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You are required to complete all sections of the Application Form and relevant
In line with the Authority’s sustainability objectives, the Authority asks that you do not
include any of the following with your application:
    Lever arch folder, ring binder; any extraneous information that has not been
     specifically requested including, for example, sales literature, annual reports etc.
Failure to fully complete the form and/or provide any supporting documentation MAY
result in the rejection of your firm’s application.

The complete form and supporting documents must be returned to:

West Midlands Fire Service
99 Vauxhall Road,
Birmingham B7 4HW.

Or electronically to lynette.simmonds@wmfs.net.


Please check that you have enclosed the following details with your completed

Copies of insurance certificates
H&S documents requested in Section E
Completed draft bankers letter (appendix 1)
Completed appendices

Ref. SB907051016 ind
Application for Inclusion on the West Midlands Fire Service
Approved List of Contractors.


Please provide the following details:

Business name (or Consortium Name):

Registered or trading name if different:

Type of organisation (e.g. private limited company, partnership, sole trader):

Number of employees:

Registered address:

Correspondence address if different from the above:

Name of ultimate holding/parent company or subsidiary companies including
addresses and an explanation of group structure and internal relationships:

Company Registration Number of ultimate holding/parent company or subsidiary

Ref. SB907051016 ind
If you have included details of an ultimate holding/parent company above would this
company be willing to guarantee your performance and enter into any requisite legal
documentation, if required?

Indication of the principal areas of business activity of your organisation:

 See appendix 2a (Contractor), or 2b (Consultant)

 Contact name:

 Contact's position:
 Contact's telephone
 Contact's fax number:

 Contact’s email address:
 Company/ies registration
 Place of registration:

 Year established:

 VAT number:


         Please confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, the organisation named
         above is not in breach of the provisions of Regulation 23(1) of the Public
         Contracts Regulations 2006 as summarised below.

B1.       Mandatory Grounds

          The organisation (or its directors or any other person who has powers of
          representation, decision or control of such organisation) has not been
          convicted of any of the following offences:-

                                                   Tick to confirm you have read clause
                                                            and have not been convicted
 Conspiracy within the meaning of section 1 of the Criminal Law Act
 1977 where that conspiracy relates to participation in a criminal
 organisation as defined in Article 2(1) of Council Joint Action

 Corruption within the meaning of section 1 of the Public Bodies
 Corrupt Practices Act 1889 or section 1 of the Prevention of
 Corruption Act 1906; or

Ref. SB907051016 ind
 The offence of bribery; or

 Fraud, where the offence relates to fraud affecting the financial
 interests of the European Communities as defined by Article 1 of the
 Convention relating to the protection of the financial interests of the
 European Union, within the meaning of:-

  the offence of cheating the Revenue; or

  the offence of conspiracy to defraud; or

  fraud or theft within the meaning of the Theft Act 1968 and the
   Theft Act 1978; or

  fraudulent trading within the meaning of section 458 of the
   Companies Act 1985; or

  defrauding the Customs within the meaning of the Customs and
   Excise Management Act 1979 and the Value Added Tax Act
   1994; or

  an offence in connection with taxation in the European
   Community within the meaning of section 71 of the Criminal
   Justice Act 1993; or

  destroying defacing or concealing of documents or procuring the
   extension of a valuable security within the meaning of section 20
   of the Theft Act 1968; or
 Money laundering within the meaning of the Money Laundering
 Regulations 2003; or

 Any other offence within the meaning of Article 45(1) of the Public
 Sector Directive.

 If you are unable to confirm any of the above, please give details below,
 including any action taken to resolve the situation.

Ref. SB907051016 ind
B2.       Discretionary Grounds

          The organisation (or its directors or any other person who has powers of
         representation, decision or control of such organisation) confirms that:-

                                                           Tick to confirm you have read
                                                              clause and confirm as true
 Being an individual he/she is not bankrupt or has not had a receiving
 order or administration order or bankruptcy restrictions order made
 against him or has not made any composition or arrangement with
 or for the benefit of his creditors or has not made any conveyance or
 assignment for the benefit of his creditors or does not appear able to
 pay or to have no reasonable prospect of being able to pay, a debt
 within the meaning of section 268 of the Insolvency Act 1986, or
 article 242 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989, or in
 Scotland has not granted a trust deed for creditors or become
 otherwise apparently insolvent, or is not the subject of a petition
 presented for sequestration of his estate, or is not the subject of any
 similar procedure under the law of any other state; or

 Being a partnership constituted under Scottish law it has not granted
 a trust deed or become otherwise apparently insolvent, or is not the
 subject of a petition presented for sequestration of its estate; or

 Being a company or any other entity within the meaning of section
 255 of the Enterprise Act 2002 has not passed a resolution or is not
 the subject of an order by the court for the company’s winding up
 otherwise than for the purpose of bona fide reconstruction or
 amalgamation, or has not had a receiver, manager or administrator
 on behalf of a creditor appointed in respect of the company’s
 business or any part thereof or is not the subject of the above
 procedures or is not the subject of similar procedures under the law
 of any other state; or

 It has not been convicted of a criminal offence relating to the
 conduct of his business or profession; or

 It has not committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of his
 business or profession; or

 It has fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security
 contributions under the law of any part of the United Kingdom or of
 the relevant State in which the organisation is established; or

 It has fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of taxes under the
 law of any part of the United Kingdom or of the relevant State in
 which the economic operator is established; or

 It is not guilty of serious misrepresentation in providing any
 information required of him under this regulation; or

Ref. SB907051016 ind
 In relation to procedures for the award of a public services contract,
 it is licensed in the relevant State in which he/she is established or is
 a member of an organisation in that relevant State when the law of
 that relevant State when the law of that relevant State prohibits the
 provision of the services to be provided under the contract by a
 person who is not so licensed or who is not such a member; or

 Where applicable, it is registered with the appropriate trade or
 professional register(s) in the EU Member State where it is
 established (as set out in Annex IXB of Directive 2004/18/EC) under
 the conditions laid down by that Member State.

 If you are unable to confirm any of the above, please give details below,
 including any action taken to resolve the situation.


          Please provide confirmation that you have or, if successful, will buy the
         following minimum levels of insurance:

         Certificates must be included with completed application.

                                                           delete as appropriate
 Public liability £5 million per claim                    YES /NO /WILL OBTAIN
                                                          YES /NO /WILL OBTAIN
 Employers liability £5 million
                                                          YES /NO /WILL OBTAIN
 Professional indemnity £2 millions

 Add other insurances applicable


 1. We may seek evidence relating to the questions below, if required and we
    reserve the right to use the services of an independent third party to
    assess your financial standing/appraisal.

 2. Organisations that do not achieve a good credit rating from the
    independent third party may be excluded from this the Approved List.

Ref. SB907051016 ind
D1. Has your organisation met the terms of its banking facilities and loan agreements
(if any) during the past year?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

D2. If the answer to the above question is no, what were the reasons, and what has
been done to put things right?

D3. Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its creditors and employees
during the past year?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

D4. If the answer to the above question is no, please explain why not:

D5. Have you completed the draft Banker’s Letter attached as Appendix 1?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

D6. What is the name and branch of your bankers who could provide a reference?



Ref. SB907051016 ind

Responsibility and Structure

E1. Please state the name and position of the person with overall responsibility for
health and safety in your organisation together with details of experience and any
relevant qualifications.

 Position in


Policies and Procedures

E2. Does your organisation have a written Health and Safety Policy (covering
General Policy, Organisation and Arrangement) as required by Section 2(3) of the
Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and issue any codes of safe working
practices to workforce?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E3. If the answer is yes please enclose a copy of the policy alternatively give reason
why organisation does not have policy.

E4. Please state how health and safety policies and procedures are communicated to
your workforce and administered within your organisation?

E5. Does your organisation have a procedure for the reporting and recording of
accidents and dangerous occurrences in accordance with RIDDOR?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E6. Have you enclosed a copy of your procedure for accident reporting, recording
and investigation?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
Ref. SB907051016 ind
E7. Please complete the following table in respect of accidents and dangerous
occurrences as set out below.

                           Major Injury                                Reportabl      Near
                                            Non-      Dangerous
Year               Fatal   or “Over 3-                                   e ill-       Misse
                                          Reportable Occurrences
                              Day”                                      health          s
This year
Last year
Year before

E8. During the last five years, has the organisation been subject to formal
enforcement (e.g. Prosecution, Prohibition Notice or Improvement Notice) for
contravention of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, or equivalent legislation
arising from your conduct of activities similar to those covered by this contract?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E9. If the answer is yes, please provide full details and explain corrective action
taken to prevent re-occurrence.

E10. Does your organisation have Risk Assessment Procedures in place for all work
activities as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
1999 and associated legislation?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E11. If the answer is yes, please supply 2 examples of risk assessments and safety
method statements for work activity undertaken within the last 12 months. This
should include manual handling, COSHH or others that are relevant to your work

 Copy of above enclosed if appropriate              Yes                     No

E12. Does your organisation have a health and safety training programme for your
workforce to ensure that they are competent for their duties?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E13. If the answer is yes, please enclose brief details of training courses or
programmes undertaken by managers and workforce.

Ref. SB907051016 ind
E14. If your organisation uses sub-contractors, do you have a system in place for
assessing their competence and the ongoing monitoring and review of their Health
and Safety performance?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E15. If the answer is yes, please provide details.

E16 Do you have a training regime in place to provide Asbestos Awareness Training,
with a minimum of two yearly updates?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E17 If the answer is yes, please provide the name of the company engaged to
provide the training.

E18. Do you have a system in place for monitoring your Health and Safety
arrangements including auditing them at periodic intervals and for reviewing them on
an ongoing basis?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

E19. If the answer is yes, please provide details including examples.

 Name of Person
 completing this
 Position in
 Contact Tel No

 Email Address



Ref. SB907051016 ind

           The Authority is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring a
           better quality of life for everyone now and for future generations.
           Organisations are required to complete the Environmental Questionnaire


F1. Please provide the name of your Environmental Contact Officer.

Environmental Policy

F2. Does your organisation have an environmental policy?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
If the answer to this question is yes, please tick the box to
confirm the above document is enclosed:

F3. When was the policy last reviewed?

F4. Is your environmental policy publicly available?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F5. If the answer to the above question is yes, please state where.

Objectives and Impacts

F6. Does your organisation set environmental objectives?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F7. If the answer to the above question is yes, please state your environmental
objectives and their relevance to your industry.

Ref. SB907051016 ind
F8. Please state what your organisation considers to be its main environmental

Environmental Management System

F9. Does your organisation have an environmental management system or
accredited with ISO14001 or EMAS?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F10. Is your system externally validated?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
If the answer to this question is yes, include a copy of the
certificate confirming the certificate number and date of last
validation is enclosed:

Audits and Performance

F11. Does your organisation carry out regular environmental audits on the impact its
activities have on the environment?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
Please confirm you could provide
                                                   Yes                  No
documents if requested:

F12. Are the audits publicly available?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F13. If the answer to the above question is yes, please state where.

