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									The National Statistics are staggering! In the next 30 days alone more than …
       3,250,146 teens will use drugs
       43,170 teens will attempt suicide
       105,180 teens will run away
       8,298 teens will drop out of high school
       20% of all 7 grade students in America have experimented with Huffing,
         resulting in deadly consequences.
       10% of all 8 grade students have played or witnessed the “choking game”.
       An estimated 3.3 million children between 12 and 17 year of age will start
         drinking alcohol each year.
       18% of teenagers between 13 and 15 in the U.S. smoke cigarettes compared to
         the worldwide average of 14%. Only 56% say they want to quit!
                   th                                          th
       20% of 8 graders have tried marijuana. 49% of 12 graders have. This is the
         proven gateway drug.

Can you hear what we hear? Can you hear the desperate cry for help from teens and their

Teen Intervention is committed to Doing Whatever It Takes to let parents of at-risk
teens know there is hope. There are good options. Our mission is to create awareness by
providing educational materials to groups of parents or teens who have a desire to
understand this epidemic and do something to stop it. Our mission is also to
support families who have taken the step to seek help for their teen. We carry out our
mission through corporate sponsorship, community fund raising efforts, and creating an
information resources for parents, schools, churches, and any group with a heart for

We are inviting you to be a part of the solution, part of the cure. What an amazing
opportunity. You can actually point at success and know that you personally made a
difference. How often do we have the opportunity to plant the seed and reap the harvest?

These are not just kids from broken homes. These are not just kids from low income
communities. These kids are your neighbor’s or perhaps your own. These kids are your
nieces and nephews, cousins and siblings. They are kids on football teams, debate teams,
cheerleading squads and homecoming courts. They baby sit your children, mow your lawn
and are active in your church youth group.

The epidemic of “Broken Teens” transcends every social, economic, ethnic and gender
barrier. No group is exempt. Families are being ripped apart by drugs, violence and sex.
Our teens are angry and frustrated. In an age of lightning fast communication, we are
speaking a different language than our kids. This is where Teen Intervention comes in.

Today is the day you help “draw the line in the sand”. Step up and help save a teens life
and create a future. I had a parent say to me the other day, “You are probably saving a
future President of this country”, all I could do is smile and agree; program graduates are
amazing. Now you are wondering, what is a Program Graduate?

A Program Grad is a child who has successfully completed a Therapeutic or Residential
Treatment Program. Program kids, as a rule, just GET IT. They have learned to be
accountable, honest, speak from a place of integrity and clearly know what they want out
of life. They are motivated, sober, clear, and are committed to their families and future.
After about 15 minutes with a Program graduate and you realize this kid is different. They
speak their mind, with respect. They see the world as an opportunity. They are not
negative and sarcastic. They are a miracle; and you just got to see a little piece of
heaven. These are the lucky ones. These are the ones whose parents dug deep and found
a place for them. Most kids are not that lucky. Most police stations, doctor’s offices, social
workers and guidance counselors don’t know where to send desperate parents for help.
Those kids end up in “the system” where they become part of the ever-increasing welfare
state, in state drug rehab programs, juvenile detention, prison, or worse – the morgue.

Teen Intervention will be launching several fund raising events in your area. We want your
support. We need your support. We are committed to intervening for at-risk teens and we
are committed to teaching prevention to up-coming teens. This epidemic must end. You
are the key. We need your help. Please consider, Doing Whatever It Takes, to end the
madness. Join parents, teens and the staff of Teen Intervention in making miracles
happen in our lifetime.

Your Teen Intervention Representative has so much more to share with you. Thank you
for the opportunity to share our vision with you. We hope you “catch the fever” to
intervene for a teen!

Are you thinking this is happening everywhere but in your town? Do you think that your
teens are safe from these evils? I challenge each and every one of you to take attached
30 point test.

