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									Name              Role            PA Connection         Works   Cutter
                                  Lives & works in Long
Augustyn, Brian Writer            Pond, Pa.                     A919
                Artist &          Born & lives in
Balent, Jim     Writer            Brodheadsville, Pa.           B187

Barreiro, Mike    Penciller       Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.       B277
Bates, Cary       Writer          Born in ?, Pa.                B328
                  Artist &        Born in Lock Haven,
Bechdel, Alison   Writer          Pa.                           B391

                                  Born in Philadelphia,
                Artist &          Pa. ; lives in Solebury
Berenstain, Jan Writer            Township, Pa.                 B4522

                                  Born in Philadelphia,
                 Artist &         Pa. ; died in Solebury
Berenstain, Stan Writer           Township, Pa.                 B4522

Bernatovech,      Writer, Artist
Rich              & Inker        Born in Levittown, Pa.         B459

Beyer, Mark       Artist          Born in Allentown, Pa.        B573
                                  Born in & lives in
Blank, Kristin    Writer          Pittsburgh, Pa.               B588
                                  Born in Philadelphia,
                                  Pa. ; company based
                                  in Fort Washington,
Brusha, Joe       Writer          Pa.                           B8343

                  Artist (comic
Bryant, Al        strips)       Born in ?, Pa.                  B840

Buell, Marge
(Henderson,     Artist (comic Born in Philadelphia,
Marjorie Lyman) strips)       Pa.                               B929

                  Artist (comic
                  strips) &       Lives in Philadelphia,
Burns, Charles    Illustrator     Pa.                           B948
                  Artist &        Born in Lebanon, Pa.
Busch, Matt       Illustrator     (grew up in Detroit)          B965
                                  Born in New Castle,
Cole, Jack        Artist          Pa.                           C696
Craig, Johnny     Artist          Born in NE Pa.                C846
Crumb, R.         Artist &        Born in Philadelphia,
(Robert)          Writer          Pa.                           C957
                  Artist &        Born in Johnstown,
Ditko, Steve      Writer          Pa.                           D1
                                  Born in Philadelphia,
Dixon, Chuck      Writer          Pa.                           D619
Drek, Anton                       See Simpson, Don
                                  Born & raised in Erie,
Dunlavey, Ryan Artist             Pa.                       D9232

                  Artist, Artist
                  strips) &
Evans, George     Illustrator    Born in Harwood, Pa.       E921

                  Artist (comic   Born in Wilkes-Barre,
Fisher, Ham       strips)         Pa.                       F537
                  Artist &        Born and raised in
Forney, Ellen     Writer          Philadelphia, Pa.         F7149
                                  Lived in East
Frazetta, Frank   Artist          Stroudsburg, Pa.          F849

Frenz, Ron (AKA
Wade, AKA Ron
Wade)           Artist            Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.   F883

                  Artist, Artist
Frost, A. B.      (comic
(Arthur Burdett), strips) &      Born and raised in
1851-1928         Illustrator    Philadelphia, Pa.          F92
                                 Raised in Upper
Furth, Robin      Writer         Darby, Pa.                 F989
Gallagher, John Artist           Born in ?, Pa.             G134
Gibson, Walter                   Born in Germantown,
B.                Writer         Pa.                        G451
                  Writer &
Gill, Joe         Scripter       Born in Scranton, Pa.      G474
                                 Born in Philadelphia,
                                 Pa. ; spent most of
Gloeckner,                       her later childhood in
Phoebe            Artist         San Francisco, Cal.
                  Artist &       Born & lives in
Gownley, Jimmy Writer            Harrisburg, Pa.            G748
                                 Born in Philadelphia,
Haney, Bob        Writer         Pa.                        H191
Harren, James Artist             Born and living in Pa.     H225

Harris, Dan     Writer            Born in Kingston, Pa.     H258
                Artist &
Hawthorne, Mike Illustrator   Lives in York, Pa.            H317
Jeschonek,                    Born in Johnstown,
Robert T.       Writer        Pa.                           J581
                              Born and raised in
                              Germantown and
                              Mount Airy, &
Johnson, Mat      Writer      Philadelphia, Pa.             J612
                              Born & lives in
Jusko, Joe        Artist      Pittsburgh, Pa.               J98
Kahn, Jenette     Editor (DC) Born in ?, Pa.                K122
                               Born in Philadelphia,
                 Artist (comic Pa., & lived there until
Keane, Bill      strips)       1949                       K241
                               Born in Scranton,
                               Pa.?, raised in Pa. &
                               WV, currently lives in
Keene, Brian     Writer        York?, Pa.                 K261
                               Born in & died in
Keller, Jack     Artist        Reading, Pa.               K295
Kelly, Walt                    Born in Philadelphia,
(Kelly, Walter   Artist (comic Pa. ; raised in
Crawford, Jr.)   strips)       Bridgeport, Conn.          K2999

                 Artist, Writer Lives & works in Long
Kent, Gordon     & Colorer      Pond, Pa.                 K338
Kesel, Barbara
(Barbara                       Lives & works in Long
Randall)         Writer        Pond, Pa.                  K421

                 Artist (comic Died in Tredyffin
Key, Ted         strips)       Township, Pa.              K449
                               Born in Philadelphia,
Leonardi, Rick   Artist        Pa.                        L555
                               Born & based in
Lewis, Pat       Artist        Pittsburgh, Pa.            L59
                 Inker &
Lieber, Steve    Letterer      Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.    L720
                               Born in Philadelphia,
                 Penciller & Pa., had studio there
Maneely, Joe     Inker         until c. 1956              M279
                               Born in Philadelphia,
Massey, Cal      Artist        Pa.                        M372
                               Born in Philadelphia,
Joe Matt         Artist        Pa.                        M4276

