Sandscript - Florida AAUW by wulinqing


									                                                       APRIL 2011
                                   NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA
                                   PRESIDENT: GERRY TATHAM, LGTATHAM@ATT.NET
                                                         912 BENT
                        AUW AUW WEBSITE ADDRESSES: ASSOCIATION:       STATE:
                                                                      The Florida
                                   AAUW ADVANCES EQUITY FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS THROUGH ADV State Convention on April 1-3   will
            MEETING CHANGE                   OCACY, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH attended by delegates Kathy Khodor,
Due to a scheduling conflict at the ADDRESSES: ASSOCIATION: aauw.orgCowart and Gerry Tatham. Our
Club the AAUW meeting in APRIL will be                           keynote speaker will be Almost-Governor
                                                                 Alex Sink;
held on SATURDAY April 16! ADVANCES EQUITY FOR WOMEN RESEARCH THROUGH ADV the theme of the convention,
                            AAUW                             AND GIRLS
                                        OCACY, EDUCATION AND     ―Breaking Through Barriers.‖ Attention will
Same time….Same place! Please note , PORT ORANGE, FL 3212
                                     WOOD LANE
                                                                 be especially focused on Start Smart
that a complete list of meeting dates is                         Workshops, one of which is offered at
                      cover of your
                                                                 Stetson on April sixth. Four of our
                                                                 members—Sandra Long, Marlene Herr,
                                               OCACY, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH
                                                                       Donna Cowart and Sheila Taylor—are signed
                                                                       up for the program.
                                                                       Equity in wages, beginning with women
 ―I‘m not denyin‘ the women are foolish: God                           trained to bargain-start their careers, will be
                        match the men‖
Almighty made ‗em to AUW WEBSITE ADDRESSES: ASSOCIATION: STATE: at Convention. Another
                                                                       one issue stressed
                                          George Eliot                 consideration will involve further explanation
                                                                       of the One-Member, One Vote online system.
An evenly matched frolic in foolishness it                             The Presidents‘ workshop will center
was on March twelfth as our NSB branch                                 attention on STEM and on wage projects.
Maui‘ed mayhem in murderous pursuit of
monetary means for subsidizing scholars.                               The NSB Board has voted a total of five-
Who but Paul Lutz could have lai‘ed it on                              hundred dollars to National: $250.00 to LAF
with so hysterical a Hawaiian tourist pose                             and $250.00 to EF. Fran Conlon advised us
amongst so feminine, foolish and                                       that we can always donate more later on,
unabashedly greedy a murderous majority?                               should tax-collectors declare our bank
                                                                       accounts obese for a non-profit organization.
        You just had to be there! Fortunately,
                                                                       We have healthy accounts in both Operating
most of you were. When branch members
                                                                       and Scholarship which of course will be put
pitch in as you did, bringing guests,
                                                                       to the uses for which they are meant. (Please
educating them about AAUW‘s educational
                                                                       do not allow this to discourage you from
goals and casting your dignity upon the
                                                                       submitting your dues in May.). Thirty
collection plate for the growth and
                                                                       applicants will be acknowledged, with the
opportunity of women and girls, we must all
                                                                       appropriate scholarships awarded from
applaud one another.
                                                                       amongst them.
 And, of course, we must recognize the hard
                                                                       Best wishes to all of you for an April
work and genius of our fund-raiser, Pat
                                                                       showered with Easter-flavored renewals, and
Daley, without whom we‘d have been without
                                                                       remember, as Phyllis Diller advises, to
all of the above. Our gratitude is extended
                                                                       ―Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.‖
also to the cast of characters (Literally!); to
Gaye Haber and to the Smyrna Yacht Club
for its hospitality.                                                                                        Gerry
                                                    Sandscript April 2011

                                                              Everyone enjoyed the chicken dish which
                                                              was served at Mayhem On Maui. Several
               MAYHEM IN MAUI                                 people asked if I could get the recipe. The
                                                              wonderful staff at the Yacht Club obliged.
                  The Crazies!
                                                              Bon Appetite!
                                                                            HAWAIIAN CHICKEN
                                                                            SMYRNA YACHT CLUB
                                                                             4 chicken breasts
                                                                          1/2 cup Teriyaki sauce
                                                                            1/2 cup cold water
                                                                              2 tbsp Olive Oil
                                                                            2 tbsp mayonnaise
                                                                          1 cup all purpose flour
                                                                   1 cup sweet & sour sauce (La Choy)
                                                                           1/2 cup mango juice
                                                                       1 mango, peeled and diced
                                                                         1 can mandarin orange
                                                                             stalk of scallions
                                                               Place chicken breast in a container with
                                                              1/2 cup of Teriyaki sauce and 1/2 cup of
Pat Daley, Producer, Pat Kershner, Paul Lutz,                 water. Marinate in refrigerator for one hour.
Betty Kruhm, Gerry Tatham, Susan Powers,
Kathryn Kodor, Director and Sara Thomas                       Add sweet & sour sauce, mango juice and
                         Photo courtesy of Pat Kershner       diced mango to a sauce pot and simmer for
                                                              30 minutes

                                                               Take sauté pan & bring to medium heat. Add
                                                              2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons
                                                              of mayo once pan is hot.

