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                                   Table of Contents
Appendix 1: Notes from SWCD Interviews and Visits ...................................................... 3
Appendix 2: Data Dictionary, Map to Forms, and Uses ................................................... 31
Appendix 3: Process Flow Diagrams ............................................................................... 36
Appendix 4: Processes and Tools Used by Other States .................................................. 46
  Interview Questions ...................................................................................................... 46
  Interviews ...................................................................................................................... 46
Appendix 5:....................................................................................................................... 64
  Detailed Survey Results ................................................................................................ 64
  Questions....................................................................................................................... 74
Appendix 6:....................................................................................................................... 75
  Individual Survey Responses ........................................................................................ 75
Appendix 7: Price Quotes ................................................................................................. 76
Appendix 8: Roles and Responsibilities of Project Team ................................................ 78
Appendix 9: List of Interviews ......................................................................................... 80
Appendix 10: Definition of Terms .................................................................................... 83
Appendix 11: SWCD Infrastructure Comparison Chart ................................................... 92
Appendix 12: Other Commercial Products ....................................................................... 93
Appendix 13: Detail Hardware Price list .......................................................................... 94

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   Appendix 1: Notes from SWCD Interviews and Visits

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                                                               Soil and Water Conservation District Interview Notes

Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.

                  Northern Neck             Clinch Valley                                     Thomas Jefferson        Shenandoah 12-        Blue Ridge 12-
Question            11-16-07             11-19-07, 11-,20-07         Peanut 11-26-07              11-29-07                10-07                 14-07
                                                                  Cover crops. SL8B,
                                                                  SL8H (cover crop for
                                                                  harvest, SL1 (crop
                                                                  turning into pasture),
                                                                  some SL6 (stream
                                                                  fencing), critical area
                                                                  seeding, SL11, WQ1.                                                      SL6 grazing land
                                                                  Mostly regular practices                                                 protection. SL8B
               8 practices: NM-1                                  (green form) – just 3                                                    cover crop.
               (Contract nutrient                                 contractual practices                                                    SL8H harvest of
               management), SL-                                   (pink form), and no                                                      cover crops.
               15A, SL-8B, SL-8C,                                 nutrient management.                                                     Animal waste
               SL-6 (winter crop         SL6 – pasture ground     The three that do                                                        structures. Have
               cover). You must          cover, covered           contractual own their                               Wide variety of      TMDLs on the
               have an NM-1 to be        feeding, stream          land. Most farmers         Fencing and water        BMPs, including      Lower Blackwater
               able to qualify for any   protection through       lease, and are reluctant   systems (SL6). And       cover crops,         and the Big
               other practices. SL6      water troughs and        to get into contract if    cover crops SL8.         water, animal        River. Was one
               – variations in           piping, forestry. Use    they don’t own. Will       Some WP4 animal          waste. Over          on the Upper
               payment rate              some TMDLs               see more nutrient          waste. A few critical    9000 acres           Black water
What are the   dependant on type of      occasionally, but no     management as it will      area seeding and         enrolled in cover    Plus a portion set
primary        cover crop and date       one on staff working     be required as part of     cropland into trees or   crops. Both          aside for
BMPs?          planted                   on any now.              SL8.                       grass (SL1)              poultry and dairy.   residential.
                                                                                             Mostly cattle farms.                          Beef and dairy.
                                                                                             Very large operators                          Varied
                                                                                             leasing a number of      The highest          topography.
                                                                  Three counties: Suffolk,   farms from owners.       density of           Moderate to
                                                                  Isle of Wight, Surrey.     Growing number of        animals per acre     steep slopes.
                                                                  Primarily row corps.       horse farms with less    in the US. Lots      Franklin is the 2
                                                                  Losing land to             educated operators,      of hay and           largest dairy
                                                                  development everyday.      but many are             pasture, some        county in VA.
                                                                  Used to have chicken       considered pets and      crops. Large         Farms of 100-500
Primary land                             Pasture dotted with      farms and hogs, none       not qualified for        Mennonite            cows. Some
use?           Crops                     cows                     left now.                  BMPs. (Either two        community.           pasture, but a lot

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                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                           Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07              11-29-07                 12-10-07            12-14-07

                                                                                                                horses on 40 acres or                         of corn for feed.
                                                                                                                40 horses on two                              All the streams
                                                                                                                acres.)                                       except one Bay
                                                                                                                                                              stream dump into
                                                                                                                                                              Smith Mountain
                                                                                                                                                              Lake, so a lot of
                                                                                                                                                              attention to
                                                                                                                                                              keeping it
                                                                                                                                          194 records in
                                                                                                                                          database since
                                                                                                                                          July. Have a
                                                                                                                                          stack of cover      Abound 10 SL5,
                                                                                                                                          crops to enter.     10 forestry, over
                                                                                                                                          Usually about       2000 acres of
                                                     27 expressed                                                                         600 records a       cover crop.
                                                     interest, 23                                                                         year. About 100-    Employed about
                                                     completed                                                                            150 TMDL.           20 different
                                                     applications, 16                                                                     Some contract       practices. About
                                                     approved, 7 on the                                                                   practices. And a    half of sign up
 How many                                            waiting list for next                                                                number of           are TMDL. Most
 practices did                                       year. The practices            296 tracts representing                               Technical           started but not
 you            92 applicants, worked                are big ticket items –         50-60 farms. About 10       168 applicants. Over      Assistance that     completed. A lot
 implement      with 70, yielded                     many require only              that are other than         $150K in unfunded         doesn’t do cost-    of residential
 last year?     2300-2500 line items                 one line on the form.          cover crops.                applications left over.   share.              septic tank work.
 Fund Allocation
 Describe       Allocation from three                One checking                   Three accounts:             Usually know funding      Shenandoah
 what           pots that must be                    account. Everything            Operation, CREP,            level between Mar &       Fund                Blue Ridge Fund
 happens after kept separate. All                    handed to local                BMP. Money comes            June, for release on      Management          Management
 you receive    money is kept in one                 accountant, and                quarterly. Get letter       July 1. Take
 the allocation account and                          Angie manages the              from DCR telling how to     applications year         TMDL is a           Attachment E,
 of funds.      managed by class in                  funds and reports              split it. Six fund          round. Usually have       separate pot of     with a separate
 QuickBooks? QuickBooks. Use                         from there. There is           buckets that must be        a stack of                money, and is the   attachment for
 One or many QuickBooks primarily                    a form that is used to         tracked. Chesapeake         applications waiting      most restricted     each fund.
 checking       for check writing and                show the farmer the            Bay: Contract, priority,    until funding is          pot. Only applied
 accounts?      a few minor reports.                 payment, and to                base. Southern Rivers:      available. Two            to certain BMPs.    Longer answer at
 Do you need                                         trigger the payment            Contract, priority, base.   ways of getting           TMDL includes       the end of
 to track the   Also need to track                   from the accountant.           About 60% of funds are      additional funds: 1)      some                Appendix 1.
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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah          Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07                 12-10-07           12-14-07

 source of the        local funds, grants,           Paid for out of                Bay, 40% S. Rivers, but    Funds are shifted         Urban/Residentia
 funds                and administrative             operating expense.             get more applications      within a region by the    l BMPs not in the
 throughout           allocation (the 15%)           Three pots: regular,           from S. Rivers. The        CDC, 2) Statewide         manual. The
 the project          Still not sure how             which includes                 land in the county is      re-allocation at year     TMDL money is
 life? How do         other funds come into          operating expense,             split 50/50.               end.                      the only money
 you do it?           play.                          CREP both federal                                                                   available for
                                                     and state cost share,          Can spend base             Four accounts,            these.
                                                     and VA Ag BMP.                 monies on priority         including 3 Money
                                                     Also can take 15%              projects, but not visa     Market:                   Longer answer at
                                                     from VA AG.                    versa. Contract money      Foundation, Forestry,     the end of
                                                                                    will be pulled back and    BMP. One checking         Appendix 1.
                                                     Although funds are             re-allocated to other      account into which
                                                     allocated in July, they        districts if not spent.    the money is swept
                                                     can’t be distributed                                      from the MM when
                                                     until August. They             Use Quicken, not           needed.
                                                     take applications in           QuickBooks. Tara
                                                     Jan, and go through            writes checks manually.    Use QuickBooks.
                                                     the approval process.          Don’t print off a          Keep track of four
                                                     When they get their            Quicken report Chuck       funds: Priority,
                                                     funds, they inform             handwrites a list and      Contract, Base and
                                                     those approved (final)         Tara writes checks.        CREP.
                                                     to begin work                  Chuck & Kevin hand
                                                                                    deliver. Solely rely on
                                                     As in Northern Neck,           the BMP Cost-Share
                                                     tracking of the                Tracking software for
                                                     progress of the                fund management.
                                                     applicants through
                                                     the program is done
                                                     via spreadsheets
                                                     outside the BMP
                                                     Cost-Share Tracking
 Referencing          The major issue is             Angie’s primary need           Cover crop has an          Need the program to                           Pretty happy with
 above, could         being able to tell             for improvement is a           enrollment period 7/1 to   automatically track                           QuickBooks. For
 the current          where they are at any          better reconciliation          9/7. Other practices       the buckets. Allocate                         Attachment E, do
 process can          point in time between          between the BMP                have open enrollment,      priority dollars first,   Need to be able     the P&L from
 be improved          approved, pending,             Cost-Share Tracking            but…Because cover          when that is up, drop     to export data      Quick Books,
 with more            and spent funds.               software and                   crops get priority, they   down to basic.            into QuickBooks.    then re-enter the
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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07                12-10-07            12-14-07

 information          This is all tracked on         QuickBooks. Never              won't fund anything                                                     info into
 from the             the Progress Report            seems to balance.              else until cover crops     Need a way to                                Attachment E.
 districts?           spreadsheet.                   Also, neither the              are funded.                manage a practice                            Use Attachment
 Pipeline                                            green (contract) form                                     with money coming                            B for TMDLs.
 report?                                             or anything from BMP                                      from both the priority                       Again, pretty well
 (requires that                                      Cost-Share Tracking                                       and the base                                 set up. Franklin
 un-approved                                         software is suitable to                                   buckets. (split)                             County does the
 projects are                                        show the farmer to                                                                                     payroll. It helps.
 entered                                             keep track of costs                                                                                    So just need to
                                                     and payments.                                                                                          pay one big
                                                                                                                                                            check to Franklin
                                                                                                                                                            County and
                                                                                                                                                            allocate by
                                                                                                                                                            project / fund.
 funding (up to
 15% within
 allocation                                                                                                                                                 Technical
 category can                                                                                                                           Budget              Assistant is
 be used). Do                                                                                                                           worksheet for       included with
 you need to                                                                                                                            TMDL: Must          each of the
 track                                                                                                                                  work out budget     TMDLs and pre-
 expenditures                                                                                                                           as each fund        assigned. Take
 for technical                                                                                                                          becomes             the US Fish and
 assistance?                                                                                                                            available.          Wildlife Technical
 Is a different                                                                                                Technical Assistance     Mike/Donna          Assistance up
 set of data                                                                                                   sometimes comes          create. Submit to   front for BMPs
 needed to be                                                                                                  with the operating       TMDL board for      variable and
 captured and         Must be shown in               Must be shown in                                          budget, sometimes in     approval. Must      entered into
 tracked?             Attachment F                   Attachment F                                              BMP.                     stay within 10%     QuickBooks.
 Is there an
 easier way to                                                                                                                          Would like
 keep track of                                                                      15% of the fund                                     automatic
 Technical                                                                          allocation goes into the                            allocation of
 Assistance                                                                         operating budget.                                   interest.
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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                           Thomas Jefferson         Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07              11-29-07               12-10-07             12-14-07

 dollars from
 each of the
 Recruit Applicants
                                                                                                                                        Maintain a
                                                                                                                                        database for a
                                                                                                                                        mailing list of all
                                                                                                                                        names they have
                                                                                                                                        ever worked with.
                                                                                                                                        2600 records,
                                                                                                                                        with separate
                                                                                                                                        table for TMDL
                                                                                                                                        and Residential.
                                                                                                                                        Get lists from the
                                                                                                                                        county and cities
                                                                                                                                        for residential.
                                                                                                                                        Also separate
                                                                                                                                        table for cover
                                                                                                                                        crops. Note: the
                                                                                                                                        "volunteers" still
                                                                                                                                        get the
                                                                                                                                        newsletter, so
                                                                                                                                        want to capture
                                                                                                                                        name and
                                                                                                                                        address, just not
                                                                                                                                        associated with
                                                                                                                                        the practice.
                                                                                                                                        Need to be able       Know how much
                                                                                                                                        to send               money there will
 Do you need                                                                                                                            automated letters     be in June. On-
 a list of                                                                          Have access to the                                  and develop           going sign up.
 “prospects”                                                                        FSA list. Have their                                mailing lists for     Big stack of
 that may be                                                                        own newsletter twice a      Don't have access to    letters,              contractual forms
 interested but       Getting enough                                                year and send to entire     FSA lists. Don't ride   newsletters,          on the table.
 did not              applicants has never                                          list. Also, have blurb in   along in FSA            education events,     TMDL sign up all
 apply?               been a problem.                                               FSA newsletter.             newsletter.             etc.                  year.
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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah             Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                12-10-07              12-14-07

                                                                                                                                                            Press releases,
                                                                                                                                                            own quarterly
                                                                                                                                                            Annual report.
                                                                                                                                                            Cold calls and
                                                                                    Had 200+ attendees to                                                   lots of word of
                                                                                    event. On agenda for                                                    mouth. Annual
                                                                                    Farm Tour days. The                                                     Farm To– -- open
                                                                                    SWCD will work jointly                            Limited. Send         house on a farm
                                                                                    with the Farm Extent                              postcards for         with guided tour.
                                                                                    ion Service to present                            cover crops. For      Have a recently
                                                                                    at their events. Also    Have their own           Residential, have     resurrected web
                      Announce sign up on                                           will go out and          quarterly newsletter     letters published     site
 Describe the         radio, in newspaper.                                          approach farmers when    with 1500-1600           in the local          (
 process you          Include in FSA                                                they see a need. Very    circulation.             papers, mailers.      ) that is updated
 go through to        newsletter, which                                             occasionally, they       Developed the            Residential is        by a local
 recruit              reaches practically                                           receive an Ag            database of names        getting bigger.       contractor. $114
 candidates.          everyone. Had cost-            Announce in January            Stewardship complaint,   over time. Put up        There seems to        annually to host.
 Advertising?         share conference,              for program year that          and recruit a new        posters at feed          be a bit of an
 Events?              paid from the 15%.             starts in July. In local       applicant from           stores, supermarkets.    issue on how to       On line initial sign
 Send letters,        Invited 300, 70                paper, FSA                     addressing the           Trying to get the word   manage the pre-       up form for
 etc?                 attended.                      newsletter.                    complaint.               out more in Nelson.      sort.                 farmer?
                                                                                                                                                            Have a mailing
                                                                                                                                                            list of 2100
                                                                                                                                      Query to be able      Government
                                                                                                                                      to identify who       agencies in
                                                                                                                                      has done which        house built up
                                                                                                                                      practice in the       over 21 years.
 What are             Currently, as soon as                                                                                           last five years for   Had to get tax
 suggestions          an applicant                                                                                                    targeting. Also       map to determine
 to make the          expresses interest, fill                                                               State wide ads.          when a practice       who lives within
 recruitment          in contact info on                                                                     Share info across        is finished, and      each watershed.
 process more         master program year                                                                    agency lines (FSA        ready for the next    Very time
 automated?           spreadsheet.                                                                           info)                    one.                  consuming

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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson     Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07           12-10-07             12-14-07

                                                                                                                                                        Each TMDL
                                                                                                                                                        requires three
                                                                                                                                                        activities a year.
                                                                                                                                                        But so far has
                                                                                                                                                        been no problem
                                                                                                                                                        getting new
                                                                                                                                                        Issue: Some
                                                                                                                                                        people with
                      – -- lots of local                                                                                                                straight pipe,
                      knowledge. Know                                                                                                                   which are illegal,
 How do you           the farmers. Get                                                                                                                  don't come
 manage the           enough business                                               Running out of new                                                  forward. Need
 requirement          from advertising in                                           folks as fewer farmers                                              more money from
 to recruit           papers and FSA                                                are tilling larger farms.                                           local government
 three new            newsletters, which                                            Get new practices as                           Not a problem.       to really get
 participants         everybody in FSA                                              crop land turns into                           Get enough walk-     compliance and
 each year?           database gets.                 No – not an issue.             pasture.                                       in traffic.          fix the problem.
 Data Capture
                                                                                                                                   The wrinkle:         Initial
                                                                                                                                   there is a           conversation or
                                                                                                                                   separate form for    site visit.
                      Another comment:                                                                                             Urban/Residentia     Determine type of
                      Data should be tied                                                                                          l BMPs that are      practice
                      to farm #, tract #, and                                                                                      covered by the       interested in.
                      automatically                                                                                                TMDL funding.        Take map and
                      populate new entries.                                                                                        The data on this     Quad sheet
                      Also a comment from                                                                                          form is a subset     (USDA map)
                      Craig - need easier            Determine eligibility          Cover crops has an                             of the contractual   which shows the
                      forms for data entry.          based on primary               enrollment period 7/1 to                       form.                streams.
                      Perhaps he was                 considerations first.          9/7. Other practices
                      referring to times             Almost everyone                have open enrollment,                          System needs to      Regular (green)
 Describe the         when there are                 meets because land             but because cover                              be able to           forms are taken
 process of           masses of updates              is highly erodible             crops get priority, they                       remember or          to the Board for
 taking an            and each has to be             (HEL) due to                   won't fund anything                            recall annual        approval. After
 application          looked up                      steepness. See                 else until cover crops                         data, like a cover   approval, they
 for BMP.             individually.                  process flow.                  are funded.                                    crop that is         are entered into
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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson      Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07            12-10-07            12-14-07

                                                                                                                                  planted every       Allocation Ledger
                                                                                                                                  year in the same    with all the funds
                                                                                                                                  field.              separated. The
                                                                                                                                                      Allocation Ledger
                                                                                                                                                      is used for
                                                                                                                                                      If the amount
                                                                                                                                                      spent is different
                                                                                                                                                      then the amount
                                                                                                                                                      allocated, it’s
                                                                                                                                                      noted here, and
                                                                                                                                                      funds are
                                                                                                                                                      returned to the
                      JC 11-6: All
                      employees in the
                      office can access all
                      systems. Do not                                                                                             Administrative
                      want                                                                                                        personnel does
                      compartmentalization                                                                                        most of the data
                      . Sometimes will be                                                                                         entry to reduce
                      technical staff.                                                                                            the chance of
                      Sometimes hand off                                                                                          errors. Staff has
                      to administrator.                                                                                           been in place a
                      Varies by district.                                                                                         year or more, but
                      Note from visit: Craig         Rick does all the data                                                       the green and
                      is head of office. He          entry for tracking                                                           pink programs
 Which SWCD           and Dwight do BMPs.            program. Division of                                                         have too much
 employees            They do the                    labor. Mo does                                                               that is non-
 can enter            interviews, complete           mostly field work, Tim                                                       standard and
 data?                all the paperwork,             does the                                                                     undocumented –
 Describe             manage the                     conservation plans.                                                          more reliable &
 what the             implementation, and            Angie also does field                                                        efficient in the
 different            do the data entry.             work. Have an                  Chuck and Kevin, the     Emily and Don, the   long run to have
 employees            Kathy manages the              accountant to keep             conservation             Conservation         one person do al
 do.                  money and reporting.           books.                         technicians.             Specialists.         the data entry.