McDaniel, Scott Artist         Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.    M479
                               Lives and teaches in
McLeod, Bob      Artist        Lancaster, Pa.             M478
                               Born in Harrisburg,
Middleton, Josh Artist         Pa.                        M629
Moeller,                       Lives in Mt. Lebanon,
Christopher     Artist         Pa.                        M6933
Moench, Doug Writer            Lives in ?, Pa.            M693
                               Born in Philadelphia,
Nodell, Martin   Artist        Pa.                        N1
                 Artist &      Lives & works in Long
Nordling, Lee    Writer        Pond, Pa.                  N841
Nowlan, Philip                 Born in Philadelphia,
Francis          Writer        Pa.                        N948
                 Editor &
                 Malibu      Lives & works in Long
Olbrich, Dave    Comics)     Pond, Pa.                 O43
Ormes, Jackie
(Jackson, Zelda
Mavin)          Artist       Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.   Or58
                             Born in South
Pierce, Tamora   Writer      Connellsville, Pa.        P625
                             Born in Homestead,
                             Pa., lives and works in
Piskor, Ed       Artist      Munhall, Pa.              P677
Comix Club       Writer      Pittsburgh, Pa.           P682
                             Born in Philadelphia,
Pope, Paul       Artist      Pa.                       P815

                             Taught for many years
                             at a Philadelphia
                             elementary school
                             before he got his
Preiss, Byron    Writer      break                     P923
                             Taught at Wilkes-
                             Barre High and
                Artist &     Luzerne Community
Purcell, Howard Writer       College                   P986
                             Born in Harrisburg,
Ray, Fred        Artist      Pa.                       R266
                 Artist &    Lives in Philadelphia,
Rickheit, Hans   Writer      Pa.                       R38
                             Born & lives outside of
Rugg, Jim        Artist      Pittsburgh, Pa.           R932

                             Born in Pa.?, worked
                             for Philadelphia
                             newspapers, worked
                             for Valley Forge Drive-
                             in as a teen, based
                             graphic novel on
San Giacomo,     Artist &    Valley Forge Drive-in
Mike             Writer      among others              Sa582
                 Artist &    Born & lives in
Santoro, Frank   Writer      Pittsburgh, Pa.           S2245
                             Raised mainly in
                             Pittsburgh, Pa., and
Schelly, Bill    Writer      began work there          S322

                               Founded and teaches
Schucker,        Artist, Inker at the Art School in
James            & Illustrator Quakertown, Pa.         S337
                                Born outside
                                Philadelphia, Pa.,
                 Artist, Writer raised near
Schultz, Mark    & Illustrator Pittsburgh, Pa.              S347

                                 Raised in
                  Artist &       Philadelphia, Pa. and
Scioli, Tom       Writer         lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.   S419
                  Writer &
Shooter, Jim      Artist         Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.    S559
                  Artist &
Sienkiewicz, Bill Writer         Born in Blakely, Pa.       S571
                  Artist &
Simpson, Don      Writer         Pittsburgh, Pa.            Si43

                 Artist (comic   Born in Philadelphia,
Slampyak, Ted    strips)         Pa.                        Sl129
                 Artist &        Born in McKees
Smith, Jeff      Writer          Rocks, Pa.                 S639

               Writer, &
               Comic Book
Steranko, Jim  Historian       Born in Reading, Pa.         S1
               writer, artist,
Sternbergh,    and             Born and raised in
Leslie         publisher       York County, Pa.             St454
Swierczynski,                  Worked in & based in
Duane          Writer          Philadelphia, Pa.            Sw52
                               Born in Philadelphia,
                               Pa. ; company based
               Artist &        in Fort Washington,
Tedesco, Ralph Writer          Pa.                          T228
Thompson,                      Based in Philadelphia,
Jimmy          Artist          Pa.                          T354
               Artist &
Totleben, John Illustrator     Born in Erie, Pa.            T718

Trostle, J. P.   Artist (comic
(Jape)           strips)       Born in Camp Hill, Pa.       J2719
Truman,          Artist &      Lives and teaches in
Timothy          Writer        Lancaster, Pa.               T874
                               Born & raised in
Vaughn, J. C.    Writer        Pittsburgh, Pa.              V4659
                 Artist &
Wagner, Matt     Writer        Born in ?, Pa.               W132
Wales, Andy      Artist        Lives in Athens, Pa.         W14
                 Inker, &
Weeks, Lee       Writer        Lives in ?, Pa.              W396
                   Artist (comic Born in Philadelphia,
Weiss, Morris      strips)       Pa.                       W423
                   Artist &
Wight, Eric        Writer        Lives in eastern Pa.      W654
                                 Born & based in
Wood, Mike         Artist        Pittsburgh, Pa.           W888
                                 Born & lives in
Yanizeski, Rich    Artist        Pittsburgh, Pa.           Y24