                                                              Take the marinated chicken breast and
                                                              lightly dust in flour, place in hot sauté pan

                                                               Brown both sides of chicken breast and
                                                              remove from pan. (Don‘t try to fully cook the
                                                              chicken because it will burn)

                                                              Assemble your garnish of sliced scallions
                                                              and mandarin oranges

                                                              Place chicken breast on cookie sheet and
                                                              finish cooking in oven (350-20 min) or until
                                                              fully cooked and juices run clear
Pineapple Polly (Susan Powers), Tim the Tourist Paul          Plate chicken, cover with sauce, garnish with
Lutz and Jeannie Ology (Pat Kershner) celebrating a           mandarin oranges and scallions
successful Mayhem on Maui                                                                             Serves 4
                                                              Recipe courtesy of:
                        Photo courtesy of Colin Powers
                                                                                                 Dennis Ryan
                                                                                          Sous Chef JR Nobles
                                                                                             Chef Mark Bartell
                                                     Sandscript April 2011

               FORT CHRISTMAS                                  Next, we toured several furnished
                                                               pioneer homes (dating from 1874 to the
                                                               1950's) moved to the site from the
                                                               immediate area. The only domesticated
                                                               animals in the park were small chickens.
                                                               Our tour concluded at the schoolhouse
                                                               and cafeteria which was in use until
                                                               1969. (Now local children attend school
                                                               in Bithlo.)

                                                               Before heading back to NSB, we ate our
                                                               sack lunches at an outdoor picnic table.
                                                               We may use the picnic pavilions,
                                                               baseball diamond, tennis courts,
                                                               volleyball courts, horseshoe pit, and
                                                               children's playground at a subsequent

                                                                             LUNCH AT CAFÉ 101

                                                               Our next Field Trip on April 27, 2011
                                                               involves partaking of a lovely lunch at
Top picture rear: Jane Hartnett, Fran Conlon, Lois
Troxell, front: Sara Thomas, Susanne Jones                     Daytona State College's Cafe 101
                                                               plus touring the Southeast Museum of
Bottom picture: front: Our Guide, Sue Jones, Sara              Photography. Both are located in the
Thomas, Fran Conlon, Lois Troxell. rear: Roxanne
                                                               Hosseini Hospitality Building at the
                      Photos courtesy of Jane Hartnett         Daytona Beach Campus. To attend, sign
                                                               up at our April General meeting. Car
On March 9, 2011, five of us plus one                          pools will be arranged.
guest, traveled southeast to the town of
Christmas, Florida. North of the famous                                       LUNCH BUDDIES
post office, we pulled into Fort
                                                               The Lunch Buddies lunched at That‘s
Christmas Historical Park, an Orange
                                                               Amore last month and were pleased it
County Parks & Recreational facility.
                                                               coincided with Pat Mangiardi‘s 92nd
                                                               birthday. It was a festive event for the
Our guide, a county employee, began our
                                                               group which included Joan Bringardner
tour at the gift shop and two two-story
                                                               and her daughter visiting from
blockhouse Fort built on Christmas Day
                                                               Wisconsin. The next lunch will be
in 1837, to support troops fighting the
                                                               Wednesday, April 20th at Blackbeard‘s
Seminole Indians in South Florida.
                                                               Inn on North Dixie Highway at 1 o‘clock.
                                                               Member or not of Lunch Buddies, you are
In the blockhouses, now a museum, we
                                                               invited to lunch with the group. Please
saw military and Indian artifacts, artifacts
                                                               make RSVP‘s with Marie Lundstrom,
from early settlers, and the family trees
of prominent families in the area. Two
other buildings within the fort walls                                                     Marie Lundstrom
were used for munitions storage.
                                       Sandscript April 2011

       SCHOLARHIP COMMITTEE                      JULIE DEVIN UCF is earning A‘s in both
                                                 her graduate classes. She will begin an
Your scholarship committee (Jeanne               internship in August. She hopes to be
Atkinson, Karen Chapple, Marlene Herr,           interning at Corners-tone Hospice,
Leigh Hoover, Betty Kruhm and Betty              American Cancer Society, or a domestic
Weber ) met each Wednesday in March to           violence center. She has been asked to
read and consider 32 applications.               speak at the state conference for the
                                                 National Association of Social Workers.
Candidates are then called in for                Her topic will be ―Is Compassion Fatigue
personal interviews before selections are        Making You Fat?‖ She would be willing
made and available funds distributed.            to present it for our branch in the future.
The needs and stories of each candidate
make decisions very challenging.                                          Betty Kruhm, Co-Chair