F14. Is the environmental performance of the organisation reported in the
Organisation's Annual or other reports?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
Please confirm you could provide
                                                   Yes                  No
documents if requested:

F15. Does the organisation undertake life cycle analysis of the manufacture, use and
disposal of its products?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
Ref. SB907051016 ind
F16. Does your organisation participate in any schemes for the collection and
recovery of packaging waste for recycling?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F17. Have any prosecutions been taken, cautions given, notices served or other
action against your organisation or any of your Directors by any enforcement body
responsible for protecting the environment (including a planning authority for breach
of planning control)?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F18. If the answer to the above question is yes, please provide details (including in
the case of prosecutions details of charges, dates and venues of hearings, verdicts of
the Court and penalties, if found guilty) and include details of improvements made.


F19. Does your organisation support local businesses?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F20. Do any of the products you manufacture/supply have accreditation for
Environmental or sustainable performance, e.g., Forestry Stewardship Council or EU
Eco label?

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F21. Does your organisation support ethical trading schemes or Fairtrade

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

F22. If the answer to questions F19, F20 or F21 is yes, please provide details.

Ref. SB907051016 ind

           The Local Government Act, 1988, empowers Local Authorities to take any
           ‘reasonably necessary’ action to secure employment terms which are carried
           out ‘with due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination’
           under Section 71 of the Race Relations Act, 1976.

           The Authority considers it essential and justifiable that all firms wishing to be
           placed on a Select or Standing List of contractors are able to demonstrate
           that all reasonably practicable steps are being taken to ensure equal access
           and equal treatment in employment in relation to race, gender, age,
           disability, sexual orientation and religion and beliefs.

           The West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority is therefore requesting
           information in the format approved by Central Government from all firms on
           various aspects of their employment practices and procedures. This
           information will enable the Authority to assess a firm’s compliance with the
           Race Relations Amendment Act, 2000, the Disability Discrimination act 1995
           and the Sex Discrimination act 1975.

G1. Is it your policy as an employer to comply with your statutory obligations under
the Race Relations Act, 1976, the Disability Discrimination act 1995 and the Sex
Discrimination act 1975 and, accordingly, your practice not to treat one group of
people less favourably than others because of their race, gender or disability in
relation to decisions to recruit, train or promote employees?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

G2. In the last three years, has any findings of unlawful racial discrimination been
made against your organisation by any Court or industrial tribunal in relation to
gender, race or disability discrimination?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

G3. In the last three years has your organisation been the subject of formal
investigation by the Commission for Racial Equality, the Disability Rights Commission
or the Equal Opportunities Commission on the grounds of alleged unlawful

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

G4. If the answer to the question G2 is YES or in relation to question G3, the
Commission made a finding adverse to your organisation – please give a brief
explanation in relation to the circumstances below – what steps did your
organisation/company take in consequence of that finding?

Ref. SB907051016 ind
G5. Is your policy on race relations set out:

a) in instructions to those concerned with recruitment training and promotion

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

b) in documents available to employees, recognised trade unions or other
representative groups of employees

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

c) in recruitment advertisements or other literature?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

G.5.1 Please detail the evidence that you are submitting in relation to question G.5
as part of this process.

G.6 Do you observe as far as possible the Commission for Racial Equality, the
Disability Discrimination Code of Practice which gives practical guidance to
employers and others on the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of
equality of opportunity in employment, including the steps that can be taken to
encourage women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to apply for jobs or
take up training opportunities?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

Ref. SB907051016 ind

H1. Please provide examples of recently completed works. Include details of when
the services were provided, to whom and the total contract value.

H2. Please indicate which professional or trade bodies your organisation belongs to:
This question is for information only unless it is mandatory to belong to a trade body.

Ref. SB907051016 ind
H3. Please confirm that any sub-contractor that you employ will comply with the
standards set out in this application. Please note that the Authority reserves the right
at any time to seek evidence of this.

H4. Does your firm provide a 24 hour/365 day call out? If so please provide response

YES/NO (delete as appropriate)
Response time:

H5. Does your firm provide a single point of contact for 24 hour help desk/fault

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

H6. Please confirm whether your organisation has in the last 3 years:

   Had a contract terminated?
   NOT had a contract renewed for failure to perform to the terms of the contract?
   Has withdrawn from a contract prematurely?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

H7. If the answer is yes, please provide full details.

H8. Please confirm whether your organisation has any outstanding claims or had
litigation against it in the last 3 years?

 YES/NO (delete as appropriate)

Ref. SB907051016 ind
H9. If the answer is yes, please provide full details.


Please provide details of three recent contracts that are relevant to the Authority’s
requirement whom the Authority may contact for further information.

                       Reference 1               Reference 2        Reference 3


Customer contact
name and

Date contract

Date contract was

Details of service

Contract value:

Ref. SB907051016 ind

When you have completed the Application, please ensure that:

1. You have answered all the questions;
2. You have provided all documents requested;
3. You have read and signed the undertaking below.

I certify that the information supplied regarding the Organisation is accurate to the
best of my knowledge and that I accept the conditions and undertakings requested in
the Application Form. I understand and accept that false information could result in
rejection of the application to be included on the Approved List of Contractors.

I also understand that it is a criminal offence, punishable by imprisonment, to give or
offer any gift or consideration whatsoever as an inducement or reward to any servant
of a public body. I also understand that any such action will result in rejection of our
application to take to be included on the Approved List of Contractors and empower
the Authority to cancel any contract currently in force.

I understand and agree that if our application is successful that the Organisation will
purchase insurances as required if such insurance is not already held.

NB This undertaking is to be signed by a Partner, Director or authorised
representative i.e. in their name on behalf of the Organisation.

 Signed for and on behalf of
 the Organisation:
 Position/Status in the
 Organisation’s name:

 Organisation’s address:


Ref. SB907051016 ind
                                                                          Appendix 1



Dear Sirs,

Re: Bankers Reference

I confirm that, by authority of this letter, I give permission for:

West Midlands Fire Service
99 Vauxhall Road
Birmingham B7 4HW

To be supplied with a current bank reference in respect of:

Account Name:

Account Number:                                                       (12345678)

Sort Code:                                                            (99-99-99)


Any costs associated with this reference are to be met by us.

Yours faithfully

Ref. SB907051016 ind
                                                                             Appendix 2a
                              Work Categories (Contractor)
Please select your work categories by ticking the box to the right of the
category you wish to apply for.
Contract Value.
Please indicate by circling the values below the contract values that you would be
interested in tendering for.
Please note the maximum value of single project works (or similar combined works)
available through the approved list will be up to a Maximum of £100k. Contracts above 100k
will be advertised publicly.

a) £0 - £9000 b) £0 - £24000 c) £0 - £49000 d) £0 – 100,000

Important note:

Electrical installations and communication installations
For certain work categories you tick in this sector, ECA, NICEIC, SELECT or SSAIB must
carry out an independent assessment. They will charge for this assessment. (If you already
have a valid accreditation, you may not need to be further assessed.)

A1   If you are a member of ECA or SELECT, or are registered with NICEIC or BRE, and
     tick one of the boxes in this category, you may not need to be assessed. Please see
     section A9 in the General information section for more details.

A2    If you are a member of ECA, SELECT, National Security Inspectorate (NSI NACOSS
      Gold and NSI Systems Silver) or SSAIB and tick one of the boxes in this category,
      you may not need to be assessed. Please see section A9 in the General information
      section for more details.
A3    If you are a member of ECA, SELECT, National Security Inspectorate (NSI Fire Gold
      or NSI Fire Silver), Warrington Fire or SSAIB, or are registered with BRE, and tick
      one of the boxes in this category, you may not need to be assessed. Please see
      section A9 in the General information section for more details.
A4    If you are a member of ECA or SELECT and tick one of the boxes in this category,
      you may not need to be assessed.
A5    If you are a member of ECA or SELECT and tick one of the boxes in this category,
      you may not need to be assessed.
A6    If you are a member of ECA or SELECT and tick one of the boxes in this category,
      you may not need to be assessed.
Please see section A9 in the General information section for more details.

If you are a member of, or registered with any of the above organisations, please enclose a
copy of your valid certificate as proof.

Part P electrical work (England and Wales)
Please see section A9 in the General information section for more details.

       Ref. SB907051016 ind
Gas and boiler installation or maintenance
If you choose work categories relating to gas and boiler installation or maintenance, you will
have to be Gas Safe registered and should include a copy of your certificate.

When applying for any of the asbestos or scaffolding related work categories, please
enclose a copy of your valid HSE licence.

      Ref. SB907051016 ind
                                                                                         with a
Sector                 Category                                               CPV        TICK

Building Finishes - Conservation
                       Cleaning (Stone)                                    45262510-9
                       Glazing (Stained and Leaded Glass)                  45441000-0
                       Internal Finishes                                   45212350-4
                       Joinery (Listed Buildings and Restoration)          45454100-5
                       Monuments, Statues And Architectural Features -
                       Cleaning and Restoration                             45212314-0
                       Plasterwork and Mouldings (Conservation/Restoration) 45454100-5
                       Restoration Of Wood                                  45454100-5
                       Stonework and Restoration                            45262510-9
                       Tiling (Conservation/Restoration)                    45454100-5

Building Finishes - Doors
                       Door And Window Canopies, Awnings And Shading       44115900-8
                       Door Hardware (Security)                            98395000-8
                       Door Safety                                         45421100-5
                       Doors                                               45421131-1
                       Doors (Aluminium Powder Coated)                     45421131-1
                       Doors (Auto Opening and Closing)                    45421131-1
                       Doors (Blast Proof)                                 45421131-1
                       Doors (Fire Proof)                                  45421131-1
                       Doors (Garage)                                      45421131-1
                       Doors (Hydraulic)                                   45421131-1
                       Doors (Roller and Folding Shutter)                  45421142-1
                       Doors (Security)                                    45421131-1
                       Doors (Steel Framed Doorsets)                       45421131-1
                       Doors (Store/Outhouse)                              45421131-1
                       Doors (uPVC)                                        45421131-1
                       Doors And Window (Auto Opening and Closing)         45421131-1
                       Doors Hanger (Auto Opening and Closing)             45421131-1
                       Enamelling (Refurbishment Sprayed)                  45442000-7
                       Window And Doors Service And Repair                 45421100-5

