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									                                        The Mount Tabor
                                        Christian Lantern
                                   7380 West Mount Tabor Road, Salem, Indiana 47167
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                                Office Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9:00-2:00; Thursday-Friday 9:00-4:00
                              Vol. 11, No. 4                                         July 14, 2011

   Senior Minister                   Please Pay Attention to these Dates!
      Ross Logan
   Youth Minister
        Ben Noll         May 1st National Day of Prayer
         Elders              8:30 a.m. Breakfast at Wonder Valley; please call ahead if you plan to
  Roddy Humphrey         attend
      Dan Owsley             7:00 p.m. Prayer meeting here at Mt. Tabor. We will be praying together
       Jeff Smith        for the seven centers of influence in our country: family, church, education,
     John Trinkle        business, media, military, and the government. There will be a prayer
     Chris Wesner        meeting geared more for the youth at Lake Salinda the same evening at
        Deacons          6:30 p.m. Do you consider prayer important? Don’t miss out on these
     Chris Boling        opportunities, these special times of prayer.
      Jim Borden
       Mike Cox          May 3rd       7:00 p.m. Mother / Daughter Banquet at Mt. Tabor.
   Tom Rosenbaum                       Table service and drinks are provided. Bring a salad. Love
       Trustees                        Lockman will be speaking on “The Gift of Love.”
       James Atz
     Larry Borden
                         June 1st      A camp team from Johnson Bible College will be with
     Ben Bowling
      Rick Hamer                       us on June 1st. Because it is a first Sunday of the month, the
        Sal Sama                       young people from Jr. Worship will be in the auditorium. We
    Greg Sparkman                      will incorporate the camp team into our morning worship.
     Bible School
   Superintendent        June 15th     Homecoming Sunday: We are going back to the
   Ron Pennington                      traditional date, the 3rd Sunday in June. This year the
Assistant Bible School                 SonShiners Quartet will be with us. They will provide special
   Superintendent                      music during the worship service, and after dinner on the
   Tom Rosenbaum                       grounds, the SonShiners will present an afternoon concert.
      Treasurer                        Make plans to be here!
   Morris Williams
       Secretary         August 24th – 27th Our Spiritual Renewal Conference will be in
     Julie Wesner                    August again this year. President Chuck McNeely, from
    Housekeeping                     Louisville Bible College, will be our speaker on Sunday
      Becky Elrod                    morning, Sunday evening, and then on Monday, Tuesday and
                                     Wednesday evenings. School will already be back in session,
                                     and family vacations finished, so we hope you will plan this
                                     into your schedule.
                       May                                  Facts and Figures
Date       Morning             Evening
       1 Corinthians           Psalms                                    March
1      11:17-34           132, 133, 134              Date       Sunday School       Worship       Offering
2      12            135, 136                                    Attendance        Attendance
3      13            137, 138, 139                      2            105               206        $6031.67
4      14:1-20            140, 141, 142                 9           Snow              Snow         Snow
5      14:21-40           143, 144, 145                16            134               230        $6004.57
6      15:1-28            146, 147
                                                       23            107               214        $3161.00
7      15:29-58           148, 149, 150
                                                       30            117               210        $5069.16
8      16            1, 2
       2 Corinthians
9      1             3, 4, 5                                   Greeters for May
10     2             6, 7                          May 4             Greg and Trina Sparkman
11     3             8, 9                          May 11            Joan Sullivan and Cheryl Trinkle
12     4             10, 11, 12                    May 18            Wayne and Betty Wesner
13     5             13, 14, 15
                                                   May 25            Earl and Naomi Williams
14     6             16, 17, 18
15     7             19, 20, 21
16     8             22, 23, 24
17     9             25, 26                        Communion Meditation for
18     10            27, 28, 29
19     11:1-15            30, 31                           May
                     Ecclesiastes                  May 4                          Chris Wesner
20     11:16-33           1, 2, 3                  May 11                         Jr. Sama
21     12            4, 5, 6
                                                   May 18                         Jeff Smith
22     13            7, 8, 9
       Galatians                                   May 25                         Jerald Humphrey
23     1             10, 11, 12
                     Song of Solomon
24     2             1, 2, 3                        Communion Servers for May
25     3             4, 5                          Those serving communion for the month of May are
26     4             6, 7, 8                       Gary Johnson, Clark Love, John Newlin, David
                     Isaiah                        Nicholson, Ron Pennington, Tom Rosenbaum and Sal
27     5             1, 2                          Sama.
28     6             3, 4
29     1             5, 6                                                           Non-Profit Organization
30     2             7, 8                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
31     3             9, 10                                                              Permit No. 129
                                                                                       Salem, IN 47167