Zeck, Mike         Artist        Born in Greenville, Pa.   Z42
                                 Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.
                   Artist &      ; lives in North
Zingarelli, Mark   Illustrator   Huntingdon, Pa.           Z784
Name                                  PA Connection          Years of Operation     Cutter
Apple Press                           Greencastle, Pa.       c. 1990-1994           A653
Cat Wild                              Philadelphia, Pa.      c. 1990-1995           C369
Comico                                Norristown, Pa.        1982-1997              C73
Croyden Publishing                    See Rural Home
David McKay                           Philadelphia, Pa.      1936-1950?             D27
Excalibur Publications (also known
as Excalibur Graphics and Excalibur
Enterprises)                          Philadelphia, Pa.      1986-1989              E96
Family Comics (an imprint of Harvey
Comics)                               Pittsburgh, Pa.                        1946   F20
Fiasco Comics                         Pittsburgh, Pa.        1994-1996              F44
Fox Feature Syndicate (imprint)       Wilkes-Barre, Pa.      1940s-early 1950s      F80
Home Comics                           Philadelphia, Pa.      1950-1951              H77
Imperium Comics                       Reading, Pa.           2003-                  I34
L. L. Baird                           See Rural Home
Lunchbreak Comics                     Pittsburgh, Pa.        2004?-                 L9717
Novelty Press                         Philadelphia, Pa.      1940-1949              N95
Pittsburgh Comix Club                 Pittsburgh, Pa.        196?-198?              P682
Red Rose Studios                      Willow Street, Pa.     ?-                     R32
Rural Home (also under various PA
& NY imprints)                        Wilkes-Barre, Pa.?     1944-1946              R881
Sleeping Giant Comics                 Philadelphia, Pa.      1996-                  S632
Toonseum                              Pittsburgh, Pa.                               T619
                                      Philadelphia, Pa. to
Warren Publishing                     1960                   1957-1960 (Pa.)        W285

Zenescope Entertainment               Fort Washington, Pa. 2005-                    Z43
Name                                 PA Connection             Cutter
                                     Born in Philadelphia,
Brant, Betty                         Pa.                       B795
                                     Born & lives in the
                                     (fictional) town of New
Buzzboy                              Paradise, Pa.             B993
Deathlok (Michael Brant              Born in Philadelphia,
incarnation)                         Pa.                       B815
                                     Born in Philadelphia,
Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) Pa.                           S913
                                     Born & lives in the
                                     (fictional) town of
Feldon, Jerry (H.E.R.O.) (character) Heaton, Pa.               F316

                                     Operated out of
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Prof.      Pittsburgh, Pa. for a
Martin Stein)                        time (Flash 291-304?) F5149
                                     Born in Pittsburgh,
Gyrich, Henry Peter                  Pa.                   G996

                                     Born in & operated
Inferno (Joseph Conroy)              out of Pittsburgh, Pa. In32

                                     Immigrated to
                                     Philadelphia, Pa. from
                                     Germany, & became
                                     a super-heroine in her
Liberty Belle                        new home               L694

Love, Angel                          Born in Scranton, Pa. L896

                                     Born in & operated
Paretta, Vince                       out of Pittsburgh, Pa.    P259
                                     Born in Philadelphia,
Right-Winger (Johnson, Jerry)        Pa.                       J653
                                     Born in Pittsburgh,
Sgt. Rock                            Pa.                       R685
                                     Born in Pittsburgh,
Shaw, Sebastian                      Pa.                       S524
                                     Born in & operated
                                     out of Philadelphia,
Spirit of '76 (Naslund, William)     Pa.                       N269
                                     Born in Pittsburgh,
Steeler (character- G.I. Joe)        Pa.                       S815

                                     Born in & operated
Turpin, Tim                          out of Pittsburgh, Pa. T869
                                     Born & lived in
Will O' The Wisp (Arvad, Jackson)    Scranton, Pa.          A795
Name                              PA Connection       Notes
...Ditko Continued...             Ditko, Steve

101 Other Uses for a Condom Apple Press
3-D Substance (#2)            Ditko, Steve
4Most                         Novelty Press
52: The Companion             Ditko, Steve
Ace Comics (1937-1949)        David McKay Co.
Action Comics Weekly #642     Ditko, Steve
Action Heroes Archives (v.01-
02)                           Ditko, Steve
Adventure Comics (1938) #467-
478                           Ditko, Steve
Adventures Into the Unknown
(1948) #168                   Ditko, Steve
Alias #7-8                    Sienkiewicz, Bill
All-Star Squadron (no.01-67,
Annuals 01-03) (1981-1987)    Liberty Belle
Alter Ego: The Best Of The
Legendary Comics Fanzine      Ditko, Steve
Amazing Adult Fantasy (1961)
#7-14                         Ditko, Steve
Amazing Adventures (1961)
#1, 3, 5-6, 24                Ditko, Steve
Amazing Adventures of the
Escapist #2                   Sienkiewicz, Bill
Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15    Ditko, Steve
Amazing Fantasy Omnibus       Ditko, Steve
Amazing Fantasy Omnibus       Ditko, Steve            To be ordered
Amazing Spider-Man (1999)
#20                           Ditko, Steve
                                                      Already owned by
                                                      State Library of
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus        Ditko, Steve        Pennsylvania
Amazing World of DC Comics
Magazine (1974) #13               Ditko, Steve
Amelia Rules! (v.01-04)           Gownley, Jimmy
American Library (1943)           David McKay Co.
American Splendor "Our Movie
Year"                             Piskor, Ed
Aquaman #52                       Sienkiewicz, Bill
Archer & Armstrong: First
Impressions                       Shooter, Jim
Astonishing (1951) #53            Ditko, Steve
Astonishing Tales (1970) #21      Ditko, Steve
CARTOONISTS: Insights and
Assaults from Today's Editorial
Cartoonists                       Trostle, J. P.
Avengers : The Initiative
(Annual #01)                      Philadelphia, Pa.
Avengers Annual (1967) #13,
15                               Ditko, Steve
Avenging Mind                    Ditko, Steve
                                                         Already owned by
Avenging World (Hero "H"                                 State Library of
series D2) (1973)                Ditko, Steve            Pennsylvania