Building Finishes - External Walls
                    Cladding                                               45262650-2
                    Cladding (Hygiene/Stainless Steel Wall Cladding)       45262650-2
                    Cladding Guttering And Rainwater Goods (uPVC)          45261320-3
                    Curtain Walling                                        45262650-2
                    Damp Proofing (Including Chemical Injection)           45262520-2
                    Insulation (Overcladding)                              45320000-6
                    Plant Room Louvres                                     45262600-7
                    Rendering                                              45262370-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Roofline Systems                                    45443000-4
                       Solar Shading                                       45212190-4
                       Wall Coatings                                       45442000-7
                       Wall Tie Replacement                                45262520-2

Building Finishes - Flooring
                    Entrance Matting                                       45432111-5
                    Flooring (Cement Screeds)                              45262321-7
                    Flooring (Epoxy Screeds and Coatings)                  45262321-7
                    Flooring (General)                                     45432110-8
                    Flooring (Platform/Raised Access)                      45432120-1
                    Flooring (Rubber, Plastic, Cork, Lino and Carpet)      45432111-5
                    Flooring (Sanding and Sealing)                         45432110-8
                    Flooring (Tiles)                                       45431100-8
                    Flooring (Timber, Hardwood and Specialist Floors)      45432110-8
                    Matwells                                               45432110-8

Building Finishes - General
                    Anti-Slip Panels                                        45262600-7
                    Anti-Vandal Treatments (Fly and Graffiti)               45442120-4
                    Building External and Internal Finishes                 45210000-2
                    Car Park Marking and Signage                            45213312-3
                    Car Park Waterproofing                                  45213312-3
                    Casings                                                 45262600-7
                    Cast Stone                                              45262510-9
                    Concrete (Diamond Drilling and Sawing)                  45262330-3
                    Concrete (Drilling and Chasing)                         45262330-3
                    Concrete (Scoring and Grooving)                         45262330-3
                    Countertop Resurfacing                                  45233251-3
                    Fabric Structures Maintenance                           44115710-9
                    Fire Protection (Passive)                               45343000-3
                    Fireplaces                                              45262600-7
                    Furniture (Education)                                   45421153-1
                       Furniture (Laboratory)                               45421153-1
                       Furniture (Supply and Fit Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom 39140000-5
                       Etc)                                                 45421153-1
                       Furniture, Fixture and Fittings for the Disabled     45421153-1
                       Gas Protection Systems                               45333100-1
                       Gates                                                45421148-3
                       Guttering and Rainwater Goods (Metal and Fibre)      45261320-3
                       Hand Rails and Staircases                            45421000-4
                       Heating (Solar)                                      09331000-8
                       Impact Protection                                    45262600-7
                       Induction Loops                                      33196200-2
                       Installation (Sound)                                 45323000-7
                       Joinery                                              45421000-4
                       Joinery (First Fix)                                  45421000-4
                       Joinery (General Up To £2000)                        45421000-4

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Joinery (Second Fix)                                45421000-4
                       Joint Sealing (Building)                            45262600-7
                       Laboratory Fume Cupboards                           45214610-9
                       Locksmiths                                          98395000-8
                       Mailbox Systems                                     51545000-4
                       Metalwork (Architectural/Blacksmith)                71550000-8
                       Moulded Building Components                         45262600-7
                       Office Fit Out                                      45213150-9
                       Painting and Decorating (General)                   45451000-3
                       Screened Enclosures and Emp Protection              45210000-2
                       Seating and Stage Systems                           45237000-7
                       Security Screens, Counters and Cash Units           51620000-4
                       Shopfitting                                         45210000-2
                       Showers                                             45332000-3
                       Siphonic Drainage                                   44163112-8
                       Solar Photovoltaic Installations                    45261215-4
                       Spiral and Helical Stairs                           44233000-2
                       Stair Treads and Nosings                            44233000-2
                       Storage Equipment (Shelving, Racking and Mezzanine
                       Floors)                                            45213250-0
                       Tensile Fabric Structures                           44115710-9
                       Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting                   45262330-3
                       Waste Stack Pipes Installation and or Maintenance   45330000-9
                       Wood Care                                           45442120-4
                       Woodworm and Dry Rot Treatment                      90921000-9

Building Finishes - Glazing
                    Glazing                                                45441000-0
                    Glazing (Patent)                                       45441000-0
                    Glazing, Risk Assessment                               45441000-0
                    Windows and Doors (Auto Opening and Closing)           45421100-5
                    Windows (Aluminium Clad)                               45421132-8
                    Windows (Auto Opening and Closing)                     45421100-5
                    Windows (Film Application and Definition)              45441000-0
                    Windows (Metal)                                        45421132-8
                    Windows (uPVC)                                         45421132-8
                    Windows (Timber)                                       45421132-8

Building Finishes - Insulation
                     Insulation (Building)                                 45320000-6
                     Insulation (Cavity Injection)                         45320000-6
                     Insulation (Cavity Wall and Dry Lining)               45320000-6
                     Insulation (Door, Multiple Glazing, Draught Proof)    45320000-6
                     Insulation (Plant and Pipeline)                       45320000-6
                     Insulation (Roof and Loft)                            45320000-6
                     Insulation (Sound)                                    45323000-7
                     Insulation (Sprayed External)                         45320000-6

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Building Finishes - Internal Walls/Ceilings
                     Ceilings (Integrated)                                  45421146-9
                     Ceilings (Suspended)                                   45421146-9
                     Partitions                                             45421141-4
                     Plastering                                             45410000-4
                     Tiling (Wall)                                          45431200-9

Building Finishes - Painting and Decoration
                    Painting                                                45442100-8
                    Painting (Refurbishment of Ceilings)                    45442110-1
                    Painting and Decorating (Conservation)                  45442110-1
                    Shot and Grit Blasting                                  90912000-3
                    Signs                                                   34928470-3
                    Steelwork Protection                                    45442200-9

Building Finishes - Roofing
                    Roof Lights and Access Hatches                          45261000-4
                    Roofing                                                 45261000-4
                    Roofing (Aluminium)                                     45261213-0
                    Roofing (Asphalt)                                       45261214-7
                    Roofing (Copper)                                        45261213-0
                    Roofing (Decking)                                       45261200-6
                    Roofing (Felt)                                          45261214-7
                    Roofing (Fibre Cement Sheeting)                         45261200-6
                    Roofing (Glass Reinforced Polyester)                    45261200-6
                    Roofing (Lead)                                          45261213-0
                    Roofing (Lead, Zinc and Copper)                         45261213-0
                    Roofing (Single Ply)                                    45261200-6
                       Roofing (Slating/Tiling)                             45261212-3
                       Roofing (Steel Sheeting)                             45261213-0
                       Roofing (Synthetic Waterproof Services)              45261200-6
                       Roofing (Waterproofing)                              45261200-6
                       Roofing (Zinc)                                       45261213-0

Building Finishes - Waste Disposal
                    Asbestos Removal (Unlicensed)                           45262660-5
                    Asbestos Removal/Treatment                              45262660-5

Building General - Building Type
                    Bed Joint Reinforcement                                 45262500-6
                    Brick And Blockwork                                     45262500-6
                    Brick Tinting                                           45262500-6
                    Building (Prefabricated/Temporary)                      45223800-4
                    Building (Prefabricated/Temporary) Refurbishment        45453100-8
                    Building (Prefabricated/Temporary) Supply and Install   44211000-2
                    Building (Steelframe)                                   45262410-8
                    Building (System)                                       45223800-4
                    Chimneys (Brick)                                        45262610-0

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Chimneys (Concrete)                                     45262610-0
                       Chimneys (Linings)                                      45262610-0
                       Concrete (In Situ)                                      45262310-7
                       Concrete (Precast)                                      45262310-7
                       Demolition                                              45111100-9
                       Demolition Work                                         45111100-9
                       Dismantling                                             45111300-1
                       Glass Blockwork                                         45262500-6
                       Masonry and Bricklaying Work                            45262500-6
                       Modular Buildings                                       45223800-4
                       Movement Joints                                         45262600-7
                       Pointing                                                45262500-6
                       Scaffolding                                             45262100-2
                       Site Clearance                                          45111213-4
                       Structural Steelwork                                    45262400-5
                       Temporary Works (Partnering)                            45210000-2
                       Timber Structures                                       45420000-7

Building General - General
                    Access Ramps                                               45210000-2
                    Building (Design and Construct)                            45210000-2
                    Building (General)                                         45210000-2
                    Building Refurbishment Over £15K                           45453100-8
                       Building Rehabilitation Term Contract                   45262690-4
                       Building Repairs and Improvements (Max Notation £15K)   45453100-8
                       Building Structure (Partnering)                         44115710-9
                       Fabric Structures Maintenance                           44115710-9
                       General Construction Work - Building                    45210000-2
                       Installation of Steel Stairs                            45262410-8
                       Management Contracting (General Contracting Work)       45210000-2

Building General - Sector
                    Building (Estates Regeneration)                            45262690-4
                    Building (Industrial)                                      45213200-5
                    Building (Offices)                                         45213100-4
                    Building (Fire Service)                                    45216111-5
                    Working In Occupied Premises                               45211000-9

Civil Engineering - Drainage/Pipework
                    Drain Inspection (CCTV)                                    45232450-1
                    Drain Lining and Trenchless Repair                         45231100-6
                    Drainage (Land)                                            45111240-2
                    Drainage Pipelines (Partnering)                            45232400-6
                    Drains and Sewers (New)                                    45232400-6
                    Drains and Sewers (Renovation)                             45232400-6
                    Sand and Wick Drains                                       45232450-1
                    Underground Buried Services                                45231000-5
                    Well Drilling                                              45262220-9

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Civil Engineering - General
                    Civil Engineering                                      45200000-9
                    Civil Engineering (Design and Construct)               45220000-5
                    Civil Engineering Construction (Partnering)            45220000-5
                    Concrete (Pre-stressed/Post Tensioned)                 45262310-7
                    Concrete Repairs                                       45262330-3
                    Concrete/Masonry Stabilisation                         45262330-3
                    Earthworks (Bulk)                                      45112000-5
                    Environmental Work (Pedestrianisation Schemes)         45233260-9
                    Footpath Maintenance                                   45233160-8
                    General Construction Work - Civil Engineering          45220000-5
                    Land Reclamation                                       45112320-4
                    Management Contracting (Civil Engineering        and
                    Infrastructure)                                        45220000-5
                    Masts and Towers                                       45223110-0
                    Noise and Environmental Barriers                       45262640-9
                    Painting (Civil Engineering)                           45442120-4
                    Pipe Jacking                                           45221240-6
                    Safety Barriers                                        45233280-5
                    Sewage Plant Operation and Maintenance                 90481000-2
                    Sewage Treatment Works (Civils)                        45232420-2
                    Steel Erectors                                         45262400-5
                    Steel Fabrication                                      45223210-1
                    Street Furniture                                       45233293-9
                    Testing (Laboratory)                                   71600000-4
                    Testing (Materials On Site)                            71632200-9
                    Testing (Vibration Monitoring)                         71600000-4
                    Tunnelling (Mini)                                      45221240-6
                    Water Features (Cleaning and Maintenance)              90900000-6
                    Water Supply (New Pipelines)                           45232150-8
                    Water Supply (Pipelines Renovations)                   45232151-5
                    Waterproofing (Structural)                             45261420-4