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Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson            Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                  12-10-07            12-14-07

                                                                                                                                                            Jack came from a
                                                                                                                                                            private forestry
                                                                                                                                                            company where
                                                                                                             Not eager for laptop,                          he had electronic
                                                                                                             PDA. Concern about                             data entry in the
                                                                                                             how accessible it                              field with portable
                                                                                                             would be up in the                             data recorders.
                                                                                                             mountains, but more                            He is a big
                                                                                                             so about overcoming                            proponent.
                                                                                                             the suspicions of the                          Would cut a step
                                                                                                             farmers. Sometimes                             out. Would be
                                                                                                             they don't even take       Mixed opinions.     able to construct
                                                     Used laptop in the                                      notes on the spot.         Didn't talk about   estimate right
                                                     past. Good, but                                         More interested in         suspicious          there in the field.
 If you had a                                        couldn't see screen                                     voice - transcribing of    farmers until       Many farmers are
 portable                                            when put on hood of                                     recording made on          prompted. If data   very computer
 device for                                          truck. Need ability to                                  the way back to the        is entered on the   literate. Local
 data entry,                                         record thoughts / Con                                   office. Lastly, like the   spot, want the      county
 what all                                            6 notes on the way                                      office environment for     system to provide   employees use
 would you                                           back on long drive             Has a laptop, but        doing maps, data           something back      laptops in the
 use it for?                                         from farm.                     doesn't use.             work.                      on the spot.        field.
                                                     Have handheld
                                                     device. Has been a
                                                     big help in calculating
                                                     elevations. Also
                                                     carries a level. Angie                                                                                 Use handheld
                                                     has a trial version of                                                             In the office.      GPS to get
 How do you                                          Terrain Navigator that                                                             Have used both      points, which is
 access GIS                                          she uses to pull                                                                   Terrain Navigator   confirmed by the
 data?                                               technical data.                                                                    and Toolkit.        Toolkit.
                                                     Name and contract
                      Name and contact               language. Today,
 Discuss what         info, farm # and tract         clients sign a blank                                                                                   Letter, SL-6 Cost
 is needed on         #, list of practices,          form! Everything else                                                              Cost estimate       Estimate
 a form               and signature line.            is added later,                                                                    sheet. Same for     Worksheet (tied
 available for        Similar to letter that is      including sometimes                                                                payout, see         to cost list), Tax
 printing             sent.                          the farm #.                                                                        sample in Excel     Credit Certificate

7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 12 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                           Thomas Jefferson         Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07              11-29-07               12-10-07             12-14-07

                      Contractual form has
                      too few copies.
                      Because it has to be
                      continually edited;
                      more data needs to
                      be entered each
                      year. So must make
                      copies to continue to
                      provide a copy to the

                      If the second year of
                      contract varies at all,        Don’t use at all for
                      for example, using             data. Angie
                      different fields, an           developed her own
 Do you think         entire new                     form. Mo takes                                                                                          Data entry for the
 all of the data      contractual form must          notes.                                                                                                  engineering
 elements on          be filled out. Very                                                                                                                    practices are
 the regular          common – i.e. crop             Can't transfer the CE          Don’t use anything                                                       straightforward.
 and                  rotation.                      factor, because they           having to do with                                                        It's the cover
 contractual                                         don't use it and               animal waste, and                                                        crops that are
 forms                For both forms, data           because there isn’t            Erosion Index (used                                                      such a pain! Can
 continue to          entry from the same            enough room on the             where they don't have                                                    spend a whole
 be necessary         form is necessary at           regular form!                  Virgis overlays).                                                        day on one
 for the VACS         several different                                             (Should have an                                                          landowner.
 or any District      times. Enter contact           Never use the                  automatic check to see                                                   Same farmers
 reporting            data, then later the           Eligible Estimated             if one or the other is                                                   year after year,
 requirements         practice specs, then           Component Cost                 input, not both. Or vary                                                 but different
 ?                    the compliance.                (K)                            by District)                                                             fields.
 What data is         Demo from Debbie                                              Check to see if a           The manual requires     Don’t use Toolkit.   Enter info into
 pulled from          and Dwight: Separate                                          conservation plan is        that a plan be          Ask NRCS staff       Toolkit early in
 the Toolkit?         login to the different                                        written. If yes, use that   entered into Toolkit.   to do the            process. Convert
 How is it            components. Each               Have good working              plan. If not, create a      They use the NRCS       conservation         hand-drawn
 transferred          person is responsible          relationship. Joe              plan and enter into         format, but produce a   plan. Use GIS        design into
 into the cost-       for updating their own         provides a lot of              Toolkit. This is all        word document that      portion to print     Toolkit, and
 share                work station. We               support. Rick passes           Chuck uses the Toolkit      is never sent to        maps, get green      create
 application          experienced one of             a sticky note to Joe to        for. Prefer Terrain         NRCS.                   form into, UTM.      Conservation
 form?                the drawbacks, as we           get what he needs.             Navigator for other                                 Their NRCS rep       Plan with
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 13 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                               Thomas Jefferson         Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07                  11-29-07               12-10-07            12-14-07

                      had trouble logging in                                        needs. Kevin has                Now Don, co located     made them a         quantities,
                      to the Tech’s                                                 downloaded maps onto            with NRCS in Louisa,    template that       distances.
                      computer, as it hadn’t                                        his laptop, and will pull       uses the Toolkit all    includes the data   Generally can
                      been updated.                                                 that up in the field.           the time, and swears    they need to be     position and
                                                                                    Very quick. Likes to            by it.                  able to quickly     measure fencing
                      Toolkit provides                                              show farmer right then                                  print maps          from the maps
                      some of the                                                   and there. Probably                                                         without being on
                      necessary tools for                                           doesn't download the                                    Nonetheless,        site. Jack
                      conservation plan;                                            updates as frequently                                   need to be able     O'Connell is a
                      required for all BMPs                                         as he should.                                           to import and       multi-county
                      and fed programs.                                                                                                     export data from    Toolkit support
                      The main tools used                                           Follow the Northern                                     Toolkit..           and very helpful.
                      are the aerial maps                                           Neck practice – -- Will
                      resident on the local                                         look to see if a                                                            Would like
                      server accessible by                                          conservation plan has                                                       access both from
                      fed employees.                                                ever been developed                                                         the office and in
                                                                                    for anything, and then                                                      the field. And
                      Will look to see if a                                         will re-use it, even if it is                                               remotely, for that
                      conservation plan                                             a different practice                                                        matter.
                      has ever been
                      developed for
                      anything, and then
                      will re-use it, even if it
                      is a different practice
                      There is a contract
                      manager, There are
                      average costs
                      associated with a                                             Issue: Farm and tract
                      number of practices.                                          numbers change as
                      There is a cost                                               farms split. Can't look
 What other           spreadsheet. To get                                           up directly in Toolkit.
 tools do you         it uploaded, must talk                                        Must look up at the                                                         Determine
 use in the           to Ron Wood, USDA                                             FSA and see the record          They don't have                             estimated cost
 USDA Toolkit         personnel in charge            All Plans developed            has changed. Then               much interaction with                       with NRCS cost
 and how do           of Toolkit for VA.             by Tim or John, so             look up new numbers.            NRCS. Maybe 1 or 2                          sheet, which, of
 you use              Has been done in               are uploaded into              Then go back to                 EQIP per year, 2                            course, works
 them?                CO.                            Toolkit                        Toolkit.                        CREPs in 4 years.                           just fine for them.

7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 14 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                12-10-07             12-14-07

                      A comprehensive list
                      of all farmers who
                      have ever
                      participated. It is a
                      living system,
                      tracking participants                                                                   They have a copy of
                      from year to year, vs.                                                                 ArcMap provided by
                      BMP which just                                                                         NRCS. Does
                      tracks participants in                                                                 everything the Toolkit
                      the program year.                                                                      does, only much
                                                                                                             faster since not on
                      Numbers must be                                                                        the network. On one
                      pulled from the WQI                                                                    computer. May be
                      maps hung up in a                                                                      able to buy under the
                      corner. Maps from                                                                      NRCS contract, and
                      1994 or earlier. So,                                                                   would cost $1-$2k.
                      once this number is             Hydrologic units.                                      Can also use the
                      entered for a                  These are set by                                        Web Soil Survey, but
 What else in         particular plot, never         DCR, and don't                                          prefer Arc Maps /
 the Toolkit?         changes.                       change much.                                            Toolkit
 We haven’t           There are forms for                                                                                             Three forms to
 talked about         NM that show the                                                                                                get started: LOA
 all the              reduction in nutrients                                                                                          from farmer to
 ancillary            applied to the fields.                                                                                          allow district to
 forms – for          See further                                                                                                     access NRCS
 instance,            discussion under                                                                                                information
 “Certification       “What else needs to                                                                                             (maps), Cost-        Farmer gets
 from an              be captures?”                                                                                                   Share/Tax Credit     specs, including
 Agricultural         immediately                                                                                                     Agreement -          cost estimate,
 Best                 following. Since                                                                                                more legal           letter including
 Management           these are required by                                                                                           language on top      space summary
 Practice             the practice, could be                                                                                          of regular (green)   and itemized part
 Implementer          captured. Reflect                                                                                               form,                list and payment
 that a Tax           what is done now,                                                                       There are no other      Environmental        calculation, copy
 Credit Will          what is committed to                                                                   forms from the           Evaluation,          of regular (green)
 Not Be               be done, and if it was                                                                 manual. Of course,       Request for          form. There is
 Utilized” for        done as planned.                                              No other forms are       they use their own       Cultural             too much info on
 practice SL-                                                                       used                     ranking sheets.          Resources            the regular form!
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 15 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                       Thomas Jefferson     Shenandoah        Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07          11-29-07           12-10-07         12-14-07

 8H, and the          The forms are used                                                                                        Review anytime
 forms                for other purposes.                                                                                       ground is broken,
 necessary to         Different practices                                                                                       Operations &
 report               require different                                                                                         Maintenance
 nutrient             forms. In some                                                                                            Requirements for
 application          cases, the landowner                                                                                      Waste Storage
 for practices        is required to have a                                                                                     Facility, and Ag
 NM-3B and            plan. District must                                                                                       Waste
 NM-4                 verify that the plan                                                                                      Management
                      was completed.                                                                                            System Plan.
                      Some forms are                                                                                            Forms requiring
                      electronic, some are                                                                                      signature of the
                      paper only. Would                                                                                         farmer include
                      be good to link to                                                                                        the FSA Release
                      forms needed by                                                                                           Form, AW
                      practice.                                                                                                 Agreement,
                                                                                                                                Plan, AMSP, OM,

                                                                                                                                Manual states
                                                                                                                                that must follow
                                                                                                                                the NRCS
                                                                                                                                guidelines in
                                                                                                                                waste mgmt
                                                                                                                                program -- so use
                                                                                                                                all the
                                                                                                                                NRCS forms.
                                                                                                                                Load all these
                                                                                                                                requirements into
                                                                                                                                the system. By
                                                                                                                                NRCS standard,
                                                                                                                                each standard
                                                                                                                                has a document,
                                                                                                                                and a practice is
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 16 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07                 12-10-07             12-14-07

                                                                                                                                         comprised of
                                                                                                                                         standards. Need
                                                                                                                                         to be able to build
                                                                                                                                         a final document
                                                                                                                                         of all the
                                                                                                                                         employed in a

                                                                                                                                         Need a checklist
                                                                                                                                         of ancillary
                                                                                                                                         documents by
                                                                                                                                         practice. Also a
                                                                                                                                         checklist of
                                                                                                                                         activities by
                                                                                                                                         practice. Need
                                                                                                                                         tickler file
                                                                                                                                         attached to
                                                                                                                                         record to send
                                                                                                                                         notice when
                                                                                                                                         something is due.
                      Dwight felt strongly                                                                     They have set up an       Shenandoah:
                      that for the nutrient                                                                    Access database with      There needs to be a way to capture
                      management                                                                               a form for contact        information on voluntary practice that
                      practices, empirical                                                                     info, another page for    are either not up to spec, or for which
                      data on the amount                                                                       BMP data. In this         there is incomplete name, address,
                      of nutrients on the                                                                      database, they also       and farm location information. There
                      fields, measured as a                                         Need a way to be able      track riparian buffers,   is great sensitivity among the
                      part of compliance,                                           to enter the acreage       erosion and soil          Mennonites to share information with
                      should be captured.            Soil data captured             that is early or using a   programs. They don't      the govt.
                      Also, testing of               from                           higher paying cover        capture all the
                      streams.                       websoilsurvey.nrcs.u           crop. So can easily        information they          Need the few TMDL fields. H’re's an
                                            Must                  track the different        gather either in the      interesting fa– -- Column W captures
                      Mixed feelings from            navigate by roads,             categories of              Access database or        different information for different
 What else            Stephanie and Craig.           not the UTMs. I test–          payments-- get a bonus     in the BMP Cost-          practices. Number of animals, type of
 needs to be          Stephanie admitted it          d - slow, like I guess         for early planting,        Share Tracking            animals, linear feet of exclusion.
 captured?            would be nice to               all USDA sites are.            another bonus for rye.     software, but that's
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 17 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                12-10-07             12-14-07

                      have. Techs had                                                                        OK.                      Need to add rules so that when
                      concerns about                                                                                                  entering a practice, you receive notice
                      having time to police                                                                                           that the practice is a one time shot
                      – -- even though part                                                                                           and farmer has already applied or no
                      of compliance today.                                                                                            till is applied.

                      May need more                                                                                                   Need the WQI and HEL to be
                      distinction between                                                                                             digitized. Should not have to have
                      field testing and                                                                                               overlays.
                      stream testing. This
                      includes one of the                                                                                             Need the lifespan appear
                      supplemental forms                                                                                              automatically, associated with the
                      for the NM practice.                                                                                            BMP. System should be able to
                                                                                                                                      confirm the watershed in the topo
                                                                                                                                      maps, and should all topo quad.

                                                                                                                                      Should look to capture all the data
                                                                                                                                      that the SWCDs use. Need to
                                                                                                                                      electronically capture the Con 6

                                                                                                                                      Need to automate the sizing forms.
                                                                                                                                      They use ones created by NRCS.
                                                                                                                                      There are calculations on there that
                                                                                                                                      could be automated.

                                                                                                                                      Animal waste requires more
                                                                                                                                      paperwork, such as the separate
                                                                                                                                      agreement an the animal waste
                                                                                                                                      system plan
                      NRCS develops the              The average costs for                                   Use the NRCS
                      codes for each                 construction used to                                    guidelines for costs.
                      component of a                 be based on region,                                     Could use anything,      Forms on forms.
                      practice. Of course,           but is now averaged                                     but likes using NRCS     Don't forget the
 Other notes          the components are             across the state.                                       because state and        Cultural impact
 on NRCS /            not necessarily                Because of the                                          federal offerings will   and
 federal              required by state              rockiness and                                           be based on the          environmental
 systems              practices on a                 hilliness, they feel the                                same costs. Still        impact
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 18 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                       Thomas Jefferson   Shenandoah      Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07          11-29-07         12-10-07       12-14-07

                      practice by practice     averages under-cost                                using the old, region
                      basis. Debbie didn't     their projects.                                    specific cost list for
                      convey much              Particularly wells.                                the remainder of this
                      demand for any of                                                           year, but plan on
                      the data gathered                                                           implementing the
                      from the practices on                                                       new one for next
                      the state side.                                                             year.
 Terrain              Clinch Valley:
 Navigator:           Terrain Navigator is an application that was used in the past to do topo maps and calculate length of fence needed, etc. It is not CCE
 What is it and       compliant, and use was discontinued when they switched to all CCE computers. Angie still uses the trial version on the Terrain Navigator
 what is it           website to do quick calculations. If the customer needs a map, must go to Toolkit because can't printout professional maps from the trial
 used for?            version. Terrain Navigator maps and Toolkit maps look the same.
 EQUP and
 WHIP are
 Do you use     Clinch Valley:
 them? How? Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation - Must gather numbers for slope, est. slope length, % ground cover, soil type, avg. rainfall
 Ranking BMPs
                                                                                                              Approve as they
                                                                                                              go. Don’t rank
                                                                                                              until they become
                                                                                                              very limited on
                                                                                                              funds. Then they
                                                                                                              use the CE factor
                                                                                                              -- but really, they
                                                                                                              just hold the
                                    SWCD created the       Board prefers SL1 and                              application until
                                    ranking worksheet.     cover crops. All cover                             funds become
                                    Each year they set     crops are approved,                                available. Not
                                    the points before any and what money is left                              entered into the
                                    ranking begins. The    over can fund other                                BMP Cost-Share
 How are the                        DCR approves the       practices. So all of                               Tracking software
 secondary                          ranking criteria and   Southern River monies                              until the following
 consideration                      the points. Then       go to cover crops.                                 year when
 s                                  SWCD applies the       don't really use the CE                            approved. Have
 determined?                        points and ranks.      factor.                    Don't use CE factor     had to rank in
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 19 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson        Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07              12-10-07             12-14-07

                                                                                                                                      prior years, and
                                                                                                                                      cover crops are
                                                                                                                                      coming very
                                                                                                                                      TMDLs are not
                                                                                                                                      ranked. Have
                                                                                                                                      been successful
                                                                                                               Use three              at getting more
                                                                                                               worksheets. Not all    TMDL funding if
                                                                                                               of the data is         the budget is
                                                                                                               captured in the        exceeded. Very
                                                                                                               tracking program.      important to track
                                                                                                               Developed last year.   expenditures,
                                                                                                               Will try to combine    less important to
                                                                                                               into one later this    rank. Use CE
                                                                                    They have fairly loose     year. Data captured    factor,
                                                                                    guidelines for base        in Access Database?    watershed, and
 How is the                                                                         programs. Closeness        Struggling to find a   number of
 value of the                                                                       to drinking water,         way to compare         animals when
 practice             Formulas specific to           Cost estimate                  reservoirs a big           conservation value     ranking of BMPs
 calculated?          practice.                      worksheet                      consideration.             across practices.      is necessary.
                      Top part of regular                                                                                                                  Monthly board
                      form is filled out.                                                                                                                  meeting. Do an
                      Practice entered onto          A practice-specific                                                                                   extensive
                      a ranking                      form is filled out,                                                                                   monthly report.
 Discuss the          spreadsheet. CE                which applies                                                                                         All practices that
 process that         factor is used as the          numerical value to                                                                                    need to be
 the SWCD             secondary factor, and          several components.                                                                                   approved are
 goes through         is calculated.                 The practices are                                                                                     listed. They use
 to rank              Spreadsheet sorted             entered onto a                 Have lost directors over                          Lots of practice     up their money,
 practice             by CE factor. A                spreadsheet and                cover crop. Don't have                            specific forms to    but no really
 applications.        summary                        ranking done within            enough money to cover                             capture              necessary to rank
 What are the         spreadsheet is                 each practice group.           all the applicants.                               dimensions,          now. Needed to
 secondary            presented to the               The overall list is            There is some rancor                              costs. A lot of      rank before when
 consideration        Board, with the                submitted to the               over not qualifying.                              calculations that    money was more
 s? What              detailed, very large,          Board monthly, with            Think that means state                            could be             limited. Have
 forms do you         spreadsheet as                 the individual forms           primary considerations,                           automated. Use       one year to get
 use?                 backup. This                   as backup.                     not secondary.                                    NRCS forms.          the money out
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 20 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                           Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah         Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07              11-29-07                 12-10-07          12-14-07

                      process was created                                                                                                                    and into
                      by Kathy when she                                                                                                                      practices. Have
                      started working there                                                                                                                  been getting
                      a couple years ago.                                                                                                                    enough money
                                                                                                                                                             with the TMDLs.
                                                                                    Approvals come in
                                                                                    batches after a board                                 Need to have a
                                                                                    meeting, especially                                   checklist, and
                                                                                    during the shorter                                    reminders from
                                                                                    window for cover crops.                               the system.
                                                                                    Would like a way to                                   Custom by
                                                                                    check approval in the                                 practice. System
                                                                                    BMP Cost-Share                                        should tell what
                                                                                    Tracking software                                     NRCS specs are
                                                                                    without having to pull                                necessary. The
                                                                                    up every application.                                 NRCS sizing
                                                                                    For instance, a screen                                worksheets
 Comment on                                                                         listing all un-approved     From Peaks of Otter:      should be loaded
 any                                                                                applications with little    Ability to select         for WP-4, WP-
 improvement                                                                        information, and a          records by approval       4C, Beef, Liquid
 s needed in                                                                        check box. Maybe            status and budget         and Winter
 the current                                                                        select by status and        category (priority,       feeding
 process.                                                                           practice.                   base, contract.           worksheet.
                                                     Surplus report: Stay
                                                     on the spreadsheet.
                                                     Since many of the
                                                     practices involve
                                                     construction, they
                                                     can come in under                                          Hold the application
                                                     budget. After the                                          until more funding is
                                                     practices have been            Occasionally a              available. At the end     Carry over into
 How do you                                          completed, any                 producer will re-apply in   of the fiscal year,       next year. Don't
 treat                                               money left over from           the following year.         contact the farmer to     enter until
 applications                                        budget surplus is              Must start the              see if they want to re-   approved. Just
 that aren’t                                         allocated to the next          application process         apply. Must re-enter      hold paper forms
 approved?                                           practices in line.             from scratch.               into system.              until next year.

