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					Pacific Pre-Law Conference List and Notes

School: Emory Law School
Program to Highlight: Corporate Law, International Law, and Criminal Law
Program to Highlight: Many clinical programs—IP clinic, 5 member team with MBAs and

School: University of Connecticut School of Law
Program to Highlight: State, in-state tuition, flexible in career, not a lot of debt public school
Program to Highlight: Clinical experience

School: Columbia Law School
Program to Highlight: International law
Program to Highlight: 16 study abroad programs
Program to Highlight: 8 clinics, 14 journals, joint degrees

School: New York Law School
Representative: Professor Perlin
Program to Highlight: Justice Action Clinic
Program to Highlight: International Mental Disability Clinic

School: Georgetown Law School
Representative: Sophia Sim, Director of Admissions
Program to Highlight: Supreme Court Institute
Program to Highlight: International internships with access to 70 countries through alumni;
semester study abroad in 25 countries
Program to Highlight: Week One program

School: Cornell Law School
Representative: Richard Geiger
Program to Highlight: International Law Program; broad in coverage, 21 different exchange
programs in 10 different countries, summer institutes in Paris and China after the 1st year

School: Berkeley Law School
Representative: Dean Tom
Program to Highlight: Social Justice Works; working on revamped low repayments
Program to Highlight: Increase of faculty by 40% while holding class size

School: Stanford Law School
Representative: Dean Faye Deal
Program to Highlight: Law and Economics Business Program
Program to Highlight: Law, Science, and Technology Program
Program to Highlight: Environmental Law Program
School: University of Minnesota Law School
Program to Highlight: Law, Life and the Biological Sciences: Consortium of Law and Values,
Joint degree program, Interdisciplinary center on Health Care
Program to Highlight: Capstone Courses: Integrated, yearlong clinical/corporate transition into
real world with unofficial ―concentrations‖ that can be entered into upon entrance; coursework
and intensive writing matched to outside interest
Program to Highlight: Law Clinic Program: pioneer in field in 1913, over 18 difference clinics,
covering almost every topic

School: Duke Law School
Representative: Mark Hill
Program to Highlight: Constitutional Law and Public Policy Programs, International Law
Program, Corporate Law Program, Environmental Law and Public Policy Clinics
Program to Highlight: Increase of joint programs

School: University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law
Representative: Mathiew Le
Program to Highlight: Governmental Affairs: provide students with practical legal skills for
government practice on the state and federal level; intensive coursework to prepare students for
lobbying firms, law firms, public interest organizations and government related departments
Program to Highlight: International Legal Studies: ranked #19 among all international law
programs; US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy teaches an international law class in Austria;
provide students with a strong curriculum in both public international law and private
international law
Program to Highlight: Advocacy: ranked #17 among Advocacy Programs; we focus on both
trial advocacy and appellate advocacy; students who participate in this program graduate with
marketable legal skills

School: John Marshall Law School
Representative: Michael Abramson
Program to Highlight: Veteran’s Benefits: started in Spring—Implemented in Fall; working
with office of Veteran’s Affairs (Illinois), the first in the country
Program to Highlight: Three Nationally Ranked Law Programs; especially in legal writing

School: California Western Law School
Representative: Traci Howard
Program to Highlight: Criminal Law: focus on prosecution and defense; Institute for Criminal
Defense Advocacy—California Innocence Project; trial skills/litigation emphasis, LLM—
Federal Criminal Advocacy
Program to Highlight: International Law: internships abroad—New Zealand, Santiago, Chile;
immigration; Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation; Human Rights

School: SMU Dedman School of Law
Representative: Rory Perez
Program to Highlight: Small school in residential area (approximate 180 entering); competitive
but not cutthroat environment; in Dallas Fort Worth great for employment opportunities;
strengths in business, IP, International Law; 8 clinical programs

School: Harvard Law School
Representative: David Yu
Program to Highlight: Negotiations Program
Program to Highlight: Asia Law Society: enough students from different backgrounds, LLMs,
organize subsidized trips to Asia

School: Quinnipiac University Law School
Representative: Kathy
Program to Highlight: Deans Fellows Scholarship
Program to Highlight: Law Concentrations—civil advocacy, Dispute Resolution, Health, IP
Program to Highlight: Extensive clinical and externship programs

School: University of Arizona
Program to Highlight: Small student body class of 150; small section of 25 students, one of
the most spiritual campuses
Program to Highlight: Strong law concentrations: in business/corporate law; International
Trade; Human Rights Law
Program to Highlight: 4 clinics: Domestic Violence, Child Advocacy, Immigration, Indigenous
People’s Law

School: Loyola Law School—Loyola Marymount
Program to Highlight: Entertainment Law Practicum: allows network within studios and
entertainment industry; exposure to current issues in IP in the area
Program to Highlight: IP-Based Program in London: International setting for first time, opens
in 2008, focus is on International Law

School: Chapman Law School
Representative: Michael Rossiter
Program to Highlight: Entertainment/Sports Certificate: New Film School; can take classes at
the film school to fulfill JD requirements

