Volumes I - III_ Published as the Alabama Historian Vol. No

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					               Volumes I - III, Published as the Alabama Historian

Vol.   No. Article Title                                       Pp. Author
Vol. 1 No. 1 The Withdrawal of the Non-Imperial Garrisons      1-11 Thomas J. Cole
             from Britain's Self-Governing Colonies
             A Southern Odyssey: The Artistic Experience       12-20 William Douglas
             of South Carolinians Abroad in the 1850s                Smyth
             The End of a Tradition: The Admittance of         21-24 Stephanie
             Women to the United States Service Academies            Stevenson

       No. 2 An Irrelevant Sharing: Ireland and the Marshall 1-9 Randall Pierce
             James Gillespie Birney: The Evolution of an     10-15 Gladys Williams

Vol. 2 No. 1 The Sherman-Johnston Campaign for Atlanta         1-8  Vernon L.
             The Economic Consequences of the Civil War        9-16 Jonathan
             in Clarke County, Alabama                              Kaledin
       No. 2 Highlights of 150 Years: The University of        1-9 Crawford King
             Flodden: A Scottish Military Disaster             10-17 J. Michael Hill
             Focus of Power: A Reappraisal of Speaker          18-24 Larry
             Henry Clay                                              Schweikart
             Improvised Flotillas in Action, The Naval         25-30 Richard Brown
             Engagement at Memphis                                   Neely

Vol. 3 No. 1 Who Wears the Crown? A Comparison of the          2-10 Anita Wolf
             Royal Imagery of Queen Elizabeth and King
             James I
             Elizabeth I and James I in Cheapside: Pageant     11-17 John W. Ehman
             A Journey into Independence: The Pennsylvania     18-28 Paul Doutrich,
             Council of Safety, 1775-1776                            III
             Letters From An Alabama Doughboy in the           29-34 Jane W. Newton
             Great War
             Harold L. Ickes and the Oil Crisis of 1941: The   35-46 Ira L.
             "Cassandra" of National Defense                         Kirkpatrick

                      Volumes IV - XXI, Southern Historian
Vol.     Article Title                                       Pp. Author
Vol. 4   Counting Countrymen on the Tombigbee                2-11 Samuel J. Wells
         The Perthshire Affair: William Henry Seward and     12-23 Mark Harris
         Union Blockade Policy, 1861                               Boazman
         Continuity in Southern Values, 1760-1860            24-33 Fred Walters

Vol. 5   Professor Non Grata: Theodore G. Bilbo and          3-10   Pamela Webb
         Mississippi Academia
         The Commerce of a Southern Port: New Bern,          11-22 William Stuart
         North Carolina, 1783 to 1812                              Morgan, III
         Hilary A. Herbert and the Paradox of an Anti-       23-26 H. E. Mattox
         Imperialist Strong Navy Advocate
         The Final Battle: The Southern Historical Society   27-37 Harold Eugene
         and Confederate Hopes for History                         Mahan
         A Turn of Events: Earl Long and the Louisiana       38-45 Davy Brooks
         Gubernatorial Elections of 1940 and 1948

Vol. 6   "Amongst the many glorious workes of the late       3-11  Daniel R.
         Kinge": The Successful Settlement of Virginia             Campbell
         Henry Lee and Banastre Tarleton: How Historians     12-19 Joel W. Huffstetler
         Use Their Memoirs
         Louisiana and Lincoln's Assassination: Reactions    20-27 R. L. Reid
         in a Southern State
         The Reconstruction and Redemption of the            28-39 Alice E. Reagan
         Fundamental Law: Constitutional Revision in
         Georgia, 1865-1877
         The Household Composition of Working Class          40-52 Henry M.
         Families in the Birmingham District, 1900                 Mckiven, Jr.
         Selected Recollections of Two Florida Pioneers      53-56 Michel O. Nettuno

Vol. 7   The Making of a Southern Radical: Myles Horton 5-22        John W. Glen
         and the Establishment of the Highlander Folk
         Joseph Taylor Robinson: Keystone of President 23-30        Cecil Edward
         Franklin D. Roosevelt's Supreme Court 'Packing'            Weller, Jr.
         Louisiana Reaction to the Begininng of World    31-39      Jerry Purvis
         War II                                                     Sanson

Vol. 8   The Influence of Francis Fauquier, William Small, 5-13     Daniel Dean
         and George Wythe on Thomas Jefferson                       Roland
          Re-Evaluating Roeber: Change and Stability in      14-23 J. Thomas Wren
          Virginia Legal Culture, 1776-1810
          Vice-Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane and the        24-38 William Abbot
          southern Campaign to New Orleans, 1814-1815              Henderson
          Nativism in the Old South: Know-Nothingism in      39-53 James Marchio
          Antebellum South Carolina
          Identifying the Antebellum Southern Poor White: 54-63 Christopher S.
          A Preliminary Study of Sources and Methods            Johnson
          Appomattox Court House Revisited                64-73 Henry E. Mattox &
                                                                Robert W. Mattox
          Bill Arp and the New South: The Misreading of a 74-81 David B. Parker
          Homely Philosopher
          A Survey of Southern History                    82-92 James L. Hunt &
                                                                John Morgan