7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 21 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson     Shenandoah          Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07           12-10-07           12-14-07

                                                     After projects are
                                                     installed, cost
                                                     savings may be
                                                     realized. Happened
                                                     this year, and two
 What                                                additional projects
 happens if                                          could be funded.
 more funds                                          They are seen on the                                                          Approve the
 become                                              allocation                                                                    pending
 available?                                          spreadsheet.                                                                  applications.
                      Managed manually                                                                                                                Some practices
                      between Craig                                                                                                                   with TMDL are
                      (SWCD) and Debbie                                                                                                               over $50,000, but
                      (Federal). $50k cap                                                                                                             they can and do
                      applied to state & fed         Angie discussed how                                                                              escalate to
                      funds combined.                the contract language                                                                            Richmond for
                      Craig is aware that            on the regular form                                                                              approval to go
                      this could be an issue         specifically mentions                                                                            over the limit.
                      between districts              how districts will                                                                               Also need
                      when participants              share information,                                                                               approval by the
                      have practices                 and that warning                                                                                 local board and
                      approved in more               serves notice to be                                                                              the CDC. Send
                      than one districts.            careful. There are                                                                               everything
                      Catching would be              multiple caps. There                                                                             electronically.
                      strictly manual, by            are also practice                                                                                Don't have many
                      calling the District           specific caps, such                                                                              farms that
                      Manager in the other           as $10k for no till,                                                                             overlap
                      districts and finding          some can be applied            $25,000 cap in Peanut.                                            boundaries,
                      out what has been              each year, some only                                                                             because the
                      applied for/accepted           once, some have life           Run a report in BMP                            Manual look-up.    district is defined
                      in that district. Not          spans and can be re-           Cost-Share Tracking                            Can be painful.    by geographic
                      sure they have                 applied after life span        software and download                                             features like
                      actually enforced.             is up. Need triggers           into a spreadsheet,                            Ability to check   Smith Mountain
                                                     in the database that           then sum by farm. Ask                          the $50k cap, as   Lake, the NC
                      Two stage approval             warn you when caps             farmers if they farm in                        they enter         border, the Blue
 How do you           process -- approve             are being reached,             other districts, and call                      practices          Ridge Parkway.
 manage the           practices based on             when life span is up,          the conservation                               throughout the
 $50,000 cap?         CE factor, then re-            etc.                           specialist.                                    year.              Issue: The dairy
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 22 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                       Thomas Jefferson     Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07          11-29-07           12-10-07             12-14-07

                      sort the Progress                                                                                                              herds are getting
                      spreadsheet by                                                                                                                 bigger. SL6 has
                      applicant to check for                                                                                                         to be applied to
                      cap within the district.                                                                                                       an entire tract.
                                                                                                                                                     Can easily
                      There are multiple                                                                                                             exceed
                      caps. There are also                                                                                                           $100,000. If a
                      practice specific                                                                                                              road goes
                      caps, such as $10k                                                                                                             through the land,
                      for no till, some can                                                                                                          must have two
                      be applied each year,                                                                                                          wells, more
                      some only once,                                                                                                                fencing, etc.
                      some have life spans
                      and can be re-applied                                                                                                          Issue: Having
                      after life span is up.                                                                                                         enough
                      Need triggers in the                                                                                                           contractors in the
                      database that warn                                                                                                             area to get the
                      you when caps are                                                                                                              fencing done in
                      being reached, when                                                                                                            the amount of
                      life span is up, etc.                                                                                                          time available.
                                                                                                                                                     Need some
                                                                                                                                                     flexibility in
                                                                                                                                                     carrying over
                                                                                                                                                     funds into the
                                                                                                                                                     next year. Need
                                                                                                                                                     it to be more like
                                                                                                                                                     50% - 70%.
 Implement Practices / Validate Practices / Pay Cost-Share
               All practices, funded   All farms visited                                                                        Would be good to     All practices that
               and unfunded,           throughout the                                                                           have the NRCS        need to be
               tracked on the big      implementation of a                                                                      requirements for     approved are
               spreadsheet. Data is practice. Mo likes to                                                                       each standard        listed in a ledger.
               entered into the        visit every other day                                                                    laid out. To be      Use that to track
               regular form, the big   through construction.                                                                    able to construct    through
 Describe the  spreadsheet, and the                                                                                             a contract for the   completion.
 process for   BMP Cost-Share          Usually multiple                                                                         farmer.              When completed,
 implementing Tracking software        components to                                                                                                 turn over to Pat
 a practice.   throughout the life of  practice, requiring                                                                      Need forms that      for payment.
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 23 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson     Shenandoah            Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07           12-10-07             12-14-07

                      the project.                   multiple visits and                                                         calculate the         After payment,
                                                     certifications entered                                                      costs based on        entered into BMP
                      The rules for visiting         on green form.                                                              cost sheets and       Cost-Share
                      a farm vary by                                                                                             formulas. Need        Tracking
                      practice. (Spelled out                                                                                     to automate the       software.
                      on page 38 of the                                                                                          worksheets.
                      BMP Manual.)
                      Some require visits
                      for approval; some
                      are not visited until
                      after approval.
                                                                                                                                 Need a
                                                     A letter is generated                                                       template for
                      A letter is generated          using the ranking                                                           approval letters.
 What is the          using the ranking              spreadsheet as input                                                        Should be able to
 process for          spreadsheet as input           for names and                                                               generate              Write letter
 informing the        for names and                  addresses. One for                                                          approval and          manually, and
 applicant?           addresses. One for             approvals, one for                                                          cancellation          send with maps
 Forms,               approvals, one for             denies. Angie does                                                          letters in an         and tax credit
 letters.             denies.                        this.                                                                       automated way.        amount.
                      The technical review.
                      Again, only the basic
                      name & address is              Everything is                  If the total estimated
                      captured at first.             captured in a folder.          cost changes, adjust it
 What                 Then, as the project           Make copies of the             on the regular form. If
 additional           evolves, more data             receipt, They keep             approved, change the                         Need a follow-up
 data needs to        added. The                     the original, Feds get         amount approved. Add                         report that comes
 be captured          regular/contractual            a copy on joint cost-          a comment. Change in                         out 30 days prior
 and how is it        form is the key-- it is        shares, and client             the BMP Cost-Share                           to completion
 done?                touched many times.            keeps a copy.                  Tracking software.                           date for follow up.
                                                                                                                                 Allow approval to
                      The cycle of data                                                                                          be done on line in
 How is data          entry is the same as                                          A WQ10 tax credit is                         the application.
 captured             the life span of the                                          only eligible for two                        For their level of
 when a               practice                                                      years. There are no                          job approval
 practice must        implementation,                                               automated checks – the                       authority. Allow
 be validated?        about 6-12 months                                             techs must remember..                        the NRCS to
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 24 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah             Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07                 12-10-07              12-14-07

                                                                                                                                         certify a practice,
                                                                                                                                         and approval by
                                                                                                                                         the other
                                                                                                                                         agencies such as
                                                                                                                                         DOF, VDH,
 Describe the
 steps in
 paying the                                                                                                    Write the checks from     Manually write
 cost share.                                                                                                   QuickBooks                checks.
 Spot Checks
                                                                                                               Get list from DCR.
                                                                                                               Deloris pulls green
                                                                                    Brian, the CDC, emails     forms and folders.
                                                                                    the list for farms to do   Send letter. Folder
                                                                                    the check. About five      contains maps that
                                                                                    or six. Done once a        were printed earlier.
                                                                                    year. Brian and Kevin      Enter into own
                                                                                    perform. Manually          access database.
                                                     DCR provides list.             generated letter from      Entered into BMP
                                                     Farmer informed via            Tara informing farmer      tracking. Noted on
 What is the                                         letter scheduling visit.       of pending visit.          pink and green forms.
 process for                                         Spend an average of            Manually generated         Captured in
 conducting a                                        1-2 days doing spot            letter from Tara           assistance notes.
 spot check?                                         checks.                        informing of results.      Send follow up letter.    Didn't discuss        Didn't discuss.
                                                                                    Chuck and Kevin do the
 How are the                                                                        spot checks on their
 results of the                                                                     own. Look at cover
 audit                                                                              crops. Take stack of                                 Ability to
 captured?                                           Separate form - didn't         regular forms and maps                               complete the spot
 What is the                                         get copy. Client gets          when they go out in the                              check process
 follow up                                           letter informing of            field and look them        If small, phone call to   from the field.
 procedures                                          pass or fail, and time         over. Take notes on        check. If large, will     Data entry on the
 for audits?                                         to remediate if failed.        regular forms.             visit again.              spot.                 Didn't discuss.
 What is the percent of practices that
 “fail” their audit? What procedures
 are followed in this case? Are those
 practices subjected to further audits?
 Who is responsible for identifying                  Not many.                                                                           Didn't discuss        Didn't discuss.
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 25 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah           Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                12-10-07            12-14-07

 projects that have not been started
 and / or not completed and canceling?
 How is that done? How could it be
 Reporting / Querying / Financial Management
                                                                                                                                      TMDL report--
                                                                                                             Emily reconciles their   almost all the
                                                                                                             own Access               data is available
                                                                                                             database with the        in the Ag BMP
                                                                                                             tracking report and      Cost-share
                                                                                                             QuickBooks. BMP          Tracking
                                                                                                             does a calculation for   applications.
                                                                                                             approved estimated       Don't understand
                                                                                                             payment, generally       why the report
                                                                                                             actual cost * 75%.       can't be pulled
                                                                                                             Can't approve more       from them, and
                                                                                                             than 75%, but can        only add the         Submit
                                                                                                             and do approve less.     missing bits.        Attachment E for
                                                                                                             The automated            Lots of duplicate    BMPs and B for
                                                                                                             financial report takes   data entry. Need     TMDLs. Have it
                                                                                                             from this field, so it   name of impaired     well set up, and
                                                                                                             messes up. Plus,         water body,          OK with the
                                                                                                             there is a rounding      number of            system as it is.
                                                                                                             issue. It can be         animals              Must also submit
                                                                                                             overridden now. ’It's    excluded, type of    a narrative and
                                                                                                             an even bigger           animals,             spreadsheet
 Describe                                                                                                    problem with the         explanation of       covering the
 Quarterly and                                                                                               cover crops and the      type and linear      number of farm
 Annual                                                                                                      bonuses. So they         feet of exclusion,   visits and number
 reporting                                                                                                   gave up using these      which may be in      of fields
 obligations.                                                                                                reports.                 column W.I33         surveyed.
 How do you           Use the Progress               The Cost-Share                                                                   Tracked on excel
 capture              Report Spreadsheet             Incentive Payment                                                                spreadsheet.
 changes              to show adjustments            Worksheet captures
 between              as they occur in the           estimated and final                                                              Many variations
 estimated            practice applications.         costs. It is                                                                     due to TMDL.
 and final            The BMP Cost-Share             summarized in the                                                                Need budget
 payments?            Tracking software              BMP Applicants                                                                   reports to tie to
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 26 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                          Thomas Jefferson          Shenandoah          Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07             11-29-07                12-10-07           12-14-07

                      does not allow                 spreadsheet, and                                                                   Tracker.
                      change to be entered           reflected in the                                                                   Typically
                      without wiping out the         individual Payment                                                                 incorrect.
                      original request.              Worksheet that goes
                      Kathy adds new                 to the farmer.
                      columns to the PR so
                      changes can be
                                                                                                               Print the QuickBooks
                                                                                                               Report of payments
 Is there any                                                                                                  by pot. The QB is the
 reports drawn                                                                                                 bible - reflects the
 from                                                                                                          checks written.
 QuickBooks?                                                                                                   Check line by line
 If you don’t                                                                       Reconcile the BMP          against the BMP
 use                                                                                Tracking Program with      Tracking system.
 QuickBooks,                                                                        Quicken for the            Check against the
 how do you                                                                         quarterly reports.         balance in the bank.
 report                                                                             Amazingly, usually not     Change entries on
 financials?                                                                        a problem.                 the tracking report.     No
                                                                                                                                        TMDLs, and the
                                                                                                                                        associated Fed
                                                                                                                                        funds, come with
                      Don't want manual                                                                        Ability to pull out by   stringent           Quarterly reports
                      regular & contractual                                                                    field. Need ability to   additional          usually match up.
                      forms -- want                                                 Many farmers have 40-      query historical data.   reporting
                      computer generated                                            50 tracts, and bring all   Need to query by         obligations. Must   Issue: Approvals
                      output to share with                                          in. Need to be able to     status of approval,      track tame and      over $50,000
                      producers.                                                    print a map after          actual amount            expenses and        ’can’t be entered
                                                                                    assessing the farm, to     approved, status of      allocate back.      because not
                      Need to be able to                                            show farmer next year      payment, geography–      See funds.          allowed. So must
                      see what is                                                   which fields qualify and   -- by county and by      Tracking sheet      do workaround.
                      approved, what is                                             which do not.. Also a      watershed                for each            Need ability to
                      spent, what is                                                sheet that shows how                                watershed for       capture that
                      pending. A main                                               many acres / tracts        Simple output report     mileage,            approval has
 Are there            function of the giant                                         qualify. Could be able     for producer. Multiple   expenses, and       been given for
 other reports        spreadsheet– -- The                                           to do in Toolkit, but      signature blocks,        time. Plus the      higher payment,
 needed?              Progress Report                                               don't.                     farm ID, contact info.   additional          and allow entry.
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 27 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah         Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                 12-10-07          12-14-07

                                                                                                                                       reporting due to

                                                                                                                                       Need a report
                                                                                                                                       showing where
                                                                                                                                       practices are in
                                                                                                                                       schedule– --
                                                                                                                                       those about to be
                                                                                                                                       completed in 30
                                                                                                                                       days, 15 days,
                                                                                                                                       etc. Need report
                                                                                                                                       showing who has
                                                                                                                                       worked on what
                                                                                                                                       in each quarter
                                                                                                                                       by status, fund
                                                                                                                                       type, and date.
 List all the
 bodies that
 need to                                                                                                     Must report to each
 receive                                                                                                     locality and to various   Local governing
 information,                                                                                                funding bodies– --        bodies need
 and get                                                                                                     thus the need to          budgets, but are
 samples.                                                                                                    report by watershed.      not detailed.
                                                                                                             Would be nice to          Need to
 What other                                                                                                  have interest             automatically
 reporting                                           The BMP Cost-Share                                      separated into the        generate the
 capabilities                                        Tracking software is                                    different pots. So        1099-G form.
 do you need?                                        never accurate when                                     have a screen where       Standard in all
 Which are the                                       it is most needed, at                                   the user can set the      districts. Need to
 fields of data                                      the beginning and                                       % of interest, fees       only produce for
 that should                                         end of the year.                                        that are allocated to     total annual
 be able to be                                       Need a system that                                      each pot.                 payments over
 queried?                                            constantly updates                                                                $600. Also need
 Sorted?                                             and ties to their                                       Note: there are two       to generate the
 Drilled down?                                       records                                                 places on the             tax credit
7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 28 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
                       Northern Neck 11-                 Clinch Valley                                        Thomas Jefferson           Shenandoah        Blue Ridge
 Question                    16-07                    11-19-07, 11-,20-07               Peanut 11-26-07           11-29-07                 12-10-07         12-14-07

                                                                                                             tracking report where     certificate and
                                                                                                             you enter the             cover letters.
                                                                                                             payment on Screen         For farmers,
                                                                                                             4. There is no            need a cost
                                                                                                             validation -- the         estimate
                                                                                                             numbers don't have        worksheet,
                                                                                                             to match. Report          variable by
                                                                                                             takes from the first,     practice. And
                                                                                                             leading to errors. A      payment
                                                                                                             suggestion from the       statements,
                                                                                                             annual meeting was        similar.
                                                                                                             to enter the amount
                                                                                                             twice, with validation,   Selectable fields
                                                                                                             as a way to decrease      for queries.

Additional Detail From Fund Management:

7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                 Page 29 of 94
Yellow highlights represent comments that should be validated before translated into requirements.
Shenandoah Fund Management

Take applications and distribute funds year round. There are two checking accounts, operational
and cost share. Cost share includes four buckets: BMP, Cooks and Black River TMDL, North
River TMDL, and CREP. Next year, there will be a fourth as a new TMDL fund is added. BMP is
divided into base, priority, and contract

TMDL is a separate pot of money, and is the most restricted pot. Only applied to certain BMPs.
TMDL includes some Urban/Residential BMPs not in the manual. The TMDL money is the only
money available for these. TMDL is based on watershed, and there are different eligible BMPs
for each watershed based on the TMDL plan for that watershed. Based on managing the type of
pollutant found. A TMDL plan is written once, and doesn't change. There is a new TMDL plan in
the works, yielding the fourth fund mentioned above.