School: Arizona State University—Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
Representative: Shelli Soto, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Program to Highlight: Indian Legal Program: large and gifted population of Native American
Students; broad array of courses offering in Indian Law; 4-5 faculty dedicated to teaching and
scholarship in Indian Law; conferences and seminars on issues in Indian law throughout year;
innovative outreach and support programs
Program to Highlight: Center for the Study of Law, Science, and Technology: large faculty
commitment to and expertise in law and science; host of ABA’s official journal for law, science,
and technology; exciting array of courses related to science and technology; certificate in health
care law, environmental law, intellectual property, and law, science, and technology; clinical
opportunities in IP

School: Yale
Representative: Sara
Program to Highlight: Careers in Academia – no concentrations or specializations
Program to Highlight:

School: Brooklyn Law School
Representative: Henry Haverstick
Program to Highlight: International Business Law Fellowships; Edward V. Sparer Public
Interest Law Fellowships, Zaretsky Bankruptcy Law Fellowships; Center for Health, Science,
and Public Policy; Center for Study of Law, Language and Cognition
Program to Highlight:

School: Vermont Law School
Representative: Sara Sullivan
Program to Highlight: Environmental Law Program
Program to Highlight: new certificate program in international and comparative law

School: University of California – Hastings
Representative: Mike Trerino
Program to Highlight: 60% majority of judges in CA are Hastings alums
Program to Highlight: International programs: exchange with other states, reciprocity

School: University of Wisconsin Law School
Representative: Mike
Program to Highlight: very strong clinical programs; collegial student body; diveristy
Program to Highlight: law-in-action teaching philosophy: teaching philosophy

School: Hofstrall School of Law
Representative: Seth Kritzman
Program to Highlight: Child and Family Advocacy: partial tuition scholarship; stipend of
$7500 for summer employment; child advocacy clinic; numerous diverse placement
Program to Highlight: LGBT Rights Fellowship: partial tuition scholarship; stipend of $7500
for summer employment; numerous conference/networking opportunities with leaders in LGBT
Program to Highlight: Health Law Policy: coursework in various topics ranging in bio-
technology to disability; $5000 stipend for summer employment

School: University of Miami Law School
Program to Highlight: International, business, tax programs
Program to Highlight: Center for Ethics and Public Service on children and youth, community
rights, urban development

School: Cardozo School of Law
Program to Highlight: Concentrations: IP and Entertainment, Public interest and Corporate
Program to Highlight: Strong school dynamic—small classes and over 20 clinics and journals

School: Villanova School of Law
Program to Highlight: roots in public interest
Program to Highlight: big on clinical programs Farm Workers Law Clinic

School: Vanderbilt Law School
Representative: Ryan Willard
Program to Highlight: Law in Human Behavior—study of mind and the law
Program to Highlight: PhD in Law and Economics (not a joint)

School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Law
Representative: Janet Bolin
Program to Highlight: International—Transnational Program

School: University of Maryland Law
Representative: Connie Beals
Program to Highlight: Advocacy Trial Team and Clinics: ranked number one in nation; hosting
annual tournament of champions in 2008; nationally recognized clinic include Environmental
and Civil Rights; 3rd in Annual Moot Court Competition against 177 rivals
Program to Highlight: International Law: in close proximity to D.C.; local externships with
Secretary of State, NGO’s and other national or state agencies; International Law Society; East
Asian legal studies department.

School: University of Notre Dame Law
Representative: Melissa Fruscione
Program to Highlight: International Law Program: public and private; center for Civil and
Human Rights; year-long study abroad at London Law Center; International Comparative law,
EU Law, journals…
Program to Highlight: Trial Advocacy

School: Michigan State Law
Representative: Pam Shaw
Program to Highlight: Interdisciplinary Focus: also admitted to MSU as graduate students; 20
dual degrees; don’t have to be admitted; ½ of credits required elective; customizable
Program to Highlight: Fieger Trial Practice: 1st school; forensics class; theatrical class; 2-yr
courtroom work

School: Boston University Law
Representative: Joan Horgan
Program to Highlight: Dual Degrees: 5 concentrations; 9 dual degree programs; Internal law,
IP, Health Law
Program to Highlight: Number of Study Abroad Programs: Europe, Asia, Latin America
Program to Highlight: Large pool of Scholarship fund’s: 55x have scholarships, $10,000-

School: UC Davis School of Law
Representative: Sharon Pinkney
Program to Highlight: Business, Criminal law, Environmental Law and Natural Resources,
Health Care Law, IP Law, International Law, Public Interest Law
Program to Highlight: small class sizes; 5x journals; skills training and judicial externships

School: University of Pennsylvania School of Law
Program to Highlight: Cross-disciplinary study: up to 4 classes out of law school could be used
as supplement; over 16 joint-degree programs; 4 certificate programs
Program to Highlight: Commitment to Public Interest: scholarships and loan forgiveness if go
into public interest work

School: Northwestern Law
Representative: Jill Rubin Decremer
Program to Highlight: Public Service: social policy concentration; law and social policy
concentration and journal; DA track and advocacy; Center for Wrongful Conviction
Program to Highlight: Business and Law: Business Enterprise Program; small business
opportunities center and transactional clinic; investor protection center, up to 12 classes cross-
listed at Kellog
Program to Highlight: International Law Program: Journal of International Law and Business;
Journal of International Human Rights; Center for International Human Rights headed by former
ambassador for human rights; 12 study abroad programs; International Team Project (ITP)