Think of the “most at-risk” teen in your life. You don’t have to share your results with
anyone, but if your score is over 17 points; I beg of you, don’t be silent. Tell someone of
your concerns. Call us! A child’s life is at stake and you hold the key to intervention. Time
really is running out on a large part of our youth. They are brilliant, beautiful, talented
kids who, for whatever reason, got sideways, and need our help.

          109 Muffin Ct. SE • Leesburg, VA 20175 • Office 703-779-4748 • Fax 571-223-1971
              Website www.intervene4ateen.com • Email teen.intervention@hotmail.com
                     Do You Know an At-Risk Teen?

1.       Does your teen struggle with basic family rules and expectations?
2.       Has your teen ever been suspended, expelled, truant or had a drop in school grades?
3.       Has your teen ever been verbally abusive?
4.       In your opinion, does your teen associate with a bad peer group?
5.       Has your teen lost interest in former productive activities, such as hobbies and sports?
6.       Do you have difficulty getting your teen to do simple household chores or homework
      without a major fight?
7.       Has your teen had problems with the law?
8.       Do you find yourself picking your words carefully when speaking to your teen so as not to
      elicit a verbal attack or rage from them?
9.       Are you worried that your teen may not finish high school?
10.      Does your teen, at times, seem depressed and/or withdrawn?
11.      Is your teen's appearance or personal hygiene outside your family standards?
12.      Has your teen ever displayed violent behavior?
13.      Is your teen manipulative or deceitful?
14.      Does your teen seem to lack motivation?
15.      Do you suspect that your teen is telling lies or has been dishonest with you?
16.      Are you concerned that your teen may be sexually promiscuous?
17.      Have you seen any evidence of suicidal thoughts, such as statements that your teen
      wanted to be dead, etc?
18.      Do you suspect that you have had money or other valuables missing from your home?
19.      Are you concerned that your teen's behavior is a threat to his safety and well-being?
20.      Does your teen seem to lack self-esteem and self-worth?
21.      Do you have a lack of trust with your teen?
22.      Is your teen angry or displaying temper outbursts?
23.      Does your teen have problems with authority?
24.      Does your teen engage in activities you don't approve of?
25.      Do you think your teen is using or experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol?
26.      Are you concerned about your teen's well-being and future?
27.      Does your teen seem to be in constant opposition to your family values?
28.      No matter what rules and consequences are established, does your teen defy them?
29.      Are you exhausted and worn out from your teen's defiant or destructive behaviors and
30.      When dealing with your teen, do you often feel that you are powerless?
Tally up the number of checked boxes. Enter the number here:

                                           A Residential Center, Treatment Program, or Specialty School is
         18+ Checks                                        STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
         HIGH RISK!                     Teen Intervention works with excellent residential treatment options in
          GET HELP!                                            facilities throughout the
                                                         United States, Mexico and Jamaica.

                                                             The problems may be resolved
                                                                  by tightening up the
        9-17 Checks
                                                             Family Rules and Structure.
                                      However, a Residential Treatment Center or Specialty School may need to be
                                            considered if things don't improve or if the situation worsens.

                                        Tighten up family rules and be consistent with your monitoring. Most
        Up to 8 Checks                                               important -
       MODERATE RISK                                            FOLLOW THROUGH.
                                      When you say something will happen, your teen must see it happen!

This 30-question test can serve as a point of reference in understanding the severity of the problems your teen is
facing. Sometimes these problems are so severe that they can only be properly addressed by getting professional
help in a controlled environment, such as a Residential Center, Treatment Program or Specialty School. Other
times, problems can be resolved right in the home setting by creating more structure. Parents who provide
structured limit-setting and tightening up of basic family rules can sometimes get a teen that is experiencing
moderate difficulties back on track.

109 Muffin Ct. SE • Leesburg, VA 20175 • Office 703-779-4748 • Fax 571-223-1971
    Website www.intervene4ateen.com • Email teen.intervention@hotmail.com

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