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Scholarship Bulletin SEPTEMBER 2005


									                  IFHS Scholarship Bulletin September/October 2009
                     Awarded                                                                                                                      Date
      Title                           Open To                Description/Minimum Criteria                               Contact
                     Amount                                                                                                                       Due

   American                         Any 2- or 4-    Available to student affiliate members who have
   College of                       year college,   participated in the National Guild of Piano
                     Up to 150                                                                                  Scholarship Committee
  Musicians /                       university      Teachers auditions over a 10-year period. Must
                       $200                                                                                    Telephone: 512.478.5775           Sept 15
National Guild of                   trade or        be Paderewski Medal winner and be sponsored
Piano Teachers                      technical       by Guild member.
 Scholarships                       school          Application form, test scores

                                                    U.S. citizens who are studying to enter the field of
   Seaman                                           grounds management or a closely related field
 Scholarship                                        such as agronomy, horticulture, landscape               Jenny Smith, Assoc. coordinator
  Sponsor:            Up to 3       Any 2- or 4-    contracting, irrigation on a full-time basis. Must         Telephone: 410.223.2861
 Professional       $250-$1,500     year college    be sponsored by a Professional Grounds                        Fax: 410.752.8295              Sept 15
   Grounds           One-time       or university   Management Society member who must write a               E-mail:
 Management                                         letter of recommendation.                                    Web:
   Society                                          Application form, transcript, autobiography,
                                                    financial need, analysis, references, SASE.
                                                    A grand prize of $3,000 for the qualified individual     Cheryl Cleaves, Exec. Director
                       One                          with the highest total score of the student                Telephone: 901.333.4643
 Assoc. of Two                      Any 2-year
                      $3,000                        mathematics league exam. Funds to continue                    Fax: 901.333.4651              Sept 30
 Year Colleges:                     college
                     One-time                       education at an accredited 4-year institution.            E-mail:
                                                    Test Scores, entry in a contest.                            Web:

                                                    Renewable up to 4 years. Available to high school
                                                    seniors who have worked at least 2 years as a
   Caddie                                                                                                      Scholarship Committee
                     Up to 200       Any 4-year     caddy at a Western Golf Assoc. member club.
 Scholarship                                                                                                  Telephone: 847.724.4600
                     Full tuition      college      Must demonstrate need, outstanding character,
  Sponsor:                                                                                                       Fax: 847.724.7133               Sept 30
                    and housing         With        and at least a B average in high school. Limited
 Western Golf                                                                                      
                    Renewable        restrictions   to use at universities where the Evans Foundation
                                                    maintains a Scholarship House where recipients
                                                    are required to reside.

