; A MRSA Treatment Alkaline water machines, will they help to treat MRSA
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A MRSA Treatment Alkaline water machines, will they help to treat MRSA


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         Where can you find a MRSA Treatment or Cure that works?<br>
How To Stop MRSA Dead In Its Tracks! - Alkaline water machines, will they
If you have any interest in MRSA, (the Staph infection you can get in the
hospital that can kill you), please read this short interview with the
nation’s leader in non-antibiotic recovery of MRSA. His name is Shannon
Brown. For more information please visit his website: MRSA30Day<br><br>
Here is the interview…<br>
Here's another question from a client; "Dear Mr. Brown I recently got a
positive lab test for MRSA which I've had for almost 20 years, my
question is that I have an alkaline water machine, can I mix the
pHenomenal water with it or is the alkaline water machine good enough on
its own? <br><br>
That's a great question we hear that all the time because you hear
alkaline water and of course you think of the alkaline water machine.
<br> Funny enough a lot of people have never heard of the alkaline water
machines. I don't want to go "scientist" on you, but I want to explain
how these alkaline water machines and pHenomenal works, and I can explain
how they mix together perfectly. <br>
An alkaline water machine on its own absolutely will not stop MRSA,
because it works in a completely different way. So here's what happens;
in water, there are countless trillions of tiny bits of minerals. How
those alkaline water machines work is; there are two parallel plates.
Water is sent between them while they are pulsing at a certain electrical
frequency. What that's doing is adding or removing electrons from those
minerals. Every hydrogen is missing an electron, so if you add a whole
bunch of electrons to a mineral. In turn they are going to gobble up all
of the hydrogen's out of the water, when you gobble up hydrogens or pH
(percentage hydrogen or parts hydrogen) you're going to get an alkaline
reading. You can't read those hydrogens because they are bound to the
minerals. They are not gone, they are just bound. If you have one of
these machines, then you know that if you check the pH of the water after
a few hours its back to normal. Why? Those electrons that are improperly
bound to the mineral, begin to let go. When they let go, they let go of
the hydrogen. So in a day or two it's back to neutral. What we do get
from alkaline water, from an alkaline water machine, are free electrons,
which are fantastic, that's why it makes us feel better. But it doesn't
solve the problem of MRSA, because it doesn't actually bind hydrogen.
pHenomenal is totally different, it is 100% stable will never go back to
neutral. The reason why is because you have water which is H2O, two
hydrogens and one oxygen. To make pHenomenal, you bind three waters
together to create H6O3 (six hydrogens and three oxygens) and in that
bigger water shape you are able to remove 1 hydrogen, (how to do that is
a secrete process), that's all pHenomenal really is. You then add some
calcium as a flavor buffer, but it is not an active ingredient. So here
you have a larger water molecule that's hungry for hydrogen, it's truly
hungry for hydrogen. <br><br>
Let's get back to MRSA. MRSA is loaded with hydrogen, because the
bacteria itself produces lactic acid, lactic acid is an overabundance of
hydrogen. If you remove MRSA's defense system, which is lactic acid, and
your immune system can kill it, it's just that simple. I didn't mean to
go all "scientist" on you, but that is how it works.<br><br>
So pHenomenal is altered water, that is truly missing a hydrogen atom. An
alkaline water machine is temporary altered water. Can you mix the 2 of
them together? Absolutely, if the water that the alkaline water machine
is producing is ok, in other words in doesn't have to many minerals in
it, it's totally fine. They complement each other and that's what a
person with MRSA is missing is actual electrons which they will get from
pHenomenal, and even more extra electrons from the alkaline water
machine-water. They go together perfectly.<br><br>
We will see you in our next video and article. <br><br><br>
MRSA is also knows as… EMRSA15 treatment, EMRSA16 treatment, HA-MRSA
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