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					            Internship project proposal template                           ∗

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                                                           Our Ref. : propos1.tex
                                                                Date: 9999-88-07

                              Executive summary

This document is a L TEX template for making a proposal for an internship-
project. It follows the standard style and layout of technical documents made
at Algologic algologic . Feel free to use this document and hack it, to suit
your project. The paper [1] will help you understand the principles of hack-
ing for learning. You can also ask Dr. Partha (, for a
companion file prefered.tex which will give you plenty of ideas and tips for
using L TEX . Notice that this file uses many “packages”. You can download
all these packages from the CTAN site. Or, you can ask Dr. Partha, to give
you a copy of any of these packages.
The summary of the document comes here. First, state what this docu-
ment is about, what is the purpose of this document. Do’nt bother about
the project subject now. Then, in the next paragraph, explain what the
project is about. Then, generate and insert the Table of Contents. L TEX A
can generate the TOC automatically for you. The TOC will get automati-
cally updated whenever you run L TEX again on this document.

This document is itself structured like the project proposal you will make.

                             Table of contents

1 Preamble                                                                            2

2 Why L TEX ?
      A                                                                               2
     You can download the latest version of this document, as well as a number of useful
files from

3 The    proposal                                                                             3
  3.1    Title of the project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   3
  3.2    Prognostic synopsis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   3
  3.3    Expected deliverables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.4    Tentative Table of Contents of the Project report        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.5    Deadlines and Milestones . . . . . . . . . . . . .       .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.6    Resources required . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.7    Any other information or detail . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.8    Working Arrangements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4
  3.9    Preliminary bibliography (literature survey) . . .       .   .   .   .   .   .   .   4

4 Closing remarks                                                                             5

1     Preamble
Give an overview of your project here. Explain why you are planning to
do what you plan to do. Explain the main reasons and motivation. Cite a
few literature references on which your work will be based. Be brief. Avoid
details. You can give specific details later, in the appropriate sections.

2     Why LTEX ?

L TEX is the choice of many insti-
 A                                              idiosyncracies of a specific, pro-
tutions worldwide, when it comes                preitary, software.
to printing articles, papers, reports,
books, theses, dissertations etc. of         3. L TEX is excellent for type set-

high visual appeal and quality. There           ting mathematically rich docu-
are many reasons for this. Here are             ments.
just a few :                                 4. L TEX takes care of all man-
                                                agement related activities e.g.
    1. It frees the user from hav-
                                                numbered lists, sections and
       ing to bother about the finer
                                                subsections, index preparation,
       details of high-quality type-
                                                cross-referencing, TOC.
       setting sytems. The user just
       creates the document with the         5. L TEX gives a very sophis-
       contents he wants to display,            ticated bibliography manage-
       L TEX takes care of all format-
        A                                       ment facility. This is a very
       ting and display requirements            useful feature, for documents
       automatically.                           like : project reports, theses,
    2. It is a vendor-independent,
       platform independent tool. Finally, one may add that L TEX is

       You are not constrained by the the default choice of algo logic , for

all reports and documentation.              optimistic sense, using “today’s wis-
                                            dom”. So do not bother if any gen-
Do you think L TEX is too cumber-
                A                           uine unpredictables force you to de-
some ? You think you can never mas-         viate. This proposal is to help you
ter this great tool ? Are you look-         minimise such deviations and pre-
ing for help ? Then, look no further.       vent you from going astray. More-
There are many ways to learn L TEX
                               A            over, your supervisors must know
painlessly :                                what you are trying or planning to
                                            do. Try to be honest, and try to
  1. Just buy the two books : [2],          stick as closely as possible, to this
     and [3], and read. Keep these          proposal, when you actually do your
     two books handy, whenever              project.
     you are working with L TEX .
                          A                 Strictly speaking, your proposal
                                            should contain the equivalents of this
   2. Take a good L TEX file, and
                       A                    section only. Your proposal should
      hack it. Start with this very         contain the details explained in the
      same Tex file. Hacking is easy,        next few subsections.
      fast and less frustrating, if you
      are the adventurous type, and
      have enough courage [1].          YOUR       PROPOSAL         STARTS
   3. Ask Dr. Partha for his tuto- REMEMBER TO BE BRIEF.
      rial CDROM on L TEX . This
      CDROM gives you everything
      you need, to get started on the 3.1 Title of the project
      L TEX adventure.
                                        A tentative title which reflects the
                                        work you are going to do.
   4. Invite Prof. Partha to hold
      your hand, while you take the
      first steps. There is nothing 3.2 Prognostic synopsis
      more effective than a live pre-
      sentation by a guru. To get Give a brief description of the area of
      a list of training programs by work (not the specific problem). Ex-
      Prof. Partha, send an e-mail plain the background etc.
      to:                               Then, describe briefly the exact                problem you are going to tackle. You
                                        must give the motivation for taking
                                        up this problem. You must also ex-
3 The proposal                          plain the current state of the art.
                                        The problem you take up must have
This is only a proposal, to guide you an element of innovation it. It need
in executing your project. It is not not be a Ph D level problem, but it
a contract or a rigid commitment. should also not be a routine, run-of-
You are making this proposal in an the-mill story.

