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Napa Valley Orchid Society Napa


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									                        Napa Valley Orchid Society
                                        An Affiliated AOS Society
                                               May 2010
  Meets Every 4th Friday (except December)                     P.O. Box 2152, Napa CA 94558

Officers:                            Meeting – The next regular meeting of the Napa Valley Orchid
President:   Paul Juberg             Society will be held at 7:30 PM, Friday, May 28, 2010 at the
Vice Pres:   Tom Pickford
Secretary:   Pam Zeidell             Napa Senior Activity Center, 1500 Jefferson St., Napa
Treasurer:   Jim Ladwig
Past Pres:   Vinton Brown            Program: - The guest speaker will be Alan Koch, owner of
                                     Gold Country Orchids in Lincoln, CA. where he specializes in
Board Members                        miniature, compact Cattleyas, which will be the subject of his
Emily Hendrix
Connie Barri
                                     presentation. His talk will cover 50 miniature orchids that do
Karen Olson                          well for growers who let their plants dry between watering and
Cheryl Phillipson                    who don‟t necessarily fertilize their plants often.
                                             Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with Cymbidiums
Committee Members                    given to him by an aunt. While in college, he became interested
Welcoming: Darleen Dobbs
Librarian: Cynthia Battershall
                                     in other orchids and discovered many would grow outdoors in
Opportunity Claire Weinkauf          Southern California.
            Aron Weinkauf                    He has moved five times as his orchid obsession has led
            Carolyn Nelson           to the need for more growing space. With the last move, he
Plant Dr    Vinton Brown             purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, CA for his 300,000
Newsletter Noble Emery
            Karen Olson              orchids.
            Pam Zeidell                      He is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya
Refreshments Gretchen Cannon         alliance and has succeeded Frank Fordyce as a trendsetter in
                                     miniature Cattleya breeding. Alan has been published in both
Web Site:                            the Orchid Digest and the American Orchid Society magazines.
                                     He has also been published in the proceedings of the World
                                     Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker.
                                             He is a past member of the AOS Judging Committee
                                     and the Research Committee, as well as an accredited AOS
                                     judge and is Vice-chair and Training Coordinator for the
                                     California Sierra Nevada Judging Center. Alan also served two
                                     terms on the Orchid Digest Executive Committee and Board of
                                     Directors, as well as a Trustee for the AOS.
                                        The opportunity table will be furnished by Gold Country

                                     Mel Dittmer Trophy Points (March)
                                           1st – Tom Pickford – C. intermedia „Helen‟s Love‟
                                           2nd – Vinton Brown – Slc Jewel Box „Dark Waters‟
                                           3rd – Laura Silva – Paph wolterianum
                                           Hon. Men. – Jane Farmer – Holcoglossum kimballiana
Membership plant – Blc Love Castle – was won by Darleen Chmielewski.

Future Programs
  June 25 – Gerardus Staal - Pest and Diseases
  July 23 – Sergio Garcia – program to be determined
  Aug. 27 – Jose Rodriguez – Vanda culture
  Sep. 24 – Liz Charlton – Mounting orchids
  Oct. 22 - To be determined
  Nov. 26 – Francisco Baptista – Complex Paphiopedilums
  Dec. 24 – no meeting – Christmas Eve

Donations: The society made donations to the American Orchid Society in memory of Margaret
Pranger, Ruby Ghiorso and Molly Anderson and to the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center.

Refreshments – Thank you: Connie Barri, Cynthia Battershall, Vinton Brown, Gretchen
Cannon and Darleen Chmielewski for the refreshments they furnished for the April meeting.

The following members are scheduled to provide the refreshments for the May meeting: Louise
Delfino, Evelyn Dewey, Darleen Dobbs, Don Doehla and Noble Emery. If you cannot attend
the meeting please notify the Refreshment Chairperson, Gretchen Cannon, at 707-255-5144, so
that she can arrange for substitutes, if necessary.