Civil Engineering - Landscaping/Sports
                     Block Paving (Imprinting)                             45233222-1
                     Decorative Surfaces                                   45233200-1
                     Dry Stone and Mortar Walls                            45262500-6
                     Fencing                                               45342000-6
                     Fencing (Security)                                    45342000-6
                     Ground Maintenance                                    77314000-4
                       Invasive Plant Eradication                          77312100-1
                       Land Clearance                                      45111220-6
                       Landscaping                                         45112700-2
                       Landscaping (Interior)                              45451300-6
                       Marking (Sports)                                    45212213-2
                       Tree Surgery                                        77340000-5
                       Verge Cutting/Scrub Clearance                       45111220-6

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Verge Cutting/Scrub Clearance Term Contract   45233229-0
                       Waterbearing Lining                           45112700-2
                       Weed Control                                  77312000-0
                       Weed Control (Term Contract)                  77312000-0

Civil Engineering - Piling/Groundworks
                    Anchors                                          45262210-6
                    Anchors (Soil Nails)                             45111230-9
                       Contaminated Land Treatment                   90522400-6
                       Dewatering                                    45111240-2
                       Diaphragm Walls                               45262211-3
                       Geotechnical Works                            45111200-0
                       Ground Stabilisation                          45111230-9
                       Ground Stabilisation (Dynamic Compaction)     45111230-9
                       Ground Stabilisation (Ground Freezing)        45111230-9
                       Ground Stabilisation (Soil Mixing)            45111230-9
                       Ground Stabilisation (Vibro Compaction)       45111230-9
                       Grouting (Deep)                               45111230-9
                       Grouting (Jet)                                45262300-4
                       Pile (Testing)                                45262211-3
                       Pile Cutting                                  45262210-6
                       Piles (Bored <600Mm)                          45262211-3
                       Piles (Bored >600Mm)                          45262211-3
                       Piles (Micro)                                 45262211-3
                       Piles Displacement(Concrete, Steel, Timber)   45262211-3
                       Retaining Walls (Bored Pile Walls)            45262211-3
                       Retaining Walls (Reinforced Earth)            45111230-9
                       Retaining Walls (Sheet Pile Walls)            45262211-3
                       Retaining Walls (Soldier Pile Walls)          45262211-3
                       Underpinning                                  45262210-6

Civil Engineering - Roads and Bridges
                    Anti-Skid and Coloured Surfacing                 45233228-3
                    Asphalt Surfacing                                45233200-1
                    Asphalt Surfacing (Machine Laid)                 45233200-1
                    Block Paving                                     45233222-1
                    Carriageway Retread Process                      45233200-1
                    Concrete (Scoring And Grooving) Highways         45233200-1
                       Concrete Carriageway (Pavement Quality)       45233100-0
                       Concrete Pavements (Joint Sealing)            45233200-1
                       Concrete Repairs (Highways and Bridges)       45262330-3
                       Concrete Surface Impregnation                 45233200-1
                       Grooving Asphalt                              45233200-1

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Inductive Loop Cutting                               45233200-1
                       Marking (Road)                                       45233221-4
                       Paved Areas (Fuel Resistant Surfacing)               45233200-1
                       Paved Areas (Other than Airfield Pavements)          45233222-1
                       Pavement Construction                                45233100-0
                       Reflective Studs                                     45233200-1
                       Road (Kerbing Grano, Blocks, Slabs, Bricks etc.)     45233200-1
                       Road (Surface Dressing)                              45233200-1
                       Road Construction                                    45233100-0
                       Road Maintenance (Minor Works)                       45233141-9
                       Signs (Gantry Including Electrical)                  45316200-7
                       Signs (Road-Directional, Road Names and Traffic
                       Control)                                        45233290-8
                       Slurry Sealing (Roads And Footpaths)            45233200-1
                       Steelwork Bridges                               45221115-1
                       Surface Retexturing                             45233200-1
                       Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting               45262330-3
                       Vehicle Restraint Fencing And Barrier Systems   45233280-5
                       Water Treatment Works (Civils)                  45252120-5

Civil Engineering - Site Investigation
                    Geophysical Surveys                                     71351000-3
                    Geotechnical Works (Laboratory Testing-Geochemical)     71351000-3
                    Geotechnical Works (Laboratory Testing-Geotechnical)    71351000-3
                    Geotechnical Works (Site Investigation Work)            71510000-6
                    Ground Investigations                                   45111250-5
                    Underground Services Survey                             90491000-5

Electrical - Aerials
A4                   Aerials                                                45232330-4
A4                   Aerials (Domestic TV and Satellite etc)                45312320-6

Electrical - Car Park Services And Equipment
A1                   Building Services (Car Parks)                          45310000-3
A1                   Electrical Services (Car Parks)                        45310000-3

Electrical - Comms
A2                 Closed Circuit TV Systems                                32235000-9
A2                 Closed Circuit TV Systems (Car Parks)                    32235000-9
A2                 Closed Circuit TV Systems (Highways and Roads)           32235000-9
                   Communication Systems (Telephone and Intercoms)          45314000-1
A4                 Data Cabling Communications Systems                      45314300-4
D1                 Electronic Information Display Systems                   45316000-5
                   Fibre Optic Installation and Maintenance                 45314300-4
                   Fire Alarm Communication Systems (Deaf and Hearing        51300000-
                   Impaired)                                                5
                   Part P Electrical Installations - Other Work (Domestic   45310000-3

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Part P Electrical Installations (Domestic Only)          45310000-3
                       Public Address                                           30259800-7
                       Refuge Area Communication Systems                        51300000-5

Electrical - Control Systems
A4                   Computer Based Building Management Systems                 51610000-1
A4                   Computer Installation Services                             51610000-1
A4                   Control Panels                                             45310000-3
A4                   Instrumentation and Control Equipment                      45310000-3
                     Leak Detection Systems                                     45310000-3

Electrical - External Lighting
A1                   Floodlighting                                              45316100-6
A1                   Street Lighting                                            45316110-9

Electrical - Fire Alarms
A3                    Fire Alarm Systems                                        45312100-8
                      Fire Alarms (Servicing and Maintenance)                   45312100-8

Electrical - General
A1                   Bedhead Services Trunking                                  45310000-3
A1                   Electrical Installation and Maintenance/Services           45310000-3
A1                   Electrical Installations (Design and Construct)            45310000-3
                     Electrical Installations and Communication Installations
A1                   (Partner)                                                  45310000-3
A1                   Electrical Services                                        45310000-3
A5                   External Electrical Installations                          45310000-3
A1                   Heat Management Systems                                    45310000-3
A1                   Internal Electrical Installations                          45310000-3
A1                   Lightning Protection                                       45312311-0
                     Site Temporary Electrical Installation                     45310000-3
A1                   Trace Heating                                              45310000-3

Electrical - Power Supply
A1                  Emergency Lighting and Power                                31682510-8
                    Emergency Lighting (Servicing and Maintenance)              45310000-3
                    Frequency Converters                                        45315300-1
A1                  Generating Plant From 100 Kw to 20 Mw                       45315300-1
A1                  Generating Plant Up to 100 Kw                               45315300-1
A4                  Uninterruptable Power Supplies                              31154000-0

Electrical - Security
A3                    Fire Protection - Automatic Fire Alarms - FOC Approved    45312100-8
                      Intruder Alarms                                           45312200-9

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Electrical - Testing
A1                     Portable Appliance Testing                           45310000-3
A1                     Portable Appliance Testing Term Contract             45310000-3
A1                     Testing of Electrical Installations                  45310000-3
A1                     Testing of Electrical Installations Term Contracts   45310000-3

Infrastructure - Infrastructure
                      Mechanical (Design, Develop and Construct)            45250000-4

Infrastructure - Power Supply
                    Generating Plant From 100Kw To 1Mw                      45315300-1
                    Generating Plant From 20Mw                              45315300-1
                    Wind Turbines                                           31121320-9

Mechanical - Boilers
                   Biomass Boiler                                           45331110-0
                   Boilers Flue Sealing Dampers                             45331110-0
                   Boilers Up to 50Kw Domestic and Light Industrial         45331110-0
                   Burners, Combustion Equipment and Controls               45331110-0

Mechanical - Building Service Equipment
                    Building Services Installation                          45300000-0
                    Catering Equipment Installation                         51542000-3
                    Corrosion Control (Steel Structures)                    45442200-9
                    Covered Walkways                                        45213316-1
                    Eyebolts                                                51511300-0
                    Gates and Barriers Installation and Maintenance         45421148-3
                    Hygiene Equipment                                       90900000-6
                    Hygiene Equipment Term Contract                         90900000-6
                    Incinerators (For Local Site Use)                       45252300-1
                    Laundry Equipment Installation and Maintenance          51543400-4
                    Paint Spraying Installations                            51540000-9
                    Refractory Linings                                      26263000-9
                    Refrigeration                                           45331230-7
                    Refuse Chute Installation or Maintenance                90500000-2
                    Safety Equipment (Including Fall Arrest System)         51511300-0
                    Sluice Room Equipment                                   51400000-6

Mechanical - Car Park Services And Equipment
                   Car Park Equipment                                 34926000-4
                   Car Park Ventilation                               45331210-1
                   Vehicle Restraint Fencing and Barrier Systems (Car
                   Parks)                                             45233280-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Mechanical - Fire Protection
                    Fire Extinguishing Systems (CO2 Btm + Bcf)                  45343200-5
                    Fire Protection (Sprinklers)                                45343230-4
                    Fire Protection-Smoke Vents (Automatic)                     45343200-5
                    Fire Suppression Systems                                    35111500-0

Mechanical - General
                  Biomass Boilers                                               45331110-0
                  Chimneys (Steel)                                              45262610-0
                  Clean Rooms                                                   45214631-2
                  Compressed Air Installations                                  45231500-0
                  Energy Conservation Systems                                   71314300-5
                  Fire Training Simulators)                                     45343200-5
                  Gas Quality Control Audit                                     71630000-3
                  Gas Safety Inspection                                         71630000-3
                  Mechanical Installations                                      45351000-2
                  Mechanical Maintenance Services (Valve Refurb)                45351000-2
                  Mechanical Services Maintenance                               45351000-2

Mechanical - Heating
                   Combined Heat And Power (Chp)                                45251100-2
                   Heat Exchanger and Cooling Tower Installation/
                   Maintenance                                                  45251150-7
                   Heat Pumps                                                   42511110-5

