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					                           NATALIE MacMASTER
                              2011 CONTRACT RIDER

This rider and its attachments and inserts are hereby part of the contract between MacMaster Music Inc.

(hereinafter referred to as “Artist”), and _________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as

“Purchaser”), contract dated _________________________________.

The performance is scheduled to take place on the ___________ day of ______________, in the year

_______________, at ________________________________in _________________________.

The purpose of this rider is to facilitate the best performance possible. The Purchaser should study this
rider and make the necessary provisions contained herein. Any difficulties, problems or proposed
changes to this rider must be approved by Artist Representative.

Artist Representative will make every reasonable effort to notify Purchaser of any changes or updates to
the technical requirements of this show.

1.      Billing and Support Act(s)
        Artist is to be billed as “Natalie MacMaster.” The Artist reserves the right to approve all
        other acts on the bill, at least one week prior to the date of the performance

2.      Payments
        Performance fee cheques should be made payable to “Natalie Leahy f/s/o
        MacMaster Music Inc.” ITIN #: 951-70-8407

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                                 Rev. Apr 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                                                 Page 1 of 5
206-601-4498 or
3.    Transportation
      Purchaser shall provide ground transportation for 4 people:

      Upon arrival at airport, to either venue or hotel (depending on schedule). Flight arrivals
      might entail as many as 4 (four) separate airport pickups.

      Transportation from hotel to venue for soundcheck/rehearsal, and return to hotel after

      Transportation from hotel to venue to arrive 1 hour before showtime, and return to hotel

      Return to airport for flights the next morning.

      All transportation arrangements must be confirmed with production manager prior to
      engagement. This is to include all hotel and venue parking arrangements.

4.    Accommodations
      Purchaser shall provide 4 (four)) hotel rooms in a reputable chain hotel (i.e. Crowne Plaza,
      Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton) only. -- absolutely no private homes, no bed and breakfasts,
      no cottages or cabins. A rooming list will be provided.

      Hotels must have high-speed internet access.

      Hotels must have room service and onsite restaurant available for breakfast lunch and
      dinner. Properties with external corridors are NOT acceptable.

      Hotels must have rooms available with King size bed.
      It is not acceptable to split our group up in more than one hotel property.

      In Ms. MacMaster’s room, please provide 2 GLASS bottles of water – Panna or Voss or
      similar non-carbonated water.

5.    Backline
      Please see the separate page entitled “Backline and Staging”, which is an integral part of
      this Contract Rider.

6.    Technicians
      Purchaser shall ensure that 2 (two) qualified audio technicians (house sound engineer and
      monitor engineer) and necessary sound crew be present and available for work at the
      venue for soundcheck preparation through the end of rehearsal, and for the duration of
      the show.

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                         Rev. Apr 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                                         Page 2 of 5
206-601-4498 or
      Purchaser shall also ensure that a skilled and creative lighting director be available during
      soundcheck/rehearsal to consult with Ms. MacMaster about any lighting questions or

7.    Security
      Purchaser shall ensure that adequate security will be in place to protect performers and
      their property.

8.    Dressing Rooms
      Please see the separate page entitled “Dressing Rooms & Hospitality”, which is an integral
      part of this Contract Rider.

9.    Sound Check
      An adequate soundcheck for Ms MacMaster’s ensemble must be provide PRIOR TO
      orchestra rehearsal. Please see the separate page entitled “Sound Requirements”, which
      is an integral part of this Contract Rider.

10. Complimentary Tickets & Passes
      Purchaser will provide 10 tickets to the performance, at no cost to Artist.

11. Merchandise
      Artist and/or their representatives shall have the right to sell and distribute their
      merchandise at the venue. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to and shall not
      receive any portion of the sale of said merchandise. The venue shall provide 1 (one)
      experienced and competent seller, an inventory methodology and a starting bank. The
      House Manager or designee will oversee and confirm the “counting in” and “counting
      out” of all merchandise. Purchaser and/or venue manager acknowledges that these
      individuals are first and foremost employees of the venue, and hence assumes
      responsibility for their actions or inactions.

12. Recording and/or videotaping; radio, TV or internet broadcast
      Purchaser must obtain prior written consent from Artist’s management for any and all
      audio and video recordings, and any dissemination via electronic media.

      For performances due to be broadcast either live or subsequently, Artist’s ensemble will
      be paid the prevailing FETR rate.

      Artist reserves the right to record the performance for “archival use” only; i.e., no FETR
      rate applies to performers or crew.