Chuck Hall Star                                     Renewable up to 3 years. Available to male high
                                    Any 2- or 4-
  of Tomorrow                                       school seniors or college students who hold an           Ed Gocha, Scholarship Admin.
                                    year college,
  Scholarship          One                          average bowling score of 175 or greater.                   Telephone: 800.514.2695
    Sponsor:         $1,500                         Minimum 2.5 GPA required. Must be a current                   Fax: 414.421.3014               Oct 1
                                    trade or
    American        Renewable                       USBC Youth or USBC member in good standing                 E-mail:
     Bowling                                        and compete in certified events.                      
   Congress                                         Application, transcript, essay, references, SASE
Young American                                      Scholarship is given to recognize star qualities in      Ed Gocha, Scholarship Admin.
Bowling Alliance:      One          Any 2- or 4-    a male high school senior or college student who           Telephone: 800.514.2695
   Hall Star of      $6,000         year college,   competes in the sport of bowling. Applicant must              Fax: 414.421.3014               Oct 1
   Tomorrow         Renewable       university      be a currently compete in certified events.                E-mail:
  Scholarship                                       Application form, transcript, references              
                                                    Participants in DJNF summer workshops are
  High School
                                                    nominated for writing and photography awards            Linda Waller Shockley, Dep. Dir.
                      Up to 8        Any 4-year     based on their published work. Scholarships are            Telephone: 609.452.2820
                      $1,000          college       presented to the best writers and photographers               Fax: 609.520.5804               Oct 1
 Sponsor: Dow
                     One-time                       to pursue journalism careers.                             E-mail:
                                                    Application, essay, references, entry in contest,        Web:
Newspaper Fund
National Security                                   Assistance with national security clearance
                                                                                                           Lori Subotich, Director of Programs
    Scholars                                        processing, paid summer internships with
                                                                                                                    and Scholarships
    Program            One           Any 4-year     government and private industry, plus the
                                                                                                                Telephone: 443.997.5700
    Sponsor:         $15,000          college       opportunity     for   job     placement    following                                          Oct 1
                                                                                                                   Fax: 443.997.2740
  Independent        One-time                       graduation. Program is open to students with
College Fund of                                     outstanding academic records.
    Maryland                                        Application, transcript, test scores
                                    Any 2- or 4-    For mortuary science students to prepare for a
 International                                                                                             Jenny Gabbert, Education Coord.
                                    year college,   career in funeral service. Must be enrolled in a
 Order of the         Up to 3                                                                                 Telephone: 800.637.8030
                                    university      mortuary science degree program at an
 Golden Rule:       $500-$2,500                                                                                  Fax: 314.209.1289                Oct 1
                                    trade or        accredited mortuary school. Minimum 3.0 GPA.
   Award of          One-time                                                                                 E-mail:
                                    technical       Application, transcript, financial need analysis,
  Excellence                                                                                                     Web:
                                    school          essay
                                                    Students must be High School Seniors,
                                                    participate in community or school activities, and
                       One                          maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.                             Michael Layson, President
  Students of                       Any 4-year
                      $1,000                        Application, SASE                                          Telephone: 205.344.6322            Oct 1
   America                          college
                     One-time                        Email:                 Fax: 205.344.6322
                                                 Students must be enrolled in any college or
   Houston                                                                                                   Schoalrship Committee
                                                 university nationwide and must be studying
  Scholarship         One                                                                                   Telephone: 510.986.9390
                                  Any 4-year     photojournalism (including print, television and
Sponsored: Bay       $2,500                                                                                    Fax: 510.382.1980           Oct 2
                                   college       online).
  Area Black        One-time                                                                                 E-mail:
                                                 Application, transcript, essay, references, special
  Journalists                                                                                                 Web:
                                                 requirements exist

                     Varies                      For high school students willing to challenge               Scholarship Committee
                    $1,000 -      Any 4-year     themselves through science research. Students             Telephone 877.822.5233
 Competition in                                                                                                                            Oct 2
                     $3,000        college       may enter as individuals or as part of a team.                Fax: 732.603.5890
Math, Science &
                    One-time                     Application, entry in contest                          Web:

                                                 Scholarship for distance education available only
     $1,000                                      to U.S. Citizens enrolled in a CHEA accredited
                      3 to 6     Any 2- or 4-                                                             Online Education Scholarship
 Excellence in                                   online degree program. Must have a minimum
                     $1,000      year college                                                                      Committee               Oct 15
Online Education                                 3.0 GPA, demonstrated financial need, and
                    one-time     or university                                                     
  Scholarship                                    submit a 500-word essay: ―What a College
                                                 Degree Means to Me.‖
                                                 One-time award for high school seniors interested
                                                 in pursuing a career in journalism. Must be
                                                 actively involved in high school journalism and             Diana Leckie, Program
Al Neuharth Free    Up to 102    Any 2- or 4-    demonstrate qualities such as being a visionary,              Manager/Free Spirit
      Spirit         $1,000      year college    an innovative leader, an entrepreneur or a                 Telephone: 202.292.6100        Oct 15
   Scholarship      one-time     or university   courageous achiever. Scholars come to                               E-mail:
                                                 Washington D.C. to receive their awards and    
                                                 participate in an all-expense paid journalism
                                                 Scholarship to a poet of American birth. Upon
                                                 acceptance, the recipient agrees to spend one
                                 Any 2- or 4-
                                                 year outside the continent of North America in a           Cathleen Croft, Trustee
                                 year college,
  Amy Lowell          One                        place deemed by the recipient suitable to advance         Telephone: 617.248.4855
Poetry Traveling    $50,000                      the art of poetry. At the end of the year, the               Fax: 617.248.4000            Oct 15
                                    trade or
  Scholarship       One-time                     recipient shall submit at least three poems for         E-Mail:
                                                 consideration by the trust’s committee.                   Web:
                                                 Application, special requirements exist, contest
Dental Assisting                                 Applicant must be enrolled full-time in an                Rose Famularo, Manager
  Scholarship                                    accredited dental assistant program, submit                   ADA Foundation
                    Up to 10     Any 2- or 4-
  Sponsored:                                     autobiographical sketch, be a US citizen and have         Telephone: 312.440.2547
                     $1,000      year college                                                                                              Oct 16
American Dental                                  at least a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need.              Fax: 312.440.3526
                    One-time     or university
    Assoc.                                       Application, autobiography, financial need                 E-mail:
  Foundation                                     analysis, essay, references                              Web:
                                                 The assoc. provides financial assistance to
                                                 students in the US who have exhibited integrity
                                                 and perseverance in overcoming personal
 Horatio Alger      Up to 902                                                                               Stephanie E. Gargiulo
                                                 adversity and who aspire to pursue higher
    Assoc.          $2,500 -      Any 4-year                                                               Telephone: 703.684.9444
                                                 education. Full-time students under age 19                                                Oct 30
 Scholarship         $20,000       college                                                                    Fax: 703.684.9445
                                                 seeking an undergraduate degree. Minimum 2.0
   Program          One-time                                                                               Web:
                                                 GPA required.
                                                 Application, transcript, test scores, financial need
                                                 analysis, essay, references
                                 Any 2- or 4-
   Aviation                                      For students enrolled in an airframe and power          Marge Milligan, Marketing Asst.
                    10 to 30     year college,
 Maintenance                                     plant licensing program. Must have a B average            Telephone: 724.772.4092
                     $1,000       university
 Foundation                                      and have completed 25 percent of the program.                Fax: 724.776.3049            Oct 31
                   May reapply      trade or
   Student                                       Application, transcript, financial need analysis,         E-mail:
                     yearly        technical
 Scholarship                                     references, SASE                                            Web:
                                 Any 2- or 4-
                                                 Students must write an essay and reference one          Sarah Jensen, Marketing Mngr
                                 year college,
                     Up to 3                     book on the assigned topic. Essay must be up to                Akademos, Inc.                     university
                   $250-$2,000                   750 words. One grand prize winner and two                 Telephone: 203.866.0190         Oct 31
Fall Scholarship                    trade or
                                                 runners-up are selected. See website for topic.              Fax: 203.866.0199
                                                 Application, essay                                        Web:

