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									                                              Resume of
                                          Ahmad Faruque, Quazi
Contact Information:
Address: H/22, Zakir Hossain Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Mobile: 01977771555 (Evening), 01730326665 (Day)
Phone: 880-02-9120739 (Res.), 880-02-8143685 (off.)

Career Objective: Would like to make a career in Development Program Management of a professionally managed international

Career Summary: More than 21 years of working experience out of which 16 years as program specialist. Worked in
UNDP/UNOPS for South Asia Poverty Alleviation Programme (SAPAP) as Credit Specialist for 7 years out of which as country
focal point for last 2 years; and more than two and half years in NGO Forum for Drinking Water and Sanitation, 5 years in
Islamic Relief Worldwide, Bangladesh as Program Manager, Development Program and six & half years in other national
Organizations.. I represented delegations in international conferences in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan and worked as
Junior Engineer in Jeddah Power station for air conditioning maintenance from January 19 - June 27, 1994. I obtained MBA
Executive Program with major in finance from East West University, Master of Development Studies (MDS) from North
South University and B.Sc. in Mech. Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I have
relevant publications in micro finance and group dynamics.

Special Qualification: Specialization in development program especially in Micro-finance, Food Security and Livelihood, Project
Designing, Planning & Implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation. Relevant courses on quality control and project design

Work Experience:

1.   Rural Services Foundation
     Head of Operation
     Member, Executive Committee
     May 5, 2010 to date

Duties/Responsibilities: Operate the social business and technical hub of the organization interacting with other functional
areas and suppliers to provide goods and services for rural people, manage inventory, micro credit and social marketing; and
analyze rural demand of solar home system, biogas system and other socio-economic activities.

     Current employees: 1765, total households: 75,500, villages covered: 15,200 and no. of Unit Offices: 311
     Product and services: Solar home system, bio-gas system, improved cooking system and environment awareness

2.   Islamic Relief Worldwide, Bangladesh
     Programme Manager, Development Program
     Member, Country Office Management Team (COMT)
     March 2005 to May 04, 2010
Duties/Responsibilities: This position is responsible for the overall management of Development Projects such as Micro
Finance, Training Centre, Income Generating Activities and Vocational Training of Islamic Relief Bangladesh. Provide
management oversight, design and program & implementation guidelines of the same to the field offices. Development program
covered 6 projects and 250 staffs with total budget: more than 5.4 million Euro.

Major Achievement/Contribution: Designed and Introduced Social Micro Finance Program funded by IRW, designed Food
Security Projects for North West Bangladesh funded by the European Union and Integrated Community Action Project funded by
Forum Syd, Sweden.

3.   NGO Forum for Drinking Water and Sanitation Services
     Credit Coordinator, Action Research Project
     June 2002 to February 2005

Duties/Responsibilities: Provide management expertise, design and develop implementation guidelines and MIS, monitoring
and supervision of credit program of the same to the field offices and the Partner NGOs. Experience achieved with WatSan
Micro credit, publication of training material and Institutional building at the grass roots level.

Major Achievement/Contribution: Action research conducted for effectiveness of micro credit in water & sanitation Programme
and found significant results. Relevant book published under this project by NGO Forum funded by Unit for Policy
Implementation (UPI), a DANIDA component in Bangladesh.

4.   UNDP/UNOPS, Bangladesh
     Credit Specialist
     September 1995 to May 2002

 Duties/Responsibilities: Experience with South Asia Poverty Alleviation Programme (SAPAP) for micro credit
management, monitoring, evaluation, social mobilization, planning and implementation including documentations, reporting,
liaise with donors, government and line agencies. Experienced as Country Focal Point for the year 2000-2001. Number of
Villages covered - 202, Number of members organized- 48,000, Number of Village Organizations- 1050, Loan disbursed - Tk.
540 million, Staff supervised - 49.

Major Achievement/Contribution: Poverty alleviation at the Project area achieved more than national rate and participated in
the international meeting/workshops for South Asia Poverty Alleviation Programme.

5.   Jubo Academy
     Programme Coordinator
     January 1993 to August 1995

 Duties/Responsibilities: Worked for implementing, monitoring and coordinating the different GoB Projects and micro fiancé
program. Number of Villages covered - 118, Number of members organized- 13951, Loan disbursed - Tk. 11.8 million, Staff
Supervised - 171, No. of training centers- 03, District-07.

Major Achievement/Contribution: Learned socio-economic development and micro finance Programme.

6.   Penguin Engineering, Dhaka
     Air-conditioning Engineer, Operation and Maintenance
     October 1991 to December 1992

 Duties/Responsibilities: The position is Responsible for Air-conditioning Design, Estimation, Installation and Maintenance of all
kinds of Air-conditioning system.

     Consulting Engineer & Project Manager
     January 1990 to September 1991

Duties/Responsibilities: The job was entrusted with Manufacturing, Operation, Inspection and Maintenance.

8.   SATKHIRA FOODS LTD. (Shrimp Freezing & Processing Ind.)
    Project Engineer
    01 September 1988 to 31 December 1989,

Duties/Responsibilities: The job was entrusted with production, Operation, Inspection and Maintenance.

1. Designed the MIS for NGOs implementing micro-finance program in December 1998. It was sponsored by Credit
   Development Forum (CDF). Contact E-mail:
2. Evaluated the micro finance program of Community Development Program (CDP) as a team member of D A H Alamgir in
   December 2003 sponsored by Stromme Foundation.