Mechanical - Heating And Ventilation
                   Air Conditioning                                             45331220-4
                   Air Filtration Units                                         45351000-2
                       Air Quality Monitoring Systems                           90731800-8
                       Boiler and Generator Fuels and Lubrication Oil Storage
                       Up To 25000 Ltrs                                         45331110-0
                       Boiler Plant Maintenance Over 50Kw                       45331110-0
                       Boilers Over 50Kw                                        45331110-0
                       Commissioning (Hvac Installations)                       45331200-8
                       De-Humidification Systems                                45331200-8
                       Dust Control and Extraction                              45331200-8
                       Gas Installations                                        45333000-0
                       Heating (Central - Gas) Installation                     45331100-7
                       Heating (Central - Gas) Maintenance                      45331100-7
                       Heating (Central - Oil) Installation                     45331100-7
                       Heating (Central - Oil) Maintenance                      45331100-7
                       Heating (Central - Solid Fuel) Installation              45331100-7
                       Heating (Central - Solid Fuel) Maintenance               45331100-7
                       Heating (Solar)                                          09332000-5
                       Heating (Under Floor)                                    45331100-7
                       Heating (Warm Air and Direct Fired) - Installation       45331100-7
                       Heating (Warm Air and Direct Fired) - Maintain           45331100-7

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                        Mechanical Services Installation            45351000-2
                        Oil Burners                                 45331000-6
                        Refrigerant Gas Reclaim                     45331000-6
                        Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems          45331210-1
                        Ventilation                                 45331200-8

Mechanical - Lifts/Access
                    Access Control Systems                          50610000-4
                    Access Control Systems (Car Parks)              50610000-4
                    Escalators                                      42416400-9
                    Fire Escapes                                    29850000-2
                    Hoists                                          51511100-8
                    Hydraulic Systems                               29838000-2
                    Lifts - Manually Operated                       45313100-5
                    Lifts (Disabled Access)                         45313100-5
                    Lifts (General Care)                            50750000-7
                    Lifts (Goods)                                   45313100-5
                    Lifts (Passenger)                               45313100-5
                    Lifts (Passenger) Term Contract                 45313100-5
                    Lifts (Scissor)                                 45313100-5
                    Lifts (Service) - Electrically Operated         45313100-5
                    Lifts (Stair Lifts)                             45313100-5
                    Suspended Access Equipment                      51511300-0

Mechanical - Mechanical Process
                  Metal Fabrication (General)                       45262670-8
                  Metal Fabrication (Sheet)                         45262670-8
                  Testing Structural (On Site Non Destructive)      71632200-9
                  Welding (On Site)                                 45262680-1
                  Welding Equipment                                 45262680-1

Mechanical - Pipework
                  Ductwork                                          45331200-8
                  Gas Appliances (Maintenance)                      45231221-0
                  Gas Pipelines (Mains)                             45231221-0
                  Piped Gases (Industrial and Medical)              45231112-3
                  Pipework                                          45231110-9
                  Pipework (Compressed Air)                         45231500-0
                  Pipework (Fabrication)                            45231100-6
                  Pipework (Pre-Insulated Mains)                    45231112-3
                  Pipework (Steam Mains)                            45231112-3

Mechanical - Potable Water And Waste Treatment
                   Boreholes (Water Supply)                          45262220-9
                   Desalination Plant Capable of Prod Less Than 1000
                   Ltrs of Water                                     45253000-5
                   Greywater Recycling Systems                       45252120-5
                   Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant               45222100-0
                   Plumbing                                          45332000-3
                   Rainwater Harvesting Systems                      45252120-5

           Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Sewage Plant Machinery                               45252130-8
                       Sewage Treatment Works (Package Plant)               45252130-8
                       Water Coolers (Plumbed In)                           45332000-3
                       Water Storage Tanks                                  45252120-5
                       Water Treatment Plant                                45252120-5

Mechanical - Tanks and Associated Services
                   Bulk Fuel Installations                                  44611410-3
                   Cleaning (Tanks)                                         90913100-1
                   Fuel Distribution and Control Systems                    65400000-7
                   Geomembrane Linings                                      44610000-9
                   Petroleum, Oil and Lubrication Installations             44611410-3
                   Petroleum, Oil and Lubrication Tanks Over 25000 Litres   44611410-3
                   Pressure Vessels and Tanks                               51810000-3
                   Tank Coating (Epoxy Lining)                              51810000-3
                   Tank Contents Gauges, Dispensing Pumps and Meters)       51810000-3
                   Tanking                                                  51810000-3

Other Services - Building Services
                   Building Services Maintenance (M and E Term
                   Contract)                                                45300000-0
                   Building Services Maintenance (M and E)                  45300000-0

Other Services - Cleaning
                    Cleaning (Blast and Pressure)                           90912000-3
                    Cleaning (Blinds)                                       90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Boiler and Flue)                              90915000-4
                    Cleaning (Builders Cleans)                              90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Carpets and Upholstery)                       90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Carpets)                                      90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Catering Equipment Deep Cleaning)             90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Chemical)                                     90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Communal Areas)                               90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Graffiti Removal)                             90690000-0
                    Cleaning (Gully)                                        90640000-5
                    Cleaning (Industrial)                                   90910000-9
                    Cleaning (I.T.)                                         90919100-3
                    Cleaning (Light Fittings)                               90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Office)                                       90919200-4
                    Cleaning (PVC)                                          90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Unblocking Toilets And Drains)                90900000-6
                    Cleaning (Vent, Duct Work, Incl Air Conditioning)       90910000-9
                    Cleaning (Water Treatment/Disinfecting)                 90913000-0
                    Cleaning (Windows)                                      90911300-9
                    Fire and Flood Restoration                              45454100-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Other Services - General Maintenance
                   Bird Management Systems                        90922000-6
                   Building Maintenance Service (Building Fabric) 45453100-8
                   Building Maintenance Service (External Areas)  45453100-8
                   Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance       50413200-5
                   Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance Term
                   Contract                                       50413200-5
                   Pest Control                                   90922000-6
                   Pest Control Flying Insects                    45421100-5
                   Pest Control Term Contract                     90922000-6
                   Steeplejacks                                   51511300-0

Other Services - Land Surveys
                   Land Surveys (Building)                                71353000-7
                   Land Surveys (Cadastral)                               71354300-7
                   Land Surveys (Contaminated)                            71353000-7
                   Land Surveys (Geodetic)                                71353000-7
                   Land Surveys (Hydrographic)                            71353100-8
                   Land Surveys (Photogrammetric)                         71355100-2
                   Land Surveys (Topographical)                           71353000-7

Other Services - Others
                    Anti-Slip Surface (Bath and Shower)                   45233200-1
                    Blinds                                                45421143-8
                    Catering Equipment                                    51542000-3
                    Catering Equipment Maintenance                        50883000-8
                       Containers (Waste and Recycling)                   44613800-8
                       Document Archiving (Scanning and Vectorisation)    30257000-5
                       Plant Hire                                         45500000-2
                       Skip Hire                                          45500000-2
                       Ventilation Hygiene Monitoring (50410000)          50410000-2
                       Ventilation Hygiene Monitoring Term Contracts
                       (50410000)                                         50410000-2

Other Services - Security
                   Alarm Monitoring (74611000-5)                          79711000-1
SIA / ACS          Security For Site and Vacant Premises (74610000-8)     79710000-4
                   Security For Site and Vacant Premises, Term Contract
SIA / ACS          (74610000-8)                                           79710000-4
                   Void Security (74610000-8)                             79710000-4

Other Services - Waste/Water
                   Water Main Cleaning (45232150)                         45232151-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Other Services - Waste Disposal
                   Waste (Landfill) (90123100-6)                     90531000-8
                   Waste Disposal (Classified Waste) (90122000-8)    90520000-8
                   Waste Disposal (General) (90121000-1, 90315300)   90513000-6
                   Waste Disposal (Medical) (90122200-0)             90524000-6
                   Waste Disposal (Oil)                              90122000-8
                   Waste Disposal (Sewage) (90111300-1)              90460000-9
                   Waste Disposal (Toxic) (90122100-9)               90520000-8

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
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                                                                                     with an
Sector             Category                                          CPV code        TICK
                   Access Auditors                                   71200000-0
                   Access Consultancy                                71200000-0
                   Access Inspectors                                 71200000-0
                   Access Policy Advice                              71200000-0
                   Disability and Discrimination Act 1995            71200000-0
                   Part M of Building Regulations Audits             71200000-0
                   Repeat Inspections/Audits                         71200000-0
Acoustics and Vibration – CIBSE, MIOA
                   Acoustics and Vibration Consultancy               71313000-5
                   Auditorium Acoustics                              71313200-7
                   Building Services Measurement Surveys             71313100-6
                   Building Services Noise Control Measures          90742400-4
                   Construction Monitoring and Control               71313100-6
                   Environmental Predication and Measurement         71313000-5
                   Facade Design and Control                         71313100-6
                       Industrial and Commercial Noise Control       90742000-0
                       Planning Conditions                           71313000-5
                       Room Finishes                                 71313200-7
                       Selection of Noise and Vibration Criteria     71313100-6
                       Sound Insulation Measurement                  71313200-7
                       Specification of Materials and Construction   71313000-5
                       Speech Privacy and Intelligibility            71313200-7
                       Statutory Noise Nuisance                      71313100-6
                       Vibration - Anti Vibration Solutions          71313000-5
                       Vibration - Building Damage                   71313000-5
                       Vibration - Critical Structure Monitoring     71313000-5

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
                    Vibration - Demolition                            71313000-5
                    Vibration - Equipment Tolerance/Damage            71313000-5
                    Vibration - Human Comfort                         71313000-5
                    Vibration - Measurement and Monitoring            71313000-5
                    Vibration - Railway Impact Studies                71313000-5
                    Vibration Investigation and Control               71313000-5
Administrative, Commercial, Protective Service Facilities – RIBA, CIAT
                    City Re-Development                               79500000-9
                    Commercial Development                            79500000-9
                    Commercial Facilities                             79500000-9
                    Community Buildings                               79500000-9
                    Office Facilities                                 79500000-9
                    Official Administrative Facilities, Law Courts    79500000-9
                    Protective Service Facilities                     79500000-9
                    Retail Development                                79500000-9
                    Trading Facilities, Shops                         79500000-9
Architecture – ARB, RIBA, CIAT
                    3D Design                                         71220000-6
                    Alterations, Conversions, Extensions              71220000-6
                    Architectural and Building Plans                  71220000-6
                    Architectural and Design Services                 71220000-6
                    Architecture                                      71220000-6
                    Building Conservation                             71220000-6
                    Building Failures                                 71220000-6
                    Building Maintenance                              71220000-6
                    Building Systems                                  71220000-6
                    Components                                        71220000-6
                    Conservation Area                                 71220000-6
                    Damp Penetration                                  71220000-6
                    Disabled Persons Accommodation and Access
                    Requirements                                      71220000-6
N                   Dry Rot/Fungus                                    71220000-6
                    Energy Conservation                               71314300-5
N                   Exhibitions                                       71220000-6
                    Financial: Development Analysis                   71220000-6
                    Fire Precautions: Passive                         71220000-6
N                   Graphic Designer                                  71220000-6
                    Integrated Project Processes                      71220000-6
                    Interior Design                                   79932000-6
                    Land Use Schemes                                  71220000-6
                    Partnering Advisor                                71220000-6
N                   Perspective Artist                                71220000-6
                    Pre-Fabricated Buildings                          71220000-6
N                   Product Design                                    71220000-6
                    Rehabilitation/Restoration                        71220000-6
                    Rights of Light                                   71220000-6
                    Security                                          71220000-6
                    Self Build                                        71220000-6
                    Space Planning                                    71220000-6
                    Timber Frame - Construction Technology            71220000-6