                                                 Available for first year of post-high school
                                 Any 2- or 4-    education, applicants must be high school senior,        Applications available online
                                 year college,   resident of US, Canada or Puerto Rico, maintains         Sept. 14 through February 1
     BKS              Many
                                 university      a 2.5 GPA or higher, works part-time for a                       Barby Dorado
  Burger King        $1,000                                                                                                                Feb. 1
                                 trade or        minimum of 10 per week or 40 weeks per year, be         E-mail:
   Scholars         One-time
                                 technical       actively involved in community service activities,        Web:
                                 school          demonstrate financial need, plan to enroll in an
                                                 accredited school in the fall
                                                                                                         Contact local American Legion Post
The American                       Any 2- or 4-    A Constitutional speech contest for high school
                      Awards                                                                                    for entry information.
 Legion High                       year college,   students, grade 9-12, who are US citizens or
                     given on                                                                             Post 56 Commander Bob Skinner
   School                          university      lawful permanent residents of the US. The                                                  Mid-late
                    local, state                                                                                      529.9423
  Oratorical                       trade or        prepared oration must be on some aspect of the                                              April
                   and national                                                                             Area Oratorical Chairman Art
 Scholarship                       technical       Constitution of the US with emphasis on the
                       levels                                                                                          Gimpel
  Program                          school          duties and obligations of a citizen.

                                   Any 2- or 4-
                                                   For graduating female Idaho Falls High School
 Melba Brunt                       year college,
                      One                          student enrolling at Utah State University.
 Lewis / Utah                      university                                                                See Counseling Center for         Mid
                     Varies                        Selection based 50 percent on academic
State University                   trade or                                                                        Application                March
                   Renewable                       achievement, 30 percent on sensitivity to feelings
  Scholarship                      technical
                                                   of others, and 20 percent on financial need.