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                         Rev. Apr 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                                         Page 3 of 5
206-601-4498 or
13. Purchaser’s Indemnification
      The Purchaser shall indemnify and hold The Artist harmless from and against any and all
      liability, claim, demand, costs, expenses, losses and damage (including reasonable
      attorney’s fee) arising out of any breach of their Agreement by The Purchaser or in
      connection with any performance rendered or to be rendered by The Artist during this
      event (unless same is caused by the tortuous conduct of The Artist or any employee or
      agent of The Artist). The Purchaser represents and warrants that it presently carries
      proper damage and liability insurance (no less than two million dollars) with sufficiently
      high limits to adequately insure against the risk assumed and the obligation undertaken
      by The Purchaser under this Paragraph and will obtain a certificate of insurance adding
      MacMaster Music Inc., Natalie MacMaster, to the Liability Policy as additional insureds.
      Proof of the insurance shall be copied to MacMaster Music Inc., no less than 14
      (fourteen) business days prior to the Performance. Such policy or policies shall be issued
      by insurance companies licensed to do business in the jurisdiction of the engagement.
      The Artist and Company shall not be liable or responsible for any act or omission to act by
      the Employer.

   The rider concludes on the following pages with the Signatures page.
  Attached is also a Questionnaire Form. It is designed to be completed
 online and emailed back to us, using the SUBMIT button at the bottom.
 It can also be printed out, completed by hand and mailed or faxed back
      to the manager or road manager at one of the numbers below.

   Also attached are the Dressing Room & Hospitality Requirements,
  Backline Requirements, and the Sound Requirements, which are an
                       integral part of this Rider.

[If not attached with this document, please also request the latest stage
plot and input list.]

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                       Rev. Apr 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                                       Page 4 of 5
206-601-4498 or
** Please contact the Tour Manager for the most up-to-date information
     regarding AV, backline, sound and hospitality requirements.**

Questions or inquiries regarding non-technical issues – advertising, merchandise, interview
requests, etc., should be directed to:
   Dianne Fitzpatrick, Artist’s Management
   Ph: 902-234-2885
   Fx: 902-234-2196

All technical questions should be directed to:
     Ira Seigel, Tour/Production Manager
     206-601-4498 (cell)
     902-482-3396 (efax)

RIDER ADHERENCE AND DISSEMINATION: No deletions, additions, or substitutions to this
document or its attachments will be accepted unless counter-initialed by artist signatory.
Presenter hereby guarantees that this CONTRACT RIDER will be adhered to and that these
documents will be distributed exactly as is (or as corrected and approved) to the appropriate
technical and administrative personnel at the theater as contracted.


__________________________________           ______________________________________
Artist Representative Printed Name           Purchaser Printed Name

__________________________________           _______________________________________
Artist Representative Signature              Purchaser Signature

DATE:    ____________________________            DATE: ________________________________

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                        Rev. Apr 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                                        Page 5 of 5
206-601-4498 or
Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony – 2011 Technical Rider
Dressing Rooms and Hospitality
       Please provide a minimum of 1 (one) VIP and 2 (two) standard, clean, lockable dressing rooms.
       Each should be equipped with a washroom and shower, power, full-length mirror, lights and
       temperature control. Please also provide an ironing board and iron, a clothes steamer, 6 bath
       towels and 6 hand towels and bars of soap for each shower.

       Dressing rooms should be located in the same building as the performance and be accessible
       to the stage without passage through any audience or public area.

       Please provide a practice room with piano, or a piano in one of the dressing rooms.


       Because of our travel and soundcheck/rehearsal schedule, it is MUCH easier for us to plan on
       meals at our hotel. We request a $40 per person (times 4) meal CASH buyout which would
       cover our meals at the hotel or nearby restaurant. No catering, therefore, would be required.

       If you choose instead to provide catering, you MUST be able to guarantee the peanut-free
       provision for all food ingredients and the preparation area. Healthy, 3-course meal plus
       dessert should be served 2 hours prior to showtime.

       In either case, for soundcheck/rehearsal and show, please provide:
       (1)     small tray fresh fruit
       (1)     6-pack regular Pepsi – NO SUBSTITUTES
       (12) small bottles of spring water (for backstage and onstage)
       (2)     assorted chocolate bars (Lindt, Ghirardelli, Drost, e.g.) - NO NUTS
       (2)     large GLASS bottles of water, such as Panna or Voss (non-carbonated)
       Hot coffee and tea service (½ & ½, real sugar, honey, etc.)
       Clean cups, plates and utensils, glasses & ice
       ***Please refrigerate goods as appropriate for the duration of the show.