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
                    Timber Frame Structures - Conservation        71220000-6
RTPI                Town Planning                                 71410000-5
                    Valuation                                     71220000-6
Building Control – RICS, ABE, CIOB
ATTMA (BINDT)       Airtightness Survey                           71315200-1
                    Building Control                              71315200-1
                    Building Design                               71315200-1
                    Building Failure                              71315200-1
                    Building Law                                  71315200-1
                    Building Surveying                            71315200-1
                    Demolition Assessment                         71315200-1
                    Disabled Persons Access Requirements          71315200-1
N                   Entertainment Licence                         71315200-1
                    Financial Assessment                          71315200-1
                    Fire Precaution Assessment and Design         71315200-1
                    Health and Safety Assessment                  71315200-1
                    Legal Aspect: Prosecutions                    71315200-1
                    Means of Escape Assessment                    71315200-1
                    Party Wall Advice                             71315200-1
                    Plan Assessment                               71315200-1
                    Planning Conditions                           71315200-1
                    Product and System Assessments                71315200-1
                    Safety at Sports Grounds                      71315200-1
                    Site Inspection/Supervision                   71315200-1
                    Site Investigation                            71315200-1
                    Structural Design Checking                    71315200-1
BRE Competent
Persons Scheme
for Building CO2    Thermal Design Checking/Energy Conservation   71315200-1
                    Thermal Survey                                71315200-1
Building Services Engineering (MEP) – CIBSE, IMECHE, IET
                    Air Conditioning                              71321000-4
                    Asbestos: Surveys, Monitoring, Removal        71315100-0
                    Boiler House Installations                    71321000-4
ICE                 Borehole Surveys and Installations            45262220-9
                    Building Management Systems                   71321000-4
                    Building Services Engineering                 71315210-4
ICE                 Cathodic Protection Installations             45442300-0
                    Central Heating                               71321200-6
                    Central Vacuum Cleaning Installations         71323000-8
                    Chemical Analysis                             71610000-7
                    Chimneys                                      71323000-8
                    Classified Waste Disposal Installations       71323000-8
                    Clock Repeater and Time Installations         71321000-4
                    Cold Stores                                   71323000-8
                    Combined Heating and Power Installations      71323000-8
                    Commissioning Management                      71321000-4
                    Communal Aerial Installations                 71321000-4
                    Compressed Air Installations                  71321000-4
                    Computer Installations                        50960000-2

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
                    Cooling Water Installations                          71321000-4
                    Desalinisation Installations                         71323000-8
                    District Heating                                     09323000-9
                    Earthing, Screening and Lighting Protection
                    Installations                                        71321000-4
                    Electrical Generation and Transmission
                    Installations                                        71321000-4
                    Electrical Installations                             71321000-4
                    Electrical Lighting and Power Installations          71321000-4
                    Electrical Switchgear and Protection Installations   71323100-9
                    Energy Conservation                                  71314300-5
                    Fire Precautions Active                              75251110-4
                    Fumes and Dust Extraction Installations              71323000-8
                    Gas Distribution and Installations                   71321000-4
                    Gas Turbine Installations                            71323000-8
                    Geo-Thermal Surveys                                  71321000-4
                    Heat Generation From Waste Products                  71321200-6
                    Hoists                                               71321000-4
                    Illumination Design Installations                    71318100-1
                    Internal Water Supply, Plumbing and Drainage         71321000-4
                    Liquid Gas Installations                             71323000-8
                    Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing                    71323000-8
                    Mechanical Handling Installations                    71321000-4
                    Medical and Dental Installations                     71321000-4
                    Medical and Industrial Gas Installations             71321000-4
N                   Models For Design Purposes                           71321000-4
                    Non Destructive Testing                              71632200-9
                    Paint Spraying Installations                         71321000-4
                    Petroleum Oils and Lubricants Installations          71323000-8
                    Planned Maintenance                                  71321000-4
                    Plant Surveys, Inspection and Commissioning
                    Services                                             71321000-4
RICS                Preparation of MandE Bills of Quantities             71324000-5
                    Public Address Systems                               71321000-4
                    Solar Heating Installations                          71321000-4
                    Solid Fuel and Ash Handling Systems                  71323000-8
                    Sound Recording Installations                        71321000-4
                    Steam Service                                        71321000-4
                    Systems Reliability                                  71321000-4
                    Telephone and Communication Installations            71316000-6
                    Television Installations                             71316000-6
ICE                 Underground Services and Surveys                     71321000-4
                    Ventilating Systems                                  71321400-8
                    Waste Heat Recovery Systems                          71323000-8
                    Water Management                                     71321000-4
                    Water Treatment and Supply Installations             71323000-8
Building Surveying – RICS, CIOB, ICES
                    Architectural And Building Plans                     71315300-2
                    Budget Estimating                                    71315300-2
                    Building Conservation                                71315300-2

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                     Building Law                                         71315300-2
                     Building Refurbishment, Alterations and
                     Extensions                                           71315300-2
                     Building Surveying                                   71315300-2
                     Construction Cost Management And Settlement
                     Of Accounts                                          71315300-2
                     Contract Documentation                               71315300-2
                     Contract Management and Supervision                  71315300-2
                     Cost Planning                                        71315300-2
                     Cost-In-Use- Studies                                 71315300-2
                     Dilapidations                                        71315300-2
                     Employers Agent                                      71315300-2
                     Energy Management and Auditing                       71315300-2
                     Feasibility Study                                    71315300-2
                     Functional Suitability and Space Utilisation of
                     Buildings                                            71315300-2
                     Insurance Claims Valuation                           71315300-2
                     Insurance Loss Adjustment and Claims                 71315300-2
                     Insurance Valuations (Buildings and Contents)        71315300-2
                     Measured Surveys                                     71315300-2
                     Measured Term Contracts                              71315300-2
                     Measurement/Location Underground Structures/
                     Services                                             71315300-2
                     Monitoring Surveys                                   71315300-2
                     Office (Expertise In All Fields Claimed For Office
                     Buildings)                                           71315300-2
                     Party Wall Awards                                    71315300-2
RTPI                 Planning Applications (Town Planning)                71315300-2
                     Planning Maintenance                                 71315300-2
                     Preparation Of Conservation Schemes                  71315300-2
                     Procurement Advice                                   79418000-7
                     Property Maintenance                                 71315300-2
                     Property Management                                  71315300-2
                     Technical and Financial Auditing                     71315300-2
Civil and Structural Engineering – ICE, ISTRUCTE
                     Aluminium Design                                     71312000-8
                     Approved Inspector                                   71312000-8
RICS, UKAS           Asbestos Surveys                                     71315100-0
                     Brownfield Remediation                               71311000-1
                     Building Maintenance                                 71312000-8
                     Chimneys                                             71312000-8
                        Civil and Structural Engineering                  71312000-8
                        Contamination and Pollution Investigations        90713000-8
                        Corrosion: Specialist Inspection and Treatment    71312000-8
                        Drainage                                          71311000-1
                        Drainage and Sewerage Condition Surveys           71800000-6
                        Engineering Surveys                               71311000-1
                        Environmental Impact Assessment                   90713000-8
                        Fibre Composites                                  71312000-8

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                  Geotechnical and Ground Engineering            71311000-1
                  Masts and Towers                               71312000-8
                  Mining Engineering                             71323000-8
                  New Buildings                                  71312000-8
                  Noise and Vibration: Specialist Capacity and
CIBSE, MIOA       Equipment                                      71313100-6
                  Petrol, Oil and Lubricants                     71323000-8
                  Precast Concrete                               71312000-8
                  Refurbishment of Buildings                     71312000-8
                  Safety and Reliability Assessments             71312000-8
                  Security Fencing: High Risk Work               71312000-8
                  Sewerage Treatment Works                       90492000-2
                  Sewers, Water Mains and Allied Plumbing        71311000-1
                  Specialist Structural Investigations           71631400-4
                  Specialist Testing                             71312000-8
                  Steelwork and Other Metal Structures           71312000-8
                  Structural/Condition Surveys                   71312000-8
                  Structural Inspection                          71631400-4
                  Surveying - Topographic, Measured Building,
RICS              Precision                                      71351810-4
                  Telecomms                                      71316000-6
                  Tensile Fabric Structures                      71312000-8
                  Tunnel Design and Inspection                   71311000-1
                  Water Supply                                   71800000-6
                  Water Treatment Works                          71800000-6
Computer Graphics and Models
                  2D Drafting                                     72242000-3
                  2D Modelling                                    72242000-3
                  3D Design                                       72242000-3
                  Acoustic Modelling                              72242000-3
                  Air Dispersion Modelling                        72242000-3
                  Animation                                       72242000-3
                  Cfd                                             72242000-3
                  Clash Detection                                 72242000-3
                  Computer Aided Modelling                        72242000-3
                  Computer Graphics and Models                    72242000-3
                  Data Capture Conversion Analysis                72242000-3
                  Digitising                                      72242000-3
                  Finite Elemental Modelling                      72242000-3
                  Fire/Smoke Modelling                            72242000-3
                  Geographical Information Systems                72242000-3
                  Interactive Walk-Throughs                       72242000-3
                  Lighting Simulation                             72242000-3
                  Photogrammetric Surveys                         71355100-2
                  Rendering                                       72242000-3
                  Scanning                                        72242000-3
                  Surge Analysis                                 72242000-3
                  Terrain Modelling                               72242000-3
                  Thermal Modelling                               72242000-3
                  Water Flow Analysis                             72242000-3