Your committee appreciates the support                          STEM CLUB
of each member in our fundraising
efforts. We look forward to introducing          The Daytona Museum of Arts and
the recipients to you at the branch              Science along with Coronado Beach
meeting on May 14, 2011.                         Elementary Girls' Aerospace Club
                                                 recently hosted a Family Science Night.
News from our current scholars:                  The children were invited to touch and
                                                 examine fossils and artifacts as museum
Natalie Andrews, UF education major is           curator, Zach, mesmerized the children
considering adding a minor in                    with interesting facts and stories.
Communications Sciences and
Disorders. The American Sign Language            In the background, there were over 15
class she has taken, broadened her               additional hands-on science exhibits
outlook. She feels the new minor will be         showcasing science fields from
beneficial when she specializes in               astronomy to mechanical engineering.
special education.
                                                 All children are naturally curious about
Christie Miller FSU will take 9 hours this       the world around them, and fueling that
summer and hopes to have an internship.          curiosity with programs such as ones
She reports her father in NY is doing            provided by the National Girls
much better and is able to enjoy more            Collaborative Project Mini-Grants
activities. Her father moved there for                                            Liz Sokerka
cancer treatment when Christie was a
senior in high school‘07-‘08.                                       DUES
                                                             We will be collecting AAUW
PATTI WYATT UF Her younger brother                           dues to cover the period July
survived a crisis with his cerebral palsy                    1, 2011 thru June 30, 2012 at
this spring. He has therapy twice a week                     our April 16 meeting. The
and hopes to have the trach removed                          dues will remain the same
soon. She finds it hard to believe it has        as last year at $74. Friends dues are $13.
been three years since she first learned         This amount covers National, State and
of AAUW.                                         local dues. Please make out your check
                                                 to AAUW.
                                                                 Lois Neufeld and Sheila Taylor
                                        Sandscript April 2011

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THE                      Bayer AG Health Care Division has been
FOLLOWING INFORMATION                             sued in Newark, NJ by six employees
CONCERNING WOMEN‘S ISSUES!                        asking for $100 million dollars.
                                                  Social Security "Fixes‖:
Washington Update News started this               Social Security Fixes
month with Women Workers and the                  The actual agency has been selected for
Protests in Wisconsin. As you recall the          massive budget cuts in the House of
Democratic legislators left the state to          Representatives' budget which will
prevent Scott Walker and the Republican           definitely mean longer waits for persons
legislators to restrict collective                applying for Social Security benefits and
bargaining rights.                                claims and furloughs for SS employees.
Women (and their families) would be               Robert Reich, the former Labor
disproportionately affected as they make          Secretary, proposed raising the payroll
up over half of all state public sector           tax ceiling from the current $106,800 to
workers nationwide, and 61 percent of             $180,000 without raising the age of
the public sector workforce at the local          beneficiaries. In 1983 the Greenspan
level. The most common occupations of             Commission proposed that 90% of a
male local government workers                     person's income should be applied for
(firefighters, police and sheriff's patrol        the payroll tax.
officers) have been exempted from the
proposal. In Minnesota the fourth bill to         Proposed House Budget Cuts:
weaken pay equity has been proposed.              The National Women's Law Center
Their wage gap is 77 percent.                     recently released state-by-state reports
                                                  detailing the impact House Republicans'
Gender Discrimination Continues:                  budget proposal if passed, would have
Green Bay Dressed Beef settled for 1.65           on women and families.
million in February for 970 women
workers, and a federal contractor,                Among statistics provided, indicated the
Intercall, paid $700,000 as they routinely        number of children who could lose
discriminated on the basis of gender,             essential Head Start and child care
race, religion, national origin, or               programs, the number of students who
disability.                                       may not have the ability to continue
                                                  funding their education, and the number
Currently the US Supreme Court is                 of men and women who will lose access
hearing a case whether over a million             to "indispensable health services".
Wal-Mart workers may sue in a class               The fact sheets also made comparisons
action, not as single persons, which the          between the cost of saving these vital
California Court of Appeals twice allowed         services and the cost of tax breaks for
the suit to go forward as a class action.         corporations and wealthy Americans
Wal-Mart hopes to have the women have             provided for in H.R 1. Borrowing money
to sue as individuals. In the past ten            for the top 2 percent of the population at
years since they were sued, Wal-Mart              the expense of housing, education,
has changed its hiring and promotion              worker retraining, clean water, and
policies significantly.                           700,000 lost jobs nationwide.

