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					                       Provided by Defend Oregon
A coalition dedicated to promoting tax fairness, government accountability and protecting
      education, health care, the environment and public safety for Oregon families.

  2010                                              There are seven measures on the November 2010 ballot.
                                                    Your vote on these measures will impact Oregon’s future.

                                                    This guide is provided by Defend Oregon, a coalition dedicated
                                                    to promoting tax fairness, government accountability and
                                                    protecting education, health care, the environment and

  Measure                                           public safety for Oregon families. It provides simple and clear
                                                    information on what the measures do, who supports and opposes

                                                    them, and comments from Oregon’s leading newspapers.
                                                    Defend Oregon had added our own recommendations on four
                                                    of the most important measures.

Measure          what it does                           suPPorted BY                       oPPosed BY    what others saY

            home ownership
            Loans for Veterans:
            Allows more Oregon veterans
            and surviving spouses to be
                                                Paul Evans (Veteran, Iraq & Afghanistan)
                                                • Oregon AFSCME Council 75 • Oregon
                                                Education Association
                                                                                           None         The Oregonian: “It costs
                                                                                                        nothing and could benefit
                                                                                                        more Oregon veterans. It’s
                                                                                                        an easy call. Yes.” (August

Yes         eligible for low interest home
            loans through the Oregon War
            Veterans’ Fund.
                                                                                                        31, 2010)

            Limited annual                      AARP Oregon • League of Women Voters       None         Clackamas Review:
            sessions: Modernizes                of Oregon • Advocacy Coalition of                       “Oregon voters can bring
            how our state does business         Seniors and People with Disabilities •                  greater predictability,
            and makes government more           American Federation of Teachers — Oregon                accountability and
recommend   accountable to the people.          • Basic Rights Oregon • Oregon Alliance                 nimbleness to the state’s

Yes         Requires the legislature to meet
            every year for a limited amount
            of time instead of once every two
                                                for Retired Americans • Oregon AFSCME
                                                Council 75 • Oregon Consumer League
                                                • Oregon Education Association •
                                                                                                        legislative process by
                                                                                                        approving Measure 71
                                                                                                        in the Nov. 2 election.”
            years for an unlimited amount       Oregon Nurses Association • Oregon                      (September 29, 2010)
            of time.                            State Council for Retired Citizens •
                                                SEIU Local 503 • Stand for Children •
                                                United Seniors of Oregon

            allows state to issue               National Electrical Contractors            None         Eugene Register-Guard:
            General obligation                  Association • Oregon AFSCME                             “If the measure had been
            Bonds: Allows the legislature       Council 75 • Oregon Building                            in place in 2009, the
            to use lower-cost general           Trades Council • Oregon Education                       state would have saved an
            obligation bonds for future         Association                                             estimated $38 million over
            building projects. Reduces                                                                  the life of the debt that
            interest costs to the state.                                                                was authorized that year.”
                                                                                                        (October 2, 2010)
Measure       what it does                suPPorted BY                       oPPosed BY                          what others saY

            Mandatory                    Kevin Mannix •            League of Women Voters of Oregon •            Eugene Register-
            Minimum                      Oregon Anti-Crime         Oregon Nurses Association • Oregon            Guard: “As with many
            sentencing:                  Alliance (Kevin Mannix,   Business Association • Partnership for        initiatives, Measure
            Requires increased           President)                Safety and Justice • Oregon Coalition         73 has unintended
recommend   mandatory minimum                                      Against Domestic and Sexual Violence •        consequences. For

