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Humphrey Kanga


									Humphrey Kanga
A Journey of Faith
Background on Kenya
 Kenya is located in Eastern Africa
 Population: 31 million
 Type of Government: Democratic Republic
 Former British Colony
 Independence in 1963
 Kenya has 42 different
tribes which are all very
unique in their customs.
 Humphrey’s tribe is the
Chuka tribe. They were
originally hunters and
   gatherers but today
   they have settled down
   on the slopes of Mt.
Kenya Now
 In December the Kenyan people elected their third
  president Mwai Kibaki.
 The economy has been failing
for the last 10 years.
 Average yearly income equals
 $350/year. That is less then a
dollar a day.
 Kenya is a beautiful country and thrives on
Humphrey’s mother picking
tea leaves.

 Humphrey and Hellen’s
 wedding August 1989.

                     Abigail & Alex
                     Humphrey’s children
Humphrey’s wife
                       Alex Riding the only bike
                       in town, bought by
                       members of Humphrey’s
                       Sunday school

Hellen feeding the 2
September 22, 2001   December 2001
                          Chura Church, Humphrey’s
                          church back in Chuka,
                          Meru while under
The last photo of         construction.
Humphrey before he
left Kenya in June 2001
Erskine College
-Humphrey will continue his pastoral
  responsibilities and service to God.
-Help out the socio-economics of his village,
  such as helping to put together schools, and
  medical services.
 Start up a Seminary for training pastors and
  Christian leaders in Kenya.

        Humphrey’s congregation
Return to Kenya with…
 Faith in Christ
 Education
 Friendships
 Contacts
Humphrey Kanga
A Journey of Faith
Financial Summary
Four and Nine Month Budgets for Resident Students

                            Four Months                       Nine Months
1. Tuition                       $ 1,725.00                       $ 3,450.00

2. Room                          $ 1,309.00                       $ 2,618.00

3. Board                         $ 925.87                         $ 1,851.74

4. Books                         $ 275.00                         $ 550.00

5. Computer Fee                  $     50.00                      $ 100.00

6. Medical Fee                   $     50.00                      $ 100.00

     TOTAL                       $ 4,334.87                       $ 8,669.74

**Please note that this budget does not include any of Humphrey’s personal or transportation
costs. The student and their sponsor typically determine this amount.
 Spring Semester Requirements
$ 4,334.87   Tuition, books, fees, room/board
$ 400.00     Support of Hellen and children
$ 500.00     Spending money for Humphrey
             (phone cards, laundry, etc.)
- $ 2,785.07 Deduct money already
              collected in Seminary Fund

$ 2,449.80   Remainder required to pay
             for Spring Semester
     Full Year Requirements

   $ 8,669.74   Tuition, books, fees, room/board
   $ 800.00     Support of Hellen & children
   $ 1,000.00   Spending money for Humphrey
                (phone cards, laundry, etc.)

  $10,469.74    Total required for one school year

Full year monthly requirement for Seminary Fund:
    $ 10,469.74 divided by 12 months = $872.48

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