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					                                   BOARD REGULAR MEETING
                                     SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

The Board of Directors of the Davenport Community School District in the Counties of Scott and Muscatine,
State of Iowa, met in regular session, pursuant to law and the rules of the Board, on Monday, September 29,
2003 at 7:00 PM. The meeting was held at the Administration Service Center, 1606 Brady Street, in the Jim
Hester Board Room. President Susan Low called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

On roll call the following members were present: President Susan Low; Directors Richard Clewell, Nikki
DeFauw, Alan Guard, Larry Roberson, Timothy Tupper, and Patt Zamora. Student board members in
attendance were: Lily Arbisser and Daniel Levetzow (Central High); Christina McKern (Kimberly Center),
and Micah Melton (West High).


            A. Madison Elementary * Sheri Womack, Principal

                Principal Sheri Womack explained the Davenport School District and a group of ministers
                from the Quad Cities formed an alliance with one central goal—to close the achievement
                gap between different groups of students. Bishop MacArthur Anderson from the Pentecostal
                Church of God “adopted” Madison School. Under his guidance, our MAC (Minority
                Achievement Challenge) program was launched during September 2002. Mark Anderson,
                Bettina McWilliams, Toi Allen, Tonya Wilkins, Bob Schneden, and Sheri Womack were
                all central in establishing this program.

                Six students were selected to participate in the program based on need in one or more of
                the areas of reading, math, and/or social skills. Each student had a MAC plan with goals
                based on their ITBS scores and number of office referrals. Every Tuesday after school,
                these students participated in a tutorial session and worked one to one with a mentor at
                the Church. They then enjoyed dinner there. Every Friday these students also participated
                in a study group led by Ms. McWilliams. At the end of the school year, two of the students
                were chosen to attend Wildwood Camp for a week during the summer. Ms. Wilkins, Ms.
                McWilliams, and Ms. Allen talked about their experiences in this program. The Board saw
                a PowerPoint presentation and learned about the seven principles of the program: love,
                security, discipline, structure, learning, training, and recreation. They heard about the
                selection process, objectives, expectations, and saw photos of students on their job
                assignments. "Teamwork makes the dream work." Student Deontri talked about her
                experiences, setting goals, and all the things she learned. Student Alex gave the Board a
                handout sharing his experience in the program. Bishop MacArthur Anderson concluded
                with comments about this great opportunity presented for the church to become involved
                with children at Madison. He thanked the volunteers for their time and efforts. He
                congratulated the parents for letting the church become involved with the challenges of
                these children. He thanked the administration and Board for being responsible for making
                this success story work. Bishop Anderson mentioned Jim Hester's involvement in starting
                the program and for the District's continuation.

                Dr. Blanche thanked the staff, parents, volunteers, and Bishop Anderson for their work.
                This program rose out of a concern for what was happening in our schools. It was more
                difficult to put what you believe into action than what people thought. Bishop Anderson's
                role has been key to this program and we look forward to hearing more.

            B. North High School * Jim Andrews, Principal and Tom Neuhaus, Coach
Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                    2

              Principal Jim Andrews explained the 2003 season marked the addition of some new
              facilities at Davenport North’s Ken Kaul Field. Dugouts, a varsity clubhouse (with lockers),
              a press box/coaches office, and a storage facility were added to our complex. The project
              was the result of tremendous support from the businesses and individuals of the “North
              High Community.” Coach Neuhaus talked about the process involved in making the
              improvements to the Kaul Field and credited people who stepped up to the challenge with
              their contributions of time and money. He spoke about his previous coaching experiences
              and how the staff here looked at the condition of the dugout at North. Bill Good was willing
              to work with them and he just asked that the workers kept him in the loop as they made
              changes and improvements in the dugout. Within eight months, they had raised $85,000 in
              cash, materials or labor donations. The District had started with about $15,000 in the
              beginning. The new facility was ready by May 29, 2003. Mr. Neuhaus thanked all the
              contributors to the dugout and shared the booklet that was printed. Businesses and
              corporations, parents, volunteers, staff members, and students worked together on this.