Baby, Youre Really Something!    Frazetta, Frank
Barney Baxter (Feature Book)
(1938)                           David McKay Co.
Baron Weirwulf's Haunted
Library (1971) #23-25, 28, 30,
34, 36, 39-42, 47-54, 56-58,
60, 64-71, 74                    Ditko, Steve
Bat, The (1990)                  Apple Press
Batman #533-534                  Sienkiewicz, Bill
Batman (1940) #322               Ditko, Steve
Batman Villains Secret Files
and Origins                      Sienkiewicz, Bill
Batman: Black and White #3       Sienkiewicz, Bill
Batman: GCPD #1-4                Sienkiewicz, Bill
Battle (1951) #68, 70            Ditko, Steve

Be Be comics                     Pittsburgh Comix Club
Beats Graphic Novel              Piskor, Ed
Ben Franklin : A Comic Book      Franklin, Benjamin
Best of Horror and Science
Fiction #1                       Ditko, Steve
Betsy & Me                       Cole, Jack
Beware the Creeper #1-5          Ditko, Steve
Beware the Creeper (1968) #1-
5                                Ditko, Steve

Beyond the Grave #1-10, 16-17    Ditko, Steve
Beyond the Grave (1975) #1       Ditko, Steve
Big Bad Blood of Dracula         Apple Press
Bill Sienkiewicz Sketchbook      Sienkiewicz, Bill       To be ordered
'Bill Sienkiewicz Sketchbook     Sienkiewicz, Bill
Bizarre Adventures #31           Sienkiewicz, Bill
Black Widow #1-6                 Sienkiewicz, Bill
Black Widow Volume 1
(Paperback with the six
numbers)                         Sienkiewicz, Bill
Blade: Vampire Hunter #3         Sienkiewicz, Bill
Blazing Combat:
Vitenam/Korea                    Apple Press
Blazing Combat: WWI & II         Apple Press

Blondie (1942) (Feature Books) David McKay Co.
Blondie (1947) (#1-15)         David McKay Co.
Blondie : home-cooked scraps!
(c1945)                        David McKay Co.
Blondie, the model homemaker
(c1943)                        David McKay Co.
Blood of Dracula               Apple Press
Blue Beetle (1967) #1-5        Ditko, Steve
Blue Beetle (Charlton) #1-5    Ditko, Steve
Blue Beetle Companion          Ditko, Steve
Blue Bolt (1940-1949)          Novelty Press
Blue circle comics             Rural Home
Blue Ribbon Comics (1983)
#12                            Ditko, Steve
Bone (v.01-09)                 Smith, Jeff
Brought to Light               Sienkiewicz, Bill

Brought to Light : Shadowplay :
The Secret Team/Flashpoint :
The La Penca Bombing            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Cable #1- (Marvel, 2008)        Swierczynski, Duane
                                Villains operate in
Captain America (1996)          Philadelphia, Pa.
Captain America v.03 (Marvel
Masterworks)                    Steranko, Jim         To be ordered
Captain America: Red, White &
Blue                            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Captain Atom (1965) #78-89      Ditko, Steve
Captain Glory #1                Ditko, Steve
Captain Universe - Power
Unimaginable                    Ditko, Steve
Captain Victory #6              Ditko, Steve
Castle Waiting : The "Hand
Made" Special Edition           Frazetta, Frank
Castle Waiting v.02             Frazetta, Frank
Chamber of Chills (1972) #14 Ditko, Steve
Chamber of Darkness (1969)
#6-8                            Ditko, Steve
Charlton Bullseye (1975) (mag)
#1-2                            Ditko, Steve
Charlton Spotlight #5           Ditko, Steve
Child's Play : The Berenstain   Berenstain, Stan &
Baby Boom, 1946-1964            Jan
Chimera                         Santoro, Frank
Chrome Fetus Comics             Rickheit, Hans
Classics Illustrated #4 - Moby
Dick                            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Cold Heat : Castle Castle       Santoro, Frank
Compliments of the Domino
Lady                            Steranko, Jim
Conan and the Demons of
Khitai TPB                      Truman, Tim
Conan and the Jewels of
Gwahlur HC                      Truman, Tim
Conan and the Midnight God
TPB                             Truman, Tim
Conan and the Songs of the
Dead TPB                         Truman, Tim
Conan the Cimmerian (#0- )       Truman, Tim
Conan the Phenomenon HC          Truman, Tim
Conan Vol. 0: Born on the
Battlefield TPB                  Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 1: The Frost
Giant's Daughter and other
stories TPB                      Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 2: The God in
the Bowl and Other Stories
TPB                              Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 3: The Tower of
the Elephant and Other Stories
TPB                              Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 4: The Hall of
the Dead TPB                     Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 5: Rogues in
the House TPB                    Truman, Tim
Conan Volume 6: The Hand of
Nergal TPB                       Truman, Tim
Conan: Book of Thoth TPB         Truman, Tim

Conan: The Blood-Stained
Crown and Other Stories TPB      Truman, Tim
                                 Fox Feature
Cosmo Cat                        Syndicate
Coyote (1983) #7-10              Ditko, Steve
Coyote Collection #3             Ditko, Steve
Coyote Collection #4             Ditko, Steve