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Educational, Scientific, Information Facilities – RIBA, CIAT
                     Assembly, Meeting Facilities                   71221000-3
                     Exhibition, Display Facilities                 71221000-3
                     Further Education Facilities                   71221000-3
                     Other Educational etc. Facilities              71221000-3
Environmental Impact and Energy
                     Air Monitoring                                 90731400-4
RICS, UKAS           Asbestos Surveys                               71315100-0
                     Biodiversity and Ecology                       71313400-9
                     Breeam Type Assessments                        90713000-8
                        Climate Change Levy                         90712000-1
                        CSH Assessments                             90713000-8
                        Corporate Commitment Campaigns              90713000-8
                        Energy Conservation                         71314300-5
                        Energy Efficiency Investment Analysis       71314300-5
                        Energy Procurement Analysis                 71314300-5
                        Environmental Audit                         90714000-5
                        Environmental Consultants                   90713000-8
                        Environmental Control                       90713000-8
                        Environmental Design Advice                 90713000-8
                        Environmental Impact and Energy             90713000-8
                        Environmental Impacts Assessments           71313440-1
                        Independent Monitoring Energy/Water Usage   71314300-5
                        Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies        71314300-5
                   Sustainable Refurbishment                        90713000-8
                   Strategic Environmental Assessor                 71313400-9
                   Water Monitoring                                 90713100-9
Facilities Management – BIFM, IMBM
                   All In One Service - Maintenance and Running
                   Buildings                                        79993100-2
                   Building Handover Management                     79993100-2
                   External Works                                   79993100-2
                   Facilities Management                            79993100-2
                   Food Safety And Hygiene Consultants              85142300-9
                   Leak Detection                                   71631430-3
                   Pest Control                                     90922000-6
                   Refurbishment                                    79993100-2
Fire – IFE
                        Active Fire Requirements (Advisory)         75251110-4
                        Atria                                       75251110-4
                        Building Control Procedures                 75251110-4
                        Building Regulation Requirements            71317100-4

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                        Compliance With Fire Legislation                    75251110-4
                        Compliance With Fire Legislation and Inspections/   71317100-4
                        Surveys                                             75251110-4
                        Emergency Lighting                                  75251110-4
                        Fire                                                75251110-4
                        Fire Alarms                                         75251110-4
                        Fire Risk Surveys (Inspections)                     75251110-4
                        Fire Safety Training                                75251110-4
                        Gaseous and Foam Flooding                           75251110-4
                        Lead Consultant Capabilities                        75251110-4
                        Management Fire Risk Procedures and Fire Risk       71317100-4
                        Surveys                                             75251110-4
                        Management Fire Risk Procedures (Training)          75251110-4
                        Negotiation With Home Office Fire Inspectorate      75251110-4
                        Negotiation With Local Authority                    75251110-4
                        Negotiation With Utilities                          75251110-4
                        Passive Requirements                                75251110-4
                        Post Fire Investigations                            75251110-4
                        Sprinklers                                          75251110-4
                        Ventilation and Smoke Control                       75251110-4
                    Water Supplies                                          75251110-4
General Practice Surveying – RICS
                    Agents (For Acquisition or Disposal of Property)        70000000-1
                    Agricultural Estate Management (Rents, Repairs)         70332000-7
                    Air Surveys                                             90731400-4
                    Asset Valuations                                        70120000-8
                    Auctions                                                70000000-1
                    Building Estate Management                              70330000-3
                    Cash Flow Forecast                                      71324000-5
                    Claims Assessment/Negotiation                           71324000-5
ICES                Digital Mapping and Data Processing                     71354100-5
                    Dilapidations                                           70330000-3

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Disposals, Purchase and Valuation                    70000000-1
                       Estate Agency                                        70000000-1
                       Estate/Land Surveying                                71355000-1
                       General Practice Surveying                           70330000-3
                       Geomatics                                            71353000-7
                       Grounds Maintenance                                  70330000-3
                       Insurance Claims Valuation                           66515200-5
                       Insurance Loss Adjustments and Claims/
                       Valuation                                            66515000-3
                       Insurance Valuations (Buildings and Contents)        66515200-5
                       Lease Renewals                                       70330000-3
                       Local/Structure Plan Monitoring/Objections (Town
                       Office (Expertise In All Fields Claimed For Office
                       Buildings                                            70330000-3
                       Planning Maintenance                                 70330000-3
                       Portfolio Management                                 71332000-4
                       Property Maintenance                                 70330000-3
                       Property Management                                  70330000-3
                       Taxation                                             70330000-3
Generic Services
                       Brief Writing                                        71324000-5
                       BSI Code Consultant                                  71324000-5
                       Claims Assessment/Negotiation                        71324000-5
                       Computer Aided Design                                72242000-3
                       Display Energy Certificate                           71314000-2
                       Dispute Resolution                                   79422000-8(4)
                       Drawing Office Agency                                71220000-6
                       Employer’s Agent                                     71324000-5
                       Employer’s Agent For Design and Build Projects       71541000-2
                       Energy Performance Certificate                       71314000-2
                       Environmental Assessment                             71313440-1
                       Environmental Management Inc Education,
                       Training and Marketing                               90710000-7
                       Exhibition Design                                    45212310-2
                       Expert Witness Feasibility                           71319000-7
                       Feasibility Study                                    71241000-9
                       Funding Application Reports                          71324000-5
                       Gas Consultants                                      76100000-4
                       Healthcare Planning                                  75122000-7
                       Housing Condition Surveys                            70333000-4
                       Inspections and Reports                              71630000-3
                       Integrating Project Processes                        71541000-2
                       Knowledge Management                                 71541000-2
                       Lead Consultant Capabilities                         71530000-2
                       Legal: Appeals, Arbitration, Contract, Expert
                       Witness                                              79110000-8
                       Litigation                                           79110000-8
                       Options Appraisals                                   71324000-5

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
                   Paint Condition Survey                            71630000-3
                   Paint Inspection                                  71630000-3
                   Partnering Advisor                                71541000-2
                   Partnering Facilitator                            71541000-2
                   Plan Drawings                                     71541000-2
                   Property Management (La)                          70330000-3
                   Public Enquiries                                  71410000-5
                   Risk Management                                   71541000-2
                   Roofing Consultancy                               71600000-4
                   SBEM                                              71314000-2
                   Schedules of Work                                 71324000-5
                   Site Monitoring                                   71541000-2
                   Site Supervision                                  71521000-6
                   Site Supervision of Projects Designed by Others   71521000-6
                   Sports Surfaces                                   71600000-4
                   Stock Conditions Surveys                          71630000-3
                   Suitability Surveys                               71600000-4
                   Surveys                                           71324000-5
                   Sustainable Development                           71410000-5
                   Technical Brief Developments                      71541000-2
                   Technical Documentation, Teaching Aids,
                   Lecturing                                         71324000-5
                   Tender Documentation                              71324000-5
                   Tender Evaluation                                 71324000-5
                   Tender Negotiation                                71324000-5
                   Tendering                                         71324000-5
                   Value Management                                  71324000-5
Ground Engineering – ICE
                   Drilling and Trenchless Technology                71332000-4
                   Earthworks and Construction Materials             71332000-4
                   Environmental Engineering                         71332000-4
                   Foundation and Retaining Structures               71332000-4
                   Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering
                   Geology                                           71332000-4
                   Ground Engineering                                71332000-4
                   Ground Improvement                                71332000-4
                   Ground Investigation                              71510000-6
                   Hazard and Risk Assessment                        71332000-4
                   Material Resource Evaluation and Mineral
                   Extraction                                        71332000-4
                   Materials Testing                                 71332000-4
                   Tunnels and Underground Structures                71332000-4
                   Waste and Waste Disposal                          71332000-4
                   Water Resources and Groundwater Pollution         90733700-1
Health And Safety/CDM Coordinator – APS
                   Advise on Design Team Resources                   71317210-8
                   CDM Coordinator                                   71317210-8
                   Checking Contractors Health and Safety Plan       71317210-8
                   Checking Designer’s Health and Safety File        71317210-8
                   Checking Designer’s Health and Safety Plan        71317210-8

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                     Comment on Competence and Resources Of
                     Contractors                                     71317210-8
                     Ensure Co-Operation Between Designers           71317210-8
                     Ensure Procedures Comply With The Regulations   71317210-8
                     Expert Witness and Training                     71319000-7
                     Health and Safety/Cdm Coordinator               71317210-8
                     Legionella Risk Assessment                      71317210-8
                     Liaise With HSE                                 71317210-8
                     Liaise With Others On HSE Requirements          71317210-8
                     Prepare Health And Safety File                  71317210-8
                     Prepare Health And Safety Plan                  71317210-8
                     Project Notafiability                           71317210-8
                     Review Project Information From Client          71317210-8
Interior Design – RIBA, CIAT
                     Historic Buildings                              79932000-6
                     Interior Design General                         79932000-6
                     Lighting                                        79932000-6
                     New Build                                       79932000-6
                     Refurbishment                                   79932000-6
                     Space Planning                                  79932000-6
Landscape Architecture – LI, RIBA, CIAT
                     Arboriculture Inc Tree Health and Condition
                     Surveys                                         71420000-8
                     Grounds Maintenance                             71420000-8
                     Housing                                         71420000-8
                     Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment          71420000-8
                     Landscape Architecture                          71420000-8
                     Landscape Managers                              71420000-8
                     Landscape Scientists                            71420000-8
                     Mapping/Surveys                                 71420000-8
RTPI                 Town Planning                                   71420000-8
Lifts and Escalators – CIBSE, IMECHE
                     Design Criteria                                 71321000-4
                     Detailed Design                                 71321000-4
                     Electric Traction Lifts                         71321000-4
                     Escalator Installations                         71321000-4
                     Escalators                                      71321000-4
                     Goods Lifts                                     71321000-4
                     Hydraulic Lifts                                 71321000-4
                     Lifts and Escalators                            71321000-4
                     Lifts For Non Personnel Use                     71321000-4
                     Refurbishment                                   71321000-4
                     Stair Lifts                                     71321000-4
Lighting Design – CIBSE
                     Architectural Details                           71318100-1
                     Commissioning                                   71318100-1
                     Concept Designs                                 71318100-1
                     Control Systems                                 71318100-1
                     Daylight Studies                                71318100-1
                     Equipment Specification                         71318100-1