3.3   Expected deliverables                   3.6   Resources required
Your first, and most important de-             Mention specifically any special re-
liverable will be the project report.         quirements. For instance, if you need
If you are likely to develop any pro-         a special instrument or some spe-
grams, or make any prototypes, list           cial tools, you can mention that here.
them out clearly.                             You must also specify what plans
                                              you have, for making sure that these
3.4   Tentative Table of Con-                 special resources are made available
      tents of the Project re-                to you. Do you have any com-
      port                                    mitments or engagement from your
                                              project guide or your parent insti-
This is a very speculative section.           tution regarding the accessibilty of
do not worry about likely changes.            these resources to you ? Do you have
Mention, what you foresee now as              any fall-back arrangements if these
the likely TOC of your project re-            resources are not available as planned
port.                                         ?

Disclaimers (Optional): You can add
                                     3.7 Any other information
appropriately worded disclaimers, in
                                            or detail
case you foresee any bottlenecks or
hazards. Be clear, but do not be too You can add more subsections here,
pessimistic or negative.             depending on the nature of your
                                     project e.g. if your project involes
3.5 Deadlines and Mile- field visits, you can add a asubsec-
       stones                        tion titled “Field visits”.

Mention the exact date of start of
the actual project. Then specify              3.8   Working Arrangements
the exact date of end of the project.         Mention here tie-ups if any with ex-
Then, list in tabular form the major          ternal organisations. What arrange-
milestones and their expected dates.          ment do you have with your parent
The first entry on this table will be:         institution ? What will the external
“start of the project“ (and date). the        organisations provide ? Who is your
last entry in this table will be : ”end       external guide ? What is the back-
of project“ (and date). Your project          ground of your guide from the exter-
can start only fater the project pro-         nal organisation ? Who is your guide
posal is accepted (by your institu-           from your parent instituion ?
tion, and by your guide).
                                              3.9   Preliminary        bibliogra-
Disclaimers (Optional): You can add
                                           phy (literature survey)
appropriately worded disclaimers, in
case you foresee any bottlenecks or A good literature survey will help
hazards. Be clear, but do not be too you establish the grounds on which
pessimistic or negative.             you will take up a project. It will

help you orient yourself. For this          a self-documented, single zip file of
proposal, you need to mention just          xxxxMB. Ask Dr. Partha for a copy.
the base documents or literature on
which your project will be based.           If you have any doubts, you can con-
Use the thebibliography environment         tact
of L TEX for creating the bibliogra-
phy in this proposal. The bibliog-          Good luck !
raphy should be structured similar
to IEEE or ACM style for bibliogra-
phies. In your final poject report
however, you will use BibTeX and a          References
formal bibstyle (IEEE or ACM).
                                             [1] Parthasarathy S, Learning by
YOUR PROPOSAL ENDS HERE                          hacking, a new paradigm, Prac-
                                                 Tex Journal, 2007-1.

4    Closing remarks                         [2] Lamport L, L TEX guide and ref-
                                                 erennce manual, Pub. Addison
This template will help you prepare              Wesley Publishing Company .
your internship-project proposal. In
addition to this template, Dr. Partha        [3] Goossens M, F. Mittelbach, A..
has prepared a collection of use-                The L TEX companion, Pub.:
ful material for preparing the pro-              Addison Wesley Publishing
posal. The whole package comes as                Company.



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