              The Project was initiated in October of 2002 when the Davenport School District committed
              $15,000 of “start-up funding” to replace our old dugouts. The plan took off from there, and
              within 8 months a new facility that is estimated to have a value of close to $100,000 was
              completed. Approximately $85,000 in labor, materials, or finances were raised by the North
              Baseball Facility Improvement Committee.

              The committee was made up of Head Varsity Baseball Coach, Tom Neuhaus, Terry &
              Sheeny Black, Dave & Leanne Belk, Jim & Marti Campbell, and Tim Bladel. These
              individuals assisted with all facets of the project and devoted a countless amount of hours
              to insure the project was completed on time--and in a quality manner. Terry Black, of
              Ryan & Associates, volunteered his time as general contractor for the project. He
              provided tremendous assistance in working out every last detail that helped North High
              create what we believe is one of the finest facilities of this kind in the State of Iowa. Mr.
              Neuhaus felt that the students believed in themselves because they saw how much all
              these people in their community believed in them. They had a very successful season and
              they took pride in what they could do. Facilities do make a difference, and Mr. Neuhaus
              also put in a plug for a state-of-the-art weight room needed at North in the future.

              Dr. Blanche thanked Mr. Neuhaus for his presentation and enthusiasm. Dr. Blanche said
              that Mr. Neuhaus gave credit to others for this work, but it took a great deal of leadership
              on his part to hold things together and run a quality program.

           A. Wednesday, October 1, 4:00 PM, Policy Committee, Administration Service Center
           B. Monday, October 6, 5:30 PM, Committee of the Whole, Administration Service Center,
              Jim Hester Board Room
           C. Monday, October 13, 7:00 PM, Regular Board Meeting, Administration Service Center,
              Jim Hester Board Room
           D. Tuesday, October 14, 6:00 PM; Davenport Holiday Inn, Rooms C & D, District
              Retirement Dinner; reservations required
           E. Tuesday, October 14, 5:30 to 9:00 PM; IASB District #6 Fall Meeting, Mt. Vernon High
              School, Mt. Vernon; reservations required
           F. Monday, October 27, 7:00 PM, Regular Board Meeting, Administration Service Center,
              Jim Hester Board Room

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                               3

          G. Monday, November 3, 5:30 PM, Committee of the Whole, Administration Service
             Center, Jim Hester Board Room
          H. Open Forum for Community Input -- No one asked to speak.

                                    CONSENT AGENDA
            To conserve time and focus attention on non-routine matters on the agenda, the Board
            considered a number of items grouped together as a Consent Agenda, all items to be
            approved in one motion.

            A. Reading of the Minutes

                The minutes from the Organizational & Regular Board Meeting on September 15, 2003
                were presented for approval.

            B. Correction to the July 7, 2003 Committee of the Whole Minutes

                The administration recommended the minutes from the July 7, 2003 Committee of the
                Whole be corrected with a deletion of one sentence in the paragraph about the
                financial report. "Mrs. Tangen also said it was a possibility that Keith had picked up
                wrong numbers, but they didn't have his working papers to see what he used in
                computing the totals."

            C. Personnel: Appointments, Resignations, Retirements, Leaves, Etc.


            Kurtz, Darby                              Leave of Absence without Pay
            Science 6th Grade                         Effective: 9/17/03 – 10/31/03
            Smart Intermediate


            Cook, Janelle                             7%
            7th Grade Girls’ Basketball Coach         $1,689.00
            Williams Intermediate

            Flaherty, Sandy                           6%
            Intramurals                               $1,448.00
            Garfield Elementary

            Olsen, Raub                               10%
            Sophomore Wrestling Coach                 $2,414.00
            West High

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                4

            Puebla, Keith                             7%
            7th Grade Wrestling Coach                 $1,689.00
            Sudlow Intermediate