         Ref. SB907051016 ind
                      Lighting Design                                  71318100-1
                      Maintenance Schedules                            71318100-1
                      Rendering                                        71318100-1
                      Special Product Design                           71318100-1
Other Facilities – RIBA, CIAT
                      1920's/1930's Buildings                          71221000-3
                      Catering Installations                           71221000-3
                      Central Area Redevelopment                       71221000-3
                      Circulation                                      71221000-3
                      Cleaning, Maintenance Facilities                 90900000-6
                      Garage and Workshop Installation                 71221000-3
                      Georgian Buildings                               71221000-3
                      High Technology                                  71221000-3
                      Historic/Listed Buildings                        71221000-3
                      Plant, Control Facilities                        71221000-3
                      Printing Facilities                              71221000-3
                      Reception, Waiting Facilities                    71221000-3
                      Sanitary, Changing Facilities                    71221000-3
                      Storage Facilities                               71221000-3
                      Victorian Buildings                              71221000-3
Planning – RTPI, RICS
                      Advertisements, Applications and Appeals         71410000-5
                      Blight Notices                                   71410000-5
                      Compulsory Purchase Orders                       71410000-5
                      Conservation Areas                               71410000-5
                      Countryside Planning Consultancy                 71410000-5
ICE                   Derelict Land Reclamation                        71410000-5
                      Enforcement                                      71410000-5
                      Master planning                                  71410000-5
                      Minerals                                         71410000-5
                      National Parks                                   71410000-5
                      Nature Conservation                              71410000-5
                      Planning                                         71410000-5
                      Planning Appeals/Obligations                     71410000-5
                      Planning Applications                            71410000-5
                      Planning Applications (Town Planning Services)   71410000-5
                      Pollution Regeneration                           71410000-5
                      Public Enquiry Presentation (Town Planning
                      Services)                                        71410000-5
                      Retail Development                               71410000-5
                      Site Appraisal                                   71410000-5
                      Town and Country Planning                        71410000-5
                      Tree Preservation Orders                         71410000-5
                      Waste Disposal                                   71410000-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
Project Management – APM, RICS
                  Alternative Energy                           71541000-2
                  Appointment of Letting/Managing Agents       71541000-2
                  Aviation Infrastructure                      71541000-2
                  Award Maintenance Contracts                  71541000-2
                  Civil Engineering                            71541000-2
                  Clerk of Works                               71521000-6
                  Collate Collateral Warranties                71541000-2
                  Computer Facilities (Buildings)              71541000-2
                  Computer Systems                             71541000-2
                  Construction Logistics                       71541000-2
                    Construction Management                    71520000-9
                    Consultants Fee Negotiation on Tenders     71541000-2
                    Contract Insurers                          71541000-2
                    Contractor Pre-Qualification/Selection     71541000-2
                    Cost Reduction                             71541000-2
                    Design Team Management                     71230000-9
                    Dispute Analysis                           71541000-2
                    Environmental Protection                   71541000-2
                    Facilities Management                      71541000-2
                    Financial Planning                         71541000-2
                    Handover Management                        71541000-2
                    Heating Systems                            71541000-2
                    Information Technology                     71541000-2
                    Insurance Claims Adviser                   66515000-3
                    Integrating Project Processes              71541000-2
                    Land Use Studies                           71541000-2
                    Mining                                     71541000-2
                    Planning                                   71541000-2
                    Power Stations                             71541000-2
                    Project Management                         71541000-2
                    Project Programming                        71541000-2
                    Project Team Building                      71541000-2
                    Radiation                                  71541000-2
                    Receivership                               71541000-2
                    Refurbishment                              71541000-2
                    Residential Development                    71541000-2
                    Selection and Appointment of Consultants   71541000-2
                    Site Selection                             71541000-2
                    Technical Brief Developments               71541000-2
                    Tender Evaluations                         71541000-2
                    Vfm Studies                                71541000-2
                    Warehouses                                 71541000-2
                    Water and Sewerage                         71541000-2
                    Works Services Maintenance                 71541000-2
Quantity Surveying – RICS, ICES
                    Bills of Quantities                        71246000-4
                    Budget Estimating                          71324000-5

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                      Building Law                                     71324000-5
                      Cash Flow Forecasts                              71324000-5
                      Claims Assessment/Negotiation                    71324000-5
                      Construction Cost Management and Settlement of
                      Accounts                                         71244000-0
                      Contract Documentation                           71324000-5
                      Contract Management and Supervision              71324000-5
                      Cost Management and Contracts                    71244000-0
                      Cost Planning                                    71244000-0
                      Cost-In-Use Studies                              71324000-5
                      Employer's Agent                                 71324000-5
                      Employer’s Requirements for Design and Build
                      Contracts                                        71324000-5
                      Insurance Claims Valuation                       71324000-5
                      Insurance Loss Adjustments and Claims/
                      Valuation                                        71324000-5
                      Insurance Valuations (Buildings and Contents)    71324000-5
                      Integrating Project Processes                    71324000-5
                      Life Cycling Costing                             71324000-5
                      Management Contracts                             71324000-5
                      Measured Term Contracts                          71324000-5
                      Procurement Advice                               71324000-5
                      Quantity Surveying                               71324000-5
                      Technical and Financial Auditing                 71324000-5
                      Tender Documentation                             71324000-5
                      Tender Evaluation                                71324000-5
                      Tender Negotiation                               71324000-5
                      Value Engineering Studies                        71324000-5
Recreational Facilities – RIBA, CIAT
                      Entertainment Facilities                         71200000-0
                      Leisure Development                              71200000-0
                      Other Recreational Facilities                    71200000-0
                      Refreshment And Culinary Facilities              71200000-0
Residential Facilities – RIBA, CIAT
                      Communal Residential Facilities                  71200000-0
                      Domestic Residential Facilities, Housing         71200000-0
                      Historical Residential Facilities                71200000-0
                      Housing                                          71200000-0
                      Other Residential Facilities                     71200000-0
                      Relaxation Facilities, Living Rooms              71200000-0
                      Residential Development                          71200000-0
                      Sleeping Facilities, Bedrooms                    71200000-0
Traffic and Transportation – ICE, IHIE, CIT
                      Infrastructure Design and Implementation         71311200-3
                      Investment Appraisal                             71311200-3
                      Management Information                           71311200-3
                      Parking                                          71311200-3
                      Planning Issues                                  71311200-3
                      Traffic Management                               71311200-3
                      Traffic Signalling                               71311200-3

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                       Transport Policies               71311200-3
Utilities, Civil Engineering Facilities – ICE, IMECHE
                       Communications Facilities        71316000-6
                       Gas Supplies                     71314000-2

          Ref. SB907051016 ind
                                                                              Appendix 3
                                     Areas of Operation
Please only choose the areas you are willing to work/accept a tender opportunity in, and write down
the minimum contract or commission value that you would work for in that area.

     Region Name                        Comments                YES      NO      Contract Value
Aldridge Community Fire
West Midlands WS9 9BU

Aston Community Fire
Ettington Road,
Birmingham B6 6ED

Bickenhill Community Fire
National Exhibition
Centre, Bickenhill
Birmingham B40 1PW

Billesley Community Fire
Brook Lane,
Birmingham B13 0DH

Bilston Community Fire
Prosser Street,
West Midlands, WV14 0QA

Binley Community Fire
Hipswell Highway,
Coventry CV2 5FQ

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name               Comments   YES   NO   Contract Value
Bloxwich Community Fire
High Street,
West Midlands WS3 3JT

Bournbrook Community Fire
Bristol Road,
Birmingham B5 7SN

Brierley Hill Community Fire
Dudley Road,
Brierley Hill,
West Midlands DY5 1HG

Canley Community Fire
Sir Henry Parkes Road,
Coventry CV4 7BA

Coventry Community Fire
Radford Road junction
Ringway Hill Crossroads,
Coventry, CV1 4EL

Cradley Heath Community
Fire Station,
Mace Street,
Cradley Heath,
West Midlands
B64 6HP

Dudley Community Fire
Burton Road,
West Midlands, DY1 3BZ

Erdington Community Fire
Orphanage Road,
Birmingham B24 9HR

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name               Comments   YES   NO   Contract Value

Fallings Park Community
Fire Station,
Bushbury Road,
Fallings Park,
West Midlands, WV10 0NL

Foleshill Community Fire
Foleshill Road,
Coventry, CV6 5HN

Halesowen Community Fire
Hagley Road,
West Midlands B63 4JS

Handsworth Community
Fire Station
Rookery Road,
Birmingham B21 9QU

Hay Mills Community Fire
Speedwell Road,
Hay Mills,
Birmingham B25 8HH

Highgate Community Fire
Moseley Road,
Birmingham, B12 0DP

Kings Norton Community
Fire Station,
Pershore Road South,
Kings Norton,
Birmingham, B30 3EH

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name               Comments           YES   NO   Contract Value
Ladywood Community Fire
Icknield Port Road,
Birmingham, B16 0RA

Northfield Community Fire
South Road,
Birmingham, B31 2RB

Oldbury Community Fire
Old Park Lane,
West Midlands, B69 4PU

Perry Barr Community Fire
Station,                           07973 467647
College Road,
Perry Barr,
Birmingham, B44 0HJ

Sedgley Community Fire
Tipton Road,
West Midlands, DY3 1BD

Sheldon Community Fire
Garretts Green Lane,
B33 0SE

Smethwick Community Fire
Stony Lane,
West Midlands B67 7QW

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name               Comments             YES      NO      Contract Value
Solihull Community Fire
Streetsbrook Road,
West Midlands B91 1QY

Sutton Coldfield Community
Fire Station
Lichfield Road,
Sutton Coldfield,
Birmingham, B74 2NT

Tettenhall Community Fire
Regis Road,
West Midlands, WV6 8RU

Tipton Community Fire
Alexandra Road,
West Midlands, DY4 7NZ             51047Oldbury Fire Station,

Ward End Community Fire
Washwood Heath Road,               Station Admin Officer – Jackie Lee (morning)
Ward End,
B8 2HF

Walsall Community Fire
Blue Lane West,

Wednesbury Community
Fire Station,
King Street,
West Midlands, WS10 7PQ

West Bromwich Community
Fire Station
Hargate Lane,
West Bromwich,
West Midlands, B71 1PD

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name               Comments        YES   NO       Contract Value

Wolverhampton Community
Fire Station,
Merridale Street,
West Midlands, WV3 0RE

Woodgate Valley
Community Fire Station,
Stonehouse Lane,
Bartley Green,
Birmingham, B32 3AG

Willenhall Community Fire
Clarkes Lane
West Midlands, WV13 1HT

Fire Service Academy
Dartmouth Road
B66 1BG

Transport Engineering          0121 356 2929              0121 356 9741
Workshops, Unit 12,
Tamebridge Industrial
Estate, Aldridge Road,
Perry Barr, Birmingham,
B42 2TX

Command Training Unit
Potterton Way
Sandwell B66 1BG

Technical Rescue Unit
National Exhibition Centre
Bickenhill, Birmingham
B40 1PW

        Ref. SB907051016 ind
     Region Name                Comments   YES   NO   Contract Value
West Midlands Fire
99 Vauxhall Road
Birmingham, B7 4HW

West Midlands Fire
Urban Space
99 Vauxhall Road
Birmingham, B7 4HW

Houses & Flats at
Perry Barr,
Kings Norton and

Locations identified by the
WMFS within the West

         Ref. SB907051016 ind

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