Vol. 9    Support for the National Democratic Party in       7-21    John E. Borsos
          South Carolina During the Dixiecrat Revolt of
          Lift Tennessee Out of the Mud: Ideology and the    22-37 Jeanette Keith
          Good Roads Movement in Tennessee
          Key West During the Civil War: An Island of        38-50 Edward L. White,
          Discontent?                                              III
          Thinking Back on C. Vann Woodward:                 51-60 John D. M.
          Reflections on Change and Continuity in Southern         Griffiths

Vol. 10   Jefferson Davis and the State of Missouri: A       7-25    Sara L. Sale
          Critical Assessment of the Phyrric Victories,
          Black Seminoles in Territorial Florida             26-42   George E. Klos
          William H. Crawford and the Election of 1824       43-52   Harold Campbell
          Sharecroppers for Civil Liberties                  53-65   David Boling
          Civil War fictional Propaganda: Marry Anne         66-77   Laurie Arnston
          Cruse's Cameron Hall

Vol. 11   A Question of Security: The Confederacy's Policy 1-23      Edward L. White,
          in East Tennessee, 1861-1863                               III
          Beyond the Call of Duty: Representative John     24-42     Henry J. Walker,
          Sparkman of Alabama and World War II, 1939-                Jr.
          Segregation in Charleston in the 1950s, A Decade 43-64     William D. Smyth
          of Transition
          Abstract on "School Desegregation in the South     65-81 Glen C. Moore
          and the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974"

Vol. 12   The Constitution of the Confederate States of      5-28Edward L. White,
          America: Innovation or Duplication?                    III
          Nationalism in the Shadow of Sectional Defeat    29-43 G. Clifton
          The Vine Street Community Church: History of a 44-52 Donald A.
          Southern Commune                                       Rakestraw &
                                                                 Jennie F.
          Unequal Funding of Alabama's Public Schools:     53-59 George W. Prewett
          An Historical Perspective
          Richard M. Nixon and the 1970 Midterm            60-71 Glen Moore
          Elections in the South
          Research Libraries in Southern History: Alabama, 72-81 Brina J. Agranat
          Part I
          A Decade of Scholarship: The Southern            82-86 Henry J. Walker,
          Historian, 1980-1990                                   Jr. & Julia G.

Vol. 13   Culture and Ecology: Indians, Europeans, and       7-24  Francis Xavier
          Animal Husbandry in Colonial Florida                     Luca
          Robert M. T. Hunter and the Crisis of the Union,   25-35 R. Randall Moore
          The South and Black Cinema: An Exploration         36-47 Stephen G. Meyer
          Perspectives on the Historiography of the Slave    48-66 Anya Jabour
          Coach Bryant and the Years of Crisis, 1969-1970    67-70 Randolph Gillum
          Archival Repositories and Museums/Exhibits in      71-82 Kate Moore,
          Southern History: Alabama, Part II                       Compiler

Vol. 14   "One Undivided Current": Politics, Society, and    5-19   A. Glenn Crothers
          the Religious Settlement in Virginia
          The Transformation of Horace Wilkinson:            20-40 Glenn Feldman
          Progressivism and the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s
          Reporting the Rage: An Analysis of Newspaper       41-57 Jason Paul
          Coverage of the Freedom Rides of May, 1961               Clabaugh
          The Anti-Communist Prism: Perceptions of the       58-70 J. Mark Leavins
          Civil Rights Years, 1961-1964
Vol. 15   War and Reconciliation in the 19th-Century         5-27   Ray Drinkwater
          American South: The Personal Journey of
          William Gordon McCabe
          Rethinking the Civil War: Beyond "Revolutions,"    28-50 Eric T. Dean, Jr.
          "Reconstructions" and the "New Social History"
          "A Smile on Her Face and a Song on Her Lips":      51-67 Melissa Walker
          Home Extension Work Among East Tennessee
          Farm Women during the Agricultural Depression
          of the 1920s
          Pickets in the Woods: The Strikes and              68-77 Jon Chalmers
          Conciliation Behind Thornhill vs. Alabama
          A Study of Southern Loyalism: The Politics of      78-89 John Paden
          Thomas Macknight

Vol. 16   Other Loyalists: A Reconsideration of the Black    5-25   Michael
          Loyalist Experience in the American                       McDonnell
          Revolutionary Era
          "Angels of Peace in a Smitten Land": The           26-45 Perry Chang
          Northern Teachers' Crusade in the Reconstruction
          South Reconsidered
          Gender and Authority in the West Virginia          46-60 Sandra Barney
          Antituberculosis Campaigns of the Progressive
          The Gentleman's White Supremacist: J. Strom        61-86 Tomiko Brown
          Thurmond, the Dixiecrat Campaign, and the                Hall
          Evolution of Southern Politics

Vol. 17   Arkansas and the Grandfather Clause Amendment      5-16   Scott A. Jones
          of 1912
          Leadership and Civil War Desertion in the          17-33 William E.
          Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth Regiments                 Emerson
          North Carolina Troops
          The Ironic Career of Zephaniah Kingsley            34-44 Daniel L. Fountain
          "Rule of Rebs": Confederate Historical Memory      45-66 Richard D. Starnes
          and White Supremacy in North Carolina, 1865-
          Eugene Franklin May: The Life and Career of a      67-79 Larry A. Taunton
          Southern Naval Officer