In addition to managing the TMDL cost share funds, TMDL related operational expenses must be
split out by the different TMDL watersheds. All time and expense must be allocated. Operating
expense is divided into local, DCR and Federal/TMDL, with each bucket containing both
operating expense and technical assistance. There are 6-7 different legers. Even Admin must
allocate her time.

Still not enough? Here's two more: Urban BMPs are coming! Rumor of a new manual devoted to
urban practices coming soon, and a new pot of money to manage. And the state and Fed/TMDL
fiscal years are different, so money becomes available at different times of the year- July for
State, Jan for Fed.

Blue Ridge Fund Management

Get a lot of money from US Fish and Wildlife for particular TMDL. Complete separate, not
entered into the BMP Cost-Share Tracking software. Blue Ridge has one Bay stream, the rest
are Southern River. So have to track the two TMDLs, and Bay and Southern River splits for the
base, priority, and contract funds.

Track through QuickBooks and the quarterly reports. Attachment E, with a separate attachment
for each fund.

Track the two TMDLs differently. For Blackwater, track personnel and administration separately.
For Big River, track the personnel and admin together. One total salary charge to each
Blackwater and Big River, so whole timesheet. For the BMPs and Upper Blackwater, track time
according to a budget, so actually fill in the timesheet according to the budget, don't track actual
time. For expense, charge to the project for each invoice. Plus, admin - must allocate some of
the time. Varies by TMDL.

Use the TMDL funds first. But do have farmers that use both, because a practice might not be
covered under TMDL. Do have to meet the $50,000 cap on the total cost share across the fund

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                     Page 30 of 94
Appendix 2: Data Dictionary, Map to Forms, and Uses
                                                            Both/B,     DCR
Field   Field                                                Not in    Gen'l
Key     Key                                                  Data-     Ambly
on      on                                                 base/NID,    Rpts                  EPA
Green   Pink                                                or New     C-S &   DCR     EPA    319
Form    Form    Field Name     Field Description             Field       TC    Acctg   Bay   TMDL   CREP   SWCD   NRCS
                               Application request date
                               (date application
                APREQDAT       initiated)                     B
                               Estimated cost-share
                ESTCSTSH       payment ($)                    B
                COCODE         FIPS code                      B
                               Measure units of extent
                EXTREQUN       requested                      B
                               old 14-digit Virginia
                HYDCODE        hydrologic units               B
                PRACSTAT       Practice status                B
                               Record number in
                               database (for example,
                RECNUM         record num                     B
                               UTM zone (zone 17 or
                ZONE           18 in Virginia)                B
                               FSA farm operator
A       A       FSAFRM         number                         B                        X                    X      X
                               State Cost-Share
AA      Y       CSTSHPMT       payment ($)                    B         X       X             X      X      X
                               Program type (DCR
AC              PROGTYPE       funding source)                B         X
                               Form ID-number printed
AE      AE      FORMID         in upper left corner           B
AF      AF      Program Year   Not in database                B
AG      AG      FIRST          First name of participant      B                 X             X      X      X      X
                               Middle initial of
AH      AH      MIDL           participant                    B                 X             X      X      X      X
AI      AI      LAST           Last name of participant       B                 X             X      X      X      X
AJ      AJ      ADDR1          Address                        B                 X                    X      X
AK      AK      CITY           Address city                   B                 X                    X      X
AL      AL      STATE          Address state                  B                 X                    X      X
AM      AM      ZIP            Address zip code               B                 X                    X      X
                               Telephone number (for
                               CREP CP-21, CP-22,
AN      AN      PHNUM1         and CP-23                      B                 X                    X      X
AO      AO      FARMID         Farm Tax ID number             B         X       X             X      X      X
                               Participant's social
AO      AO      SSN            security number                B         X       X             X      X      X
                               County practice is
AP      AP      COUNTY         located in                     B         X              X
B       B       FSATRK         FSA tract number               B                                             X      X
BA      BA      ATHDIDAT       Authorization date             B                                             X      X
                               Date practice is signed
                               off on by participant
BJ      BJ      PRACDT1        (com                           B         X                                   X      X
                               Practice certification
BL      BL      PRACDT2        date                           B         X       X      X      X      X
BP              TAXCRED        Tax credit amount ($)          B         X       X                           X
C       C       FLDNUM         FSA field number               B                                             X      X

7/14/2011                669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                          Page 31 of 94
                                                            Both/B,     DCR
Field   Field                                                Not in    Gen'l
Key     Key                                                  Data-     Ambly
on      on                                                 base/NID,    Rpts                  EPA
Green   Pink                                                or New     C-S &   DCR     EPA    319
Form    Form    Field Name     Field Description             Field       TC    Acctg   Bay   TMDL   CREP   SWCD   NRCS
D       D       DSWCSPEC       Virginia Ag BMP code           B         X       X             X      X      X      X
E       E       EXTREQ         Extent requested               B                        X
                               Plan date (farm, nutrient
                               management, etc.
F       H       PLANDATE       plans)                         B                                      X             X
                               Virginia 6th order
G       F       VAHU6          NWBD hydrologic units          B         X                     X      X      X      X
                               Extent technically
I       L       TECHAUTH       authorized                     B                        X                    X
                               Sheet and Rill Erosion
                               Reduction (from
L       M       EROSRED        RUSLE2 equation)               B         X                            X
                               Gully Erosion Reduction
                               (from RUSLE2
M       N       GROSRED        equation) [to                  B         X                            X
N       O       DISTSTR        Distance to stream             B         X              X             X
O       P       RELSTR         Relief to stream               B         X              X             X
                               USGS 7.5 minute
P       Q       TOPO           quadrangle name                B                        X
Q       R       EI             Erosion Index (VIRGIS)         B                                             X
                               Water quality index
Q       R       WQI            (VIRGIS)                       B                        X                    X
R       S       ROWUTM         Row UTM coordinate             B         X                     X      X             X
S       T       COLUTM         Column UTM coordinate          B         X              X      X      X             X
T       U       CEFACT         Cost-efficiency factor         B                        X                    X
                               Amount ($) approved by
U       V       AMTAPRVD       SWCD                           B         X       X             X      X      X
W       W       XTNTINST       Extent Installed               B         X                     X      X             X
Y       X       ACRSBEN        Acres benefited                B                        X
Z               TOTACST        Total Actual Cost ($)          B         X       X      X             X      X
                               Check number of 2nd
                DISTPMCK2      payment check                  G
                               Cost-share payment
                               adjustment amount ($) -
                DISTPMAP2      2nd pay                        G
                               Date of 2nd payment, if
                DISTPMDT2      one occurs                     G
                               FR-1, FR-3 hardwood
                HWARCES        acres authorized               G
                               FR-1, FR-3 pine acres
                PINEACRES      authorized                     G
                               FR-1,FR-3 hardwood
                HWINST         acres implemented              G
                               FR-1,FR-3 pine acres
                PINEINST       implemented                    G
                               Liquid animal waste?
                AWYN           Yes --- No?                    G
                               Owner or Tenant (no
                               longer used - field held
                OPERSTAT       for b                          G
                               Read only flag to allow
                               multi-user data access
                READONLY       record                         G

7/14/2011                 669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                         Page 32 of 94
                                                              Both/B,     DCR
Field   Field                                                  Not in    Gen'l
Key     Key                                                    Data-     Ambly
on      on                                                   base/NID,    Rpts                  EPA
Green   Pink                                                  or New     C-S &   DCR     EPA    319
Form    Form    Field Name       Field Description             Field       TC    Acctg   Bay   TMDL   CREP   SWCD   NRCS
                                 SL-8B early planting
                EPACRES          acres authorized               G
                                 SL-8B early planting
                EPINST           acres implemented              G
                                 SL-8B rye planting
                RYEACRES         acres authorized               G
                                 SL-8B rye planting
                RYEINST          acres implemented              G
                                 Source of additional
                SOURCE           cost-share payment             G
                                 Spot check date (not on
                                 date entry form in
                SPOTCHK          tracking                       G
                                 Tax credit amount for
                                 2nd payment, if one
                TAXCRED2         occurs                         G
                                 Cost-share payment
AB              ADCSTSHR         from other sources ($)         G         X              X             X
AD              PRACYRS          Practice design life span      G         X                     X      X      X
                                 Animal Type (animal
AQ              ANTYPE           waste practices only)          G         X              X                           X
                                 Waste treated (animal
                                 waste practices
AR              WASTRET          only)[tons                     G         X              X      X                    X
                                 Number of animals
                                 (animal waste practices
AS              ANNUM            only)                          G         X                                          X
                                 Expiration date (practice
AY              ATHXDAT          completion target date)        G
                                 Authorized (approved)
AZ      AZ      AUTHAPR          by SWCD Director               G         X                                   X      X
                                 Carryover granted to
BC              ATHXTDAT         date                           G
                                 Comments about BMP
BG      BG      COMMENTS         implementation                 G
                                 Line number of practice
                                 record on Ag. BMP c-s
BH              RECNO            request                        G
                                 District payment amount
BM              DSTPMAP          (check amount) ($)             G         X       X             X      X
                                 SWCD Practice
                                 Payment or Completion
BN              DSTPMDT          Date                           G
                                 Check number of
BO              DSTPMCK          payment check                  G                 X      X                    X
J               TOTESTCO         Total Estimated Cost           G                 X                           X
K               COMPCOST         Component cost                 G                                             X
                                 Tax credit amount ($)
V               TAXCREDAPP       approved by SWCD               G                 X                           X
                                 Average buffer width
                                 (for buffer practices
X               AVGBWID          only)                          G         X              X      X
                Name of
                Impaired Water
                Body                                           New                       X      X

7/14/2011                669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                            Page 33 of 94
                                                             Both/B,     DCR
Field   Field                                                 Not in    Gen'l
Key     Key                                                   Data-     Ambly
on      on                                                  base/NID,    Rpts                  EPA
Green   Pink                                                 or New     C-S &   DCR     EPA    319
Form    Form    Field Name       Field Description            Field       TC    Acctg   Bay   TMDL   CREP   SWCD   NRCS
                Component                                     New                       X
                Measure Name                                  New                       X
                Measure Value                                 New                       X
                Number of
                Excluded                                      New                       X      X
                Land Use                                      New                       X
                Land Use                                      New                       X
                Units Extent
                Requested                                     New                       X
                Animal Type
                Excluded                                      New                       X      X
                                 Statement of Technical
        AW      Missing5         Need Comments                NID                                                   X
                                 Authorization contract
        BF      Missing10        complete date                NID
                                 Statement of Technical
AT      AT      Missing2         Need Reviewed By             NID        X       X      X      X      X      X
                                 Statement of Technical
AU      AU      Missing3         Need Date                    NID                                            X      X
                                 Statement of Technical
AV      AV      Missing4         Need Title                   NID                                                   X
                                 Authorization Approval
AX      AX      Missing6         Checkbox                     NID
BB              Missing7         Carryover authorization      NID
                                 SWCD Director
BD              Missing8         Signature for Carryover      NID
                                 SWCD Director
BE              Missing9         Signature for Carryover      NID
BI      BI      Missing11        Participants Signature       NID
H               Missing1                                      NID        X              X                    X      X
                                 Ag BMP contract
                CNTRCT           number                        P
                CONTXDAT         contract expiration date      P
                                 Contract Year 1
                                 projected payment (per
        AA      CTRT1PRJ         contract)                     P
                                 Contract Year 2
                                 projected payment (per
        AB      CTRT2PRJ         contract)                     P
                                 Contract Year 3
                                 projected payment (per
        AC      CTRT3PRJ         contract)                     P
                                 BMP implementation
        BG      COMMENT          comments                      P

7/14/2011                  669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                         Page 34 of 94
                                                         Both/B,     DCR
Field   Field                                             Not in    Gen'l
Key     Key                                               Data-     Ambly
on      on                                              base/NID,    Rpts                  EPA
Green   Pink                                             or New     C-S &   DCR     EPA    319
Form    Form    Field Name    Field Description           Field       TC    Acctg   Bay   TMDL   CREP   SWCD   NRCS
                              Line number of practice
                              record on Ag. Contract
        BH      FORMLNNO      BMP                          P
        BQ      TCDATE        Tax credit date              P
                              SL-8C early planting
        I       EPACRS        acres authorized             P
                              SL-8C rye planting
        J       RYEACRS       acres authorized             P
                              SL-8C same field
                              planting acres
        K       SFLDACRS      authorized (contra           P
                              District payment
        PD      DSTPMTY1      contract year 1              P
                              District payment date
        PE      DSTPMDT1      contract year 1              P
                              District check number
        PF      DSTPMCK1      contract year 1              P
                              District payment
        PG      DSTPMTY2      contract year 2              P
                              District payment date
        PH      DSTPMDT2      contract year 2              P
                              District check number
        PI      DSTPMCK2      contract year 2              P
                              District payment
        PJ      DSTPMTY3      contract year 3              P
                              District payment date
        PK      DSTPMDT3      contract year 3              P
                              District check number
        PL      DSTPMCK3      contract year 3              P
                              voluntary acres (unpaid
        Z       VOLACRS       but implemented)             P

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                Appendix 3: Process Flow Diagrams

The process of implementing a BMP from start to end is documented on the following
pages. The steps shown are necessary for all SWCDs to put gather the data for a Cost-
Share application, complete the necessary paperwork, and implement the practice.

The steps may not occur in this order for all Districts. In some Districts, data entry into
the BMP Cost Share Tracking Application occurs before the practice is implemented, in
most, it occurs after the practice has been paid, or at the end of the quarter.

These diagrams are more useful in capturing what processes Districts need to perform,
and showing which can be affected by automation.


   1.   High level, as shown in document
   2.   Fund management
   3.   Recruiting
   4.   Initial contact data gathering and input
   5.   Conservation planning data gathering and input
   6.   Calculating costs, begin ranking
   7.   Ranking and approval
   8.   Implementation of the BMP
   9.   Pay cost share

Throughout the process flow, the eliminating of data entry                 Yellow
duplication and processes that can be automated are highlighted         represents a     in
blue and yellow.                                                      process that can
                                                                       be automated

                                                                      Blue represents
                                                                      where data entry
                                                                      duplication will
                                                                       be eliminated

                              A legend showing what each shape represents is also on
                              each page.

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7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 37 of 94
7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 38 of 94
7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 39 of 94
                                            Initial Contact
                                       Process Flow for BMP Implementation

                                                  Producer calls,
                                                    visits office

 Qualification = Meet primary
 considerations. Primary
 considerations may change annually.
 For 2007:                                                                       Technical                 Enter farm,
 ·    WQI of 5+ or 1/3 HEL and EI of                   Qualify for              Assistance /              location and
      8+                                                BMP?                     Voluntary               practice data,
 ·    TMDL segment, or upstream
                                                                                  Practce                    notes
 ·    High randed hydrologic unit
      (ranked by SWCD by county)                  YES
 ·    Conservation plan for field
                                                                       NO       Print LOA for
                                                  Participant has                                           Provide
                                                                                participant to
                                                   FSA data?                                               Assistance

                                                                                Obtain Form
                                                                                maps, Farm
                                                       Data enter               and Tract #s
                                                         tax id

                     Retrieval                                             NO
                         of                       Participant data
                    participant                    established?                            Enter participant
                       data                                                                      data
                                                                                                         If the participant is
                                                                                                         new, name, contact
                                                                                                        data, tax id, and farm
                                                  Check ToolKit /                                     number is entered into
                                                                                                      the database one time.
                                                     folder for                                         Duplicate data entry
                                                 Conservation Plan                                     for each practice will
        Yellow                                                                                              be eliminated.
     represents a
   process that can
    be automated
                                                   Plan exists?
   Blue represents
   where data entry
   duplication will
    be eliminated                                                    YES        Use existing

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7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 41 of 94
7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 42 of 94
7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 43 of 94
7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 44 of 94
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Appendix 4: Processes and Tools Used by Other States

Interview Questions
   ·   Do you have a state funded Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program?
   ·   What is the dollar amount committed this fiscal year to the program?
   ·   How many BMPs do you have? What types?
   ·   Do you use the Soil and Water Conservation Districts to deliver your state Cost-
       Share Program on the ground? How many districts are there?
   ·   Do the SWCDs authorize the expenditure of cost-share dollars?
   ·   Has your funding level been steady, increasing, or decreasing? What do you
       anticipate in the future?
   ·   Do you track the practices with a database / data capture system other than the
       USDA/NRCS system?
   ·   Do you anticipate making any changes in how you track?
   ·   Who do you have to report to?
   ·   Can you tell me about the system you use? Is it an off-the-shelf package for
       conservation programs, or did you develop it in-house? What are the main
       benefits that your system provides? What would you like to change?

    Martin Joyce, OH
    Tim Ogg, MN
    Jack Knorak, MI
    Michelle Esh, MD
    Ken Struemph, MO
    Dave Williams, NC
    Brian Steinmuller, NY
    Steve Colman, KY
    Jim Nance, TN
    Brent Dykes, GA
    Pam Russell, WV
    Adrien Barber, AR
    Brad Spicer, LA
    Jim Sadley, NJ
    Michael K. Brown, DE
    Jill Richters, NE
    Von Snelgrove, SC
    Mike Rahe, Alan Gulson, IL
  Other Interviews
    Bill Norris, Onslow Co SWCD

7/14/2011            669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 46 of 94
Martin Joyce                                                                 December 15, 2007
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Soil & Water Conservation
2045 Morse Rd, Bldg. B-3
Columbus, OH. 43229-6693

Ohio selected Cengea product to manage their BMP Cost-Share Tracking program.
Martin is very pleased overall with Cengea. He manages the project implementation from
day 1. They started deployment in June 2003. They are on the third release, released in
October 2007.

There are 88 SWCDs, contiguous with county boundaries. Rolled out one by one. Last
one to be trained on Dec 16, 2007. Martin did all the training. There are two primary
sources of funds: County commissioners pay 50% of operating budget. The other half
comes from the state.

Decision making is autonomous. The OH SWCD Commission sets policy for the
districts. It was mandated that they have to use SWIMMS this past year to continue to
receive funding to force compliance in using the system. Prior, use was optional.

They have similar positions to the state CDCs, but have two types: engineers provide
staff training, and resource manager provide BMP training, pollution plans. People are
retiring, and not being replaced.

The Cengea system addresses all aspects for the BMP Cost Share program:
   · Providing services
   · Reporting on outreach, education, marketing
   · Time sheet module to allow times to be charged back to practice, education,
   · Pollution complaint
   · Query builder – can access time sheet info, too
   · Water quality monitoring
   · Fund manager for local grants. Can tie to specific projects. Can use for education
      and outreach.

Staffs from the state office and SWCD supervisors were involved in the development.
Cengea spent a week in the Central Office (state level) to develop requirements with staff
and district supervisor representatives. The need for the time sheet module, which was
the first module released, came out of this meeting.

Has had a good relationship with Cengea from the get go. Cengea is very responsive and
open to change. They listen and react to needs.

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                    Page 47 of 94
It has been a drawn out implementation because Martin is the only person to train and
implement in the Districts. The benefit of the slow rollout is that he has been able to
make changes to the program along the way.

The latest release was tweaks in the Timesheet, which is the most used module.

The next planned changes are to upgrade to 100% internet based, vs. client on the
districts PCs.