            Schricker, Nancy                          5%
            Vocal Music Elementary                    $1,207.00
            Garfield Elementary

            Wood, Michael                             7%
            7th Grade Wrestling Coach                 $1,689.00
            Wood Intermediate


            George-Dowd, Linda                        5%
            Vocal Music Supplemental                  $1,207.00
            Garfield Elementary

            Gray, Thomas                              7%
            Track Intermediate Co-Ed                  $1,689.00
            Head Coach
            Young Intermediate

            Hatfield, Terry                           8%
            7th Grade Girls’ Volleyball Coach         $1,931.00
            Young Intermediate

            McCannon, Tennesha                        8%
            7th Grade Girls’ Volleyball Coach         $1,931.00
            Sudlow Intermediate

            Sanders, Keith                            6%
            Intramurals                               $1,448.00
            Garfield Elementary

            Shetler, Kathryn                          6%
            SH Department Head (.5)                   $724.00
            North High

            Siokos, Jim                               7%
            7th Grade Assistant Football Coach        $1,689.00
            Sudlow Intermediate


            Mullins, Sarah                            Degree: B.A. – Step 1
            Grade 3                                   Effective: September 18, 2003
            Walcott Elementary                        Salary: $24,785.00 prorated to $21,971.57 for the
                                                      remaining 164 days of the 2003-04 school year

            Nicholson, Kelley                         Degree: B.A. – Step 2
            Language Arts, Grade 7                    Effective: September 10, 2003
            Wood Intermediate                         Salary: $26,024.00 prorated to $23,913.95 for the
                                                      remaining 170 days of the 2003-04 school year

            Ruud, Kelly                               Degree: B.A. – Step 1

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                             5

            Kindergarten                         Effective: September 22, 2003
            Blue Grass Elementary                Salary: $24,785.00 prorated to $21,703.62 for the
                                                 remaining 162 days of the 2003-04 school year

            Schlawin, Korine                     Degree: M.A. – Step 3
            Music, Kdg-Grade 1 (.347—2 hrs.      Effective: September 9, 2003
                              40 min. per day)   Salary: $10,750.41 prorated to $5,229.93 for the
            Harrison Elementary                  remaining 90 days of the 2003-04 school year (works
                                                 Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Fridays)


            Derby, Jacinda                       Effective: September 4, 2003
            Food Service Worker                  Yrs. of Service: 2 wks.
            North High

            Horton, Faith                        Effective: September 12, 2003
            Food Service Worker                  Yrs. of Service: 1 yr.
            Wood Intermediate

            Seay, Christopher                    Effective: September 19, 2003
            Para Educator                        Yrs. of Service: 1 mo
            North High

            Williams, Heather                    Effective: September 18, 2003
            Food Service Worker                  Yrs. of Service: 1 mo.
            North High


            Welzenbach, Johanna                  Leave of Absence without Pay
            Para Educator                        Effective: October 1, 2003 to Start of School 2004


            Blankenfeld, Crystal                 Effective: September 19, 2003
            Para Educator                        Salary: $6.80
            Washington Elementary                Hours: 7.0 hrs/day

            Charlton, Christine                  Effective: September 17, 2003
            Food Service Worker                  Salary: $7.06
            Blue Grass Elementary                Hours: 1.75 hrs/day

            Hill, Jennifer                       Effective: September 11, 2003
            Para Educator                        Salary: $6.80
            McKinley Elementary                  Hours: 6.5 hrs/day

            Lonstein, Bonnie                     Effective: September 19, 2003
            Para Educator                        Salary: $6.80
            Hayes Elementary                     Hours: 5.45 hrs/day

            Serrano, Jennifer                    Effective: September 29, 2003
            Administrative Assistant             Salary: $13.92
            ASC                                  Hours: 8 hrs/day

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                 6

            Sindt, Angela                             Effective: September 17, 2003
            Food Service Worker                       Salary: $7.06
            West High                                 Hours: 2.75 hrs/day

                * Not a Teacher       ** Guest Teacher          ***Not a Replacement

          President Low noted a correction in the Personnel Section of the Consent Agenda.

