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The mini project is designed to help students develop practical ability and knowledge about
practical tools/techniques in order to solve real life problems related to the industry, academic
institutions and computer science research. The course Mini Project is one that involves practical
work for understanding and solving problems in the field of computing. In this booklet the list of
the problem definitions for the July, 2009 and Jan, 2010 sessions are given. Every year, the list of
problem definitions will change. Please don’t attempt the problems given in the booklet (MCS-
044, Block-1) received by you along with your course material.

We have divided different projects into four broad areas / categories of computer science as given
below, so that you can select any one of these categories for your Mini project.

        Application development
        Networking project
        System software
        Website development.

An initial list of project definition will be given below in the following sections. However,
student can elaborate the project definitions after discussing it with the project counsellor.
Students should select one project from the given categories only as per their interest,
experience and knowledge in that area. Students should evaluate themselves and then should
choose the project. Students may propose modifications/suggestions in the given project
specification and finalize it in consultation with the MCS-044 counsellor.


Here we focus on investigating new ideas in application development through different projects.
A set of possible project name and their details will be presented, however, students are
encouraged to be creative and develop their own ideas in the given project descriptions.

1)       Project Name: Hockey Club Management System
         Assume a Hockey club, which provides training to the hockey players and also organize the
         matches. Design and develop a Management System to improve the quality of training and
         management of hockey matches. Assume there are many teams in a club (according to their
         age and experience) and each of them needs different training, different set of exercises,
         and different diet. With your system it should be possible to select a set of exercises and
         create a match program for each team according to their age and experience, and keep track
         of each team member and his/her performance. Also, it should include the attendance
         system to record, who did not turn up for a particular session. Your system should also
         prepare a diet chart for each and every member considering his or her age, height, weight,
         role, level etc. To organize the matches club must have details of teams, stadiums, ticket

     sale system, availability of team players, availability of stadiums and teams. Club must
     have a budget assessment system for better planning and management.

2)   Project Name: Personal Mobile Assistant


     Design and develop software that can provide facility to users to plan the timetable and
     schedule for a day, week and month. It should maintain the different appointments like
     personal meeting, discussions, get-together, official meeting, cultural event, celebration,
     functions, etc. This personal assistant can be integrated with the mobile number and
     through Internet can provide reminder SMS service about the task, with, a message and
     some musical tones. Give the facility to the user to set different priority levels, according to
     the priority levels different reminder messages and tones should appear.

We will focus on investigating new ideas in networking research through different networking
projects. A set of possible project topics which will be presented, however, students are
encouraged to be creative and develop their own ideas in the given project descriptions.

1)   Project Name: Songs Search Engine

     Songs search engine should support efficient storage, retrieval and management of
     collections of various songs in different audio file formats. Each song will be stored
     with various parameters considering the requirements of the customers. A user can
     search songs while providing some text details of the desired song. Each song in the
     database will have its description. List all the songs according to descriptions asked
     by user. Each song will be converted into a small trailer format which will help
     users to check and download the songs quickly. If user wants to convert the songs
     into other format we should have an option for these conversions also.

2)   Project Name: ICMP Simulation
     Simulate the Internet Control Messaging Protocol (ICMP). It generate various messages in
     several situations: for example, when a datagram cannot reach its destination, when the
     gateway does not have the buffering capacity to forward a datagram, and when the gateway
     can direct the host to send traffic on a shorter route. There are still no guarantees that a
     datagram will be delivered or a control message will be returned. Some datagrams may still
     be undelivered without any report of their loss. The higher level protocols that use IP must
     implement their own reliability procedures if reliable communication is required. In
     addition, ICMP provides helpful messages such as Echo and reply messages to test node

      reachability across an internetwork. You need to design the simulation of ICMP and
      problems, when the message can be generated and sent to the concerned devices/host.


Here we will focus on investigating new ideas in application development through different
projects. A set of possible projects and their details will be presented however, students, are
encouraged to be creative and develop their own ideas in the given project descriptions.

 1)   Project Name: Logical File Manager
      Develop an application for Linux based Operating System OR Windows 2000/XP/Vista,
      which will classify and group the files according to the user requirements like size, type,
      date of modification, contents and other logical relationships. Your application should
      create the different folders automatically and place files into them. For example: I have 36
      files in my folder say ABC, and I want them to put in 4 folders named as 2003, 2004, 2005,
      2006, which should contain the files, created in the years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006
      respectively. For this task simply I will select the files and ask my application to do this
      work for me.

2)    Project Name: Folder Password


      Passwords are usually used to achieve secure authentication in a computer system at the
      login time. This project will require the student to come up with software which will
      protect individual folder using secure password authentication. This software should work
      well for Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Here, we will focus on investigating new ideas in application development through different
projects. A set of possible project name and their details will be presented, however, students are
encouraged to be creative and develop their own ideas in the given project descriptions.