They have not focused on data capture in the field. Cengea is looking at capture
technology, but it’s not part of the OH work at this time.

Biggest hurdle was the funding. The next is getting people to use the program in the
method that would deliver the biggest bang. Being solo on the project limits the amount
of assistance he can provide to the districts.

Doesn’t have a sense of how deploying the Cengea solution improved efficiency. More
interesting in tracking practice installation and education / outreach. This is the first
reporting tool that OH districts had. Used NRCS reporting tools prior.

Tim Ogg                                                              January 14, 2008
Minnesota Dept of Water and Soil Resources
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul MN 55155

Minnesota contains 91 SWCDs in 87 counties. SWCDs are mostly collocated with
USDA offices. Where that is not so, they are located in county offices. The total amount
of available funds is about $2 to $3 million per year, giving each district about $10,000 -
$20,000. The state legislature granted one time funds in addition to that from the past
two years, and they are looking to make that permanent. Districts do use Toolkit as well

There are also 319 grants in Minnesota, but they are managed by a different agency,
Pollution Control. Even though there are two separate agencies, they share the Cengea
application – both use it to collect data and report on progress. Tim is responsible for the
system for both agencies.

Tim began working with Cengea/Linnet since the late 90’s. Came to his attention from a
SWCD that used some Linnet capabilities. He began discussions with Linnet, found that
what existed couldn’t do what they wanted. The application that became Watershed was
developed to meet MN’s need to replace their existing, central reporting system which
required SWCDs submit data annually on disk.

The application, called Elink, was developed in VB6 with a thick client. It is organized
around managing funds, distributing BMPs and local initiatives among the available

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 48 of 94
funds. Data is stored and populated in a central database. The initiatives include creating
newsletters, holding conferences, mktg a particular farm program, etc., and the
application allows SWCDs to describe the benefit, the effort required, and where the
funds came from to cover it.

The primary reason for developing the system, and the practically the sole function today,
is to report on accomplishments and track the BMPs awarded.

The first release was rolled out to users in 2003. They are about to roll out a new version
migrating thick client to browser, on a module by module basis. Tim would love it if the
whole system could be migrated to browser, and they could get rid of the thick client.
They are also working on adding some specific 319 elements.

 Although the system was organized around fund management, over time the SWCDs
have stopped using that functionality as the programs have changed. Today, the
application is used primarily for reporting. Tim finds that the Districts typically do not
enter any data into the system until the end of the year, when it is required.

The SWCDs have to apply for a set of projects annually. The projects may consist of a
number of participants and BMPs and funds from several sources. The state approvals
the project. When they move this module into the browser, they may not upgrade the
Cengea application to handle the process as it now exists. They will handle outside the

SWCDs can access the database with an interface that is limited to canned reports. Tim
can set up and alter the reports – don’t have to go back to developer. The Districts
wanted more access, so they rolled out query builder tool two months ago. Tim doesn’t
have feedback yet, since they haven’t trained staff yet – just made the tool available.
Plus, the tables need to be “exposed”, and Tim needs to gather requirements from the
Districts on the data that they need.

The State has direct access to all the data. They find the map making tools most useful.
Showing legislators maps has been very successful at showing the pollution reduction
over particular areas by state, federal, and local programs. Also, showing watersheds,
and the total coverage of geographic areas by BMPs.

Cengea has been good to work with. Tim has found the change from Linnet to Cengea
has been good – same support staff, more resources. He as no developers of his own –
relies on Cengea for all changes.

Elink is run on two servers, a web server and a database server. The application and
ESRI products are on the database server.

ESRI has not been as good to work with. They had existing licenses, but ERSR has
thrown new technology costing more n a couple times. Example: The browser upgrade
required the newest ArcGIS Server, which cost more than anticipated. MN asked Cengea

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 49 of 94
to look at open source web mapping, auto cad tools to get away from ESRI. Cengea
found that too many other states they were working with / targeting already owned ESRI,
and switching from them would hurt the application’s applicability and usability in the
long term.

The application has been most useful in integrating information across programs, such as
319 and BMP Cost Share, seeing makeup of funding on any particular practice, and
rolling up across geography. His advice is to look at as many types of funding as
possible for inclusion.

Jack Knorak                                                           December 21, 2007

Michigan has a state funded cost share program, but it is a far cry from where it was in
the past, and was never all that big. It used to be about $1million, this year it is $175,000
from a usage fee on pesticides and fertilizer in Groundwater Protection Fund. The Fund
generates about $4 million overall, but most of it is deployed to hire technicians. Use
Farm Assist and Crop Assist to identify water quality risks, and work with them as long
as it takes. Have been on 25% of the farms in MI.

Co-joined with MI AG Assurance Program: after producers go through Farm/Crop
assistance or Comprehensive Nutrient Mgmt Plan, they become certified as
environmentally assured. Like being certified organic. The certification states that the
farm is not polluting. Pretty rigorous. Farmers get signs to put up, and can advertise it.
Works well in agro-tourism spots (orchards, wineries)

With budget cuts, cost share went first because easy to turn on and off. Provide mostly
for wells, where NRCS doesn’t. Pesticide storage facilities. Low cost yet effective.
Have been able to enter into contribution agreements with NRCS to get more techs into
the field. Helping to work through the backlog of applications that NRCS has.
Preventing the loss of EQUIP $$. Get more practices on the ground than they ever could
with their own dollars.

Do have 319 money that supports staff.

Started with little tracking. Now have reporting system to report risk reductions and cost-
share. Have in-house MS Access resource. Monthly report developed. Techs enter the
data locally, and send and access table that is emailed. Compiled manually. Use to
produce quarterly report that allocates grant dollars. Hold up payment as incentive to
complete. There is another reporting system for separate program for Cooperative
Technical Assistance Initiative. Reports to Feds because 50%fed money. Different types
of practices.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 50 of 94
Michelle Esh                                                        December 28, 2007
Maryland Department of Agriculture
Office of Resource Conservation
Conservation Grants Program
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401

All BMPs focus on water quality, as per regulation. Four subprograms cover traditional
27 BMPs. Nutrient mgmt program, manure transport, and winter cover crop. All run
with slightly different criteria and results.

Have continual sign up for everything except the cover crop, which has s defined sign-up
period each year.

Total program is $20 million, which includes the 319 grants, which are apx. 75% state
funded. And some districts get local grants as well.

State office, and then deployed through SWCDs in each county. Each county office
includes state, federal and county employees who handle agricultural programs, no
residential. Have separate dept (Environment) that deals with the residential. The Dept
of Natural Resources does Recreation.

Control of funds: MACX Manual provides guidance for what is eligible and criteria that
must be met to qualify. There is a statewide pot of money. SWCDs do the farm visit.
Fill out application with assistance of tech, and then send to the state HQ office.
Reviewed, determine if meet program criteria, than go through approval process at state
level, Determine what funding fits into, how much is available.

A little different for cover crops. Provide each district with allocation. Based on first
come first serve. When ran out, continued to take applications, but had to notify
applicant that no funds. Not tracked in DB, but tracked on spreadsheets to show need in
the future. Had two programs, traditional and commodity (harvest) trialed with limited
amount of $$. Historically see 65-70% of applicants complete, so over subscribe based
on historical non-complete rates.

Detailed tracking of funding sources, tracked separately but within the same database.
Track each payment to each farmer, but separate reports.

Application is 50+ fields with contact and technical info. Have Oracle database created
in house. Districts send paper form, and data entry done centrally. State office has
ability to query on any field. Districts don’t have access. She sends out periodic reports
to Districts.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 51 of 94
Districts do track their info as well, but there is no requirement to report to state. All the
District based tracking systems are different, dependant on what local board and District
Manager wants. .

Had been working on a system where Districts would do data entry, but fell victim of

The database rolls into a new system launched this
year at the Governor’s initiative. The site is BayStat
Chesapeake - Tracking Progress of Maryland's Most
                   Precious Natural Resource
                   It is a web site that compiles data
                   from all conservation efforts and
                   displays the results on a dashboard.
                   Uses can look at the health of any
                   watershed in the Bay, and click to
                   see the sources of pollution, and
                   how each of the solutions are
                   Contributing to achieving their
                   goals.                                             Check the current health of the
                                                                      Bay based on various measures.

                                                                                     See how Maryland is
                                                                                 performing against goals for
                                                                                    each practice aimed at
                                                                                  improving water quality..

                 Look at the sources of pollution,
                and see how the sources change for
                      the pollutant selected..

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                  Page 52 of 94
Ken Struemph                                                              December 20, 2007
Missouri Department of Natural Resources Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Missouri has a vigorous share of $28 million funded by a 1/10% sales tax. There are 114
SWCDs who implement the program with 180 employees.

The state develops the practices and component, and sets guidelines. They assign a cost
to each component. Districts can “grab” a practice and select which components apply.
Each component is associated with a “soil saved” number from the RUSLE formula.
They are developing nutrient and pesticide reduction formulas.

SWCDs collect the applications and send to state office for approval. This represents
qualification – then, if funds are tight, it goes back to the local Board for final approval.
The state also checks against caps at this time.

Ken is building a new web management tool to launch July 1. It includes BMPs and 319
grants, although 319s won’t be managed through it upon launch.

The application will be collected electronically in the District offices. Next application to
be developed is the ability to download maps to develop Five-Year Plans, which will feed
into a Five-Year County–wide Needs Assessment. Then funds will be allocated based on
the five-year plan. This will allow them to get beyond the first-come, first-serve method
employed today to maximize their total impact.

They haven’t developed a prioritization plan yet. They will continue to rely on the local
District Boards to prioritize after the state pre-approval.

When asked why he didn’t consider Cengea, Mike wanted his own IT support, and didn’t
want to outsource. Plus, he felt Cengea was based on a practice, and he wanted to be
based at the component level. He wants more information in the hands of the
Technicians for maintenance checks. He will be able to see detail such as the number of
gates in a fence in a particular practice.

It took four months to develop. Will transfer all the existing data for reporting, because
the older data is at the practice level and can’t be mapped.

Because the component costs are in the database, there will be no more tracking of
receipts. They have started with NRCS cost sheet to establish the costs, but are getting
bids for each component from 15-20 vendors statewide. They will develop their own
average cost sheet, and will publish the list of participating vendors.

The biggest obstacle was that requirements were not defined up front. Management did
not have a firm idea of what the new process flow should look like. This should have
been developed up front before contractors became involved to begin development.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 53 of 94
Dave Williams                                                         December 20, 2007
North Carolina Division of Soil and Water Conservation
1614 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1614

The NC program is $5.4 million for BMP cost share, plus another $2 million devoted to
specific animal waste practices that cost $500,000 a piece. There is also $2.4 million that
is used to pay 50% of the salary for technical employees. There are also TMDL funds,
and two staff positions for TMDL, but they don’t manage that. Dave is hoping to see
funds expand, as they had been higher in the past. They would like to start converting
farms to a more efficient animal waste technology with additional funds. He also sees
expansion of Community Conservation Initiatives and Residential BMPs, which are
funded outside the Ag BMP program, but use the BMP infrastructure.

The program is deployed through the SWCDs. The Districts develop their own ranking
forms and allocate the funds. The state requires that the contracts are evaluated both
before and after installation for the estimated amount of nitrogen and phosphorus loss.

They have an Oracle database with a Java front end. All data is input centrally. (From
Bill Norris, we learned that most districts now send Word documents, some still send
paper.) They use Access for queries and reporting. The system was custom built in

The Districts have access to a limited set of data, as do the public. Districts can report on
their progress to local boards, audit accounts, and track progress of individual
applications. They can also enter an application, and hold it for later approval.

They are in the process of developing a web based system for field staff to do data entry
in the District offices. The project would include building a new database. This is part of
a larger effort to standardize database efforts across the 16 divisions of the Department of
Environmental Natural Resources. After they started programming, they ran out of
funds, and the project is just sitting.

Brian Steinmuller                                                     December 12, 2007
New York State Soil and Water Conservation Committee
Senior Environmental Analyst
10B Airline Drive
Albany, NY 12235

$12.8 million for cost share last year, which is 100% increase from two years ago.

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc               Page 54 of 94
The Ag BMP Cost-Share software is administered by the SWCDs. They work closely
with the Department of Environmental Conservation, who has overall responsibility for
water quality. This department reports to the EPA.

Mostly livestock practices, getting into pest management. They are more proactive in
implementing new practices in the Finger Lakes region around the vineyards.

They develop conservation contracts which may include 20 farms and 30 different

They have an Access database that contains contact info and payout amount split between
the fund sources. While technical information is collected and sent to the state, none is
entered into the database.

Brian is responsible for reporting to the commissioner’s office and the governor. The
regional coordinators (equivalent to CDCs) use the database to track their district activity.
Reports are sent back to the districts.

Fund management varies by district. Fund management is complicated because contracts
can last up to five years. In some areas, different agencies are involved, and rate and rank
the proposals.

Brian receives all the paper copies of the applications and contracts, and enters them.

For next steps, Brian is trying to develop better reporting for the EPA estimating the
pollution load reductions. He would like to link fill able forms to the database, but that is
some time away.

The biggest challenges are committing the resources to get the data entered. Also
proving the value of the information requested to the districts.

Steve Colman                                                          December 19,2007

Kentucky’s Ag Cost-Share program is $19.5 million, funded by a pesticide registration
fee and a tobacco settlement. There is no funding from their general assembly. There is
also a 319 grant, but the funds are not intermingled and tracked by the same programs.
Steve anticipates that the funding will be the same next year.

They offer a 40% match.

The SWCDs determine eligibility, but applications are ranked statewide and approved by
the state office. The ranking criteria are based on the amount of animal waste and the

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 55 of 94
improvement to water quality. There are 125 Districts located in county offices. They
are all hooked to the USDA system using CCE compliant computers.

They have an electronic application process resident in the district offices to collect
contact data, practice type, type and number of animals, and location to stream or
sinkhole. It was in Oracle, but they converted to Access. (Or it is still in Oracle, but they
access the data through Access – he wasn’t quite sure.)

There is a once a year sign up period, one ranking period. This year, they tried to have
sign up and ranking simultaneous with NRCS to promote more joint projects. Although
it was difficult to administer, it reduced having producers apply to each program and
have the programs compete with each other to see where funding would be greater.
(Although their cost share is 75% vs. 50% for EQUIP, EQUIP has a higher maximum
payout at $20,000)

For this year, they are adjusting EQUIP piggybacking so that a producer can request state
incentives on top of the Federal funding to make it more direct and clearer. They are also
revising the cost list. Instead of pricing component by component, they will determine
the average cost to install a practice, and cost share will be based on that, regardless of
how the producer implements it. Cuts out the need to track receipts.

Longer term, they are developing practices that will be available through EQUIP, or
through the state cost share, but not both. This will require continued coordination with
NRCS. They are all collocated today, and intend to continue. They rely on NRCS for the
technical aspects.

They rely on the Toolkit and the Web Soil Survey. Many offices have GPS. They make
extensive use of maps when reporting activities in watersheds.

Steve’s big idea: Would like to see the USDA able to separate federal from state
projects, and have all rolled up through the PIMS reporting. Then both agencies should
show the benefits of the partnership, how cooperation on the projects produces a greater

Jim Nance                                                          December 20, 2007
Tennessee Department of Agriculture, State Soil Conservation Committee
Executive Secretary
(615) 837-5319
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204

Tennessee has a state BMP cost-share program, funded by real estate taxes. It was $4
million last year, and it expected to grow to $5.625 million this year. Five percent is
devoted to education and outreach.

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 56 of 94
SWCDs are the main channel, with some participation of non-profit groups. There are 95
Districts, all involved. They set up and deliver based on a five year contract. The
application process is in the spring. Districts must submit which watershed they are
going to work in, projected BMPs, and amount of funding.

State reviews and gives the district their allocation and technical assistance. Then it’s up
to the local board to take local signups and decide. There are eight watershed
coordinators for the 95 counties. Do the initial verifying that the practice is on the
ground. Ride along on some practices.

NRCS does all the technical assistance. Field people to verify that work is being done.
NRCS does the conservation plans.

They receive about twice as many requests as there are funds.

They are about to deploy a data entry capability. Currently, Districts fill out hard copy
form, contact info, practice codes, watersheds, estimated. Cost, and send the paper to the
state for data entry. After Jan 1, data entry will be done in the district offices. The
capability includes 319 grants, but won’t initially be released to handle them.

The system is being built in house with programmer associated with the DCR. All the
District computers are CCE compliant.

Brent Dykes                                                          December 19, 2007
Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Acting Executive Director
(706) 542-3065
P.O. Box 8024
Athens, GA 30603

Georgia doesn’t have state funded cost share, but does have five watershed TMDL plans
and special USDA funds, total $2 million in TMDL and $5 million in other funds.
Funding levels have been steady, and not anticipated to change.

The SWCDs are used to rank and deliver the program. There are 40 SWCDs for 159
counties. They are responsible for implementation and signing off that the practice is
complete. They use ArcMap and Trimble GPS units.

Final approval for a practice is centralized. There is a steering committee for each
watershed comprised of local and state reps. They have a lot of discretion in their

The application process is all on paper. There is an Access database with contact,
payment expiration and any extension data. Technical data is on the contract, but not
entered. Brent compiles reports for the state, who reports to the EPA.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc               Page 57 of 94
Pam Russell                                                         December 18, 2007
West Virginia Conservation Agency
Conservation Services Manager
Plus email from Carolyn Hefner

Pam’s group is responsible for conservation from construction and agriculture. Don’t
have a state funded cost share except for a $600,000 program covering lime. There is a
319 grant totaling $350,000 used for cost-share. Federal funding has been going down,
and they expect the state portion to be steady.

Program deployed through 14 SWCDs collocated with NRCS. The TMDL cost-shares
are mostly fencing, solar water and other things that are not covered by the Farm Bill.
Producers fill out a one page request. Pam approves and allocates the money.

The Conservation Specialists in the Districts are responsible for implementation, and
produce a quarterly report. They are all certified to write conservation plans.

Tracked on a spreadsheet, as program is small. Pam handles the tracking and reporting.

For the lime program, the producer applies and has to complete a soil test. The District
committee then looks at the PH and ranks the need. A producer can only apply for 50
acres per year and the cost-share is 50% of the cost of the lime.

Adrian Barber                                                       December 19, 2007
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, Conservation Division

Arkansas has not state funded cost share, but they do BMPs through 319 grants totaling
$3.5 million, $1.5 million for the cost of admin and $2 million for cost share. They have
two active TMDLs now, and just finished four projects. They believe that it is likely that
funds will be the same next year, but are worried that it could decrease to as little as $2
million total.

Will pay 40% up to $7500 in a two year period. Can be piggybacked with EQUIP funds,
but when combined, the total cost share cap is 75%.

They deploy through the 70 SWCDs. The Districts are mostly collocated with NRCS,
and they rely on Toolkit and use GPS. There are 75 counties, and 70 Districts, so there
are a few that cover multiple counties. They do both animal and cover crop practices.

Each district has a budget of $75,000, and they can request more if is the money is spent.
The districts provide criteria to the state for which BMPs will be eligible.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 58 of 94
There are a lot of requirements for the farmer. Must have a Farm Plan. Must be
registered with the FSA. Must be the land owner or have Power of Attorney. Must fill
out three forms:
    o Cost allocation submitted to the central office for approval.
    o Final inspection with receipts, including detail list of own time and equipment
        used. The central office assesses the value, and determines and sends payment.
    o Contact info and W9 form.