MOTION:   Director Zamora moved the Board approve the Consent Agenda presented with one name
          correction on page 5, under Supplemental Appointments, adding a hyphen to the name Linda
          George-Dowd. Director Clewell seconded the motion.

          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Zamora, Clewell, DeFauw,
          Guard, Roberson, Tupper, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.

                                      APPROVAL OF BILLS
          A resolution was recommended by the Administration for adoption of the bills.
MOTION:   Director Guard moved be it resolved that all claims presented to the Board having been duly
          certified as correct by the Secretary, and reviewed by the administration and Board Treasurer,
          the same be and they are hereby audited and allowed as just claims and warrants drawn on
          the Treasury for the several amounts. Further Resolved, that the payment of claims and
          salaries be approved as presented. Director Roberson seconded the motion.
          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Guard, Roberson, Clewell,
          DeFauw, Tupper, Zamora, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.

                             OTHER ITEMS REQUIRING ACTION

          A.   Naming of the Biology Lab at West High [Knopick Biology Lab]
               The administration recommended naming the Biology Lab at West High School,
               in honor of Patricia Knopick (Knopick Biology Lab) as presented and discussed
               at the Regular Meeting on September 15, 2003.
MOTION:   Director Clewell moved the Board approve naming the Biology Lab at West High
          School in honor of Patricia Knopick (Knopick Biology Lab) as presented and
          discussed at the Regular Meeting on September 15, 2003. Director Zamora seconded
          the motion.
          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Clewell, Zamora,
          DeFauw, Guard, Roberson, Tupper, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                7

          B.   Naming of the West High School's Fitness Center [Paul Flynn Fitness for
               Life Center]
               The administration recommended naming the Fitness for Life Center at West High
               School, in honor of Paul Flynn (Paul Flynn Fitness for Life Center) as presented and
               discussed at the Regular Meeting on September 15, 2003.
MOTION:   Director Zamora moved the Board name the Fitness for Life Center at West High School in
          honor of Paul Flynn (Paul Flynn Fitness for Life Center) as presented and discussed at the
          Regular Meeting on September 15, 2003. Director DeFauw seconded the motion.
          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Zamora, DeFauw,
          Clewell, Guard, Roberson, Tupper, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.
          C.   IASB Assembly Delegate and Alternate for November 2003
               President Low asked if any board members would consider the appointment as the
               delegate or the alternate to vote at the IASB Delegate Assembly on November 19, 2003.
               The delegate or alternate will cast the 15 votes for the Davenport School Board during
               the annual meeting prior to the Iowa Association of School Boards Convention. Director
               Guard would be able to go up for one or two days of the convention. Director Roberson
               was also interested in attending.

MOTION:   Director Clewell moved Director Alan Guard be appointed the primary delegate for the IASB
          Assembly on November 19, 2003 and Director Larry Roberson be appointed as the alternate
          for the assembly to cast the 15 votes for the District. Director Tupper seconded the motion.
          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Clewell, Tupper, DeFauw,
          Guard, Roberson, Zamora, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.

          D.   Appointment of Truancy Officer
               The administration recommended Corporal Mike Cole to be appointed as the Truancy
               Officer for the Davenport Community School District for the 2003-2004 school year.

MOTION:   Director Guard moved the Board accept the administration's recommendation to
          appoint Corporal Mike Cole as the Truancy Officer for the Davenport Community
          School District for the 2003-2004 school year. Director Tupper seconded the motion.
          The vote on the motion was called and recorded as follows: Ayes: Guard, Tupper,
          Clewell, DeFauw, Roberson, Zamora, and Low. Motion carried unanimously.

