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Number of Consumers:                          7th Grade Votes:                 Cost of Soap
Number of Votes:                              8th Grade Votes:                 Production Cost
Number of Possible Votes:                     9th Grade Votes:                 Profit Margin                             $                -
Female Votes:                                                                  Amount Sold
Male Votes:                                                                    Total Profit                              $                -
Reasons for Voting:                         Product Mix                        Type the answer to the following questions:
                                                                               Which of the four P's in the marketing mix were your strongest,
Good Idea                                   Product:                  0        according to your graph?
Look                                        Promotion:                0
Cool Table                                  Price:                    0
Free Stuff                                  Place:                    0        What was the main reason people voted for your soap?
Good Value                                  Other:                    0
Lowest Price
Knew Someone                                Total                     0        Who was your target market? (ex: 8th grade girls)
                                                                               What might you have done differently to make more money?

Create the following graphs:
1. A bar chart showing the 9 reasons for voting for your soap. You may add reasons if they were specified on your surveys. Choose
what category, (Product, Promotion, Price, or Place) any other reasons would be under and add it to your product mix totals.
2. A donut chart . If different grades were represented in your data, make a pie chart showing each grade and number of votes. In addition,
make a gender chart showing male vs. female--also using a Donut chart.
3. A column chart showing the product mix. Do not include total in the chart--just the 4 P's and "other" if necessary.
4. A pie chart showing your market share. Graph the data of Number of votes vs. Number of Possible votes.

Make the graphs on the sheet entitled "graphs". Make all four fit on one page and print the whole page. Print this page and attach it,
with your graphs, to your packet.

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