They track the results with an Excel spreadsheet to report to the EPA. All the EPA needs
are the list of projects and the supporting BMPs. They have one dedicated person who
does all the tracking and modeling. They track tract numbers and acres, and have models
to determine the effectiveness.

They are not planning any changes in the management or tracking of the program.

Brad Spicer                                                           December 17, 2007
Louisiana Dept of Agriculture Office of Soil and Water Conservation
Assistant Commissioner
(225) 922-1269
P.O. Box 3554
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3554

Louisiana does not have a state BMP cost-share program. They do have an EPA
319 grant that has a cost-share component for implementing BMP's.

Jim Sadley                                                            December 20, 2007
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Executive Secretary
(609) 292-5540
P.O. Box 330
Trenton, NJ 08625-0330

New Jersey’s program is $300,000 this year. It has been small like this for past four
years, and he doesn’t anticipate growth – in fact, he expects a very tight budget next year.

NJ is not a Bay state, and they get no supplemental funds. They have no TMDL or
residential practices. Their program is aimed at preserving farm land as well as
implementing BMPs. Cost Share is 50%, but the cap is tied to the size of the farm, and
extends to $75,000. Very limited CREP. They have seven state employees to write
conservation plans.

They track their practices through the NRCS database. His staff accesses ProTracks and
extracts data. Also, they get a year-end NRCS report.

No changes are anticipated at this time, as program isn't growing.

7/14/2011                669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc             Page 59 of 94
Michael K. Brown                                                            December 14, 2007
Delaware Dept of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Program Administrator
(302) 739-9921
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

Delaware has a state-funded cost-share program, although the funding is not limited
strictly to agriculture. The State provides $3,205,000 annually (assuming budget
stability) for cost-share funding. Of this, $1,705,000 is earmarked for nutrient
management practices. Since Delaware only has three counties, each county gets over $1

They do use the SWCDs to deliver this funding, and track accomplishments in-house.
For more information on our tracking system please contact Mark Hogan at (302)739-

Jill Richters                                                               December 14, 2007

Nebraska has a state funded cost share program with steady funding.

The SWCD decides which BMPs to fund. They collect date, county, SWCD, land owner
contact data, practice number, number of acres covered, and total amount. The
application is sent in to the state, which approves and sends out payments. The producer
must apply for and qualify for Federal cost share first. The state covers what Federal
does not.

They developed Access database in-house several years ago. SCWDs send in paper form
and data entered by Jill.

There are no changes planned in the program at this time.

Von Snelgrove                                                               December 19, 2007
South Carolina Dept of Natural Resources, Land, Water and Conservation Division
Chief, Environmental Conservation
(803) 734-9100
P.O. Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202

South Carolina had a program in 2000 – 2001 funded with non-recurring dollars. The
amount was $690,000. Each Conservation District received an equal share, $15,000. It

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 60 of 94
was to address non-point source issues and establish conservation practices on the

They are planning on re-starting the program, and are initially soliciting $1.4 million in
recurring cost-share funds for 2008. Additionally, they nedd to provide funding to cover
20 staff, that puts the total at $2.5M. They have a three to five-year goal of $7 million
plus funds for 63 staff. When established, SWCDs will authorize fund expenditures,
deliver services and issue payments.

They haven’t begun any firm plans for tracking yet, but we will probably use the
USDA/NRCS system as a model for no other reason than to learn “what not to do”.

Mike Rahe, Alan Gulson                                               December 20, 2007
Illinois Dept of Agriculture Office of Soil and Water Conservation
P.O. Box 19281, State Fairgrounds
Springfield, IL 62794-9281

Illinois devotes $4-5 million annually to BMP cost-share. There have been slight
increases over the past several years, and they are anticipating a small increase again next
year. Another agency manages the TMDLs, and they have little visibility into that

The BMPs are deployed through 98 SWCDs. The Districts rank and prioritize the
applications, and then submit to the state for approval.

They track based on the EPA worksheet. Collect cost share funds, landowner portion,
units (acres) of terrace, acres benefited, soil erosion reduction, sediment load, nitrogen
and phosphorus loading. The Districts enter the data into an Excel worksheet and send to
the regional staff. The regional staff uploads into a central site. When it is approved by
the state, it goes up on a web page posted for each county.

Data is also manually transferred into a database for reporting. The database was
developed and is managed in-house.

They don’t anticipate any changes beyond updates to the current system. They would
like to cut down on duplication of data entry, but there is no project planned. Most of
their energy for new projects has been addressing local needs, including urban BMPs.
They have been collecting ideas form the Districts, and will supply engineering expertise
to meet NRC and community guidelines.

7/14/2011                669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc             Page 61 of 94
Bill Norris                               Interview December 5, Visit December 19, 2007
Onslow County SWCD
Conservation Specialist
910.422.4472 x3

Bill is the district manager for the Onslow SWCD located in Jacksonville, NC. The
district represents just Onslow County, and it is located in the County Headquarters
building. The County provides the computers and maintenance, as well as ArcMap and
updates. The County has also done their own flyovers to produce aerial maps.

His district offers residential and community BMPs as well as agricultural.

His goal is to get out from behind the desk and maximize his time in the field. By easing
data collection and using it to paint a picture for the producer, he is able to get more
conservation on the ground.

NC is still using a paper based system to a large extent. Bill started with the need to
capture the contract electronically.

Bill created a form in MS Word to capture the equivalent of the regular form.
The state approved the form, and other districts have started to use it. However, there is
no state led effort to standardize procedures.
The state is just beginning to look at building a database.
NC does not require entry into a tracking system. Copies of the forms, either paper or
word doc, are sent to Raleigh.

Upon initial contact, he asks the farmer to FSA and pull their maps, and provide their
farm number, tract numbers. Using the address and his local knowledge, he locates the
farm on ArcMap and downloads the map to the Trimble GPS device.

During the farm visit, he walks / ATV’s the field with the GPS device and sets the
coordinates of the field. He overlays the shape onto the aerial map from ArcMap. He
enters data into the forms while discussing with the farmer, and does the necessary work
on the maps.

                                        Bill has established a mobile office, with laptop,
                                        docking station, printer in his truck. Uses Alltel
                                        wireless, and has had few problems with connectivity.

                                        He has not encountered resistance / suspicion. Farmers
                                        love the maps and photos and want copies. Seeing it
                                        real time generates excitement. He prints off copies of
                                        maps and contract for farmer to sign right and there.
    PC on mount, printer in back seat

7/14/2011                   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc             Page 62 of 94
Returning to the office, he sets up a folder for each BMP applications. Doesn’t keep
paper copies.
                                                                    GPS antenna
Other comments:
He is currently trialing ArcPad, a separate device, for
the county. Has the same functionality as the Trimble
device combined with Pathfinder, but he prefers the
Trimble/Pathfinder because of the ability to create the
data dictionary
He is collocated in a USDA office, but doesn’t use
Toolkit because he finds it less easy to use than
ArcMap, and slow.
He has also automated forms for other programs, like
urban community conservation practices.

Bill Norris Costs for portable office:
 Laptop computer         $4,500.00
 Portable printer        $235.00
 Bluetooth adapter       $28.00
 External CD-RW          $165.00
 Color Inkjet
 cartridge               $21.00
 Black Inkjet
 cartridge               $12.55
 Car power adapter       $84.00
 Print server            $78.00
 USB cable               $4.15
 Carrying Case           $92.00
 Air card                $65.00          month)
 Laptop computer                                          ArcPad instead of Trimble
 mount                   $308.00                          ArcPad device            $900.00
 Optical mouse           $35.00                           ArcPad software          $545.00
 GPS Pathfinder          $1,500.00
 GPS Device              $5,000.00                        Total                    $1,445.00

 Total                   $12,127.70                       Total Cost with ArcPad   $7,072.70

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 63 of 94
                       Appendix 5:

                 Detailed Survey Results

7/14/2011   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 64 of 94
 Question 1: Which SWCD are you in?
 Question 2: What is your role?

                          Admin /
                         Office Mgr /      Conservation
 District                   Other           Tech / Spec           District Mgr         Total
 Appomattox River                                       1                                   1
 Big Sandy                                              1                                   1
 Big Walker                                                                      1          1
 Blue Ridge                                                                      1          1
 Chowan Basin                                                                    1          1
 Clinch Valley                                                                   1          1
 Colonial                                                  1                     1          2
 Culpeper                             1                    1                                2
 Daniel Boone                                              1                                1
 Halifax                              1                                                     1
 Hanover-Caroline                                          2                                2
 Headwaters                           1                                                     1
 Holston River                        1                                                     1
 John Marshall                                                                   1          1
 Lake Country                         1                                                     1
 Loudoun                                                   1                                1
 Monacan                                                   1                                1
 Northern Neck                        1                    1                     1          3
 Northern Virginia                                         1                                1
 Patrick                                                   1                                1
 Peter Francisco                                           1                                1
 Piedmont                                                                        1          1
 Robert E. Lee                        1                    2                                3
 Scott County                         1                                                     1
 Shenandoah Val.                      1                    3                                4
 Skyline                                                   1                     1          2
 Southside                            1                                          1          2
 Tazewell                                                                        1          1
 Three Rivers                                              1                                1
 Tidewater                                                 1                                1
 Virginia Dare                                            1                    -            1
 Total                               10                  22                    11          43

              Multiple responses per district

Did not participate: Eastern Shore, Evergreen, Henricopolis, James River, Lonesome Pine, Lord Fairfax,
Mountain, Mountain Castles, Natural Bridge, New River, Peaks of Otter, Peanut, Pittsylvania, Prince
William, Thomas Jefferson, and Tri-County/City.

Note for italicized districts: In-depth interviews were conducted in Peanut and Thomas Jefferson, obtaining
full information those districts. In addition, District Managers from Eastern Shore and Peaks of Otter
shared opinions at the Annual Meeting.

7/14/2011                669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                         Page 65 of 94
Question 3: Which BMPs are most often used in your district? (please list codes, such as SL8)

 District            Primary BMPs
 Appomattox River    SL-6,SL-8B
 Big Sandy           SL-1,SL-6,RB-1,RB-4,RB-5
 Big Walker          SL8B,SL8C,SL8H, SL6
 Blue Ridge          SL-6, SL-8B, SL-8H, FR-1, WP-2B and WP-4B
 Chowan Basin        SL-8B, SL-15A, SL-6, WP-3, NM-3, NM-1, NM-2
 Clinch Valley       SL-6, WP-4, WQ-11, SL-11
 Colonial            SL-15A, SL-8C, SL-8B
 Culpeper            SL6, SL8B, SL8H, SL15A
 Daniel Boone        SL-6 (mostly), SL-11, WQ-11
 Halifax             SL1, SL6, SL11, FR1
 Hanover-Caroline    SL-15A, SL-8, SL-1, SL-6, NM-1, NM-2, SL-8c, SL8b, FR-1
 Headwaters          WP-2A, SL-6, SL-8B, SL-1
 Holston River       SL-6, CP-22, CRFR-3, SL-8B, RB-1, WP-4
 John Marshall       SL-6
 Lake Country        SL-6, FR-1, SL-1, SL-11
 Loudoun             WP-2 and SL-6
 Monacan             SL-8B, SL-6, SL-1
 Northern Neck       SL-15A, SL-8B, SL-8C, SL-1, SL-11, SL-6, NM-1
 Northern Virginia   WP-4, SL-6
 Patrick             SL6, SL8, SL8B, FR-1, SL-11
 Peter Francisco     SL-6, CREP, SL8B, SL8C, SL8H, SL-1
 Piedmont            SL-6, SL-8B, SL-1, FR-1, WQ-4, WP-2T
 Robert E. Lee       SL-6,SL-8B,SL-8C,SL-H,FR-1,NM-1,NM-2,SL-11
 Scott County        sl6
 Shenandoah          SL-8B, SL-8H, SL-8C; SL-1; SL-6, SL-6B; WP-2, WP-2B; WP-4, WP-4B, WP-4C;
 Valley              SL-11, SL-11B; WQ-4; NM-1, NM-2, NM-3; FR-1, FR-3
 Skyline             SL-6, WP-4, WP-4b, SL-8b, SL+6b
 Southside           SL-6, SL-1, WP-4, FR-1, SL-15a
                     The majority of our practices installed are watering systems, thus SL–6 - Grazing
 Tazewell            Land Protection
 Three Rivers        SL-8B, NM-1, NM-2, SL-8C, SL-1, SL-15A
 Tidewater           SL8B, SL8C, NM1, NM2, NM4, NM4, SL15A, SL6
 Virginia Dare       SL-8B, SL-15A, NM-1, NM-2, WQ-5

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 66 of 94
Question 4: What is the total number of Ag BMP Cost Share entries into the tracking program this year for
the green form?
Question 5: What is the total number of Ag BMP Cost Share entries into the tracking program this year for
the pink form?

District                Green              Pink           Total
Appomattox River               200                   25      225
Big Sandy                        4                   10         4
Big Walker                     202                   44      246
Blue Ridge                      43                    0       43
Chowan Basin                 1,939                    0    1,939
Clinch Valley                   22                    0       22
Colonial                       115                  600      715
Culpeper                       129                   20      149
Daniel Boone                    25                    0       25
Halifax                         72                    0       72
Hanover-Caroline               700                  300    1,000
Headwaters                      55                    1       56
Holston River                  127                   15      142
John Marshall                  100                   10      110
Lake Country                    15                    0       15
Loudoun                         50                    0       50
Monacan                         60                   30       90
Northern Neck                  270                2,528    2,798
Northern Virginia                0                    0         0
Patrick                         65                    2       67
Peter Francisco                 78                   25      103
Piedmont                       400                    0      400
Robert E. Lee                   71                   14       85
Scott County                    14                    4       18
Valley                          210                  10      220
Skyline                         110                   5      115
Southside                        47                   0       47
Tazewell                         29                   0       29
Three Rivers                    600               1,300    1,900
Tidewater                       350                 520      870
Virginia Dare                    87                 134      251

Total                        6,189                5,617   11,806

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 67 of 94
Question 6: Do you use:

                               #             % Of
 Financial Software        Responses       Answered
 QuickBooks                       25              81%
 Quicken                           5              16%
 Other                             1               3%
 Total                            31            100%

 Thomas Jefferson and Peanut added

 Question 7: What tools do you use to collect data for the green and pink forms? (check all that apply)
 GIS                 Virgis map
 Terrain Navigator    Other, please specify
 Web Soil Survey

                               #              % Of
 Data Gathering Tools      Responses      Answered (33)
 GIS                          24                   73%
 Terrain Navigator            13                   39%
 Web Soil Survey              20                   61%
 VirGIS map                   19                   58%
 Topo, Co., FSA maps           8                   24%
 ArcMap, Arc GIS               5                   15%
 Toolkit                       4                   12%
 Total                        93

 Thomas Jefferson and Peanut added

 Question 8: How do you use the USDA Tool Kit? (check all that apply)
 Enter conservation plan           Collecting distance, relief to stream data
 Check for existing plans          Collecting soil data
 Making and printing maps          Other, please specify

                                                                % Of Answered
 How Do You Use Toolkit?                       # Responses           (33)
 Enter conservation plan                            27                    82%
 Check for existing plans                           22                    67%
 Making and printing maps                           27                    82%
 Calculating distance, relief to stream             17                    52%
 Collecting soil data                               22                    67%
 UTMs                                                2                     6%
 Do not use                                          4                    12%

 Total                                             121

 Thomas Jefferson and Peanut added

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 68 of 94
Question 10: How often has the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program been unavailable?

                                        #          % Of Districts
Tracker Down?                       Responses          (29)
Never                                       8                28%
Once a month or more                        4                14%
Once a year or less                        12                41%
Several times a year                       12                41%
Total                                      36

Question 11: Do you experience slow performance from the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program?

                                                     % Of Districts
Slow?                               # Responses          (34)
Yes                                           16              52%
No                                            15              48%
Total                                         31            100%

District               Slow Performance Periods
Appomattox River       Hours or days
Big Sandy              It seems slow anytime your entering data.
Big Walker             It is often slow when working in records.
Chowan Basin           Occasionally, during lunch time and fall of the year (Ju–y - October)
Clinch Valley          Afternoon.
Colonial               January through June.
Hanover-Caroline       On a regular basis. Daily when working in program.
Headwaters             Sporad–c - minutes at a time
Holston River          Only in the Afternoon
                       Hourly, daily, mostly in the late afternoon. Varies 1-30 minutes. Sometimes
Northern Neck          to the point of lock-out.
                       When inputting large amounts of data. I’ll need to log off and wait 30
Peter Francisco        minutes.
Shenandoah Valley      Afternoons and around reporting times, it can be for hours
Skyline                Only on odd occasions
Three Rivers           Apr–l - June days at a time
                       Sometimes mid afternoon when most people are on it. Not usually in the
Tidewater              morning.
Virginia Dare          During heavy use, How long? just slowed, not down most of the time

7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                   Page 69 of 94
Question 12: Do the Quarterly Reports from the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program reconcile
with your internal management reports?

                                                                  % Of
                                                      #          Districts
Reports Match?                                    Responses        (33)
Always match                                             11          33%
Occasionally they don't match                            14          42%
Other, please specify                                     3           9%
Sometime they don't march                                 6          18%
They never match, takes a lot of work to
reconcile                                                    5      15%
Total                                                       36

Thomas Jefferson and Peanut added

Question 13: How often do you use the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program Users Guide for the
green form?

                                           % Of Districts
Use Green Guide?        # Responses            (31)
Never                             2                    6%
Once a month or
more                                4               13%
Once a year or less                11               35%
Several times a year               14               45%
Total                              31              100%

Question 14: How often do you use the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program Users Guide for the
pink form?

                                           % Of Districts
Use Pink Guide?         # Responses            (31)
Never                            10                  32%
Once a month or
more                                2                6%
Once a year or less                13               42%
Several times a year                6               19%
Total                              31              100%

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 70 of 94
 Question 15: Do you feel a frequently asked questions document for the BMP would help?

78% of respondents answered yes. (31 out of 40)

 Question 16: Would you be willing to share documentation, forms, empirical information with other

95% of respondents answered yes. (36 out of 38)

 Question 17: If you had a portable device (i.e. laptop, PDA, notebook) for data entry, how would you
 use it?

                              Admin/Other               Tech / Dist Mgr                Total
                             #         % Of              #          % Of            #        % Of
                          Response   Answered        Response    Answered       Response   Answered
 Use for PDA in Field        s          (6)              s           (27)           s        (33)
 Enter data                  4         67%              20          74%            24        73%
 GPS                         2         33%              10          37%            12        36%
 Other Work Sheets,
 Conservation Plan             1          17%             7           26%            8           24%
 Generate Forms                2          33%             2            7%            4           12%
 Wouldn't Use                  1          17%             7           26%            8           24%
 Total                        10                         46                         56

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                  Page 71 of 94
Question 18: What new reports or access to data would be useful to you?