                                                                                                          Michael R. McBride at McBride &
     ―Get                                          For seniors selected by random drawing
                                   Any 2- or 4-                                                                 Roberts, Attorneys
 Government‖                                       conducted in May 2010.
                                   year college,                                                               1495 East 17th Street
 Scholarship        2 at IFHS                      No unexcused absences in senior government
                                   university                                                                        Idaho Falls
 Sponsored:           $500                         class for the school year (both US Gov A and US                                            April 30
                                   trade or                                                                        208.525.2552
  McBride &         One-time                       Gov B), minimum 2.0 GPA in Government Class,
   Roberts,                                        must attend Idaho Falls High School
                                   school                                                                     Or Counseling Center for
  Attorneys                                        Application, grade & attendance verification
                                                   National Audio/Essay Competition designed to giv
    Voice of
                                   Any 2- or 4-    high school students the opportunity to voice their
  Democracy           Awards                                                                                 Veterans of Foreign Wars
                                   year college,   opinion on America as they consider their
  Scholarship        given on                                                                                       Post 2146
                                   university      commitment to our nation’s future.
  Competition       local, state                                                                               485 Constitution Way            Nov 1
                                   trade or        Open to students in grades 9-12, submit a
  Veterans of      and national                                                                              Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
                                   technical       recorded original 3-5 minute essay on a standard
 Foreign Wars          levels                                                                                   Web:
                                   school          cassette tape or CD on this year’s theme; ―Does
   Post 2146
                                                   America Still Have Heroes?‖

                                                   Nomination Scholarships
     The following scholarships require students to be nominated by people at the school. Because many of these require
     time, travel and large expense on the part of the student and family, we ask students to get parental approval and then
     notify the Counseling Center of their interest. Here are some of the requests we’ve received.
     William H. and Elizabeth Gray Danforth Scholars Program at Washington University in S. Louis. The University seeks candidates
     for the program who have exhibited a capacity for service and leadership, as well as academic excellence and who will
     embrace the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum; especially qualities of maturity, strong moral character,
     selflessness and commitment to the community.
     National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine: Former IFHS students have attended and said it is a good program which
     will be held in Summer 2010. Tuition is $2,560 which includes everything except transportation to and from the program
     location (varies) and lunches during the program. Financial assistance consists of tips on fund-raising. Some financial-
     need scholarships are available.
     US Senate Youth Program: The contest-entry program culminates with two students being sent to an all-expense paid trip
     to Washington, D.C. for a week and a $5,000 scholarship. The program is organized and financially supported by the
     Hearst Foundation. Open to juniors and seniors who hold an elective or selective office, the entry to the program starts
     with a government quiz. The top two scorers write an essay which is submitted with application to the State Department
     of Education to be judged. Watch the school bulletin for entry quiz date!

                                                            University News
     Southeast Idaho College Fair: Representatives from about 70 colleges, universities, technical and trade schools will be here
     for the fair Wednesday, Oct. 29, 5-8 p.m. at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls. Admission is free.
     Early College Program at ISU: Participants travel to ISU’s Pocatello campus to learn from ISU students and professors, tour
     the campus and glimpse Homecoming Week college style. Students who register by Sept. 20 can get up to 3 tickets for
     the ISU Homecoming football game. More info at
     AG Days 2009 at U of I: Two days – Oct. 2-3 – of food, fun and learning about the University of Idaho’s programs. Enjoy a
     hayride campus tour and many activities, including Vandal football. Packages start at $50. Get details at Registration deadline is Sept. 28, 2009.
     Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship Program: Scholarships are full-tuition, books, fees, uniforms and a monthly
     stipend. Upon receiving a bachelor degree, ROTC students are commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy. Deadline
     is Dec. 1, 2009, but the Navy suggests prompt action.
     Sullivan Leadership Award competition: Information is available at Counseling Center or contact Pauline Benson, Seattle
     University Admissions at 1.800.426.7123 or on website at
                                                     Military News
    Service Academy Day: Students interested in attending a military academy may be interested to attend the Annual Service
    Academy Day sponsored by the Idaho Congressional Delegation. The event gives information about the nomination
    process. It will be Oct. 3, 2009, at Gowan Field in Boise. Contact your Congress or Senate representative to confirm
    Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship Program: Scholarships are full-tuition, books, fees, uniforms and a monthly
    stipend. Upon receiving a bachelor degree, ROTC students are commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy. Deadline
    is Dec. 1, 2009, but the Navy suggests prompt action.

                             More Great Information For You To Use
   This is a great website that contains an enormous database of scholarships. Just log on to If you have any questions, come to the counseling office.

   USAFunds . . . . access to education scholarships. This website has resources for scholarships. Visit them at

   Idaho Community Foundation Scholarships—Visit their website at

   Are you interested in The American Legion—Boys State & Girls State? Go to

   Idaho Falls Youth Chamber Leadership applications are available in the Counseling Center. While not a scholarship,
    serving on the council may help provide the type of service and community activity sought by scholarship programs and

    For more information on financial aid and scholarships, visit these websites:                                                                                                                                 

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