School: University of Michigan Law School
Representative: Paul Mata
Program to Highlight: 14 Dual Degrees: cross-registering w/ anything at U of Michigan;
popular programs include Law and Business, Chinese Studies, natural resources, etc
Program to Highlight: Clinical Offerings: clinical law and advanced, Child Advocacy,
Mediation, Pediatric, Environmental, Urban Communities, Children’s Rights; Criminal

School: University of Washington School of Law
Representative: Norma
Program to Highlight: Gates Public Service Law Program: for students who show interest in
public service; 3 full years of funding for 5-year commitment to public service; 5 annually given
Program to Highlight: 1Ls have 3 mentors: peer, faculty and professional

School: University of Richmond School of Law
Program to Highlight: Scholarships: need-base aid; John Marshall Scholarship; Virginia tuition
assistance grant; student employment
Program to Highlight: Clinical Placements: Children’s Justice, Supreme Court of Virginia
externships/clinics; DA Office

School: Fordham Law School
Representative: Stephen Brown
Program to Highlight: Feerick Center for Annual Dispute Resolution: clinic and courses or
dispute resolution; live clients
Program to Highlight: Center for Social Justice: international human rights; courses, clinic
mission against human rights violators; published white papers

School: University of San Francisco School of Law
Representative: Alan Guerrero
Program to Highlight: 4 Certificate programs

School: American University Washington College of Law
Representative: Akira
Program to Highlight: Dual international law and degree programs in Spain, France and
Program to Highlight: Externships and internships: NGOs, Government and federal;
Regulatory bodies in DC
Program to Highlight: Strong programs include International Human Rights program with
clinical opportunity, Public Interest Law and Business Law

School: Regent Law (relatively new law school—25 years)
Program to Highlight: Religiously based institution: biblically based curriculum with case book
and Bible together

School: UCLA Law
Representative: Leo Trujillo
Program to Highlight: Sports, Entertainment, and IP Concentrations: strongest in the country;
center of the industry; attract faculty that are unavailable elsewhere
Program to Highlight: Critical Race Studies Program: only one in the country; intersection of
civil rights; American jurisprudence; 25 students a year
Program to Highlight: Public Interest Law/Policy Programs: only program West of the
Mississippi; only 25 students a year; own scholarships opportunities with 2 full scholarships;
drastically increased loan forgiveness program

School: New York University Law School
Representative: Michelle Adorno
Program to Highlight: Location: Greenwich Village, NYC; able to provide unique internships
Program to Highlight: Law Faculty/Student Ration: 10:1: 448 entering class but with low ratio;
one of the biggest faculties in the country; can provide small communities with a larger one
Program to Highlight: Guarantees funding during summer: for public interest jobs; have center
that helps place students; lots of organizes can’t pay so NYU provides funding after **
1L=$4500 and 2L= $6,000

School: St. John’s Law School
Program to Highlight: Diverse Community: center for civil rights; partnership with United
Negro College Fund; Scholarship funds; summer institute to meet needs of students who have
had to overcome discrimination
Program to Highlight: Evening program: access to populations not usually served; still provide
electives; same opportunities
Program to Highlight: Clinical and Externship Programs: Elder Law Clinic; Securities
Arbitration Clinic; Child Advocacy Clinic; Civil Externships; International Human Rights

School: Boston College Law School
Program to Highlight: Attorney General Program: an intensive full-year clinical program for
students with Bureau of the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General; students draft
pleadings, motions, legal research and writing; oral arguments
Program to Highlight: Center for Human Rights: work with The Hague and International
Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia and International Criminal Court; investigation of pending cases
and drafting of indictments in an internationally renowned setting

School: Temple University Beasley School of Law
Representative: Chanelle Williams
Program to Highlight: Child Advocacy Programs: # 1 advocacy litigation
Program to Highlight: International Law Program: ranked at top 10; lots of study abroad

School: Pepperdine School of Law
Representative: Burton Rojas
Program to Highlight: Dispute Resolution Program: high reputation
Program to Highlight: International Human Rights: summer programs through department;
London Program (study abroad)

School: University of Detroit Mercy Law
Representative: Fernando Valles
Program to Highlight: Clinical Programs: 15; in the city clients
Program to Highlight: 3rd Year Law Firm Program: learn how law firms works; local partners
that come and teach; introduce real problems they face in real life; teach them how to deal with

School: Santa Clara School of Law
Representative: Alisa Auglielmo
Program to Highlight: 3 Concentrations: International Comparative Law, IP, Social Justice and
Public Service; over 100 courses offered

School: University of Southern California (USC) School of Law
Representative: Chloe Reid
Program to Highlight: Rothmon Scholarship Program: full-tuition scholarship for 3-years;
guaranteed job @ end of 1L year with Skadden
Program to Highlight: Summer Fellowships: guaranteed summer paid positions with a variety
of law firms and businesses for first year students only