Headwaters          Admin       Quarterly reports to give un-obligated totals, and information to be accurate.
                                Since all tracking information can be sent to Excel, any type of report can be
Holston River       Admin       processed.
                                A report that provided a producer profile to gain a big picture snapshot of sign-
Northern Neck       Admin       up.
Big Sandy           Cons Tech   Access to old records.

                                We only need direct connection between excel, ArcMAP (GIS) and the
                                tracking program and any external device. Just as mention before
Colonial            Cons Tech   downloading and uploading information.....
Culpeper            Cons Tech   Ability to generate 1099 G tax forms at end of year;
Daniel Boone        Cons Tech   More info. sharing on Secondary Considerations
Hanover-Caroline    Cons Tech   To have split screen to access tracking program and GIS concurrently.
Loudoun             Cons Tech   Maps of bmp installation
                                It would be nice to have some customizable reports, however this would be
Monacan             Cons Tech   difficult to develop since each district has their own needs.
                                Farm and Tract numbers, location maps, producers history in programs by
Northern Neck       Cons Tech   tract,
Northern Virginia   Cons Tech   A weed or grass identification guide. A GPS unit.
Robert E. Lee       Cons Tech   Select from table option for pink forms

Shenandoah                      A Cancellation Report, A Payments for the year Report, An improved CE
Valley              Cons Tech   Report
                                Reports of who signed up for a particular practice within a certain time frame
                                (past 6 months, past year, past 5 years, etc.); Reports of who is about to
                                expire with the ability to vary the time until expiration (within the next 30 days,
Shenandoah                      within the next 2 months, 3 months, etc.); Basically a more user friendly way to
Valley              Cons Tech   query just all of our data would be helpful
Three Rivers        Cons Tech   WQI Data
                                Being able to have the data convert to an excel spreadsheet for both the
                                green and pink programs and being able to change the data in the excel sheet
                                and it saving into the tracking program. Excel is much easier than the tracking
Tidewater           Cons Tech   program.
                                A comprehensive data base should be built with this system at the local level.
                                Data that would then be uploaded daily or weekly to be “tracked” at the state
                                level. This localized database of information could then be queried with the
                                capability of importing data from previous applications for repeat participants.
                                Reports should be available for $, practices, soil saved, by watershed, county,
Chowan Basin        Dist Mgr    district, etc…which some already exist.
Clinch Valley       Dist Mgr    Hydrologic Units, Watershed Codes, Relief and Distance to Stream Data
Colonial            Dist Mgr    Just use a spread sheet with only the vital info.

                                Digital VERGIS index information accessible through Toolkit or another GIS
                                based program. Also a report for summarizing installed BMPs and their
John Marshall       Dist Mgr    components.
                                Easier to use reduction credits from practices installed. Farm and tract
Northern Neck       Dist Mgr    identification

                                EASIER reporting from BMP Tracking Progr–m - ability to generate custom
                                reports. State level needs ability to interface with NRCS Toolkit to provide
Piedmont            Dist Mgr    information regarding conservation practices in watershed.
Skyline             Dist Mgr    A general report that would be appropriate for a District Board Meeting.

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                         Page 72 of 94
Question 19: What is it that you find most difficult today with the current system?

                                      Admin/Other             Tech / Dist Mgr                 Total
                                               % Answ                    % Answ                   % Answ
What is Most Difficult?              # Resp        (5)       # Resp         (26)        # Resp       (31)
Duplicate Data Entry                      1       20%             8         31%           9        29%
Slow                                      2       40%             5         19%           7        23%
Must manually do entry,
calculations                              2         40%            6         23%          8           26%
Cumbersome to Use                         4         80%           14         54%         18           58%
Total                                     9                       33                     42

Question 20: What would be the three most important capabilities of a modernized system?

                                           Admin/Other           Tech / Dist Mgr              Total
                                                   % Answ                 % Answ                  % Answ
Three Things Needed?                     # Resp        (5)      # Resp       (28)       # Resp       (33)
Enter Data Once                               1       20%           11       39%         12        36%
Additional Value                              0        0%            6       21%          6        18%
Include All Tools Needed For BMP              1       20%           12       43%         13        39%
Correct Reports / Query Capability            3       60%            4       14%          7        21%
Print Forms                                   0        0%            3       11%          3         9%
Easier Entry                                  3       60%            9       32%         12        36%
Field / Remote Access                         0        0%            3       11%          3         9%
Total                                         8                     48                   56

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                       Page 73 of 94

   1. Which SWCD are you in? (Pick from list of SWCDs)
   2. What is your role? District Manager / Conservation Technician / Specialist /
       Administrator / Office Manager / Other, please specify
   3. Which BMPs are most often used in your district? (please list codes, such as SL8)
   4. What is the total number of Ag BMP Cost Share entries into the tracking program this
       year for the green form?
   5. What is the total number of Ag BMP Cost Share entries into the tracking program this
       year for the pink form?
   6. Do you use: QuickBooks / Quicken / Other, please specify
   7. What tools do you use to collect data for the green and pink forms? (check all that apply):
       GIS / Terrain Navigator / Web Soil Survey / VirGIS map / Other, please specify
   8. How do you use the USDA Tool Kit? (check all that apply): Enter conservation plan /
       Check for existing plans / Making and printing maps / Collecting distance to stream, relief
       to stream data / Collecting soil data / Other, please specify
   9. How do you rank applications for approval? (check all that apply): Cost Efficiency
       Factor / Worksheet to assign points / Other, please specify
   10. How often has the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program been unavailable?
   11. Do you experience slow performance from the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program?
       If yes: When? How long?
   12. Do the Quarterly Reports from the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program reconcile with
       your internal management reports? Other, please specify
   13. How often do you use the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program Users Guide for the
       green form?
   14. How often do you use the Ag BMP Cost-Share Tracking Program Users Guide for the
       pink form?
   15. Do you feel a frequently asked s document for the BMP would help?
   16. Would you be willing to share documentation, forms, empirical information with other
   17. If you had a portable device (ie. laptop, PDA, notebook) for data entry, how would you
       use it?
   18. What new reports or access to data would be useful to you?
   19. What is it that you find most difficult today with the current system?
   20. What would be the three most important capabilities of a modernized system?

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                                   Appendix 6:

                        Individual Survey Responses

An Excel spreadsheet is attached for additional analysis of the survey responses.

7/14/2011            669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc               Page 75 of 94
                      Appendix 7: Price Quotes


Geoff Walker                    
Telebusiness Sales
Phone: 800-447-9778 ext. 2931
Fax: 909-307-3049                            20310927.pdf
380 New York St
Redlands, CA 92373


Vivek Baijal                    
Vice-President, Consulting
                                             Cengea Rates
20 Witherspoon Crescent                        2008.pdf
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2K 3L6
Phone: (613) 271-6198
Fax: (613) 271-6198                       Budgetary Estimate -
                                          Updated Dec 2007.doc

7/14/2011          669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc        Page 76 of 94
  Networking and Hardware Detail:

Citrix Based Solutions                                                   Citrix Basic                 Citrix Cluster           Citrix Cluster Enhanced
                                                                 Price /       #      Total     Price /      #      Total     Price /      #
Option                                                             Unit     Units     Price      Unit      Units    Price      Unit      Units Total Price
Database Server                                                   $6,920          1   $6,920    $6,920          1  $6,920     $6,920         1    $6,920
Windows Server 2003                                               $1,200       -          $0    $1,200       -          $0    $1,200      -            $0
Application Server - BMP 2.0/Citrix Presentation Server/Web Server                1 $11,000    $11,000          1 $11,000    $11,000         3   $33,000
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall                                  $10,000        -          $0   $10,000          1 $10,000    $10,000         1   $10,000
Citrix Access Gateway SSL VPN                                     $8,000       -          $0    $8,000          1  $8,000     $8,000         1    $8,000
Citrix Netscaler Load Balancer                                  $40,000        -          $0   $40,000       -          $0   $40,000         1   $40,000
Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Platinum Edition Software            $700         50 $35,000       $700         50 $35,000       $700        50   $35,000
T-1, Annual Cost (based on $800 / month)                        $10,000        -          $0   $10,000                  $0   $10,000         1   $10,000

Total                                                                              $52,920                       $70,920                       $142,920

Web Based Solutions                                                      Web Basic                    Web Cluster              Web Cluster Enhanced
                                                                 Price /    #      Total        Price /   #       Total       Price /   #
Option                                                             Unit    Units   Price         Unit   Units     Price        Unit   Units Total Price
Database Server                                                   $6,920      1    $6,920       $6,920      1    $6,920       $6,920      1    $6,920
Windows Server 2003                                               $1,200    -          $0       $1,200    -           $0      $1,200   -            $0
Application Server - BMP 2.0/Citrix Presentation Server/Web Server            1 $11,000        $11,000      2 $22,000        $11,000      3   $33,000
Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall                                  $10,000     -          $0      $10,000    -           $0     $10,000      1   $10,000
Citrix Access Gateway SSL VPN                                     $8,000    -          $0       $8,000    -           $0      $8,000      1    $8,000
Citrix Netscaler Load Balancer                                  $40,000     -          $0      $40,000      1 $40,000        $40,000      1   $40,000
Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Platinum Edition Software            $700    -          $0         $700    -           $0        $700   -            $0
T-1, Annual Cost (based on $800 / month)                        $10,000     -          $0      $10,000                $0     $10,000      1   $10,000

Total                                                                              $17,920                       $68,920                       $107,920

  7/14/2011                      669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                                        Page 77 of 94
 Appendix 8: Roles and Responsibilities of Project Team

    Project Role              Name(s)                                     Responsibilities
Project Sponsor /   Mark Meador                         Ensures project supports the organization vision,
Business Owner         strategy and business needs
                    804-786-3999                        Responsible for project authorization, providing
                                                         direction and funding approval
                                                        Provides access to resources across business
                                                        Procures and/or assigns needed business resources to
                                                         adequately define and support requirements definition
                                                        Provides decision-making and prioritization for scope
                                                         change requests and issue escalation
Stakeholders        Primary: J.C. Berger                Key advisor who ensures the project’s results will
                              effectively support the operational levels of the business
                    804-394-2725                        People who want to know or need to know the status of
                                                         the project but aren’t directly involved in day-to-day
                                                         project activities
                                                        Will receive project communication as needed
                    ·   Stephanie Martin                Provides answers to business related questions
Subject Matter      stephanie.martin@dcr.virginia.      May acts as day-to-day go-to person for the project
Experts             gov                                  team
                                                        Understands key aspects of the business products,
                                                         services and strategies and has a working knowledge of
                        Karl Huber
                                                         business processes
                                                        Provides information during requirements definition to
                       Ken Carter                       support business needs

                       Gary Moore

CXI Team
CXI Director        Kathy Lewis                         Ensures project technology resources are assigned
                           Provides assistance in resolving escalated issues
                    804-517-8202                        Participates in decision making on scope change

CXI Advisor         C. W. Laugerbaum                    Provides direction and guidance to CXI Team through
                          out the project
                    804-539-1348                        Participates in weekly meetings and SWCD visits as

Project Lead        Noni Ledford                     ·   Provides leadership and direction including assignment
                           of team members and directing the information
                    804-622-0700 x407                    collection activities.
                    804-615-9206                     ·   Responsible for the creation of the schedule for the
                                                         completion of all deliverables within 10 days of contract
                                                         award. Microsoft Project 200x will be used to create,
                                                         monitor, and report on progress of the project.

7/14/2011            669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                         Page 78 of 94
                                             ·   Weekly written reporting of project progress to SWCD
                                                 assigned personnel
                                             ·   Creation of deliverables indicated in the statement of

Software Engineer    Oliver Dujua               Review, analyze, and document the current software
                   and hardware resident on Personal Computers, Servers
                     804-622-0700 x409           and peripheral devices. Documentation would include;
                     804-314-7605                         ·   Current release levels of software
                                                              including operating systems, Internet
                                                              software, device drivers, and
                                                          ·   Current storage capacity

Data Analyst         Jamie Merling           ·   Review, analyze, and document the current data
                  communications requirements. Documentation would
                     804-622-0700                include;
                     804-855-7890                     o Current utilization and capacity of installed
                                                      o Current access and security provided by
                                                            installed configurations
                                             ·   Identify and document existing data communications
                                                 hardware and software required to support the SWCD
                                                 operations throughout the agency. This would include
                                                 data communications required for sources remote from
                                                 district office and DCR headquarters.
                                             ·   Review patterns of utilization to detect peak periods of
                                             ·   Review current alternative transmission routes that
                                                 minimize outage in certain geographic areas.

Business Analyst /   Mary Anne Quinlan       ·   Conducting interviews with key SWCD personnel and
Documentation        documenting current and future processes and
Analyst              804-622-0700 x418           procedures impacting the technology infrastructure.
                     703-517-7907            ·   Using Microsoft Word create the draft and final
                                                 documents indicated as deliverables in the statement of
                                                Collect and assemble all documents from team and
                                                 create any required presentations

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 79 of 94
                           Appendix 9: List of Interviews
Name               Organization                   Date        Title                Phone        Email
                   Arkansas Natural
                   Resources Commission,                                           501-682-     adrian.baber@arkans
Adrian Barber      Conservation Division          Dec-19-07   Chief                3967

Kathy Smith        Blue Ridge                     Dec-14-07   District Manager

Mike Tabor         Blue Ridge                     Dec-14-07   Technician

Patricia Hodges    Blue Ridge                     Dec-14-07   Administrator

PW Morgan          Blue Ridge                     Dec-14-07   Specialist

Joe Wentz          Clinch Valley NRCS             Nov-19-07   Specialist - Fed
Angie White        Clinch Valley SWCD             Nov-19-07   District Manager

Mo Wilson (Gary)   Clinch Valley SWCD             Nov-19-07   Specialist
Rick Hesse         Clinch Valley SWCD             Nov-19-07   Administrator

Tim Mullins        Clinch Valley SWCD             Nov-19-07   Specialist

Jim Wallace        Colonial SWCD                  Dec-03-07   CBPA WQ Specialist
Karl Huber         DCR
                   Delaware Dept of Natural
                   Resources and                              Program              302-739-     michael.brown@stat
Michael K. Brown   Environmental Control          Dec-14-07   Administrator        9921

Jane Corson-
Lassiter           Eastern Shore SWCD             Dec-03-07   District Manager

Geoff Walker       ESRI                           various     Telebusiness Sales   9778 x2931

                   Georgia Soil and Water                     Acting Executive     706-542-
Brent Dykes        Conservation Commission        Dec-19-07   Director             3065

Marian Moody       Hanover-Caroline SWCD          Dec-03-07   Specialist
                   Illinois Dept of Agriculture
                   Office of Soil and Water                                        217-785-
Mike Rahe          Conservation                   Dec-20-07                        7658
                   John Deere

                                                                                   502-573-     steve.coleman@ky.g
Steve Colman       Kentucky                       Dec-19-07                        3080         ov
                   Louisiana Dept of
                   Agriculture Office of Soil                 Assistant            225-922-
Brad Spicer        and Water Conservation         Dec-17-07   Commissioner         1269         us
                   Maryland Department of
                   Agriculture, Office of
                   Resource Conservation,
                   Conservation Grants                                             410-841-
Michelle Esh       Program                        Dec-28-08                        5818

7/14/2011                  669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                             Page 80 of 94
                                                                                   517-243-   knorekj@michigan.g
Jack Knorek         Michigan                     Dec-21-07                         0072       ov

                    Minnesota Board of Water                                       615-297-   Conor.Donnelly@bw
Tim Ogg             & Soil Resources             14-Jan-08   eLink Coordinator     8024
                    Missouri Department of
                    Natural Resources Soil and
                    Water Conservation                                             573-751-
Ken Struemph        Commission                   Dec-20-07                         4932

Jill Richters       Nebraska                     Dec-14-07                         471.3947

                    New Jersey Department of                                       609-292-   james.sadley@ag.stat
Jim Sadley          Agriculture                  Dec-20-07   Executive Secretary   5540
                    New York State Soil and                  Senior
                    Water Conservation                       Environmental         518-457-   Brian.Steinmuller@a
Brian Steinmuller   Committee                    Dec-12-07   Analyst               0562
                    North Carolina Division of
                    Soil and Water                                                 919-715-   David.B.Williams@
Dave Williams       Conservation                 Dec-20-07                         6103

Debbie Bullock      Northern Neck NCRS           Nov-16-07   Specialist - Fed
Craig Brann         Northern Neck SWCD           Nov-16-07   District Manager

Dwight Forrester    Northern Neck SWCD           Nov-16-07   Specialist
Kathy Clarke        Northern Neck SWCD           Nov-16-07   Office Manager
                                                             Toolkit Plug-in,                 Frank.Geter@ftc.usd
Frank Geter         NRCS CO                                  Project Manager        
                                                             Toolkit Plug-in,                 Ken.Rojas@ftc.usda.
Ken Rojas           NRCS CO                                  Project Manager                  gov
Kathy Green         NRCS CO                      12/20/07    Toolkit Plug-in       5647
                                                                                   804-287-   David.smith@va.usd
David Smith         NRCS / USDA                              IT Specialist         1634
                                                             Toolkit, ProTracts,
                                                             Web, eAuth            804-287-   Ron.wood@va.usda.
Ron Wood            NRCS / USDA                              Coordinator           1660       gov
                    Ohio Department of
                    Natural Resources
                    Division of Soil & Water                                       614-265-
Martin Joyce        Conservation                 Dec-12-07   Administrator         6684

                                                             Conservation          910-422-   bill_norris@onslow.
Bill Norris         Onslow County SWCD           Dec-5-07    Specialist            4472 x3

Gavin Sanderlin     Peaks of Otter SWCD          Dec-03-07   Specialist

Jim Wright          Peanut NRCS                  Nov-26-07   Specialist - Fed

Chuck Griffen       Peanut SWCD                  Nov-26-07   Specialist

Kevin Gerber        Peanut SWCD                  Nov-26-07   Specialist
Tara Williams       Peanut SWCD                  Nov-26-07   District Manager

Charlie Simmons     Shenandoah SWCD              Dec-10-07   Specialist

Donna Shaeffer      Shenandoah SWCD              Dec-10-07   Administrator

7/14/2011                   669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                          Page 81 of 94
Megan Dalton        Shenandoah SWCD            Dec-10-07   District Manager

Megan O'Gork                                               Specialist / TMDL
(Mo)                Shenandoah SWCD            Dec-10-07   Residential

                                                           Specialist / TMDL
Mike Phillips       Shenandoah SWCD            Dec-10-07   Agricultural

Sarah Blake         Shenandoah SWCD            Dec-10-07   Specialist

Cynthia Hancock     Skyline SWCD               Dec-03-07   District Manager
                    South Carolina Dept of
                    Natural Resources, Land,
                    Water and Conservation                 Chief, Environmental   803-734-
Von Snelgrove       Division                   Dec-19-07   Conservation           9100       ov
                    Tennessee Department of
                    Agriculture, State Soil                                       615-837-   james.nance@state.t
Jim Nance           Conservation Committee     Dec-20-07   Executive Secretary    5319
Alyson Sappington   Thomas Jefferson SWCD      Nov-29-07   District Manager