Educational Qualification:
     Executive MBA Program is in progress with major in finance from East West University enrolled in September 2007,
        CGPA 3.84
     Master of Development Studies from North South University in 2006, CGPA: 3.51
     B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 1988, Second Class
     HSC (Science) from Kalaroa Degree College under Jessore Board in 1981, First Division, Board Scholarship
     SSC (Science) from GKMK Kalaroa Pilot High School under Jessore Board in 1979, First Division, Board Scholarship

Training Obtained:
 Project Evaluation and Monitoring conducted by Islamic Relief Bangladesh at Dhaka on November 15-21 2006
 Project Management Capacity Building Training conducted by Islamic Relief Bangladesh at Dhaka on August 26-29 2006
 Child Protection Training conducted by Islamic Relief Bangladesh at Dhaka on August 19-20 2006
 Certificate for English Proficiency conducted by North South University at Dhaka on February 7 to April 16 2006
 Capacity Building Training on Group Dynamics conducted by MYRADA, India at Dhaka on October 2-18 2001
 Management and Accounting of Micro-credit Program conducted by CARE-Bangladesh at Dhaka on September 12-16 1999
 Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) conducted by UNDP at Kishoreganj on August 15-19 1999
 Institutional Development at the Grass Roots conducted by UNDP/NRSP at Pakistan from 21 April – 6 May 1997
 English Language conducted by BIAM at Dhaka from 26-31 Jan. & 07 Mar – o4 April 1995
 Industrial Training organized by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology at R & H Department from 19 Jan. to
     9 Feb. 1986

Other relevant experience including International Workshop/Consultation Meeting:
1. Exposure Visit to Water and Sanitation Programme organized by DANIDA at Moharastra, India on September 15-22, 2004
2. Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation Workshop on Water and Poverty conducted by WARPO at Dhaka, Bangladesh on
    September 22-26, 2002
3. First South Asia Social Mobilization Meeting (SASMoN) conducted by UNDP at Islamabad, Pakistan on September 2-5,
4. Workshop and Consultation Meeting on the UNDP supported South Asia Poverty Alleviation Program (SAPAP)
    “Achievement, Challenges and Future Institutional set-up” conducted by UNDP at Katmandu, Nepal on May 18-25, 2001
5. Workshop to finalize the Regional Report on Policy Lessons Emerging from Social Mobilization organized by UNDP at
    Dhaka, Bangladesh on March 31 - April 01, 2001
6. Field visit and consultation meeting on Institutional Development at the Grass Root of Agakhan Foundation, NRSP, SRSP
    and UNDP funded projects conducted by UNDP/NRSP at Pakistan on 21 April – 6 May 1997
7. Junior Engineer for air conditioning maintenance of Saudi Power station in Jeddah on January 19 - June 27, 1994

    a) "Service Charge (Interest) Calculation by using Universal Formula" in Micro Finance Newsletter, ISSU 4,
         December 1998 by Credit Development Forum (CDF)
    b) “MIS Manual” in June 2000 by Credit Development Forum (CDF) funded by Switch Development Corporation
    c) “Group Dynamic and Leadership Development” –a training material for Village Groups in July 2003 by NGO Forum
         for Drinking Water and Sanitation Services funded by Unit for Policy Implementation, DANIDA
    d) “Livestock and Poultry Management” - Flip Chart in March 2010 by Islamic Relief Worldwide and funded by
         European Union (EU)
    e) “Social & Economic Development – concept and practical guideline” in April 2010 by Islamic Relief Worldwide and
         funded by European Union (EU)

Key skills / Experience achieved:
   Administering of Loan program (Savings and Credit Program) and small enterprise
   Understanding of different types of Programs and Technical Know how
   Knowledge of Finance & Administration
   Analytical skill in mathematics and in quantitative methods in Research Programme
   Ability to guide project personnel and national & international counter parts
   Administering of Procurement of Goods for an organization
   Ability to handle project related complex issues
   Capacity of Liaison with different bodies
   Skill on PRA tools, Situation Analysis/ Program Audit, SWAT Analysis, Constraints Analysis, Participation Analysis,
    Stakeholder Analysis, Frame Work Analysis of the Project in addition of PERT/CPM, cost-benefit analysis, quality control
    technique and micro finance analysis.

Language Proficiency: Bengali and English

Computer Knowledge/Skills: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, SPSS and MINITAB, Microsoft Project

Extra Curricular Activities:
Affiliation (Membership): a) Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh, b) Mechanical Alumni, BUET.

Personal details:
 Father's Name              : Quazi Mahbubar Rahman
 Mother's Name              : Syeda Abeda Khatun
 Wife                       : Dr. Shahina Naazneen
 Date of Birth              : 15 March 1964
 Gender                     : Male
 Marital Status             : Married and one child
 Nationality                : Bangladeshi
 Religion                   : Islam (Sunni)
 Permanent Address          : Shahid Sriti Road, Kalaroa, Satkhira, Bangladesh

1. D.A.H Alamgir, Development Program Consultant, Tel: 0173010135, 9122537, Email:
2. S.M.A Rashid, Executive Director, NGO Forum for Drinking Water and Sanitation Services, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tel: 880-
    02-8154273-4, + 0171543356

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