Creatures on the Loose (1971)
#15, 17-18, 20, 22, 24, 27-28 Ditko, Steve
Creepy (mag) (1964) #9-16,
21, 24, 26                    Ditko, Steve
                              Frazetta, Frank ;
Creepy Archives (v.01-03)     Ditko, Steve
Creepy things #5 (1976:April) Ditko, Steve
Creepy Things (1975) #3, 5    Ditko, Steve
                              Fox Feature
Crimes by women               Syndicate
Curse of the Weird (1993) #1-
2, 4                          Ditko, Steve
Daredevil (1964) #162, 234-
235                           Ditko, Steve
Daredevil by Frank Miller
Omnibus Companion             Sienkiewicz, Bill   To be ordered
Daredevil: Love and War       Sienkiewicz, Bill
Dark Fantasy (1992)           Apple Press
Dark Knight Dynasty Trade
Paperback                     Sienkiewicz, Bill
Days of Darkness              Apple Press
Days of Wrath                    Apple Press
DC 1st (One-Shot) Batgirl/The
Joker                            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Dean Koontz's Frankenstein       Dixon, Chuck
Death Dreams of Dracula
(1991)                           Apple Press
Deathlok Volume 2 #11            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Defenders Giant-Size (1974)
#1-4                             Ditko, Steve
Desert Storm Journal (1992)      Apple Press
Detective Comics #709            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Detective Comics (1937) #443,
483-485, 487                     Ditko, Steve
Deviant Funnies (#02)            Piskor, Ed
Dick Tracy (1937)                David McKay Co.
Ditko, etc...                    Ditko, Steve
Ditkomania #64 - #69             Ditko, Steve
Doctor Strange (1968) #179       Ditko, Steve
Doctor Strange (1974) #3         Ditko, Steve
Doctor Strange Classics (1984)
#1-4                             Ditko, Steve
Doctor Strange v.01-02 (Marvel
Masterworks)                     Ditko, Steve        To be ordered
Domino Lady                      Steranko, Jim
Dr. Graves (1985) #74-75         Ditko, Steve
Dracula Giant-Size (1974) #4     Ditko, Steve
Dracula in Hell                  Apple Press

Dune Movie adaptation, Marvel
Comics Super Special # 36        Sienkiewicz, Bill
Dynamo (T.H.U.N.D.E.R.
Agent) #1, 4                     Ditko, Steve
Eclipse Monthly #1-3             Ditko, Steve
Eerie Magazine (1965) #3-10      Ditko, Steve
Elektra by Frank Miller
Omnibus                          Sienkiewicz, Bill   To be ordered
Elektra: Assassin #1-8           Sienkiewicz, Bill
E-Man (1973) #2, 4-5             Ditko, Steve
Epic Illustrated #34             Sienkiewicz, Bill
Essential Defenders #2           Ditko, Steve
Excalibur #27                    Sienkiewicz, Bill
                                 Fox Feature
Famous Crimes                    Syndicate

Fantastic Four #219, #221-231    Sienkiewicz, Bill
Fantastic Four (1961) #13-14     Ditko, Steve
Fantastic Four Annual (1963)
#1, 16                           Ditko, Steve
Fantastic Four Giant-Size
(Giant-Size Super-Stars)
(1974) #2                        Ditko, Steve
Fantastic Four Omnibus #1        Ditko, Steve
Fantasy Masterpieces (1966)
#1-3, 7, 9                        Ditko, Steve
Fear our Copies                   Keene, Brian
Fightin' Army (1956) #160         Ditko, Steve
First Issue Special (1975) #7     Ditko, Steve
Fish Police (1989) (#18-26)       Apple Press
Fish Shticks                      Apple Press
Forbidden Worlds #1               Frazetta, Frank
Forbidden Worlds #102             Orrsville, Pa.
Forbidden Worlds (1951) #137-
138, 140                          Ditko, Steve
Frankenstein (1973) #12           Ditko, Steve
Galactus The Devourer #1-6        Sienkiewicz, Bill
Gambit #3, #4                     Sienkiewicz, Bill
Generation X Annual 1995          Sienkiewicz, Bill
Get Smarts (1966) #2              Ditko, Steve
Ghost Manor (1968) #13-16,
18-19                             Ditko, Steve
Ghost Manor (1971) #1-8, 14-
16, 18, 21-22, 25-26, 29-30       Ditko, Steve

Ghostly Haunts #22-25, 27-29,
31-34, 36-40, 44-48, 50, 52, 54   Ditko, Steve
Ghostly Tales (1966) #56-57,
60-61, 67, 69-73, 75-88, 92,
95, 97, 99, 100, 102-109, 111-
115, 117-119, 122, 146, 158       Ditko, Steve
Ghosts (1971) #77, 111            Ditko, Steve
Giant-Size Super-Heroes
Featuring Spider-Man (1974)
#1                                Ditko, Steve
Gorgo (1961) #15                  Ditko, Steve
Green Arrow #109                  Sienkiewicz, Bill
Green Lantern: The Last Will
and Testament of Hal Jordan       Sienkiewicz, Bill
Gunsmoke Western (1955)
#66                               Ditko, Steve
Harbinger: The Beginning          Shooter, Jim

                                  Blank, Kristin ; Wood,
                                  Mike ; published in
Hate Your Friends                 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Haunted (1971) #1-5, 7-8, 11-
16, 18                            Ditko, Steve
Haunted Love (1973) #4-5          Ditko, Steve
Hawk and Dove (1968) #1-2         Ditko, Steve
Heroes for Hope starring X-
Men                               Sienkiewicz, Bill
High Shining Brass                Apple Press
House of Mystery (1951) #236,
247, 254, 258, 276                Ditko, Steve
Hulk (1962) #2, 6                 Ditko, Steve
Humdinger                        Novelty Press
Imagine (1978) #4                Ditko, Steve
Immortal Iron Fist #17-
(Marvel, 2008)                   Swierczynski, Duane
Immortal Iron Fist: The Death
Queen of California (Marvel,
2008)                            Swierczynski, Duane
Incanto                          Santoro, Frank

Incredible Hulk Omnibus (v.01)   Ditko, Steve
Invasion '55                     Apple Press
Invincible Iron Man Omnibus
(v.01)                           Ditko, Steve
Iron Man (1968) #160             Ditko, Steve

