Project Proposal Magazine

					Identify Need to Revise, Create New, or Withdraw Standard
                                                                                                Responsible party
Project Lead submits Project Proposal Form to ASABE
Standards Staff
                                                                                           General public or ASABE
Purpose, Scope                     Rationale for project                                   member/committee
Impacted sectors/parties           SME listing
Standards approach (new, revised, withdrawn ASABE; adoption
                                                                                           Project Lead or Standards
of ISO, submission to ANSI)
                                                                                           Development Committee
Request for assistance
                                                                                           Oversight Committee
               ASABE Staff Assigns Project
               number                                                                      ASABE Staff

ASABE Staff ballots oversight committee for Project Proposal
Review & Approval
Approach Verification (ASABE/ANSI/ISO)
SME Discipline Coverage
Due Process/Openness Representation
Relevancy, scope, etc.

Project Approved by oversight                    Project Declined or Oversight Committee
Committee                                        suggests project revisions
Assign/Appoint/Identify additional SME
required for Due Process and Balance
Appoint Oversight Committee Liaison to

Project posted on website and listed in Resource magazine
Provides due process and openness announcement allowing
other interested parties to volunteer for participation
 Drafting of document

 Standard Draft Reviewed &
 Finalized in ANSI/ASABE/ISO

ASABE Staff ballots Draft Standard to Standards
Development Committee
(>50%of the SDC membership AND at least 75% of
SDC members who respond required to approve vote)

 Draft Standard            Draft Standard
 Not Approved              Approved

 Revisions incorporated and rationale and proof
 that non-incorporated comments were addressed

 ASABE Staff ballots oversight committee on Policy and Due
 Process Review
 Approved Standard in ASABE format
 Updated and finalized statement on rationale of Standard
 Listing of impacted parties
 Results of ballot including issues not resolved in balloting

 Standard Not              Standard
 Approved                  Approved
                                                    Records Retention (clause 8.4)
                                                    Standard Development
                                                    Committee sends all
                                                    minutes/records to ASABE Staff


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