DECEMBER by zhangyun


									        ‘TIS THE SEASON TO

      REDUCE                                                                                   REUSE
      • Take your own bags with you when you go shopping.                                      • Save Christmas wrap, ribbons, bows, bags and tins for
        Don’t load up on plastic bags that will end up in                                        reuse next year.
        landfills. If you have to take a bag with your purchase,
        save it and use it again.                                                              • Reuse last year’s Christmas cards by cutting the card in
                                                                                                 half, write a message on the back to make a Christmas
      • Rather than buying gifts, think of making a donation                                     post card or gift tag.
        on someone’s behalf, or simply do something nice for
        someone else. A kind gesture is often appreciated                                      • Rather than disposing of toys and other gifts which
        more than a gift.                                                                        have been outgrown; donate them to charity for others
                                                                                                 to enjoy.
      • Choose products that
        are durable and will
        serve you for a long time                                                              RECYCLE
        rather than those which
        will require replacement                                                               • Christmas wrap (except foil wrap) that you can’t reuse
        prematurely.                                                                             should be flattened and placed in your blue box.
                                                                                               • Place left over turkey bones and other food scraps from
                                                                                                 your Christmas feast in your green bin.

                SUNDAY                 MONDAY                 TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY                          THURSDAY                 FRIDAY                   SATURDAY
                                                                                         D WASTE            1                     2                       3                             4
                                             Jordan’s Tip:
                                   ”Use newspaper to wrap gifts and                                                  Bradford West Gwillimbury                     DETAILS ON PAGE 16
 2010                                recycle it after the holidays.”              TB                 A


                                                                                       Y 7AM M OND

                            5                            6              7                                   8                     9                       10                            11

                           12                            13             14                                 15                    16                       17                            18

                           19                            20             21                                 22                    23   WASTE SITES CLOSE   24   CHRISTMAS DAY            25
                                                                                                                                      AT NOON.                 Waste Sites Closed

           WASTE SITES     26                            27             28                                 29                    30   NEW YEARS EVE       31
                                       DOUBLE UP
                                     2 bags/containers                  DOUBLE UP DAYS: DEC 27 - DEC 31 (ALL AREAS)
                                        accepted this
                DOUBLE UP DAYS:   DEC 27 - DEC 31
                                           week                              DOUBLE UP DAYS

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