Don Nelson          Thomas Jefferson SWCD      Nov-29-07   Specialist

Emily Nelson        Thomas Jefferson SWCD      Nov-29-07   Specialist

Martin Johnson      Thomas Jefferson SWCD      Nov-29-07   Specialist

                    West Virginia                          Conservation           304-558-
Pam Russell         Conservation Agency        Dec-18-07   Services Manager       2204

7/14/2011                  669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                          Page 82 of 94
                      Appendix 10: Definition of Terms

Term        Type       Means          Definition                               More Info        Website
                                      Microsoft's trademarked a centralized,
                                      standardized system that automates
                                      network management of user data,
                                      security, and distributed resources,
            IT         Active         and enables interoperation with other
AD          Term       Directory      directories. Part of Windows 2000.
                                      A high-speed, high-capacity magnetic
                                      tape data storage format developed
                       Advanced       and controlled by Sony. It competes
            IT         Intelligent    mainly against the DLT, LTO,
AIT         Term       Tape           DAT/DDS, and VXA formats.
                       All Terrain
ATV         Term       Vehicle
                       Management     The types of investments funded by
BMP         Term       Practice       the cost share program
                                      CACI International, Inc. (NYSE:
                                      CAI) is an Arlington, Virginia-based
            IT                        publicly held information technology
CACI        Term                      company.
                                      Common IT investment,
                                      telecommunications, office
                                      tools, and administrative
            IT         Computing      applications for USDA                                      http://www.sci.usd
CCE         Term       Environment    agencies.                                       
                       District       Employees of DCR Regional Office
CDC         DCR        Coordinator    interacting with 5-7 SWCDs
                       Efficiency     Used to determine approval of Cost
C-E         Term       Factor         share proposal
                                      The pink form used to apply to a
contract    Doc                       BMP cost-share contract practice,
form        Context                   lasting three years
                       Conservation                                                             http://www.fsa.usd
                       Enhancement                                                              ?area=home&subje
CREP        USDA       Program        Fed land retirement program              CREP             ct=copr&topic=cep
CRP         fed govt   Program        Funding source
            IT         DataBase
DBMS        Term       Mgmt System'

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                       Page 83 of 94
                       Dept of          Responsible for promoting land
                       Conservation     conservation, improving water quality
                       and              including the Bay, state parks, and                      http://www.dcr.vir
DCR         DCR        Recreation       dam safety.                                    
DCR Meta    Term
District    agcy                        Shorthand for SWCD
                                        Previously called CompacTape, DLT
                                        is a magnetic tape data storage
                                        technology developed by Digital
            IT         Digital Linear   Equipment Corporation from 1984
DLT         Term       Tape             onwards.
                                        DSL or xDSL, is a family of
                                        technologies that provide digital data
                                        transmission over the wires of a local
                                        telephone network. The term DSL has
                                        been recently adopted as a more
                                        marketing-friendly term for the most
                                        popular version of consumer-ready
                       Digital          DSL, ADSL. DSL uses high
            IT         Subscriber       frequency, regular telephone uses low
DSL         Term       Line             frequency.
EI          Term       Erosion Index
EPA         fed govt                    Environmental Protection Agency
                                        Federal agricultural cost share
                                        program addressing animal waste,
                       Environmental    cropland erosion, grazing and forest
                       Quality          land management. Run by NRCS.
                       Incentive        Can be "piggy-backed" with state
EQIP        USDA       Program          BMP cost-share program.
                       Systems          A software company that designs
                       Research         Geographic Information System
ESRI        Name       Institute        technologies.
EWP         USDA       Protection       Funding source
                                        Matching funds to help purchase
                                        conservation easements to keep
                       Farm and         productive farmland in agricultural
                       Ranch Lands      use. Partnership btwn USDA and
                       Protection       state or local governments and non-
FRPP        USDA       Program          govt orgs.
                                        The FSA farm operator, tract and
                       Farm Service     field numbers are tracked for the cost
FSA         USDA       Agency           share program.                           FSA   
                       Farm Service     Office that houses SWCD and fed ag
FSC                    Center           agencies
                       General          VA state governing bodies including
GA          st govt    Assembly         state senate and house
                                        A system for capturing, storing,
                       Geographical     analyzing and managing data and
                       Information      associated attributes which are          Wikipedia
GIS         Term       System           spatially referenced to the Earth.       (source)

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                        Page 84 of 94
                        Global          A radio navigation system that allows
                        Positioning     land, sea, and airborne users to
GPS           Term      Satellite       determine their exact location          GPS
                        Grassland       Help landowners restore and protect
                        Reserve         grazing lands for conversion to other
GRP           USDA      Program         uses.
HEL           Term      Erodable Land
                                        A data-oriented protocol used for
              IT        Internet        communicating data across a packet-
IP            Term      Protocol        switched internetwork.
                                        MySQL is a relational database
                                        management system (RDBMS) based
                                        on SQL (Structured Query
                                        Language). MySQL is currently
                                        available under two different
                                        licensing agreements: free of charge,
                                        under the GNU General Public
                                        License (GPL) open source system or
                                        through subscription to MySQL
                                        Network for business applications.
                        Resources       Federal agency , part of USDA.
                        Conservation    Primary mission is soil conservation.
NRCS          USDA      Service         Key partner to SWCD in local offices    NCRS   
                                        A BMP Cost-Share that is approved
                                        for a program year, but could not be
                                        paid in the current year because the
                                        BMP is incomplete. The funds
                                        associated with the BMP are
Obligated                               obligated for the following program
Funds         Term                      year.
                                        Arial photograph that has been
                                        corrected for scale and tilt. Can be
orthophoto    word                      used to measure true distances.
                                        An applicant to a BMP cost-share.
              Doc                       May be a farmer, operator. Often
participant   Context                   referred to as producer.
                        Management      A type of application software that     Wikipedia
PIMS          Term      System          functions as a personal organizer.      (source)
practice      Context                   Shorthand for BMP
                                        Equivalent to the fiscal year,
                                        beginning on July 1. Divided into
Program                                 four quarters, with Q1 beginning on
Year          Term                      July 1.
                                        The activity of providing evidence
                                        needed to establish quality in work,
                                        and that activities that require good
              IT        Quality         quality are being performed             Wikipedia
QA            Term      Assurance       effectively.                            (source)

7/14/2011               669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                       Page 85 of 94
                                        A database management system
                                        (DBMS) that is based on the
                                        relational model as introduced by E.
                                        F. Codd. A short definition of a
                                        RDBMS may be a DBMS in which
                       Relational       data is stored in the form of tables and
            IT         DataBase         the relationship among the data is also
RDBMS       Term       Mgmt System      stored in the form of tables.
regular     Doc                         The green form used to apply to a
form        Context                     BMP cost-share
                                        Relating to or living or located on the
                                        bank of a natural watercourse (as a
                                        river) or sometimes of a lake or a
riparian    word                        tidewater
                                        Needed for green form for cropping
                       Revised          practices. Must gather numbers for
                       Universal Soil   slope, est. slope length, % ground
RUSLE       Term       Loss Equation    cover, soil type, avg. rainfall
            St Dept    Stewardship
            of         Incentive
SIP         Forestry   Program          Funding source for select BMPs
Spot                                    Auditing a BMP to insure the practice
Check       Term                        is being followed as contracted.
                       Soil and
                       Water                                                                 Individual websites
            local      Conservation     Funded by feds, local jurisdiction,                  listed on SWCD
SWDC        agcy       District         state oversight. Locally autonomous.                 website tab
                                        Definition: a component of Linnet's
                                        Watershed-The System® program
                                        designed specifically for the Ohio
                                        Department of Natural Resources
                       Soil and         (ODNR), the Division of Soil and                     http://www.dnr.stat
                       Water            Water Conservation (DSWC), and the         
                       Information      Ohio Soil and Water Conservation                     ds/admin/SWIMS/t
                       Management       Districts (SWCDs).                                   abid/9096/Default.
SWIMS                  System                                                                aspx
                                        TLS and its predecessor, Secure
                                        Sockets Layer (SSL), are
                                        cryptographic protocols that provide
                                        secure communications on the
                                        Internet for web browsing, e-mail,
            IT         Transport        Internet faxing, instant messaging and
TLS         Term       Layer Security   other data transfers.
                       Total Max        Amount of pollutants in a body of
TMDL        Term       Daily Load       water
                                        A serial bus standard to interface
                                        devices. USB was designed to allow
                                        peripherals to be connected with
                                        single standardized interface socket to
                                        improve plug-and-play capabilities by
                                        allowing devices to be connected and
            IT         Universal        disconnected without rebooting the
USB         Term       Serial Bus       computer (hot swapping).

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                    Page 86 of 94
                      US Dept of
USDA        USDA      Agriculture       World's biggest network                               
                      Universal         Method currently used to determine
                      Transverse        location. Like GPS, translated for a
UTM         Term      Mercator          flat map.
                                        The National Technological
                                        University (Spanish: Universidad
                                        Tecnológica Nacional, UTN) is a
                                        national university of Argentina,
            IT                          which specializes in the teaching of
UTN-T1      Term                        engineering sciences.
                                        Support voluntary installation of
                                        agricultural Best Management                                    www.dcr.virginia.g
                      VA                Practices to reduce non-point water                             ov/soil_&_water/d
                      Agricultural      pollution by providing financial          link at right is to   ocuments/bmpsbro
VACS        DCR       Cost Share        incentives                                brochure              2.pdf
                      Assoc of Soil     Provides leadership, advocacy,
            Non       & Water           education and support for districts
            profit    Conservation      thru interaction with state and fed
VASWCD      assoc     Districts         partners                                  VASWCD      
                                        Third-generation event driven
                                        programming language and associated
                                        development environment from
            IT                          Microsoft for its COM programming
VB          Term      Visual Basic      model
                      VA                Educational outreach program of VA
                      Cooperative       Tech and VA State in conjunction                                http://www.ext.vt.e
VCE         DCR       Extension         with several federal agencies                                   du/about.vce/
                                        Promotes the economic growth &
                                        development of VA agriculture,
                      VA Dept of        encourages environmental
                      Agriculture       stewardship and provides consumer
                      and Consumer      protection. Enforces agricultural                               www.vdacs.virgini
VDACS       DCR       Services          regulations and manages exemptions.                   
                                        This was a one time development by
                                        VA Techs ponsored by DCR, based
                                        on soils. To determine Water Quality
                      Virginia          Index. Done in the 80's. Not
                      Informational     available to all SWCDs. Two
                      Rasterized        copies, one at DCR and one int eh
Virgis      DCR       GIS               District offices.
                                        VA's consolidated, centralized
                                        information technology organization,
                      Virginia          responsible for operation of IT
                      Information       ingrastructure, governance of IT
                      Technologies      investments, and procurement of                                 http://www.vita.vir
VITA        st agcy   Agency            technology.                                           
                                        A network that uses a public
                                        telecommunication infrastructure,
                                        such as the Internet, to provide remote
                      Virtual Private   offices or individual users with secure
VPN         IT term   Network           access to their organization's network
                      Wildlife          NRCS program to provide technical
WHIP        USDA      Habitat           and financial assistance to develop

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                           Page 87 of 94
                       Incentives      upland, wetland, reparian and aquatic
                       Program         habitat areas.
                                       Grant awards intended to reduce
                                       pollution through partnerships with
                                       local governments, community
                                       groups and others. Grants focus on
                                       implementing VA’s Chesapeake Bay
                                       Tributary Strategies as well as                          http://www.dcr.vir
                       Water Quality   improving waters throughout Virginia           
                       Improvement     that do not meet water quality                           water/documents/w
WQIF        Term       Fund            standards (TMDL waters).                WQIF             qcbgrntawds.pdf
WRP         fed govt   Program         Funding source
                                       Helps landowners protect, restore and
                                       enhance wetlands. Landowners can
                       Wetland         receive 100% cost-sharing for
                       Reserve         permanent easements or 75% for 30-
WRP         USDA       Program         yr easements.

Detailed Info
CREP Overview
The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a voluntary land retirement
program that helps agricultural producers protect environmentally sensitive land,
decrease erosion, restore wildlife habitat, and safeguard ground and surface water.

The program is a partnership among producers; tribal, state, and federal governments;
and, in some cases, private groups. CREP is an offshoot of the country's largest private-
lands environmental improvement program - the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Like CRP, CREP is administered by USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA). By
combining CRP resources with state, tribal, and private programs, CREP provides
farmers and ranchers with a sound financial package for conserving and enhancing the
natural resources of farms.

CREP addresses high-priority conservation issues of both local and national significance,
such as impacts to water supplies, loss of critical habitat for threatened and endangered
wildlife species, soil erosion, and reduced habitat for fish populations such as salmon.
CREP is a community-based, results-oriented effort centered around local participation
and leadership.

CREP Benefits

For the landowner, CREP is not just a cost-effective way to address rural environmental
problems and meet regulatory requirements; it can provide a viable option to supplement
farm income as well.

7/14/2011              669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                       Page 88 of 94
CREP is convenient for producers because it is based on the familiar, highly successful
CRP model. Land must be owned or leased for at least one year prior to enrollment to be
eligible, and must be physically and legally capable of being cropped in a normal manner.

Land must also meet cropping history and other eligibility requirements. Enrollment can
be on a continuous basis, permitting farmers and ranchers to join the program at any time
rather than waiting for specific sign-up periods.

CREP supports increased conservation practices such as filter strips and forested buffers.
These conservation practices help protect streams, lakes, and rivers from sedimentation
and agricultural runoff.

CREP also helps landowners develop and restore wetlands through the planting of
appropriate groundcover. Restoring water regimes helps protect national treasures like
the Chesapeake Bay, Mammoth Cave, and the Florida Everglades. By maintaining clear
goals and requiring annual monitoring, CREP helps participants measure progress and
ensure success.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) administers and manages farm commodity, credit,
conservation, disaster and loan programs as laid out by Congress through a network of
federal, state and county offices.

These programs are designed to improve the economic stability of the agricultural
industry and to help farmers adjust production to meet demand. Economically, the
desired result of these programs is a steady price range for agricultural commodities for
both farmers and consumers.

State and county offices directly administer FSA programs. These offices certify farmers
for farm programs and pay out farm subsidies and disaster payments. Currently, there are
2,346 FSA county offices in the continental states. FSA also has offices in Hawaii, and a
few American territories.

Short for Global Positioning System, a worldwide MEO satellite navigational system
formed by 24 satellites orbiting the earth and their corresponding receivers on the earth.
The satellites orbit the earth at approximately 12,000 miles above the surface and make
two complete orbits every 24 hours. The GPS satellites continuously transmit digital
radio signals that contain data on the satellites location and the exact time to the earth-
bound receivers. The satellites are equipped with atomic clocks that are precise to within
a billionth of a second. Based on this information the receivers know how long it takes
for the signal to reach the receiver on earth. As each signal travels at the speed of light,
the longer it takes the receiver to get the signal, the farther away the satellite is. By
knowing how far away a satellite is, the receiver knows that it is located somewhere on
the surface of an imaginary sphere centered at the satellite. By using three satellites, GPS
can calculate the longitude and latitude of the receiver based on where the three spheres
intersect. By using four satellites, GPS can also determine altitude.

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 89 of 94
GPS was developed and is operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. It was originally
called NAVSTAR (Navigation System with Timing and Ranging). Before its civilian
applications, GPS was used to provide all-weather round-the-clock navigation
capabilities for military ground, sea, and air forces.
GPS has applications beyond navigation and location determination. GPS can be used for
cartography, forestry, mineral exploration, wildlife habitation management, monitoring
the movement of people and things and bringing precise timing to the world.

NRCS provides technical and financial assistance for many conservation activities.
Participation in our programs is voluntary. Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA)
program provides voluntary conservation technical assistance to land-users, communities,
units of state and local government, and other Federal agencies in planning and
implementing conservation systems.

Outreach to all segments of the agricultural community, including underserved and
socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. Manage natural resource conservation
programs that provide environmental, societal, financial, and technical benefits.

Provide technical expertise in such areas as animal husbandry and clean water, ecological
sciences, engineering, resource economics, and social sciences.

Provide expertise in soil science and leadership for soil surveys and for the National
Resources Inventory, which assesses natural resource conditions and trends in the United

Provide technical assistance to foreign governments, and participate in international
scientific and technical exchanges.

The Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) is a
private nonprofit association of 47 soil and water conservation districts in Virginia and is
classified accordingly as a 501(c)(5). It is a voluntary, nongovernmental association of
Virginia's districts.

The VASWCD provides and promotes leadership in the conservation of natural resources
through stewardship and education programs. It coordinates conservation efforts
statewide to focus effectively on issues identified by local member districts.

The Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) grant awards are intended to reduce
pollution through partnerships with local governments, community groups and others.
The grants focus on implementing Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategies as
well as improving waters throughout Virginia that do not meet water quality standards
(TMDL waters). Grants are awarded for projects within the Chesapeake Bay watershed
as well as watersheds in Virginia that drain outside the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the

7/14/2011             669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc                Page 90 of 94
“Southern Rivers.” These awards were made to support two WQIF: Cooperative
Nonpoint Source Pollution Programs with Local Governments and Strategic Nonpoint
Source Water Quality Initiatives. For additional details contact Sarah Capps at

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  Appendix 11: SWCD Infrastructure Comparison Chart

                                                                                                Database Server
                WEB OPTION C                                                                  Windows Server 2003
                                                                                               MS SQL Server 2005

                                                                              Citrix Access
                                                             Firewall           Gateway
                                                                                SSL VPN

                                              Dedicated T1

                                                                        Citrix NetScaler
                                                                          Load Balancer

                                                                                                           BMP 2.0
       SWCD                                                                                         Web Servers .NET
       Mobile and/or Remote users                                                                Windows Server 2003
       access BMP 2.0 thru the Internet via                                                             CLUSTERED
       Citrix Access Gateway SSL VPN
       user authentication

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            Appendix 12: Other Commercial Products
                             (paper copy only)

7/14/2011        669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc   Page 93 of 94
                       Appendix 13: Detail Hardware Price list

Hardware                         Web Basic                   Web Improved                   Web Robust
                                      #       Total    Price /     #      Total     Price /     #      Total
Option                 Price / Unit Units     Price     Unit      Units   Price      Unit     Units    Price

Database Server            $6,920   1         $6,920    $6,920   1        $6,920      $6,920   1         $6,920
Windows Server
2003                       $1,200       -         $0    $1,200       -        $0      $1,200       -           $0
Application Server -
BMP 2.0/Citrix
Server/Web Server        $11,000    1        $11,000   $11,000   2       $22,000     $11,000   3        $33,000
Cisco ASA 5500
Series Firewall          $10,000        -         $0   $10,000       -        $0     $10,000   1        $10,000
Citrix Access
Gateway SSL VPN            $8,000       -         $0    $8,000       -        $0      $8,000   1         $8,000
Citrix Netscaler
Load Balancer            $40,000        -         $0   $40,000   1       $40,000     $40,000   1        $40,000
Citrix Presentation
Server 4.5 Platinum
Edition Software            $700        -         $0      $700       -        $0       $700        -           $0
T-1, Annual Cost
(based on $800 /
month)                   $10,000        -         $0   $10,000                $0     $10,000   1        $10,000

Total                                        $17,920                     $68,920                       $107,920

         7/14/2011           669e2616-7db9-4e14-ae24-2321bdb9c8ea.doc              Page 94 of 94

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