                                                   Mount Tabor Christian Church
                 Welcome                           7380 West Mount Tabor Road
Todd Smith was baptized on March 16. His address   Salem, Indiana 47167
is 2002 N. Smedley Rd., Campbellsburg IN 47108.
        Superheroes of the Bible                                           Ben’s Banter
               Are coming                               As usual, this summer we will cancel all the youth
                                                        meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We
                    to                                  have other things going on, be certain to mark your
       Mt. Tabor Christian Church                       calendar so that you don’t miss them.
        June 9 – 13 9:00 – 12:00                        Make sure you participate in camp this summer.
                                                        There is something for everyone at Wonder Valley,
  Be ready to help lead someone to Christ               whether you like air-conditioned dorms or, for real
                  through                               campers, the pioneer site. Pick up a registration
                                                        form in the foyer to begin your summer fun as you
 Vacation Bible School                                  get out in God’s creation and get into His word.
Help us reach your friends in your school or            Please continue praying for the mission team as they
                                                        finish-up preparations for the trip to Cookson Hill
  neighborhood that do not attend worship
                                                        Children’s Home in Kansas, Oklahoma.
            services anywhere.
                                                        Ben’s Summer Schedule:
Information and registration forms are in the           May 25 – 30 Camp: Work Week
                  office.                               June 2-5 Camp: 4th & 5th Pioneer
             Come and meet:                             June 9-12 V.B.S.
                  Joseph                                June 29-July 5 Mission Trip
                                                        July 14-17 Camp: 4th & 5th Pioneer
                                                        Up Coming Events:
                                                        May 2 Formal Christian Prom
               Queen Esther                             May 16-17 Jr. High Laser Tag,
                Lord Jesus                                    and Narnia Movie
          There will be time for:
                                                               Out of Chris’ Kitchen
                                                             Over the last few years the Lord has been teaching
                   Food                                 me so much about prayer. What is prayer? It is a
             Good Fellowship                            conversation, both talking and listening to God. I am
                   Songs                                afraid that most people have trouble with the listening
               Mission News                             part. Have you ever lain awake at night with people or
                                                        problems on your heart? Did you ever stop to think
                                                        that the Heavenly Father was prompting you to pray
      Ladies Prayer Ministry                            even then? Even if we do not see God with our eyes, I
                                                        know we can see and hear Him with our hearts. His
   The next Ladies Prayer Ministry will be Thursday,
May 8, at 7:00 p.m. at the church.                      presence with us is a promise from the scriptures. It is
                                                        sometimes in the dark and quiet of the night that the
                                                        Father can get our attention the best. Here are some
  Some Enchanted Evening                                questions for you to ask as you talk to the Lord: Jesus,
                                                        is there anything today that I could thank you for? Is
Formal Christian Prom being held at Wonder Valley
Christian Camp
                                                        there anything today that I need to say sorry for? Is
Friday May 2, 6:30 pm – Midnight                        there anyone you want me to pray for? Are there any
Before April 25 - $20                                   burdens you want to carry for me? I have discovered
After - $25                                             that He can carry the burdens much, much better that I
There will be a formal dinner, worship and devotion,    can and He will do what is for my good and for His
dancing with a Christian DJ, Photos (cost extra), and   glory. So, the next time you lay awake at night, I hope
door prizes. This is for Sophomores, Juniors, and       you take the opportunity to pray. Instead of dreading
Seniors who want to enjoy a fun filled Christian        the sleepless nights, you may begin to look forward to
atmosphere.                                             them.
See Ben or Corrie for more details.
          May Birthdays and         Always Two Voices Calling Our
            Anniversaries                     Children
                                             Proverbs 9
3    John and Juanita Busick        A strong contrast is presented in the 9th chapter of
5    Jan Moore                 Proverbs. Wisdom is described as a woman who stands
                               and calls out to the simple-minded, “Come home with
6    Peggy Cleveland
                               me… Leave your foolish ways behind and begin to live;
7    Lowell and Rhonda DePoy   learn how to be wise.” She knows if you “teach the
8    John and Kathy Newlin     wise, they will be wiser still. Teach the righteous and
9    John Bush                 they will learn more. Fear of the Lord is the beginning
     Barbara Bills             of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in
10   Jerald Humphrey
                                    However, as soon as Wisdom’s invitation is
     Rick and Michelle Hamer
                               finished, even before those passing by have opportunity
11   Olive Reed                to respond, another invitation from another source is
12   Don Sullivan              offered. This woman’s name is Folly. She is loud and
     Sam Haley                 brash. She is ignorant and doesn’t even know it. She sits
     Josh Medlock              in her doorway calling out to men going by who are
14   Scott Medlock             minding their own business. “Come home with me,” she
15   Jordan Agan               urges. She says, “Stolen water is refreshing; food eaten
                               in secret tastes best.” Of course, her former guests are
17   Josh Burton               now in the grave.
18   Kim Smith                      It is so important to teach our children and remind
     Annette Agan              ourselves that there are always two voices vying for our
     Bekah Owsley              attention. There are always two directions from which
     Greg and Trina Sparkman   we must choose. We cannot be free from influence. It is
21   Ann Hackney               as close as our T.V. or internet connection. It comes at
     Taylor Bibb               us from the radio and the billboard. Thank God for the
22   Evelyn Lloyd              voices of our Christian teachers who use their position
                               in the public schools to promote wisdom instead of
25   Roger Green
                               folly. The church needs to be lending its weight to
     Blaine Humphrey           wisdom and godliness. Still, the most important
     Natalie Boling            influence in a young person’s life might surprise you. It
26   Kody Kramer               is not their friends. It is not the media. It is not their
27   Ben Bowling               preacher or youth minister. It is their parents. Though
     Lola Kramer               you may feel your counsel falls on deaf ears, it does not.
     Bryce Humphrey            Your children look to you for direction in life. They
     Chad and Tanya Webb       need you to point them toward Wisdom’s invitation and
29   Olivia Newberry           away from Folly.
                                    We can’t silence Folly’s voice. She will always be
30   David Deaton
                               there. She will do her best to bring our best and brightest
                               down to the grave in disgrace. But we can warn our
                               youth about her evil influence. And we can, by example,
                               show our children the benefit of seeking God’s wisdom.

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