Iron Man Giant-Size (1975) #1 Ditko, Steve
Isolation Chamber (#01-02)    Piskor, Ed
Journey into Mystery (1952)
#33, 38, 50-82                Ditko, Steve

Journey into Mystery (1972) #7 Ditko, Steve
Jungle Jim (1969)
(CHARLTON) #27-28              Ditko, Steve
Katzenjammer Kids (1947) (#1-
11)                            David McKay Co.
King Comics (1936) (#1-155) David McKay Co.
Konga (1960) #1, 8, 11-13      Ditko, Steve
Kull The Conqueror #4          Sienkiewicz, Bill
Legends of the DC Universe 80-
Page Giant #1                  Ditko, Steve

Legion of Super-Heroes (1980)
#267-268, 272, 274, 276, 281 Ditko, Steve
                              Fox Feature
Life with Snarky Parker       Syndicate
Little Orphan Annie and the
Kidnappers (giveaway) (1941) David McKay Co.
Little Orphan Annie Popped
Wheat Giveaway (1947)         David McKay Co.
Lonely One, The               Ditko, Steve
Macedonia                     Piskor, Ed
Machine Man (1978) #10-19     Ditko, Steve
Madame Zanadu                 Wagner, Matt
Magic Comics (1939)           David McKay Co.
Magnus Robot Fighter (1991)
#18-19                        Ditko, Steve
Magnus, Robot Fighter : Vol.
01                            Steranko, Jim
Man-Bat (1975) #1             Ditko, Steve
Mandrake the Magician
(Feature Book) (1938)         David McKay Co.
Man-Thing Giant-Size (1974)
#1, 4                              Ditko, Steve
Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves
(1967) #1, 7, 9, 11-13, 15-18,
20, 22, 24, 26-27, 29-35, 37-
38, 40-43, 47-48, 51-54, 56,
58, 60, 67                         Ditko, Steve
Marvel Collectors Item Classics
(1965) #1-22                       Ditko, Steve
Marvel Comics Presents #10 :
Wolverine, Man-Thing,
Colossus, & Machine Man
(1989:Jan.)                        Ditko, Steve
Marvel Comics Presents #7 :
Wolverine, Man-Thing, Master
of Kung Fu, & The Sub-Mariner
(1988:Nov.)                        Ditko, Steve
Marvel Comics Presents
(1988) #7, 10, 14, 54, 56, 58,
80-81, 83                          Ditko, Steve
Marvel Fanfare #38, #42            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era
Tales Of Suspense #1               Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era
Tales Of Suspense (v.02)           Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era
Tales To Astonish #1               Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era
Tales To Astonish (v.02)           Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks - Sgt. Fury
(v.02)                             Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks - The
Human Torch #1                     Ditko, Steve
Marvel Masterworks Captain
America v.03                       Steranko, Jim
Marvel Masterworks X-Men
v.05                               Steranko, Jim
Marvel Masterworks: Ant-
Man/Giant-Man (v.02)               Ditko, Steve
Marvel Milestones: Dragon
Lord, Speedball & The Man In
The Sky                            Ditko, Steve
Marvel Premiere (1972) #11         Ditko, Steve
Marvel Preview #18, #21            Sienkiewicz, Bill
Marvel Preview (1975) #21          Ditko, Steve
Marvel Spotlight (1979) #4-5, 9-
11                                 Ditko, Steve
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967)
#25-26, 30-31                      Ditko, Steve
Marvel Tales (1949) #147           Ditko, Steve
Marvel Tales (1964) #3-29, 31,
83, 100, 134-154, 156, 158-
166, 168-177                      Ditko, Steve
Marvel Treasury Edition #1, 6,
8                                 Ditko, Steve
Marvel Triple Action Giant-Size
(1975) #1-2                       Ditko, Steve
Marvel Visionaries : Steve
Ditko HC (2005)                   Ditko, Steve
Marvel Visionaries: Jim
Steranko                          Steranko, Jim       To be ordered

Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko Ditko, Steve          To be ordered
Marvel's Greatest Comics
(1969) #23-28                   Ditko, Steve
Mickey Mouse Stories            David McKay Co.
Micronauts (1979) #39           Ditko, Steve
Micronauts Annual #1-2          Ditko, Steve
Midnight Tales (1972) #12       Ditko, Steve
Millennium Edition : Mysterious                       Already owned by
Suspense 1 (reprint of Charlton                       State Library of
1968)                           Ditko, Steve          Pennsylvania
Miracle Squad                   Apple Press
Modern Masters v.15: Mark
Schultz                         Schultz, Mark
Monster Hunters (1975) #2, 4,
6, 8, 10, 14-15, 18             Ditko, Steve
Monster Menace #1-4             Ditko, Steve
Monster on the Prowl (1971)
#14, 16, 18-20                  Ditko, Steve
Monsters Attack Magazine
(1989) #1-5                     Ditko, Steve
Moon Knight #1-15, #17-20,
#22-26, #28-30, #33             Sienkiewicz, Bill
Moon Knight Special Edition #1-
3                               Sienkiewicz, Bill
Moon Knight: Annual #1
(Marvel, 2007)                  Swierczynski, Duane
Morlock 2001 (1975) #3          Ditko, Steve
                                                      Already owned by
Mr. A (Hero "H" series D1)                            State Library of
(1973)                            Ditko, Steve        Pennsylvania
                                                      Already owned by
Mr. A (Hero "H" series D4)                            State Library of
(1975)                            Ditko, Steve        Pennsylvania
Mr. Fixitt                        Apple Press
Murder #1-3                       Ditko, Steve
                                  Fox Feature
My great love                     Syndicate
                                  Fox Feature
My life                           Syndicate
                                  Fox Feature
My past                           Syndicate
Mysteries of Unexplored
Worlds (1956) #9, 22              Ditko, Steve
Myth Conceptions                  Apple Press
Need More Love : A Graphic
Memoir                            Crumb, R.
New Crime Files of Michael
Mauser Private Eye                Apple Press
New Mutants #18-31, #35-38        Sienkiewicz, Bill