Vol. 18   From Centerpiece to Center Stage: Kelly Ingram     5-28   Thomas H. Cox
          Park, Segregation, and Civil Rights in
          Birmingham, Alabama
          African-American Inclusion in the Fifth Naval     29-44 Paul C. Moulton
          Life and Times of a Rebel Girl: Jane Speed and    45-65 Catherine Fosl
          the Alabama Communist Party
          Coach Paul Bryant and the Integration of the      66-80 Brent Wellborn
          University of Alabama Football Team

Vol. 19   What They Fought For . . . in Greensboro,         5-13   G. Ward Hubbs
          The American School of Ethnology: Science and     14-34 Thomas E. Will
          Scripture in the Proslavery Argument
          Integration at Alabama's Historically Black       35-59 Bruce Lowery
          Colleges and Universities
          From the Mississippi to the Mediterranean: The    60-85 David A. Smith
          1891 New Orleans Lynching and its Effects on
          United States Diplomacy and the American Navy

Vol. 20   "The First Martyrs": The Sixth Massachusetts and 5-24    Stephen M.
          the Baltimore Riot of 1861                               Klugewicz
          The Neighborhood Organization Workers of         25-40   Nahfiza Ahmed
          Mobile, Alabama: Black Power Politics and Local
          Civil Rights Activism in the Deep South
          Sectarianism, Sectionalism, and Immigration: The 41-54   David Schroeder &
          Lutheran Church on the Eve of the Civil War              Peter Burfind

Vol. 21   Forgive Us Our Transgressions: Rule and Misrule   5-24  Jan Price
          in the Antebellum Southern Schools                      Greenough
          Slavery, Secession, and the Old School            25-39 James McLean
          Presbyterians: James Henley Thornwell and               Albritton
          Charles Hodge on the Relationship between
          Church and State
          Symbols of Freedom and Defeat: African            40-55 Chad Williams
          American Soldiers, White Southerners, and the
          Christmas Insurrection Scare of 1865
          Charles S. Johnson and the Sociology of Race      56-65 Todd Lee

Vol. 22   The Principle of Liberation: Henry P. Moore's   5-34 Michelle
          Civil War Photographs of African Americans            Lamunière
          From the Cotton Field to the Great Waterway:    35-54 Victoria Ott
          African Americans and the Muscle Shoals Project
          during World War I
          Something Lost: The Black Farmer and the      55-65 T. Robert Hart
          Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Before,
          During, and After Integration
          "Proud to Lend My Name and Whatever Strength 66-80 Christopher John
          I May Have": U.S. Senator Carter Glass and          Bright
          World War II Interventionism

Vol. 23   Walking the Tightrope of Texas Politics: Lyndon      7-24   Paul M. Marshall
          B. Johnson and the 1946 Congressional Election
          And Its Name Was Enza: The 1918 Flu and Its          25-42 Dana L. Hettich
          Sweep through Birmingham
          A Two-Front Dilemma: Texas Rangers in the            43-55 Nathan Howard
          Civil War
          Southern Intellectuals and the Defense of Slavery:   56-70 Simon Wendt
          The Proslavery Thought of George Fitzhugh and
          Henry Hughes

Vol. 24   Disciplining and Punishing in Edgar Allan Poe's      6-15   Eve Dunbar
          "thye system of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether":
          the Southern Origins and Implications of Poe
          Doing as Little as the Law Requires: African         16-28 Chris Danielson
          Americans, the Federal Goverment, and School
          Desegregation in Bayton, Texas
          Uplift, Violence, and Service: The Experience of     29-39 Jim Downs
          Black Women Teachers in the South During
          "Count Her In": Enez Stafford Grubb in the           40-49 Solomon Omo-
          Building and Rebuilding of 1960s Cambridge,                Osagie

Vol. 25    BETHABARA, Beacon in the Wilderness:             7-17      Steve Eldridge
          Establishing the First Moravian Settlement in
          Colonial North Carolina, 1752-1759
          On That Day You Consummated the Full Measure 18-39          Kevin M. Levin
          of Your Fame: Remembering the Battle of the
          Crater, 1864-1903
          Women, Work, and War: Runaway Slave Women 40-50             Elizabeth Demers
          in Savannah, 1763-1790
          “Intemperate in Speech,” The Politics of Religion 51-66     Shannon L. Parsley
          in Baltimore City: The 1928 Election
Vol. 26   Conversation: Gary Gallagher                      7-29      Glenn Brasher
“The Milk in the Cocoanut”: Booker T.          30-54 R. Volney Riser
Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and the
Conspiracy in Alabama’s 1901 Constitutional
Ratification Referendum
“I Must Go Through However”: Ulysses S. Grant, 55-74 William Hardy
the Swing Around the Circle, and Presidential
“Work is Worship”: Morris Newfield’s Social    75-86 Neal M. Hughes
Activism in Birmingham, 1895-1940