The Zodiac Killer As The Originator Of Many Mass Market Media Techniques Of Terrorism 1 by anamaulida


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         <p>The "Zodiac". "The Zodiac Killer". The name and words
themselves still strike terror in the minds and imaginations of hordes of
people worldwide - not only those who lived and survived this monster
during his rampage in the San Francisco Bay areas in the late 1960's.<br>
You may never have heard of this fiend, blackguard and indeed terrible
devil. Yet look at the early Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry Movies " - the
villainous almost psychopathic characters and characters who plagued , no
accident - the Frisco area and its environs. No less than Arnold
Schwarzenegger - now the Governor of the State of California , as well as
major film actor and celebrity claim the Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry "
movies as his basic model and major influence on his work and movie
In a similar evil vein consider such evil fiends as the Manson family and
the Son of Sam psychopaths. In many ways their basic models and claims
for fame all arose out of admiration if not deep respect for the
The "Zodiac "or "Zodiac Killer' also innovated, if the term can be used,
the use of mass media to spread his message, intent and fame, if not to
boast of his "victories" and even taunt the local law enforcement
authorities, who although they did their best seemed to be hampered in
identifying, apprehending or even containing this deadly and dreadful
antihero and malefactor. Indeed the mass media methods used by many
terrorist organizations and infrastructures today can well be placed back
to what might be considered "pioneering "work by the Zodiac himself.<br>
The Zodiac killer haunted people in Northern California throughout the
1960's. Taking at least 37 lives if not more. This case is one that has
left many with an empty feeling, because the zodiackiller was never found
Working his killing through different areas, he became known only as the
zodiac killer after he included taunting letters to the press. The
letters started in 1969 when the zodiac killer placed three almost
identical letters out to three area papers.<br>
The killer would continue these letters and taunting for many years.
Though only seven victims were conclusively connected to the zodiac, it's
no doubt that he may have easily had a hand in the rest of the
The main suspect in the case was one Arthur Leigh Allen, but no case was
ever made against him. In fact it was in 2002 that DNA evidence was
processed, but no links could be made to Allen in any of those tests.<br>
Though Arthur Leigh Allen and his close friend Don Cheney were both ruled
out, when envelopes that had been sent from the zodiac killer and his DNA
were processed. The police still held to the possible belief that he may
be the one and true killer.<br>
He died in 1992 of Kidney failure, but one thing that is quite odd is the
fact that Robert Graysmith, who wrote the zodiac killer book. He said
that he was receiving calls where someone would hang up after he
answered. Upon the death of Allen those calls ended abruptly.<br>
With no more ways to run along the clues of this past killings and the
zodiackiller, the San Francisco police closed the case. That was in the
year of 2004, it's a shame that no one will ever really know the real
truth. A fascinating case is that of the zodiac killer, if you get a
chance read the book.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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