No          sentences for two
            unrelated crimes. Another
            expensive, unfunded
                                                                   Addiction Counselor Certification Board of
                                                                   Oregon • Advocacy Coalition of Seniors
                                                                   and People with Disabilities • Basic Rights
                                                                                                                 example, it is supposed
                                                                                                                 to target repeat
                                                                                                                 offenders, but it could
            mandate from Kevin                                     Oregon • Elders in Action Commission          result in a first-time
            Mannix. Takes money                                    • Human Services Coalition of Oregon •        offender as young as
            away from critical                                     Juvenile Rights Project • Oregon Action       15 years old receiving
            services like schools                                  • Oregon AFSCME Council 75 • Oregon           a 25-year mandatory
            and health care, when                                  Alliance for Retired Americans • Oregon       minimum sentence.”
            too much has already                                   Consumer League • Oregon Education            (September 18, 2010)
            been cut. This measure                                 Association • Oregon State Council for
            is vague, poorly written                               Retired Citizens • SEIU Local 503 •
            and filled with unintended                             Stand for Children • United Seniors of
            consequences.                                          Oregon • Chris Dudley • John Kitzhaber

            Medical                      Kris Olson (former U.S.   Oregonians Against the Legalization of        Portland Tribune:
            Marijuana                    Attorney for Oregon)      Marijuana• Oregon Association of Chiefs       “Measure 74 would set
            supply system:               • Tom Potter (former      of Police • Oregon District Attorneys         up a system of nonprofit
            Establishes guidelines       Portland Mayor & Chief    Association • Oregon State Sheriffs’          dispensaries that could
            for a medical marijuana      of Police) • Betty        Association                                   produce, sell, transport
            supply system of             Roberts (former Oregon                                                  and supply pot to people
            licensed dispensaries        Supreme Court Justice)                                                  who hold medical
            and producers.                                                                                       marijuana cards.”
                                                                                                                 (September 23, 2010)

            authorizes                   Columbia Pacific          Oregon Restaurant and Lodging                 Medford Mail Tribune:
            Multnomah                    Building Trades Council   Association • Oregon Tribal Gaming            “As written, Ballot
            County Casino:               • Wood Village Mayor      Alliance • Spirit Mountain Community          Measure 75 would allow
            Authorizes a single          Dave Fuller •             Fund                                          a single non-tribal casino
            privately owned casino in    United Food and                                                         on a specified piece
            Multnomah County.            Commercial Workers                                                      of property in Wood
                                         Union Local 555                                                         Village — the Multnomah
                                                                                                                 County Kennel Club,
                                                                                                                 a former dog-racing
                                                                                                                 (September 30, 2010)

            Lottery Funding              John Kitzhaber •          Chris Dudley                                  Medford Mail Tribune:
            for water, Parks             League of Women Voters                                                  “By all accounts, the
            and wildlife:                of Oregon • Oregon                                                      lottery funding has been
            Continues protection of      League of Conservation                                                  a success. Parks are in
recommend   Oregon’s clean water,        Voters • Portland Jobs                                                  better shape, wetlands

Yes         provides good family-
            supporting jobs, and
            preserves our natural
                                         with Justice • Audubon
                                         Society of Portland •
                                         Sierra Club • Oregon
                                                                                                                 and other natural areas
                                                                                                                 have been restored, and
                                                                                                                 jobs have been created
            areas, parks, beaches        Nurses Association •                                                    across the state as a
            and wildlife now and for     Trout Unlimited, Oregon                                                 result.” (October 1, 2010)
            future generations.          Council • American
                70          home ownership Loans

Yes                         for Veterans

recommend                  Limited annual sessions

                72          allows state to issue

                            General obligation Bonds
                            Mandatory Minimum
No                          sentencing

                74         regulated Medical
                           Marijuana supply             Guide
                                                        This Ballot Measure Guide is brought to you
                           authorizes Multnomah         as a public service by the Defend Oregon
                           County Casino                coalition. Inside you will find simple and
                                                        clear information about the ballot measures,

                                                        who supports and opposes them, and
                           Lottery Funding for
Yes                        water, Parks and wildlife
                                                        Defend Oregon’s recommendations on the
                                                        measures most important to our future.

                                                                   , 2010.
                                   Tuesday, November 2ndap of ballot drop boxes.
              Ballots due by 8pm on to find a m
                        ballot or visit w w w.defe
 Make sure to mail your

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