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									Modern Presidents
              I.     Ronald Reagan
• Born Feb. 6, 1911 in
  Tampico, IL
• Former lifeguard
• Former actor
• Former President of the
  Screen Actor’s Guild
• Former Governor of
• Nicknames: Dutch, the
  Gipper, the Great
A. Administration (1981-1989)
               • Won 44 of the 50 states
               • 489-49 over Carter in
                 the Electoral College
               • Inauguration Day –
                 American hostages in
                 Iran released
               • 61 days after taking
                 office, survives
                 assassination attempt by
                 John Hinkley, Jr.
           1. Reaganomics
• Supply-side economics – reduce taxes,
  especially on the wealthy and large
  corporations. Lower taxes would encourage
  more saving and investment, which would lead
  to business expansion and more jobs. The
  result would be a larger supply of goods for
  consumers who, thanks to tax cuts, now had
  more money to spend.
• Country goes into a recession but the tide turns
  in 1982
• Deregulation of major industries (airlines –
  cheaper fares, FCC)
• Reagan on the environment – suggested that
  some risk or damage to the environment was
  the price the country had to pay to strengthen
  the economy
• Deficit goes up
• Unemployment drops to
  5.5% by 1982
• Reagan appoints Sandra
  Day O’Connor to the
  Supreme Court (1st
  female justice in Court’s
      Reagan and the Cold War
• Fervent anti-Communist
• Soviet-American relations based on mutual
  deterrence (as long as accurate missiles
  capable of complete destruction targeted both
  countries, neither nation would ever start a
  nuclear war)
• Urges Congress to put funds into the SDI or
  Star Wars
• 1987 – Iran-contra Scandal
• Intermediate-Range Nuclear
  Forces Treaty
   – Reduced the number of
     nuclear missiles in each
     country’s arsenal
• Gorbachev and “glasnost”
  or “openness”
• 1989 – Berlin Wall is torn
• 1990 – East and West
  Germany unite
• 1991 – USSR collapses
  (Cold War is no more)
          II. George H.W. Bush
• Born June 12, 1924 in
  Milton, Massachusetts
• Served in WWII, was shot
  down while flying a mission
• Attended Yale, played
  baseball, and was a member
  Skull and Bones
• Representative to Congress,
  director of the CIA,
  Reagan’s VP
• Only President to have 2
  middle names, once vomited
  on the Prime Minister of
       • 1988 – defeats
         Massachusetts Governor
         Michael Dukakis
       • 1990 – Iraq invades Kuwait
       • 1991 – the U.S., along with
         the UN, kick Hussein’s
         forces out of Kuwait in a
         1,000 hour air battle and
         100 hour ground battle
       • 300 Allied troops died and
         around 80,000 Iraqis died
       • Over 90% approval rating
• Raised taxes in 1990, despite his pledge when
  he ran (“Read my lips, no new taxes”)
• Lost his bid at re-election to Bill Clinton
  mainly because of the recession that plagued
  his presidency
• Spearheaded NAFTA
    III. William Jefferson Clinton
• Born August 19, 1946
  in Hope, Arkansas
• Former law professor,
  Arkansas Attorney
  General and Governor
• Defeated George H.W.
  Bush and Ross Perot in
  1992 Election
• Health care reform fails in Clinton’s 1st term
• NAFTA is agreed to
• Crisis in Yugoslavia
   – Bosnia-Herzegovina (Muslims) – Serbia (Christians)
• Family Leave Act – gave workers 12 weeks off
  unpaid leave for the birth or illness of a family
• Brady Act - imposed a five-day waiting period on
  handgun purchases
• 1994 – Republicans take control of Congress
• Clinton re-elected in 1996
• Agreed w/ Congress in 1997 to balance the budget by
• “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
• Vetoed partial birth abortion ban
• Administration marred by scandals (Whitewater and
• 2nd President to ever be impeached
• However, when Clinton left office he had a 65%
  approval rating
Election of 2000

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