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									Communications &
Career Development Unit Notes

              Marketing I
     Marketing Essentials Textbook
      Chapter 8 (Communication)
 Chapter 37 and 38 (Employability Skills)
I. Elements of Communication
   The process of exchanging information,
    ideas, and feelings. This process is
    made up of:
       Sender and Receiver
       The message
       Channels
       Feedback
       Noise (Blocks)
       Setting
Senders and Receivers
   Every message must be sent, received, and
   Use both verbal and nonverbal means
   Speaking and writing are verbal
   Facial expressions and body language are
   The information,
    ideas or feelings the
    sender wants to
          The avenues by
           which the message      Face to Face
           is delivered

Letters, Memos, Reports   Email
   The receivers
    response to
    the message
      Noise (Blocks)
   Anything that interferes
    with understanding the
     Distractions

     Emotional Blocks

     Planning a Response

                         Feedback     Sender
              Receiver                (Encodes the message)
(Decodes the message)


   Where the
    takes place
          II. Listening vs. Hearing
   Difference between listening and hearing
       Listening is a mental process and is vital to
       Hearing is a physical process and takes place
        in the ears.
   We spend as much time listening as we do
    speaking, writing, and reading combined.
Listening Skills
   Identify the purpose
       Inform, Entertain, or Persuade
   Look for a plan
       Generalizations w/examples or evidence
       Cause and effect
       Comparison and contrast
       Numeration
   Give feedback
       Nod, frown, ask questions, etc.
Listening Skills, continued
   Search for an interest
   Evaluate the message (There are times
    when you should listen with
    empathy/sympathy and times when you
    should make a judgment. Don’t let
    emotions get in your way of logic.
    Distinguish between fact and opinion.
Listening Skills, continued
   Listen for more than verbal content
    (watch body language, expressions,
    pitch, voice quality, etc. that could
    change the meaning of the words)
   Listen for conclusion
   Take notes
   Follow directions
III. Blocks to Listening
   Distractions – Noises, environmental
    factors (too hot or too cold),
    interruptions, mind wandering
   Emotional Blocks – Biases against the
    sender or the message being sent
   Planning a Response – Thinking
    about what you are going to say
      Jargon is often a block to
   JARGON - Language that has meaning
    only in a particular career field.
   It is appropriate to use when speaking
    or writing to people in your field but not
    to people who are not.
VI. Communication & Job
   Verbal Skills (uses            Non Verbal
    words but does not                 Smile
    have to be spoken)                 Good firm handshake
       Resume                         Good eye contact
       Application Form               Cross ankles only
       Cover Letter                   Good posture
       Answer and ask
        interview questions
       Follow up Letter
       Letter of Resignation
   Between 60% and 75% of all of
    your communication is nonverbal.

   In the first four seconds people will
    make judgments about you:
       I   will or will not buy from this person.
       I   will or will not like this person.
       I   find this person kind, or not.
       I   find this person intelligent or not.
   What are these judgments based on?
        V. Types of written business
   1. Business Letters (includes these parts)
       Return Address (sender)
       Date                         I prefer block
       Inside Address (recipient)   style letters for
       Salutation                   business, where
       Body                         everything is
       Closing                      against the left
       Signature
       Reference Initials
     Business Letter Formats
   Block (Every thing
    against the left margin,   _______________

    as shown)                  _______________
   Modified Block (date,                  4
    complimentary close,       _______________

    signature are spaced       _____________________________
    over)                      _____________________________    5
   Modified Block             ______________________________
    w/paragraph                _____________________________
    indentions (same as        ______________ 6
    modified, but with
    indented paragraphs)       ______________
      2. Memo                                MEMO

                                  TO:     IAHS Faculty
                                  FROM:   Ms. Dunn MD
    Written                      DATE:   February 3, 2004
                                  RE:     Valentine’s Parties
     communication within
     a company or group           This year we will allow each
     rather than for              class to have a Valentine’s
                                  Party on February 13. We will
     outside                      also serve grilled hamburgers
     correspondence.              for lunch. We hope you will
                                  make this an enjoyable day
    Includes heading and         for your students.
     body only
Write a memo to your classmates ________________________
        VIII. Job Leads (places to find
   Internet sites (, etc)
   Newspaper (employment ads – see next slide)
   Employment Agencies
       Public (Govt. owned, free to use)
       Private (charge a fee to use)
   Networking (Friends, Family, etc)
   Signs in windows
   Direct calls (going in person, no ads)
   Counselors, Co-op programs, etc
  Types of Employment Ads
     Help Wanted (A business or person
      wants to hire someone)
     Blind Ad (A help wanted ad that doesn’t
      identify the employer)
     Employment Wanted (A business or
      person who places an ad in hopes of
      finding employment)
Assignment: Find at least one example of each
       in the newspaper, identify each
Help Wanted/Blind Ads
   Bookkeeper needed, Experience
    necessary, send resume to Stovall
    Bookkeeping Service, 389 North
    Cummings Street, Fulton, MS
   Dental Hygienist needed, experience
    required, send resume to P.O. Box 372,
    Tupelo, MS
Employment Wanted Ad
         Advertising Consultant
         w/5 years experience,
 Masters Degree in Marketing/Business.
   Call (662) 231-3773 Day or Night
        VII. Sources of Career
   CHOICES (has internet links to job openings)
   Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
   Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
   Guide of Occupational Exploration

These resources will tell you more about careers
 in which you might be interested.
     VIII. Prepare the following
     Job Acquisition paperwork
        Cover Letter
        Resume
        Job Application
        Follow up letter or note
        Participate in an interview
        Letter of resignation
Use samples from Marketing Essentials Textbook, the internet,
     MS Word templates, and the Job Handbook to help.

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