       (1)   bottle of excellent quality red wine
       (6)   bottles of beer – Sam Adams or Fat Tire, or a local amber or porter

       If you’ve chosen to provide catering, then please provide 2 small pizzas - 1 no-meat, 1 meat

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony Contract Rider                                    REVISED Mar, 2011
Production Contact: Ira Seigel; 206-601-4498 (cell)
Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony – 2011 Technical Rider
Backline & Staging

One Grand Piano – Prefer Steinway D 9’ or Yamaha C7. Tuned to A440 prior to soundcheck, with
touch-up tuning scheduled 2 hours before doors
One adjustable, padded piano bench

JD BLAIR – Drums
DW ( or Gretsch ( is requested.
One 18” Kick, 16” depth; OR, One 22” Kick, 18” depth
One 14” Maple Snare – 5” depth
One 12” Snare

Heads – Heads should be AQUARIAN and in tunable condition, new is requested and preferred.

Snare Top should be Aquarian Satin Finish with Power Dot Part #TCPD

Bass Drum Front should be a ported Aquarian Regulator Part #RPT BK

Bass Drum Batter should be Aquarian Super Kick II with a pad for the beater to hit if available. Part #SKII

**If Aquarians are not available in your area, please contact Chris Brady, Artist Relations at Aquarian
Heads: OR;
ph: 714-632-0230, x15
In the RARE event that Aquarian cannot be obtained, please substitute Evans Hydraulic heads but
ONLY as a last resort.

All should be PAISTE. Signature or Alpha preferred:
20" Sizzler or Regular Ride; 16”, 15” or 14” Crash; 8” Splash; 15" Hi Hats (preferred) or 14”

**If Paistes are not available in your area, please contact Wayne Wilburn, Artist Relations Manager
at Paiste America:, ph: 800-472-4783

Two DW or other high quality Snare Stands
One DW or other high quality Hi–Hat Stand and clutch
One high quality hydraulic drum throne with back support; e.g., Roc n’ Soc
Two DW bass drum pedals - DW5000 and DW9000
3 boom cymbal stands
Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony - Backline                                         Revised Mar, 2011
 • 4 (four) armless orchestra chairs;
 • 8’x 4’ Plywood (3/4” Birch Cabinet Grade) dance surface to be placed DSC. Needed only when
   stage surface is not suitable for tap dancing.
 • 3 (Three) Manhasset music stands with stand lights

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony - Backline                                  Revised Mar, 2011
Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony - 2011 Technical Rider
Sound Requirements

In most cases, we will NOT be carrying a sound engineer. We will need you to
provide both FOH and monitor engineers. The monitor engineer should be
experienced in IEM (in-ear monitor) set up and operation.

The following requirements are for Natalie’s musicians. We are relying on you to
know what monitoring requirements your symphony players need. We do not
presume to tell you how many or the placement of monitor wedges for your
particular musicians or stage setup. This might include, but is not limited to, a small
powered monitor and a handset intercom station for the maestro.

The same goes for microphones: we are relying on you to know your needs, based
on the acoustics of your performance hall. At the minimum, however, we would
suggest mics on the principal players of each section and also in the percussion
section to keep things time-aligned.

Finally, there are several opportunities for duets with Natalie and your
concertmaster. We ask that you provide a wireless mic system – a lavalier, e.g. –
for the Concertmaster to balance the sound of her/his violin with that of Natalie’s,
and that you discuss this with her/him in advance.

Front of House

Speaker Systems - A “State of the Art” system must provide adequate coverage to all audience
areas at full frequency range and without distortion, including the use of front fills, balcony fills, and
delay clusters. It would help our show if your subwoofers were fed by an AUX send. The pianist’s
“foot stomp” mic is meant to be fed primarily to the subs to simulate a kick drum sound.