New Mutants Classic, v.01-02      Sienkiewicz, Bill     To be ordered
New X-Men                         Sienkiewicz, Bill
New X-Men #127, #131              Sienkiewicz, Bill
Nick Fury, Agent of
S.H.I.E.L.D.                      Steranko, Jim         To be ordered
Nightwing Huntress #1-4           Sienkiewicz, Bill
Nukla (1965) #4                   Ditko, Steve

Out of this World (1956) #9, 16   Ditko, Steve
Pacific Presents #1-3             Ditko, Steve
Paradise X v.01                   Sienkiewicz, Bill     To be ordered
Perry Mason Feature Book
(1946)                            David McKay Co.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular
Spider-Man #220-#229              Sienkiewicz, Bill
Phantom (1969) (CHARLTON)
#36, 39                           Ditko, Steve
Phantom 2040 #1-4                 Ditko, Steve
Phantom Feature Books
(1939)                            David McKay Co.
                                  Fox Feature
Phantom Lady                      Syndicate
Pitt, The                         Pittsburgh, Pa.
Prince Valiant Feature Book
(1941)                            David McKay Co.
Punisher: Force Of Nature
(Marvel, 2008)                    Swierczynski, Duane
RASL (no.01-03)                   Smith, Jeff
Return of Gorgo (1963) #2         Ditko, Steve
Revenge of the Hound
(Steranko, illus)                 Steranko, Jim
Revolver #1-6                     Ditko, Steve
                                  Fox Feature
Ribtickler                        Syndicate
Rom (1979) #59-75                 Ditko, Steve
Rom Annual (1982) #4              Ditko, Steve
                                  Sleeping Giant
s.h.o.p.                          Comics
                                  Fox Feature
Sabu, elephant boy                Syndicate
                                                            Already owned by
Safest Place in the World                                   State Library of
(1993)                             Ditko, Steve             Pennsylvania

Sandman: Endless Nights TPB        Sienkiewicz, Bill
Santa My Life & Times: An
Illustrated Autobiography          Sienkiewicz, Bill
Satan's Six #1                     Ditko, Steve
Scary Tales (1975) #25             Ditko, Steve
Secret City Saga #1-4              Ditko, Steve
Secrets of Haunted House #9,
12, 41, 45                         Ditko, Steve
                                   Schelly, Bill ;
Sense of wonder                    Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sentinels (Drumfish)               Bernatovech, Rich
Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion        Sgt. Rock
Sgt. Fury and his Howling
Commandos (1963) #15               Ditko, Steve
Shade (1977) #1-8                  Ditko, Steve
Shadows & Light (1997) #1          Ditko, Steve

Shazam (1973) #27 & 30
(Pittsburgh & Philadelphia, Pa.)   E. Nelson Bridwell
Showcase (1956) #73, 75            Ditko, Steve
Silver Star #2                     Ditko, Steve
Solar, Man of the Atom (1991)
#14-15                             Ditko, Steve
Space Adventures (1952) #10-
11                                 Ditko, Steve
Space War (1959) #31               Ditko, Steve
                                   Takes place in Malice,
Spawn #170-173                     Pa.
Special Marvel Edition #13         Ditko, Steve
Speedball #1-10                    Ditko, Steve
Spidergirl #0                      Sienkiewicz, Bill
Spider-Man - Saga of the
Sandman TPB                        Ditko, Steve

Spider-Man (1963) #1-38, 275       Ditko, Steve
Spider-Man 2099 #42                Sienkiewicz, Bill
Spider-Man Annual (1964) #1-
3, 6-7, 22                         Ditko, Steve
Spider-Man Classics #1-16          Ditko, Steve
Spider-Man Megazine #1-6           Ditko, Steve
Stalker (1975) #1-4                Ditko, Steve
Star*Reach Classics #5             Ditko, Steve
Sterank Design : Hytertype         Steranko, Jim
Steranko (Limited Deluxe
Edition)                           Steranko, Jim            To be ordered
Steranko : Arte Noir               Steranko, Jim
Steranko : Graphic Prince of
Darkness                           Steranko, Jim
Steranko History of Comics
v.01-02                           Steranko, Jim
Steve Ditko : Space Wars          Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko : Space Wars SC
(2005)                            Ditko, Steve

Steve Ditko : Thing TPB (2005)    Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko Reader #3             Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko Reader CD-ROM
(v.01)                            Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko Reader TPB
(2002)                            Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko: Space Wars           Ditko, Steve        To be ordered
Steve Ditko's 160 Page
Package (2000)                    Ditko, Steve
PACKAGE                           Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko's 80 Page
Package                           Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko's Static TPB
(2001)                            Ditko, Steve
Steve Ditko's Strange
Avenging Tales                    Ditko, Steve        To be ordered
Steve Ditko's The Thing!          Ditko, Steve
Storeyville                       Santoro, Frank
Strange Adventures (1950)
#188-189                          Ditko, Steve
Strange and Stranger: The
World of Steve Ditko              Ditko, Steve        To be ordered
Strange Avenging Tales #1         Ditko, Steve
Strange Tales (1951) #46, 50,
67-146                            Ditko, Steve
Strange Tales Annual (1962)
#1-2                              Ditko, Steve
Strange Worlds (1958) #1-4        Ditko, Steve
Stray Toasters #1-4               Sienkiewicz, Bill
Stray Toasters Designer
Collection                        Sienkiewicz, Bill   To be ordered
Stuff of Life : A Graphic Guide
to Genetics & DNA                 Schultz, Mark
Superman #400 Pin-Up              Sienkiewicz, Bill
Superman Vol 2 #173               Sienkiewicz, Bill

