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					North Carolina Section Update
Tim Slay, N4IB
Section Manager

January, 2008
 ARRL Overview

• Founded in 1914 by Hiram
Percy Maxim, W1AW.
•152,000 members (up almost
5,000 since no-code).
•120 paid staff with headquarters
in Newington, CT.
 ARRL Overview
•Publishes QST and two special interest magazines, along
with 160 books and software titles.
•Outgoing QSL service.
•Contests and awards.
•Equipment insurance (now covers towers & antennas).
•Labs and technical support.
•Continuing education.
•Operation of W1AW.
 ARRL Overview

•Representation at the World Administrative Radio
Conference and the International Amateur Radio Union.
•Representation in Washington.
•Assistance with legal and technical issues.
•Facilitation of emergency communications efforts.
•Field organization support.
 ARRL Overview
•$13.6 million in revenue in 2006.
   •$5 million from membership dues.
   •$3.4 million from publication sales.
   •$2.5 million from advertising.
   •$1.4 million from contributions (Diamond Club).
   •$750k from program and service fees.
   •$415k from investments.
   •$122k from government grants.
ARRL Overview
Update from HQ

New or Revised ARRL Publications:
   •2008 ARRL Handbook
   •Low Power Communication
   •ARRL Antenna Compendium, Volume 4
   •HF Digital Handbook
   •FCC Rules and Regulations
   •New PSA’s and other PR materials available
 Update from HQ

Cycle 24 has begun!!
2005 RM-11306 Withdrawn
   •ARRL proposal to allocate HF bands by bandwidth
   rather than mode (200Hz, 500Hz & 3kHz at HF, with
   exceptions for DSB-AM).
ARRL Lawsuit against FCC
Red Cross MOU
NERPC Recommendations
Update from HQ
ARRL “Jump” Kits:
Update from HQ
“Emergency Radio” PR campaign:
North Carolina Section Census
 •3,954 ARRL members in North Carolina, up from
 3,792 in Nov, 2006.

 •1,734 ARES members (going up!).

 • 91 ARRL affiliated clubs (only 53 are current).

 • 210 ARRL appointees.

 • 11 section hamfests
 North Carolina Activities
•State PRB-1 bill (H1340) was effective on October 1, 2007!
•Grant Morine, W4GHM wins 2007 “Young Ham of the Year”
•“Broadband over Powerlines (BPL) in NC.

•NC Digital Study group.

•Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring sections.

•W2EAG Traffic Handling Training starts Feb 5, 5pm on
Section Cabinet

 Section Emergency Coordinator:
              Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK
 Section Traffic Manager:
              David Roy, W4DNA
 Public Information Coordinator:
              Bill Morine, N2COP
Section Cabinet

 Affiliated Club Coordinator:
               Mike Lewis, WA4KE
 Official Observer Coordinator:
               Rick LaMonica, W4ZRA
 Technical Coordinator:
               Danny Hampton, K4ITL
What you can do!

•Register with ARES!
•Get your copy of the Section Emergency Plan!
•Emergency Management Training Requirements
   • IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, & IS-800
   •ARRL Emergency Communications courses are very
   helpful (
Our Biggest Challenge

   Average age of ham = 47
   Average age of ARRL member = 57
   Average age is increasing by 1 every year!
Ideas for Growth

 •Encourage no-code licensees!
 •Leverage Public Information Officer’s (PIO) in the
 section to publicize local activities!
 •Use signs and ARRL brochures for public events.
 •Build relationship with local schools.
 •Start a recruiting/welcoming committee in your club.
 •License classes and VE sessions.
Ideas for Growth

 •Broadcast the “ARRL Audio News” on your repeater.
 •Leverage ARRL’s “Amateur Radio Education &
 Technology Program” (now supporting 170 schools).
 •Promote ARRL scholarships.
 •Apply for an ARRL Foundation Grant.
Ideas for Growth

 •Encourage ARRL membership:
    •Club gets $15 for every new ARRL member.
    •Club gets $2 for every renewal.
 •Support ARRL through the Diamond Club.
 •Keep your club info up to date on,
 including license classes and VE sessions!
Ideas for Growth
I’m doing my part! What are you doing??
Tim Slay, N4IB
Section Manager

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