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									Kris Rockwell
Hybrid Learning Systems
AICC Phoenix February, 2004

                              Using Data Collection Tools in
                                             Flight Training
                                     Data Collection Programs

• Examples of Current Data Collection Programs Within Flight
   –   Advanced Qualification Program (AQP), FAA
   –   Alternative Training and Qualification Programme (ATQP), JAR-OPS
   –   Line Oriented Safety Audit (LOSA)
   –   Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
                           Flight Training Data Collection

• Data collection has become a critical but often neglected
  component of Flight Training
• Data collection is an important component to regulatory
• Analysis can lead to the identification of weaknesses in training
  programs or individuals
Current Data Collection Scenario

 Pilot Record Overview
                      Current Data Collection Problems

• Separate Databases do not allow for easy tracking of
  pilot/crew status and currency
• Poorly implemented collection methods
• Static storage solutions
• Lack of integration with current training methodologies
• No method to track blended learning solutions
• Data forms are not easily updatable
Ideal Data Collection Scenario
                         Ideal Data Collection Solutions

• Integrates Databases to provide a single traceable record
• Allows registration into a training program that automatically
  registers student as needed across the board
• Tools access common data sources for consistent data
• Amount of paper and administration drastically reduced
  offering cost reduction in record keeping
                              How The Be Accomplished?

• Robust, easily configurable data collection toolsets
• Easily accessible, cost effective hardware platforms
• Data communication standards
                                   Data Collection Software

•   Simple interfaces and flexible input and recall methods
•   Data validation
•   Connected and disconnected functionality
•   Easily modified collection fields and parameters
•   Flexible delivery systems
                                     Data Collection Hardware

• Collection Devices
   –   Desktop PC’s
   –   Microsoft Tablet PC Devices
   –   Microsoft Pocket PC Devices
   –   PalmOS Devices
   –   Smartphones???
                                Communication Standards

• Developing/modifying standards so that software outside of
  the CBT realm can communicate with the LMS
• Determining common data structures for user records
• Integrating systems into the lesson plan for blended training
          Data Collection Application Demonstration

• Précis LOSA Data Collection Toolset
• Four Components to the Toolset
   –   Précis.Acquire
   –   Précis.Manage
   –   Précis.Admin
   –   Précis.Report

• Précis.Acquire
   –   Tablet PC based application
   –   Runs both connected and disconnected to the network
   –   Provides flexible interface and data collection points
   –   Tested for in the cockpit usability
   –   Currently being tested in real world environments
                                                    What’s Ahead

• Integrating data collection toolsets into the training footprint
• WATS Phoenix 2004

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