                                        DISCUSSION ITEMS
          A.   No Child Left Behind
               The Board had an opportunity to hear from Juli Staszewski about various issues
               dealing with the No Child Left Behind legislation and development plans for district
               improvements. The administration wanted the Board to know the details of this new
               legislation. These plans have been used by Presidents in the past to look at what they
               thought was important for education. The NCLB act will have a financial impact on
               districts because of assessment and Title I programs. The amount of $2 million we get
               from the Federal Government won't cover the additional things required. Ms.
               Staszewski talked about how 100 percent of our students will have to be proficient as
               defined by the State. There are major components that involve reading. There are
               mandates, and if only one Title I school doesn't make it, the district will be hurt. She

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                      8

               talked about percentages and trajectory. There is a safety net that will help meet the
               goals--safe harbor or competence interval. Ms. Staszewski clarified the subgroups,
               sanctions, failure to make progress plans, and consequences in the third and fourth
               year. We have to have highly qualified staff that is licensed and they have majors in
               the subject areas they teach. She talked about paraprofessionals and extra certifica-
               tion needed in Title I schools. There are struggles ahead as we look at what must be
               done and how to focus our attention. The Board asked questions about testing and
               expecting 100% proficiency by all our students. Ms. Staszewski tried to explain how
               the norms were set on these tests and that they were frozen on the 2001 data.
               Dr. Blanche informed the Board we had to create four new bus routes and there could
               be more with the NCLB act. We will also have to use some of the Title money to pay
               for busing and for tutorial aspects of the programs. We are not making excuses, but
               we want to work together and continue to see improvement in these buildings. Dr.
               Blanche expressed his concern with the time frame for making all these improvements
               in education in the next 12 years. Director Tupper asked what the staff needed from
               the Board to make sure this work happens and we get the results needed. Ms.
               Staszewski said of course there will be a need for resources but also support from the
               Board. Many of the staff members are overwhelmed with what they are being asked to
               do and there is tremendous staff development happening. Any support you can give
               will be in the right direction. Director Clewell asked if the Department of Education had
               accepted Iowa's proposal yet for guidelines. The response was that this was
               happening rapidly and almost all proposals have been accepted in some detail.
               There were a number of questions about ITBS and ITED assessments. Ms. Staszewski
               said there could be problems because of language fluency for some students. It was
               important parents understand the importance of the testing so we can work with the
               students on makeup dates within a short window of opportunity. Mrs. Long explained
               special education students are expected to take the exams unless the staff recognizes
               criteria making it impossible. Director Roberson appreciated getting this information about
               NCLB and also said if there was anything the Board could do, to please let them know.
               Mrs. Long explained for special education students they have a portfolio of activities that
               have to meet standards and benchmarks.
               Student board members had a few questions about the testing process. Daniel explained
               that students don't want to take the standardized tests. So if the principal could offer
               incentives to get them to take the tests and do well that would help. Maybe with more
               incentives students might want to do better. Students seem to understand the importance
               of taking the SAT or other big tests in order to get into college. The Board talked with the
               students about the time tests were taken and maybe taking the tests later in the morning
               could also help. Ms. Staszewski said each building has to decide on the test times and
               how to motivate their students. Lily asked if the teachers might have to end up teaching to
               the test because of these new standards with NCLB. Ms. Staszewski said that won't
               happen but the end of chapter tests will be a good indicator if the students have learned. It
               is not fair to teach to the test, but our curriculum should include areas that will be tested.
               Mrs. Long talked about the federal funds coming into Title I buildings that will be affected
               by the NCLB. We have flexibility in spending the $2 million but with sanctions on any of
               the schools, the money we get will have to be spent on things such as busing, tutors, and
               other mandates. There could be sanctions that would affect schools and staff positions.
               Director Zamora asked if it was true that the greatest percentage of Title I schools were in
               our district and that puts us at a disadvantage. Mrs. Long agreed but said we do get more
               money each year because of the number of students needing Title I funds.
          B.   Edison Schools Information
               President Low said that because we have a number of new board members, they felt
               it was appropriate to have a brief review of the Edison Schools program. This year
               Edison will ask for the option of an extension, and we need to know about this

