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					                                   TOURIST VISA

Who is eligible:

      tourists in general (sightseeing, pleasure trip, etc.);
      participants in sport competitions or artistic contests, conferences or seminars,
       whenever they are not being paid for such activities (daily allowances and
       accommodation expenses coverage can be excepted).


      a copy and the original of a valid passport for a minimum of six months from the
       date of intended arrival in Brazil (with at least two blank pages available);
      one Visa Application Form filled out, dated and signed by the applicant;
      one recent 3cm x 4cm photo, front view, white background . (Snapshots and
       computer low quality pictures are not accepted);
      Job certificate, in the applicant name, issued by the employer;
      if the applicant is a housewife or under 18 years old, relative job certificate is
       accepted. In this case a family record must be attached;
      you must present the original and a copy of one of the following document: a)
       income tax revenue, b) term deposit; c) last six months banking statements.
      copy of a round-trip ticket or a booked itinerary showing travel to and from
       Brazil, with the passenger name. The itinerary must show flight number and
       arrival/departure dates;
      payment of the consular fee of AZ 20.00;
      if you are not an Azerbaijan passport holder, you must present the original and a
       copy of your resident visa or a valid visa or document to return from Brazil to
       another country;
      for minors under 18 years of age, the original and copy of the birth certificate.
       Copies presented without the original must be legalized by a Notary Public.
       Minors also need a letter of consent, signed by both parents, and certified by a
       Notary Public, and legalized by the Embassy of Brazil in Baku. Consular fee
       AZN 20.00.
      international certificate of vaccination against polio for children between ages of
       three months and six years. If the child cannot be inoculated, a notarized letter
       from the child's physician;
      the Embassy of Brazil in Baku may request additional information/documentation
       as deemed necessary;
      in the case of participants in sport competitions or artistic contests, conferences,
       or seminars, affidavit from the organizing institution in Brazil, with specific
       information on the activity to be performed, location and duration, stating that the
       participant will not receive payment and that no tickets will be sold for the event.
       A notary public in Brazil must legalize the letter;
      no fee will be refunded.
Consular fees

Azerbaijan passport holders: Visa fee AZN 20,00

   o           Argélia - AZN 60.00;
   o           Australia AZN 35.00;
   o           Canada AZN 65,00
   o           Nigeria AZN 65.00;
   o           Japan AZN 25.00;
   o           México AZN 30.00
   o           all other countries AZN 20.00;

Processing fees (reciprocity)

   - United State of America AZN 140.00;

   - United Arab Emirates AZN 55.00

   - an additional absent fee of AZN 20,00 will be charged for any application not
   submitted in person by the applicant.

Fees are to be paid in cash ONLY at International Bank of Azerbaijan, 67 Nizami
St, Baku, AZ 1005
The account number is "Embassy of Brazil” - Current Account No

Note that:

      all tourist visa holders, regardless of nationality or the length of time that the Visa
       is given for, may only stay in Brazil up to 90 days. The Federal Police may extend
       the Visa, yet it may not exceed 180 days per year under any circumstances;
      check vaccination for information about yellow fever and anti-polio shots;
      the legalization of documents issued in Azerbaijan should be previously
       authenticated by a Notary Public.