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Project Proposal Thesis


Project Proposal Thesis document sample

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									          Master of Engineering
          Thesis Project Program

        Prototyping Research Results

Charles G. Sodini, Howard E. Shrobe, Arthur C.M. Chen

                      6.191 Introduction

• Master of Engineering
  – To better prepare EECS students for the working
    environment – course work and a thesis project
• 6.191 – a transition process
  – Help students to find a thesis project -- a capstone
    of MIT education
  – Help prepare graduates for their 1st job

                       6.191 Introduction
              MEng Thesis - Time Frame
6.191               UROP/ RA / (6.192)                         Project Execution
• State-of-art      • Familiarize with technology              • Detail design
  research          • Execute feasibility studies              • Coding/ build
• Career interest   • Prepare final project plan                 hardware
• Project concept       - System design, schedule              • Test, demo
• Advisor           • Arrange for financial support            • Thesis writing

  Preliminary           Final thesis proposal                    Thesis,
  thesis proposal                                                Graduation

  Fall semester      Spring semester                  Summer     Graduate year
  Senior             Senior
                                 6.191 Introduction
           6.191 Path to MEng Thesis
• Exposure to research opportunities at MIT
   – Lectures by EECS faculties on their research
   – Explore state-of-the-art research by teams
• Determine students interests
   – Technical interests, future career opportunities
• Define a focused idea
   – Understand the scope of the idea
   – Prepare a short presentation
• Obtain informal research advisor’s approval
• Write-up preliminary thesis proposal

                            6.191 Introduction
             Personal Reflection

• What are your favor courses, areas?
• What am I going to do after MEng?
  – Ph.D., Professional schools, job, vacation?
• Which MIT labs do I know, which ones I like
  to know better?
• How am I going to work with others in a
  team environment?

                       6.191 Introduction
             Some Observations

• Getting a thesis project is research and akin to
  getting a job
• Research for potential thesis projects is a
  similar process for almost all students
• Industrial feedback: “lack” negotiation, team
  working, project management and
  communication skills

                     6.191 Introduction
               Educational Components
• Breath of Knowledge
   – Build prototypes based on state-of-art research
   – Exposure to a variety of MIT research programs – part of your
     “rolodex” for the future
• Creativity
   – Develop innovative project ideas based on MIT research
• Teamwork
   – Understand research within MIT community
   – Generate potential opportunities for thesis projects
   – Self awareness: work in team environment, define scoped project
• Communications & Project Planning
   – Team and individual presentations
   – Preliminary thesis proposals

                               6.191 Introduction
             Transition to Work

• Problem set solving  Project synthesis
  – Understand opportunities presented by advanced
    research programs
  – Develop project ideas that can be completed
    within limited time
• Obtain faculty advisor’s approval (time &$$)
  – Communicate your idea effectively
  – Present your capabilities credibly
  – Akin to a “job search”

                      6.191 Introduction
6.191 Course Plan - Preliminary

             6.191 Introduction
    Some Past MEng Thesis Projects/Proposals

•   Web Browser/Linux application on PDA’s
•   Resource Manager in Intelligent Room
•   Reverse Engineering TIA chip for Atari
•   Extend “Alloy” for modeling web applications
•   Spoken Language System for Mandarin Chinese
•   Data acq./signal processing for DNA sequencer
•   Improve efficiency in organic LED’s
•   Using mobile devices for patient care
•   Database for W3 medical records
•   Sketch recognition system for workspace/ AIL

                        6.191 Introduction
                          Who are We

• Prof. Charlie Sodini: MTL, research: mixed signal & communication
  systems, teaches: IC circuits & devices; co-founder: Small Camera
  Tech.; President, IEEE Solid State Circuits Society.

• Dr. Howie Shrobe: Assoc. Dir., AI Lab., research in intelligent spaces
  (Proj. Oxygen), Director, DARPA Programs; Director, VLSI Design,
  Symbolics. Tech. Staff, Honeywell.

• Dr. Art Chen: (MIT VIA), retired GE Executive: Director, Information
  Systems Lab, Corporate Liaison to CMU, Proj. Manager: CT scanner,
  GE Corporate R&D; SVP, CEO, start-ups, venture investor, Fellow,

                                 6.191 Introduction
Team Approach to Identify Opportunities

• Form small teams (3-4 per team)
   – Understand research programs of various MIT research
     labs -- FASTER
   – Brainstorm on possible project opportunities -- MORE
   – Limited simulation of “real” work experience
• How to form teams
   – Collect student data: name, interest, contact info, etc.
   – Assign students to teams
   – Assign roles among team members
• MIT Collaboration Toolbox – a web-based tool
                            6.191 Introduction
           Simulate Work Experience
• Directed goals:
   – Understand research programs of labs
   – Generate possible project ideas
• Coach and monitor team outputs
   – A framework for team action -- Collaboration Toolbox
   – Brainstorm project ideas
   – Review team outputs – presentations
• Develop individual thesis project proposals
   – Specific project ideas
   – “Market” proposed project and student to specific advisor

                           6.191 Introduction
     Information for Team Formation

• Name, email address, phone number
• EECS major, interested areas and courses
• Research lab(s) of interest, technical area of
  interest for thesis project
• Desire role in team, if any: leader, recorder,
  and time keeper

• Friends/classmates whom you like to team
                      6.191 Introduction
                  Laboratories of Interest

•   LCS: Systems, software/theory, InterfaceW3, CS & biology
•   AI: vision, robotics, language, etc.
•   RLE: electronics, optics, comm./signal process., speech
•   MTL: microelec., nanotechnology, display
•   Media Lab: application of computing to media, etc.
•   LIDS: systems, comm. (optical), control (multivariable)
•   LEES: electromagnetic & electronic (power) systems
•   Others: Material Sci., MechEng, Lab for Financial Eng.
    – Lincoln Lab: electronics, communications (defense)
    – Draper lab: navigation & control, space technology

                                  6.191 Introduction

• Define/understand your goal(s) for 6.191 as
  inputs to your team’s objective/ mission

                    6.191 Introduction

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