Processing (Drive) - Analog or digital 1/3-octave graphic EQs on each output (L, R, Sub, etc)

Console – Professional quality digital or analog. Midas, Soundcraft, Yamaha, etc. Your choice

Processing (Inserts, for analog console) and Effects: 6 channels - DBX 160x or BSS 901-II; 4
channels - Drawmer, Aphex 612 or BSS 502 Gates; 2 Yamaha SPX 990 or equivalent

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony - Sound Requirements                                  Revised Mar, 2011
Monitor System and Operator; Wireless Systems

We RECOMMEND a digital console capable of 1 stereo in-ear mix, plus 3 wedge mixes for the
pianist, drummer and Natalie, plus wedge mixes/sidefills as required by the Symphony. Consoles
such as a PM5D, M7CL, Soundcraft Vi6 or Vi4, or a high-quality analog console that is able to provide
the above mixes are acceptable. However, whatever console is provided, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE

2 (Two) channels of Wireless Shure or Sennheiser Microphone systems with beltpacks are
required. The beltpacks MUST have LEMO connectors. We highly recommend the Sennheiser
EM3732 receiver (dual channel) and the SK 5212 beltpacks (2 of them). Natalie carries her DPA mic
and pickup setup for her fiddle. They have LEMO connectors and you MUST provide 2 beltpack
transmitters with LEMO connectors.

1 (One) channel of Wireless Shure or Sennheiser Microphone system with beltpack is REQUESTED
for the Concertmaster. A lavalier placed under the instrument can be used quite easily and
effectively to balance her/his level with Natalie, or a bridge-mounted mic such as a MKE II or DPA.

1 (One) Wireless Shure or Sennheiser IEM (Monitor) System is required. It should have clear, legal
frequencies so it may operate simultaneously with other equipment in your area. Your system
might also require an active antenna splitter/combiner unit. Beltpacks MUST have stereo mini
connectors – the earbuds we carry have stereo mini plugs. 1 (One) Generic IEM “ear bud” set is

3 (Three) Wedge Mixes - drummer, pianist, Natalie

1 (One) Wireless Shure or Sennheiser handheld vocal mic for Natalie’s talk

Band Soundcheck and Orchestra Rehearsal

A 1-hour soundcheck with just Natalie and her musicians and the house and monitor engineers is
required prior to rehearsal with the orchestra. Prior to their arrival, please have the piano and
drums placed and miked per the plot, step dance area (board and mics) preset, and all wireless gear
wired and tested.

Adequate rehearsal time with the orchestra should be scheduled immediately following
soundcheck. Typically this would last for 4 (four) hours, but your labor agreement or the maestro’s
requirements may vary.


Intercom between FOH sound and LD and monitor engineer and stage manager
All mics as per the current input list.

Natalie MacMaster w/Symphony - Sound Requirements                             Revised Mar, 2011
                            PRESENTER INFORMATION FORM
 Please provide this information. This form will be faxed multiple times, so PLEASE print
                                      legibly or type.

Your name

Your phone and email address

Venue Name & Website

Venue Physical Address (where packages are delivered)

Address, Location or GPS Coordinates of Loading Dock (to obtain the GPS coordinates using a
Garmin GPS device, e.g.) simply use the “Where Am I?” function)

       Hall capacity for this event _________________________

       Venue Main Business Office Phone _____________________________

       Venue Box Office Phone (not a recording) ________________________

Recommended Nearby Hotels (or the hotel where you are providing rooms)


Person Responsible for Production Advance

Phone_______________________ E-mail___________________________________

Person Responsible for Hotels/Hospitality

Phone_______________________ E-mail___________________________________

Person Responsible for Artist Merchandise Inventory and Sales

Phone_______________________ E-mail___________________________________

Production Contact: Ira Seigel                                      MOTF / NM Concert Rider
            Masters of the Fiddle / Two Fiddles, Two Pianos
                                     Natalie MacMaster

BOOKING INQUIRIES – U.S.                            Columbia Artists Management LLC (CAMI)
Toby Tumarkin                                       212-841-9563            917-207-0294
  Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy                 Masters of the Fiddle
  Natalie MacMaster                                 Natalie MacMaster

BOOKING INQUIRIES – CANADA                          SL Feldman & Associates
Richard Mills                                       416-598-0067
  Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy                 Two Fiddles, Two Pianos
  Natalie MacMaster                                 Natalie MacMaster

CONTRACT INQUIRIES – U.S.                           Columbia Artists Management LLC (CAMI)
  Anna Berk           212-841-9508        212-841-9663
  Jessica Gloria        212-841-9579        212-841-9719

CONTRACT INQUIRIES – CANADA                         SL Feldman & Associates
  Tessa Delehanty               416-598-0067 / phone; 416-598-9597 / fax

Show Advance, including tech, hospitality, etc.     Ira Seigel, Road Manager

General Artistic & Interview inquiries:             Dianne Fitzpatrick, Personal Manager

  Natalie MacMaster   OR
  Donnell Leahy      

For downloadable electronic versions of the biography, brochure copy, photographs and logo art,
please go to the CAMI website.