1)    Project Name: Online Education


      Develop a Online education portal which will provide complete facilities of an institution
      like course registration, study, teachers-students discussion forums, chatting, examination
      and certification of the course through website portal. Students can register for different
      available courses. For each course s/he will fill an online Form, which will contain details
      of DD/ Cheque no. etc. Details of the form should be forwarded to the administration. After
      checking the eligibility criteria, fee details the administration will provide the user name,

      enrolment no., password to the student and the student can join the course. After joining
      and registration of the course student will get access of all the course materials and online
      library of the portal. When student is eligible for examination s/he will get an email of Hall
      Ticket for Online examination which may contain Name, time, date and course details.
      After successfully completion of course student will get online certificate or degree of the
      course. Time to time this portal should inform the student on their e-mail regarding the
      various issues and events. Security at every stage should be maintained properly.

2)    Project Name: Banquet Hall Booking Website
      Assume a state having different districts, where each district is further having different
      Sectors, which may comprise of around 100 families. Each Sector is having two banquet
      halls, one is around 5000 sq. meter and another is 2000 sq. meter. These halls can only be
      booked by the family head person residing in that sector. You need to design and develop a
      online website for online banquet hall booking on date and time basis, in order to better
      facilitate meetings, family functions, cultural events, etc. This website helps any authorized
      person to book the halls from internet and also shows the availability of a particular hall at
      the chosen time and date. This website also handles various devices booking such as an
      Audio system, DJ, Lightning, Video Recording etc.


The MCS-044 block covers the majority of the guidelines regarding the formulation of the project
proposal, formulation of the project report and the format to the followed for the project report.
However the following are the detailed guidelines with respect to the counseling sessions and
evaluation scheme.

Practical Counseling sessions

Students can discuss their topic with the counsellors at study centres and the counsellors will give
suggestions on project specification at the study centre during the practical sessions. There are
total 10 practical sessions, as given below:

                      Name of the Topic                         No. of Practical Sessions
                                                                       (3 hrs each)
      Project specification                                                 1
      Coding / Implementation                                               5
      Testing                                                               2
      Documentation                                                         2

Role of the Counsellor

The MCS-044 Mini-project counsellor is the person who motivates and helps students during the
development of the project. The counsellor should take responsibility for guiding and approving

different project processes, including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and also the editing of
project reports. Moreover, the main responsibilities of a counsellor are:

       Dedicating adequate time to the student for providing effective supervision and
       Making sure that the student chooses a manageable project topic,
       Providing critical comments on the student’s work and progress,
       Ensuring the student has access to necessary data,
       Encouraging the student to proceed in the intended direction and to agreed time limits,
   Making sure that the project is the student’s own work.

Project Proposal
Project proposal should be presented to, reviewed by and agreed upon in consultation with the
project counsellor to provide constructive feedback on the proposal and planned programme of
the project work. No need of any formal approval to be taken on any proforma.
Project Report
The project report will contribute to the assessment and your marks. The format of this report
will follow the format, guidelines and suggestions given in the block, but details should also be
discussed with your counsellor. The final reports of students doing the project in a group
should not be identical. Each student should emphasise on his/her role and responsibilities
in the project work.

Submission of the Project Report
One copy of the original project report is to be submitted to the Study Centre concerned. A
photocopy of the same project report must be retained by the student and should carry with
him/her at the time of the viva voce.

MCS-044 course has three main evaluation components consisting of assignment (25 marks),
project report (50 marks) and viva-voce (25marks). A student is required to score 50% marks
in each of these components separately for successful completion of the course.
The project will be assessed by a written report and a combined presentation and viva voce (viva
voce). To help the students we have given some guidelines about evaluation and assessment in
the next section. If, the examiner finds that the project is lacking in any key areas then, the
student will be asked to re-submit the project by selecting a new topic in the next session.
Resubmission of the project by the failed students
If the student fails in project report evaluation or viva-voce or in both, the students need to redo
the entire process by selecting a new problem from the list of problems which will be updated
every year.

Assignment/Continuous Evaluation
25% of total marks are allotted to assignment/continuous evaluation. The assignment questions
are given in the MCA 4th semester assignment booklet.
If the student failed only in assignment component and successfully passed in project report
evaluation and viva-voce, s/he needs to submit the fresh assignment of the current year, as is done
in the normal courses.

Final Evaluation

The Term End Practical Examination of Mini Project will be conducted at the study centre
concerned. 75% of total marks are evaluated in the final evaluation. Out of these 75 marks, 50
marks are allotted for the project report evaluation and 25 marks are allotted for viva voce.

Problem Definitions – July, 2010 & Jan, 2011


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