Superman: Day of Doom #1-4        Sienkiewicz, Bill
Supernatural Thrillers (1972)
#8-9                              Ditko, Steve
Super-Villain Team-Up Giant
Size (1975) #2                    Ditko, Steve
Survive!                          Apple Press
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
Archives (v.06)                   Ditko, Steve
Tales of Suspense (1959) #1-
15, 17-44, 46-49                  Ditko, Steve
Tales of the Mysterious
Traveler (1956) #2-11             Ditko, Steve
Tales of the New Gods             Ditko, Steve

                                  San Giacomo, Mike ;
Tales of the Starlight Drive-in   Valley Forge Drive-in
Target comics                     Novelty Press
Tarzan at the Earth's Core
(1962:Canaveral Press)            Frazetta, Frank (illus.)
                                  Fox Feature
Tegra jungle empress              Syndicate
Texas Rangers in Action
(1956) #77                     Ditko, Steve
The Avengers Annual #16        Sienkiewicz, Bill
The Hulk Magazine, painted
oversized graphic novels, #13-
15 #17-18 #20                  Sienkiewicz, Bill
The Marvel Saga #8             Sienkiewicz, Bill
The Shadow #1-6                Sienkiewicz, Bill
The Spirit (serial)            Philadelphia Record
The Wedding Album X-Men        Sienkiewicz, Bill
Tiger-Man (1975) #2-3          Ditko, Steve
Time Beavers                   Truman, Tim
Time Jump War                  Apple Press
Time Warp #1-4                 Ditko, Steve
Tomb of Dracula (1979) #2      Ditko, Steve
Tower of Shadows (1969) #6, 8-
9                              Ditko, Steve
Tower of Shadows Annual
(1971) #1                      Ditko, Steve
Trollords: Death and Kisses    Apple Press

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6-8      Sienkiewicz, Bill
Umbra (no.01-03)                  Hawthorne, Mike
Uncanny X-Men #159, # 287,
#288, #314, Annual #6             Sienkiewicz, Bill
Unexpected (1956) #189-190,
221                               Ditko, Steve
Unknown Worlds (ACG) #49-
50, 54                            Ditko, Steve
Untamed Love #1                   Frazetta, Frank
Untold Tales of Spider-Man
#14, 25                           Ditko, Steve
Unusual Tales (1955) #12          Ditko, Steve
Vampiric Jihad (1991)             Apple Press
Victorian Horrors of Old Mauch
Chunk                             Jim Thorpe, Pa.            To be ordered
Vietnam Journal                   Apple Press
Vietnam Journal Graphic Story
Collection                        Apple Press
Vietnam Journal: Bloodbath at
Khe Sanh                           Apple Press
Vietnam Journal: Indian
Country TPB (v.01) (1990)          Apple Press
Vietnam Journal: Tet '68           Apple Press
Vietnam Journal: Valley of
Death                              Apple Press
Visual Storytelling: The Art and
the Technique                      Steranko, Jim       To be ordered
Voodoo Child: The Illustrated
Legend of Jimi Hendrix             Sienkiewicz, Bill   To be ordered
Vox                                Apple Press
Vox Special Preview Edition
(ashcan) (1988)                    Apple Press

Wally Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R.
Agents #1, 3-4                     Ditko, Steve
Warp (1983) #2-4                   Ditko, Steve
                                   Warren Publishing
                                   started in
Warren companion                   Philadelphia, Pa.
Web of Spider-Man Annual
(1985) #5                     Ditko, Steve
Weird War Tales (1971) #46,
49, 95, 99, 104-106           Ditko, Steve
Weird Wonder Tales (1973) #4-
5, 10-11, 13, 19-21           Ditko, Steve
Werewolf by Night Giant-Size
(1974) #2                     Ditko, Steve
                                                       Already owned by
Wha!?! (Hero "H" series D3)                            State Library of
(1975)                             Ditko, Steve        Pennsylvania
What If? #34                       Sienkiewicz, Bill
What the..?! (1988) #1             Ditko, Steve
Where Creatures Roam (1970)
#1-7                               Ditko, Steve
Where Monsters Dwell (1970)
#3-10, 12-14, 16-17, 19, 23-25,
36-37                              Ditko, Steve
                                   Fox Feature
Will Rogers                        Syndicate
William Penn : Founder of
Pennsylvania                       Penn, William
Winning in the Desert              Apple Press
Wizzywig (v.01-02)                 Piskor, Ed
Wolverine #10-16                   Sienkiewicz, Bill
Wolverine: Inner Fury              Sienkiewicz, Bill
                                   Fox Feature
Women outlaws                      Syndicate
World of Fantasy (1956) #16-
19                                 Ditko, Steve
X-Man #9                           Sienkiewicz, Bill
X-Men (1963) #86-87, 89-91,
93                            Ditko, Steve
X-Men Classic #63             Sienkiewicz, Bill
X-Men Unlimited #43           Sienkiewicz, Bill

X-Men Vs. Dracula One-Shot.   Sienkiewicz, Bill
                              Ditko, Steve ; Shooter,
X-O Manowar: Birth            Jim
Young King Cole               Novelty Press
                              Fox Feature
Zoot comics                   Syndicate
Name                PA Connection   Cutter
Orrsville, Pa.                      O759
Philadelphia, Pa.                   P544
Pittsburgh, Pa.                     P692

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