Project Questionnaire About Employee Welfare

					                                                             Contractors questionnaire

1.0   Provide details of Company Activities in Contracting

2.0   Years of Experience as Contracting Firm (Locationwise)                                                                75
      UAE                                                                         Select from drop down menu
      Abu Dhabi                                                                   Select from drop down menu
      International                                                               Select from drop down menu

3.0   Do you intend to subcontract any portion of work?                           Select Yes or No or N/A
3.1   If Yes, Please state the nature of work (you want to subcontract)                                                    100
3.2   State the (%) of work you subcontract                                       Select %
3.3   List the PMC to ensure quality & timely delivery (Project Monitoring                                                 500

4.0   Provide Copies of following Registration Documents
4.1   Planning Department License                                                 Attachment
4.2   Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Certificate                                   Attachment
4.3   Copy of Abu Dhabi Contractor Category Classification Certificate            Attachment
4.4   List other registration, commercial license & certs                                                                  100

5.0   Are you involved in Joint Venture?                                          Select Yes or No or N/A

      If yes, please provide the following:
      Name of the Joint Venture Partners
      Address of the Joint Venture Partners
      Postal code
      Name of the Company leading Joint Venture
      If a Separate Company is to be formed, provide full details including:
      Share holding of each member company
      Details of previous work undertaken by Joint Venture

6.0   Experience with sustainable construction (Provide details on)                                                        300
      (including LEED Certification experience)

7.0   Environmental (EMS):

7.1   Does your firm hold ISO 14001 certified EMS?                                Select Yes or No or N/A
7.2   If yes, please provide copy                                                 Attachment

7.3   Does your firm hold an Abu Dhabi Govt. certified EHSMS?                     Select Yes or No or N/A
7.4   If yes, please provide copy                                                 Attachment

7.5   Does your firm have dedicated staff for EM?                               Select Yes or No or N/A
      (Do you employ someone who's task is full time related to environmental Mgmt in contracotr's activities?)

7.6   Does your firm have staff accredited professionals?                         Select Yes or No or N/A
      (someone who provide sustainability expertise for your projects)

7.7   Does your staff receive orientation programme?                              Select Yes or No or N/A
      Document evidence on Orientation Programme                                  Attachment

8.0   Work Force - in numbers
      In UAE (A)                                                                  Management

      OTHER (B)                                                                   Management

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                                                              Contractors questionnaire


       Total                                                                       Management

 9.0   Employee Welfare:
       Provide a copy of your Company’s Policy on Human Rights                     Attachment

 10.0 Financial Information
      Provide a table of Annual values of construction work undertaken for each of the last three years and projected for the current year
      for each of the three locations in the format below. All values to be in AED/million

                                                                                   2007/2008                       2008/2009                  2009/2010
       Gulf Countries

 11.0 Approximate value of work in hand (AED/million)

 12.0 Minimum and maximum job range within your capabilities.

 13.0 Insurance:
 13.1 State if your Company has any objections to operating under OCIP ? Select Yes or No or N/A
      (Owner Controlled Insurance Programme )

 13.2 Provide current policy cover note for the following:
      Third Part Liability Insurance                                               Attachment
      Contractor's All Risk Insurance                                              Attachment

Note: Please mention N/A wherever it is not relevant to your line of business

Colour legend:
      Blue - Attachments
      (Green) - Broader question explanation / guidance
      Numbers on side - Maximum allowed characters in the cell

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