                                       Sandscript April 2011

Abortion:                                        The UN is recognizing LGBT rights
South Dakota enacted the nation's                nation by nation. Although it may seem
longest abortion wait period of 72 hours         distant from us personally, in most
which is longer than the firearm wait            families there is at least one person who
period. SD is the state with only one            is in this category, and young people are
clinic offering reproductive health              still committing suicide from bullying and
services. Women's health organizations           harassment for being gay.
plan to challenge the new three day wait
law in court.                                    Colleges hiring in sports programs have
                                                 improved from C+ to B by race, and
                                                 maintained a B in gender hiring.
Some Good News and Mixed News:
                                                 At lower level sports program, the report
The Affordable and Preventive Health             gave F grades with acute gender gaps. In
Care Act is one year old and many                Division 1, for example, only 8.3 percent
people have health care insurance who            of Athletic Directors are women.
had been rejected for preexisting
conditions. Women have mandatory                 Career and Technical Training are
preventive health care such as                   increasingly important for women and
mammograms.                                      minorities. There is a conference in
                                                 September in Tulsa to promote best
 A study released by MIT shows that an           practices for equitable access and
aggressive program to add women at the           improve such education (Although
MIT School of Science and Engineering            funding is cut in HR1).
shows great progress in the number of
women in faculty and administrative              Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman
roles, and a more accepting atmosphere.          candidate for vice president, died at age
More states have passed laws against             75 from cancer. Both parties have now
human trafficking which predominantly            fielded women candidates for our
involves young women used as sex                 country's highest office.

In Wisconsin the US Court of Appeals
                                                               HELP WANTED
upheld the constitutionality of
Milwaukee's ordinance mandating                  After two years of successful fund
minimum paid sick days yet Connecticut           raising, I have decided to retire and ―take
is considering nullifying paid sick days.        time to smell the roses.‖ If you want to
                                                 work with wonderful people and use
For profit colleges' have accepted               your creative talents to the fullest, call
unprepared students, encouraged                  Gerry Tatham, volunteer to be Fund
student loans, overcharged, or failed to         Raising Chair and make her day!!
prepare students for jobs that lead to
                                                                           Pat Daley
economic security. Regulations are being
proposed to prevent such abuses but
heavy lobbying is taking place.

                                        Sandscript April 2011

           GOT CLOTHES!

It‘s Spring Cleaning time and what better
time to weed out the clothes that ―Maybe
you‘ll wear again sometime.‖ Never mind
that you haven‘t worn them for two                AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF
years!                                            UNIVERSITY WOMEN

The April meeting is the time to bring like                       Branch Officers
new clothes to be donated to Daytona                              New Smyrna Beach
Beach College Women‘s Center. They                President:                             Gerry Tatham
keep a closet of clothes for ladies who           V.P. Programs:                       Susanne Jones
                                                  V.P. Membership:                           Ann Land
have the opportunity to interview for a           Secretary:                           Carolyn Creech
job. Many, who are unemployed or new              Financial Chair:                        Sheila Taylor
to the job market, don‘t have the correct         Corresponding Sec.                         Pat Daley
                                                  By-Laws:                                Fran Conlon
clothes to make a good impression.                Past President:                  Marilyn McCullough
Remember the old adage ―You only get              Publicity:               Donna Cowart and Paul Lutz
one chance to make a first impression.‖           Financial Review: Fran Conlon and Joan Bringardner
                                                  AAUW                                    Sandra Long
Help these ladies and do yourself a favor         Hospitality:                             Gaye Haber
by freeing up closet space.                       Historian:                              Joye Shaffer
                                                  Telephone Chair:                       Jane Hartnett
                                                  Scholarship:           Betty Kruhm and Betty Weber
                                                  Yearbook:          Marlene Herr and Jeanne Atkinson
        MEMBER OF THE YEAR!                       Fund Raising:                              Pat Daley
                                                  Parliamentarian                      Carolyn Creech

Think about the person you feel has done          Sandscript Editor                             Pat Daley
the most for our Branch in the past year.
Ballots will be distributed at the April
meeting. BE PREPARED!
                                                                      Interest Groups

                                                  Avid Readers                                   Pat Daley
                                                  Bridge                                   Sheila Greene
PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS                    Field Trips                               Jane Hartnett
                                                  Writing                                   Gerry Tatham
      Beachside Travel                            Lunch Buddies                          Marie Lundstrom
      Energie – mind body wellness by             French                                       Jane Wylen
       Holly Crandall
      Janie‘s Indian River Bazaar
      Joye C. ShafferLittle Drug                            THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!
      Maurice‘s Shell
      Marla T. Nance, CPA PA                      There comes a point in your life when
      New Smyrna Beach Florist                    you realize who matters, who never did,
      Pink Flamingo at Petals                     who won't anymore and, who always will.
      Tastefully Simple by                        So, don't worry about people from your
        Marie Lundstrom                           past, there's a reason why they didn't
                                                  make it to your future.
      When shopping, say Thank You for
      supporting AAUW.

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