Orchid Trivia: Ecuador is home to more species of orchids than any other country in the world.
At the peaks of the Andes in Ecuador, famed orchid explorer Lou Jost has found orchids that are
encapsulated with ice each night and then thaw and thrive when warmed by the sun next

Dates for Your Orchid Calendar:
     June 5 – 6: San Jose Orchid Exposition 5, San Jose Japan Town, Miraido Club House, 550
N. 6th St., San Jose, CA 95112. Free admission. For more information:
     June 12 – 8th Orchid Digest Speaker‟s Day “Cattleyas” – San Marino, CA. $60 registration
fee. Contact Simone Friend orchidsimonef@aol.com for more information.
     June 12-13 Open House and huge sale by Frank Stagi of Maplethorpe Orchids, 3300
Maplethorpe Lane, Soquel, CA 831-462-0257
  July 17-18 D & D Flowers Open House and sale 9am-3pm Half
Moon Bay

Education Corner – History of Orchids at Kew:
Preface – Orchids have been cultivated at Kew Gardens for more than two hundred years. The
garden was made by Frederick, Prince of Wales, in the estate he leased in 1730, and the scientific
institute which began to develop on the same site in 1841; both included orchids. Kew also
became the home of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). A complete list of all orchid species
and named orchid hybrids is maintained at Kew. All newly discovered species and newly named
hybrids are first registered at Kew before being disseminated to other national orchid societies,
such as the AOS.
   Not unexpectedly, over the years the ever-changing collection has experienced a remarkable
series of vicissitudes. For most of the time the orchids have received special attention from
dedicated professional gardeners. Special houses have been provided for the plants and the
collection has been enhanced by bequests and donations.

But these good times have alternated with a series of setbacks. Many plants have been lost by
poor cultural conditions, indifferent housing, changing and often inexperienced staff, and a
shortage of funds for the care and maintenance of plants that were sometimes regarded as curious
luxuries. Orchids at Kew were a special target for destruction by a group of suffragettes in 1912.
The great drought of 1921, when only half the usual amount of rain fell, resulted in unexpected
losses inside some of the glasshouses (the cause was eventually traced to the water being used on
the plants – it was seawater, taken from the tidal Thames!); after that, rainwater tanks were
installed. A disastrous power failure on a cold night in the winter of 1976 caused many losses
among the orchids. The severe storms of 1987 and 1990, though causing great damage to the
trees at Kew, did not directly affect the orchids plants, but the Lower Nursery, where they are
mostly housed, was badly damaged. Similar setbacks are experienced in any garden, however,
and often result in improvements and renewed enthusiasm once normality has been restored.

   Since its inception, the orchid collection at Kew has been derived from a variety of sources.
Botanists on expeditions have always sent back plants, but many orchids have been presented by
growers and enthusiasts from many different walks of life. Despite the fact that the collection has
always been one predominantly of wild species, some of the earliest hybrids were made at Kew
over a hundred years ago. The Kew botanist Robert Rolfe was instrumental in starting the
records of orchid hybridizing in a careful and scientific way which has continued to this day,
while publications on the cultivation of orchids by curators and orchid growers alike have been
widely acclaimed and are still useful references. A resurgence of interest in recent years in
growing, propagation and research has put the collection in the forefront again.

If anyone has a small box or packet of NVOS business cards and other papers, please bring it to
the May meeting. It was last seen at the March show.

Good bark is once more available in all sizes. Please call Fredia Lloyd to make arrangements.
The price will be slightly higher than before due to rising costs.

Corrections to Roster:
The following are omissions, corrections, and changes to the new roster. Please let Pam Zeidell
know if you find others.
Omission: (Pam will have stickers for this omission at the May meeting)
       Claire and Aron Weinkauf
       1516 Harley Street
       Calistoga CA 94515
       cducrocq@gmail.com a_weinkauf@sbcglobal.net
- Change Karen Olson‟s zip code to 94559
- Cross out Vinton Brown‟s work number. He is retiring as of June!!
- Change email for Laura Silva to: lalasilva@comcast.net
-Add to Kunz entry Valerie Van der Meer
-Change Connie Barri‟s address to 2212 Clay St (same zip)
- First page, take off Danica Lewellen of Welcoming Committee
- First page, Please change Treasurer to Jim Ladwig, and Board Member add Connie Barri (due
to very serious health issues with her husband it was decided at the Board Meeting that Connie
would leave the demands of the Treasurer‟s position and become a Board Member and Jim
would take over the Treasurer‟s job, effective immediately)
- Back Page: Please add web site: nvorchidsociety.org

                Rosters will be available at the May Meeting – see you there

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