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					                             School of Retail Management
                           Internship Program Summer 2009

One of the country's pre-eminent property owners, managers, developers and investors, Ivanhoe
Cambridge focuses on regional and super-regional shopping centres located in urban areas.

Ivanhoe Cambridge's reputation is built on its financial strength, expertise, extensive knowledge of the
market, far-reaching business network, innovative customer service approach, and most of all its dynamic
shopping destinations.

Beyond its strong Canada-wide presence, Ivanhoe Cambridge is active in the United States, Europe and
Asia - with substantial shopping centre portfolio held in partnership with several prominent real estate

Ivanhoe Cambridge's Head Office is located in Montreal and has regional offices in downtown Toronto
(95 Wellington Street West), Calgary and Vancouver with approximately 1000 employees in total.

                             Put yourself at the centre of it all!

                           Intern, Marketing @ Shopping Centre

The shopping centres in bold will be offering internship opportunities. Shopping Centres located in the
GTA are: Vaughan Mills, Oshawa Centre, Upper Canada Mall (Newmarket), Dixie Outlet Mall
(Mississauga), Oakville Place, Burlington Mall and Mapleview Centre (Burlington) as well as, Quinte Mall
(Belleville), Lynden Park Mall (Brantford), Devonshire Mall (Windsor), Downtown Chatham Centre, Mic
Mac Mall (Dartmouth, NS).

Those centres in bold indicate that an Intern opportunity is anticipated, however, if you reside in
a city that we currently do not anticipate a placement, please express your interest and we can
see what we can do. We have many shopping centres located across Canada from Newfoundland to
British Columbia.

About the Department:

Located at each Shopping Centre, our traditional management team includes a General Manager (who
oversees the all aspects of the property), a Marketing Director (who is responsible for executing a
Marketing Plan), an Operations Manager (who is responsible for the physical building), and an Accounts
Administrator (who is responsible for accounting functions) as well as administrative support staff.

The Marketing Department reports directly to the shopping centre's General Manager. The Marketing
Director responsibilities include:

   To design and successfully execute a targeted, cost effective annual marketing plan that utilizes
    marketing funds to increase centre traffic, merchant sales and market share. Specific functions
    include setting objectives and formulating strategies and tactics for marketing the Centre, managing
    the marketing budget, and planning and executing a cost efficient advertising program as well as special
    events and promotions; In addition, the implementation of a public relations plan designed to reinforce
    the Centre with its public and the community it serves, undertaking appropriate consumer research
    where required, and other projects as required.

Intern Job Description:

The Intern will assist the Marketing Director with day-to-day activities with a focus on completing
"Special Projects".

The Intern will obtain a comprehensive overview of specific Marketing functions of the Shopping Centre.
Additionally, the intern will learn the dynamics of executing a targeted, cost efficient annual Marketing
plan for the centre, which utilizes Marketing Funds in increase centre traffic, increase merchants' sales
and increase market share within a specified trade area.

Individuals will provide insight and will assist in the execution of advertising flights, special events and
promotions, public relations, results tracking and consumer research for the centre, to ensure
consistent, cost efficient expenditures.
Skills & Knowledge to be Learned over the Summer:

The Intern will learn the entire scope of Shopping Centre marketing initiatives. Specifically.

   1. Obtaining the knowledge of designing an annual Marketing plan and budget that utilizes analysis
      and current research to set objectives, formulate strategies and tactics that link back to the
      property's Strategic Business plan.
   2. Understanding media campaigns and the proper execution of the program of media purchases,
      including providing input of all creative.
   3. Gain a better understanding of electronic communication by working on the centre's web site to
      ensure that the design and content of the web sites are current and correct.
   4. Understanding the importance of consumer research by utilizing current Market research to
      improve the Marketing program and positioning of the shopping centre.
   5. Budget Control: Understanding the Accounting program by monitoring budget expenditures so
      that the annual Marketing budget is self-liquidating at fiscal year-end.

Development Potential. How does position fit into a career path?

The Intern will gain knowledge of all aspects related to marketing functions within the Shopping Centre
industry that can be easily applied to marketing positions in any organization. Understanding and
providing input on pertinent criteria involved in the development of a Marketing Plan, will be highly
beneficial to which will enrich future career opportunities.

Additionally, exposure to internal relationships and other departments will allow the Intern to explore
opportunities within the shopping centre industry.

Job Enrichment Opportunities:

The Intern will be invited to attend Quarterly meetings with local Marketing Directors and the Regional
Marketing Director, and will actively participate in discussions in ways to better improve the current
Marketing programs in providing value.

The company's internal Web Master will also provide Web Site Training. The 3-hour training course will
address key skills required in updating content information on centre web sites.


The Intern will be exposed to various departments within the Shopping Centre Administrative
environment. Individuals will learn basic aspects of Operational functions within the shopping centre
such as, understanding the role of Security, Customer Service programs, Operational issues, and will
become familiarized with interpretation of tenant Leases.
Qualifications and Competencies Required:

Applicants must be enrolled in the first or second year program of the School of Retail Management,
Faculty of Business. Applicants must have the ability oversee the implementation of various programs
with minimal supervision. Strong knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs are an asset. Must
be highly motivated, a team player who can actively contribute to the centre's overall objectives. Must
be able to work fast paced environment.

               For further information about our company, please visit our website:


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