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                      9

                 program in order to make a decision later in the year.
                 Chief Financial Office, Marsha Tangen reviewed elements of the Edison Program and
                 highlighted some of the financial aspects. We originally started with the program
                 assuming it would not cost us any more to contract with Edison than what we would
                 spend ourselves. We had a budget to project and we had some adjustments along the
                 way. The Board looked at data prepared and learned how Edison received 10
                 installments during the year for payments. We take our credits for adjustments and
                 items we pay. The biggest plus of the program is their staff development. The contract
                 is very unique and offers a lot of opportunities for their students.
                 Director Zamora said she was one of the very first supporters of the program and they
                 were able to offer computers and staff development for teachers which was very unique.
                 They had excellent technology, curriculum offerings, and if you visit the school, children
                 always greet you. Student board members were encouraged to visit the Jefferson Edison
                 school if they had a chance. The administration familiarized board members with the
                 Edison program currently used in our district and presented the financial details and
                 impacts of the program in our District. This year there will be negotiations with the Edison
                 Schools to look at continuation of this program. Director Clewell also talked about visiting
                 the school and seeing the business partners. He asked if the costs were lower because
                 more of the teachers were new. Mrs. Tangen said not on the average, but it depends on
                 one year to the next who we employ. Director Zamora commented that getting this
                 program started was difficult and there were some experienced teachers who felt it was
                 too much of a challenge. Director Roberson visited the school and found it to be unique.
                 He asked what future contract negotiations might look like. Mrs. Tangen said there might
                 be different funding options for the contract. Director Zamora said Edison has lost money
                 being here, but they wanted to go to where the schools are the best and see if they can
                 make them better. We have to convince them we are the best and they should stay.
           C.    Budget Calendar
                 Chief Financial Officer Marsha Tangen outlined the budget calendar used for financial
                 purposes for the past and current school year. The budget is based on data we get
                 from the State and it has to be certified. She talked about certified enrollment figures
                 and the school board checkpoints on the calendar. Director Guard said he would like
                 to make sure that at the November Committee of the Whole, the Board can determine
                 district priorities for the 2004-2005 budget. We had a lot of issues last year and we
                 missed having input in that area. We have a number of items to talk about and we
                 need efforts to make sure our priorities are included and we have input.


           1.     Dr. Blanche reported on the IASB Orientation for board members last Saturday,
                  September 27 at North Scott High School. We had three new board members attend
                  the meeting--Nikki DeFauw, Alan Guard, and Larry Roberson. We should have an
                  opportunity to host one of these workshops in the Iowa Quad Cities so our board
                  members don't have to drive so far for training sessions. Dr. Blanche appreciated the
                  response and felt it was a worthwhile session. He has attended three or four of the
                  ABLE sessions and people get solid information that helps us.
          1.    Director Clewell asked for information and data on the elementary class sizes and
                sections in buildings.

Minutes September 29, 2003                                                                                      10

          2.   President Low told board members she had a chance to read all the American
               Government letters from the students at West High. They were very interesting and she
               plans to write back to the class, but it will probably be a 12-page report to answer all their
               questions. They were concerned about heat and air conditioning issues. Some didn't care
               about any specific issue they just had to write something because it was an assignment.
               President Low will bring the letters to the next Committee of the Whole meeting to share
               with the rest of the Board.
          3.   Director Zamora was excited about the District's sporting events and hoped people would
               get out and attend the football games.
          4.   Board members were asked to stay after the meeting to check their calendars for an
               expulsion hearing time and date.
          5.   Director Roberson said he went to Jefferson and learned many of the teachers were
               bilingual. He saw how they could interact with the students, and he was hopeful this would
               benefit all of them.


MOTION:    Director Guard moved the Board adjourn. Director Zamora seconded the motion.
           The vote on the motion was called and recorded by consensus, all ayes.
           President Low declared the meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

                                                                Linda Smith Kortemeyer
                                                                Board Secretary


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