call.

Chapter 13
1. Who accosts Torey on the bus with questions?

Alex, Ryan and Renee.
                                  Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   10

2. What does Torey begin to think about his friends?

That they are shallow compared to Ali and Bo.

3. What may demonstrate a change taking place inside Torey?

He moves to another seat on the bus and starts a conversation with an unpopular boy.

4. Where did Chris and Isabella go?

To a psychic.

5. Who has a vision of Chris hanging in the woods?

A psychic.

6. Who does Bo think is wonderful?

Mrs. Adams.

Chapter 14
1. Why is Torey's father unhappy?

At Torey's association with Bo.

2. Why could the phone call that Torey made cause serious problems for Bo?

Because Bo told the police he made the call.

3. What does Torey do in the basement?

Picks up his guitar to play it.

4. Why is Torey regretting his behavior from a year earlier?

He was dismissive to Bo when Bo asks him a question.

5. Who calls Torey while he is in the basement?


6. What does Leandra imply about Ali?

That Torey has started a romantic relationship with her.

Chapter 15
1. Why are Ali's feet blistered?

She walks home to avoid seeing other kids.

2. Why is Bo arrested a second time?

For the phone call Torey makes to Mrs. Creed.
                                 Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   11

3. What does Ali ask Torey about herself?

If Torey thinks she is a slut.

4. Why does Ali sleep with guys and what's ironic about it?

She does it to hurt her dad who never hears about it.

5. How does Ali know about all the problems of kids at school?

Because her mom sleeps with their fathers.

6. Why are Ali and her brother going to stay at Torey's house for a while?

Their mother is going to a drug rehab facility.

Chapter 16
1. What is the main thing in Chris's diary that Ali reads further on?

About Chris and Isabella and one night they spent on the beach.

2. What makes Torey and Ali decide to find Isabella?

They learn her last name.

3. What does Torey announce to Renee?

That he plans to break up with Leandra.

4. Of what fact does Renee remind everyone who is fighting?

That her father is chief of police.

5. What does Bo say to Renee to hurt her?

That Renee's father slept with Ali's mother.

6. What is Bo going to hide out in the woods?

So the police cannot find him.

Chapter 17
1. Who do Torey and Ali sit with at lunch?

The boons.

2. What does Torey realize about the boons?

That most are good people.

3. What rumor is circulating around school?

That Bo is going to be arrested.
                               Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions     12

4. Who comes into the cafeteria in the middle of lunch?

Chief Bowen, a cop and Mrs. Creed.

5. Why does the principal grab Torey?

To keep him out of the arrest procedures of Bo.

6. Why does the principal ask Mrs. Creed to come to his office along with Torey
and Ali?

To tell her a few things about Christopher.

Chapter 18
1. Why does Mrs. Creed become angry?

When she hears about how Christopher never went to any parties or dances, how Chris
had trouble making friends and acting like everyone else.

2. What does Mrs. Creed reveal about her father?

That her father tortured her as a child.

3. What fact does Mrs. Creed reveal about herself?

That she was raised as a "boon."

4. What about being raised in the boondocks is relevant to what Mrs. Creed is

That she believes boons are capable of murder.

5. Why does Mrs. Creed believe Chris could not have written a suicide note?

Because she says he was not unhappy.

6. To what does the principal compare the drama about Chris?

The drama about Digger years earlier.

Chapter 19
1. Why will Bo have to stay in jail over the weekend?

Because they won't be able to prove he did not write the alleged suicide note from Chris
until Monday.

2. Why is Ali afraid for Bo?

Because of the fight with Renee.

3. What is different about Isabella from what Chris writes in his diary?
                                  Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions      13

She is wild and not shy at all.

4. Who calls Torey and invites him to her place?


5. What do Ali and Torey learn from Isabella?

That Chris was more infatuated with her than the other way around.

6. What is Torey's response to Isabella's psychic aunt?

Torey refuses to believe the woman and swears to never walk in the woods alone again.

Chapter 20
1. What news do Ali and Torey learn from Torey's mother?

That the police chief beats Bo up badly and then resigns.

2. Who goes into the woods that night to try to find something?

Torey and Ali.

3. What does Torey find in a rock crevice?

Chris's laminated map.

4. What does Alex tell Torey about the police chief?

He confesses his infidelity to his wife and moves out.

5. What does Alex think about what Torey tells him?

That maybe Torey is trying to set it up to find the body and be a hero.

6. What does Torey decide at the end of this chapter?

That he has to go look for Chris Creed's body alone.

Chapter 21
1. Who does Torey see in the woods?

The Indian he had seen when he was younger.

2. What does Torey feel when he is standing on the rock in the burial ground?

Torey feels regret for not seeing the pain Chris felt, but he knows that Chris is a survivor.

3. What happens when Torey starts to climb off the rock.

He falls and a rock hits him and breaks his leg.

4. What does Torey see when he is lying there with his leg broken?
                               Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions       14

A cave with three bodies.

5. Why does Torey scream?

He sees the body that he thinks is Chris Creed burning.

6. Where does Torey tell Ali he has been?

In hell.

Chapter 22
1. What is Torey refusing to do in the hospital?


2. What can Torey not get out of his head?

He cannot get the memory of the body or the smell as the invisible fire engulfed it out of
his head.

3. What does Torey want to know about Jesus?

Why if Jesus was crucified in the nude, do all the churches show him clothed.

4. Where is Torey transfered after the hospital stay?

To a mental health facility.

5. What was the fire that Torey saw in the cave?

A phenomenon called immaculate decomposition.

6. Whose body is it that Torey had believed to be Chris?

Bob Haines.

Chapter 23
1. What does Torey say to Leo?

Torey takes the opportunity to apologize for being rude to Leo the other day.

2. When does Torey get out of the mental health facility?

At Christmas.

3. What does Torey transfer to a boarding school for his senior year?

He does not want to return to his other high school.

4. Who comes around to support Torey?

                          Mr. Murray The Body of Christopher Creed Questions   15

5. What does the official on Chris Creed conclude?

That he ran away.

6. Who is one person that Torey believes responds to Torey's contest?
Chris Creed.

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